The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Know Thy Name

The throne was worthy for the sole reason that she sat upon it. Had she not it would have been insignificant, pathetic in comparison to her glorious radiance. She was the Goddess of the Moon and as a reflection of the moon there was light and darkness; harmony. It was as it had been long ago, when she ruled the world--now once again she sits upon a throne; light, accompanied by her Sage; darkness. Despite what the Amazonians had labeled her as, it became a false title while having the infamous One-Eyed Reaper beside her.

The Reaper’s siding against the newly formed Republic caused a spread of panic and fear throughout the world, however Kira’s betrayal changed the course of ‘everything’ anyone knew. Although for a time her revival and decision was kept within the knowledge of the select few, their party’s sudden appearance on global news threw all nations into chaos. Hei arranged for it to occur, to appear on live television and make known the existence and return of the one true god. She made her intentions clear to humans and vampires: Everlasting peace thru submission.

The Goddess had reverted to her original self, a dark-complexion woman with thick raven hair, piercing red, cat-like eyes and divine attire matching the ancient ways she stood for. Without power you will die. When addressing the world she sat upon her thrown, ensuring all would see that the One-Eyed Reaper also stood with her--a human turned half-human, half-immortal. The world would see her, once an ordinary, innocent, child now a warrior who has devoted herself to selflessly saving everyone. They may not see it now, but they would after, once the world was her’s again and all was right again they would understand how to do good one may need to be evil.

The Goddess’s name was lost long ago, despite her clinging to the old ways, she would not return to those times. Instead she went by a new name, one that was given by Kira originally in a satiric manner, but given nonetheless.

“I am Akasha, the original vampire.”

Kira was a new generation of immortal, neither human nor vampire; she existed outside both Akasha’s domain and the God of Sun’s--had he lived to today. She could not be controlled, not by Purebloods, not by the Goddess, no one. This was what appealed to Akasha the most, her will overpowered all others and it was by that alone that enabled her to be untouched by any others. She was truly free.

Kira was masked as she had always been, hiding behind the false persona of the skeleton design she deceived all those who once loved her. She was a lier. As Akasha concluded her address she turned to Kira who remained silent throughout the speech. ‘Anything else?’ The One-Eyed Reaper smiled--her left eye was covered by a black cloth.

“I am the One-Eyed Reaper, the first and only half-human half-vampire.” She took a step forward, “I am the one who annihilated the Hunter’s Association--a plague that had corrupted and created this false world.”

Kira would make it known by all that there would be no mercy for those who stood in the way of peace. Only by destroying the curse and all tangled by it could all others be free--the Curse of the Nightraven...she will destroy it.

“Eona Nightraven and Alucard are two obstacles that stand in the way of peace. I warn each and everyone of you: come between me and them, help them, hide them and I will kill you, your friends, your family and it will be as if you never existed.”

The royal Purebloods had long since vanished, hiding out somewhere in the world and evading Kira’s hand for over a year. Akasha cared little about them for they posed no threat to her, but understood Kira’s obsession with finding them. She wasn’t able to finish what she started at the castle and although she was not at fault there was regret for the ‘weakness’ shortly after being revived. The Goddess was pleased at Kira’s determination, her unflinching loyalty and above all her ability to continuously lie. Akasha hates liars more than anything else.

There are many types of monsters in this world: monsters who abduct children: monsters who devour dreams: monsters who suck blood and monsters who always tell lies. Lying monsters are real demons because they are much more cunning than other demons. They pose as humans though they have no human heart. They eat even though they’ve never experienced hunger. They study though they have no interest in academics. They seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. Kira was such a monster, though Akasha saw the mask clearly, she doubts anyone had ever seen the woman’s true face