The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Battlefield Come Home

-Five Years After the Formation of the Empire-

The Republic reached its influence to every free nation in the world. Like a poison in blood, coursing throughout, a plague called ‘Hope’ infested the hearts and minds of these nations. Its a cruel thing, to be given hope, to have it as the last thing to cling to when standing at deaths door; prayer to be saved by the illusion known as a miracle. Too many innocent souls have suffered this plague and more will continue to until the world is free.

They had become bold, no foolish is the correct term, arming themselves against the Empire directly. They attacked bases, units, imprisoned ambassadors--Kira long advised the Goddess to cease these futile attempts to come to an agreement with them, Hei often disagreed. Disarray grew within the house, between Kira and her elders she ceased complacency with the Goddess and acted on her own. She disregarded fall-back orders, started conflicts with neutral militaries; prisoners were no longer a concern. Though numerous times they argued, a couple even turned violent, but every time things went back to normal. It was like a child and her parents arguing.

Kira found company elsewhere, in the arms of a woman by the name of Angèle who acted as the owner of the island’s sole salon. There was nothing formal, nothing official, though the common people shipped them; they considered each other only as a form of distraction. After Kira’s missions, in the middle of the day; after arguments, the Reaper would come, taking her rage, her grief; lust out on Angèle. Not that she minded, it was a fun relationship--good sex was hard to come by around here. These ‘sessions’ helped to create a special relationship between them: a physical relief and someone to call friend.

The word was foreign and felt weird when leaving her lips--friend. She didn’t have, but one or two, nearly none could get close enough because none were unafraid to even try; not that it was made easy. Kira had a habit of creating a wall that could not be crossed, until someone tried. Maybe it was pity for herself at her loneliness or for wanting entertainment; distraction, whatever the reason Angèle’s presence was desired.

Their ‘sessions’ were routine: Kira would come (typically after hours) they would talk, eat dinner, drink, have sex, sleep, wake, eat, leave; repeat. Sometimes it would happen a few times a week others a few times a month, depending if she was on a mission...or a hunt. She obsessed over finding the leaders of the Republic, laying waste to her enemies; their families, but there was a difference finally noticed in her method: Kira never laid a hand of children. They were protected by her flame, kept out of the way until the adults were done talking and left be when she finished. None would give up the location, they were loyal to the end--fools, believing in a lie until the end. A year passed with no results.

She walked in the empty streets of Athens, Greece. The residents of this city had abandoned it weeks prior when the Empire’s demands were not met and force was used to impose its will. Many of the governmental buildings were destroyed in the beginning of the siege, those officials likely believed they escaped in time, it was by the Reaper’s orders that a gap was left for civilians to escape. Any who disobeyed her and sought to attack the unarmed were executed where they stood. A general’s word is law and the law is absolute. A couple hundred hid throughout the city, believing themselves to be the great Resistance that would take back their city from tyranny and save their country. They tried numerous times to kill the Reaper, but no manner of weaponry they possessed could reach her before melting into nothingness.


It was the sound of a graveyard, beautiful and peaceful; silence. This was the third city in just under a month that had become a ghost town mainly because of the Reaper’s appearance; wherever she went there was death and that death caused those still living to hold onto their lives even more.

Cherish that life, the life of your loved ones because in the end they will always leave you. Nothing is eternal.


Kira pressed her earwig, feeling a surreal attachment to being called such a thing, ‘What is it?’

She jumped to a high roof and overlooked the smoldering ruins of the city. Who would have thought in five short years things would escalate this quickly and to this degree? Possessing the power to topple entire nations and yet intentionally dragging out the war like this. Kira didn’t know what the Goddess was waiting for, why she was insistent on keeping her greatest ally fixed on small battles like this. She was giving the Republic and its allies time to prepare, why, to crush them when they think they are at their strongest or stand the greatest chance of victory? Either that’s cruel or its not that at all. Akasha is ‘stalling’ and that is something that will not be tolerated any longer.

‘We captured a solider--’

Kira’s response was harsh and malevolent, ‘I thought I made it clear: we don’t take prisoners.’

‘He says he has information on the Nightraven Vampires.’ Quickly the captain added with panic at his disobeying.

His commander grew quiet, when she did speak it startled him and escalated his fear when saying she would return momentarily. Though as a leader, as an officer, they were taught to never display concern or worry; keeping a calm complexion in the face of danger. The problem was danger and evil shared the same face and she was terrifying. Her presence alone on the battlefield...made her own men tremble, but it was much worse for their enemies.

The prisoner was not cuffed; tied up like an animal, he was wise enough not to try anything for the sake of self-preservation. He was treated fairly, given water and food, his wounds were treated minimally with the reasoning that he would not be left alive after meeting the Commander. She has never allowed prisoners. This was their last chance to show him any kindness or compassion and to treat him like a normal human being.

A woman with short, white hair, appearing in the blink of an eye. Her aura burning off as a black haze, revealing glimpses of the skeleton that she stood within. The uniform she wore was the same color, a light armor that helped defend against shrapnel and with no other use. The prisoner was frantic, sliding back when seeing the very thing that caused his fellow countrymen to piss and run. He had never been this scared in his life and ordinarily any other would have run, but his legs were too stiff to get up.

She had not even looked at him yet, had not noticed his presence because she first went to the vampire captain that had sparred his life. Maybe death would have been a better option--everyone heard how she slaughtered thousands of people, drinking them dry; even children who played no part. If she found his family what would she do to them? Had they made it out? Did she kill them as they left? He had not heard any news for days after the city was emptied and his squad became scattered; abandoned by their government. God had also abandoned them.

The Reaper finished her conversation, the captain’s expression did not change. The prisoner knew this was the end, of him and of the captain. She walked to the prisoner, the other soldiers wearing pained expressions and looking away not to witness another execution.

He shut his eyes hard, not wanting to see the method of his demise...

‘You know something about the Nightravens?’ The Commander's translator sounded softer and less harsh than the unknown language he was spoken to.

‘A-a blonde-haired young woman--’ The prisoner stuttered, trying to find words to create understandable sentences.

‘W-We escorted her thru the city--last week from the airport--she was meeting the Prime Minister.’

The commander was not entertained, there are millions of blonde-hair woman, what makes him think this one was a Nightraven?

‘I don’t understand--’ The prisoner was sweating, ’Your language, but she said ‘Eona’ and you’ve mentioned her so I thought--′

His heart sank, the commander's eye which gave the only expressions and could read was very very angry. Any moment his heart could explode, beating far outside normal range, his breathing staggered and it was likely he would hyperventilate and pass out before long. Her soldiers were stepping back, the translator quickly asked if he could repeat any words she said. The prisoner was almost gone, the fear of the increasing weight on his chest of what she might do to him.

″Li’el!′ they both said ‘Li’el’!′

The Reaper stepped toward him, ‘Please! That’s all I know-!’ The translator ceased repeating because it was in vain.

‘Li’el’ translates from the vampiric language as ‘deliver’ and in traditional dialect it derives from combining ‘coming’ and ‘joy’.

The baby was soon to be born and Kira was not going to miss it.

The prisoner kicked and screamed, struggling as he was pulled by his harness across the ground. No one looked, they shut out his cries as they faded in this distance that grew between them. The general and he vanished, only stopping when they were at the Parthenon far from command. He was dropped on the ground, their eyes fixed in that single moment where he realized he was not dead. Her phone was pulled out, for a moment she was on it then turned the screen to him. He hesitated, but realized she meant to show him something.

‘Leave. Return to family.’

Though he did not move, she did, speaking in her native tongue knowing he would not understand.

“Unlike my predecessor I don’t kill indiscriminately.”

He sprinted, running as fast as he could from her. He was alive! She was letting him go, back to his family; screw the government he was free! The sinister One-Eyed Reaper, murdered of thousands had released him with his life!

Kira waited till he was a decent distance away before returning. She decided to walk normally, slow and steady to have a peaceful and quiet time to herself. Halting temporarily as the pain in her chest had her rest and expel the excess fluid on the ground.

Her withdraw to the island was not planned, but she has ceased following plans some time ago so this was usual. Her bag sat on her shoulder when walking, easily she could be to the mansion in a matter of seconds, but intentionally took her time and sidetracked to Angèle’s salon. It was packed therefore Kira decided against the intrusion and reverted back to going to the mansion. This was not about to be a pleasant conversation, but if things progressed in the way she anticipated an argument would be the least of her concerns. It was bound to happen, but its not like she wanted this to happen, rather Kira tried to ignore it as long as possible, making this dream last for however it could. Everyone has to wake up eventually.

She noticed people were looking to the sky, high above something had caught the attention of the immortals. It was cloudy, night, and a new moon so visibility even for an immortal was limited. Soon everyone heard it and felt it as the first bomb hit the harbor. Citizens screamed, ran for their lives as more exploded, each one closer to the city than the previous. Kira reacted, sprinting to the harbor she orders for the guards to send everyone to the shelters and to help evacuate the injured while those with offensive gifts follow her. Destroy as many missiles as they could--there were showers full of them.

A guard ran, pulling Kira behind a building as a missile came from behind.

“Are you kidding me?!” She yanked a shard of metal from her leg, “They are targeting me out of all of this?!”

Alucard is taking no chances, from his ship, he ensured that Kira was found and locked on before the bombing began. Taking her out would mean winning this war. There would be no mistakes, Adam was a great asset in finding her; his gift curved the chances of victory highly.

The civilians were still being evacuated, but if their main objective was Kira it would be difficult to maneuver without causing casualties. The Reaper swung her hand incinerating a missile, but both her and the guard were thrown by the backlash. Another missile--a wall of shadows stopped it, encasing the entire island in a blackened barrier, but had only expanded a hand to save Kira and the guard. Kira grabbed the guard threw him back and allowed the shadows to absorb him into the other side.


She lifted a wall of flame, preventing another bombardment and giving the guards and civilians a chance to retreat. Those who were alive were gone, leaving Kira on her own and contemplating whether to do something foolish. She took a step and froze, her shadow locking her in place and from advancing forward.

‘Get inside, now!’ Akasha barked from the Reaper’s shadow.

Kira continued to struggle forward until the barrier extended its hands and grabbed her, yanking her to the other side. At the mansion it was reported that dozens were missing, but its impossible to know real numbers and while keeping up the barrier Akasha could not sense them out. She sat on the floor, her hands together in deep concentration to maintain the barrier against the none-stop barrage of explosions.

They had to have known that it would eventually come to this, by waging traditional war the Republic has been allowed to gather like this!

“This is your fault.” Kira growled when alone with the Goddess.

Akasha spoke briefly, ‘How so?’

“If you hadn’t gotten in my way I could have ended this three years ago!”

If she had not stopped Kira from killing that child--!

‘My grandson would have only impregnated Eona again, unless you planned on killing her as well this was enviable.’ She pressed harder to maintain the barrier.

Kira pulled down her mask when cracking the foundation under her feet, “For someone who hates lies, you’re quiet good at them.”

‘Can we please have this talk some other time?’ The desperation in her voice cut Kira’s train of thought.

You really care about them. The young woman knew the Goddess wasn’t exactly invincible, but close enough to maintain this barrier for a while. One this size however...before long it would be stretched too thin and need to be reduced resulting in homes being destroyed. Not that it mattered--homes can always be rebuild, but Akasha was protecting the city because it was one Hei worked so hard to create for her dream.

“This barrier will not last if you stretch yourself too thin.”

Akasha struggled to laugh, ‘You’re not helping.’

“Your arrogance will place everyone’s life in danger.” Kira pulled up her mask.

‘I can protect them, I can protect all of us--!’

Flames breathed in her palm, expanding into a living sword. Kira walked to Akasha and held the blade inches from her neck.

“No you can’t.” Akasha hesitated, What?

The Goddess felt the heat of the sword. It hovered over her shoulder, solid yet phantom the shadow of a true sword was still as threatening as its original.

Akasha glared, ‘I’m not letting you leave.’

“And risk your barrier? You are not foolish enough.”

‘For you...’ She cringed to solidify her shadows, ‘I might be.’

Akasha repeated the same, she was not allowing Kira to leave the safety of this barrier. The One-Eyed Reaper had enough, her malevolent nature pulsed throughout the barrier causing a tightened dread within their chests and the suffocation of their throats by skeletal hands.

“You forget our deal: you would not inhibit my plans if I helped you with yours--”

‘That was before! Now that I know why--!’ Akasha bite her tongue.

Kira diminished her sword and kneeled allowing for a wing to breech her shoulder blade. Akasha angrily withdrew her fragment from the Reaper’s shadow and glanced behind.

“We’ll talk about it next time.” The wing pushed Kira into the air.

The barrier swallowed her, solidifying again after she would on the outside. Akasha didn’t know whether she should be proud or angry: her child finally stood up to her, but it also proved that no matter what she was impossible from the start. Hei ran over, out of breath, he questioned Kira’s sudden threatening nature.

‘’re hurt...’

The immortal hesitated, hiding his arm behind his back. It was nothing, just a few cuts by a falling building he managed to save a child from. That’s just like him, risking his life for someone else--how was she blessed with such a man?

‘The shelters are secure. Everyone who is gifted defensively are stationed at each entrance and offensives are posted at key points and awaiting your order.’ He spoke softly, noticing the cracked floor between he and the Goddess.

‘Kira--’ Akasha cut in, ‘I couldn’t stop her, not without releasing the barrier.’

He knew it! That aura was meant to be threatening, but towards Akasha; Kira was seriously tried to--!

‘Don’t think bad of her.’ The eldest whispered, ‘It was just me being arrogant, thinking I could protect everyone--all she did was call me out on it.’

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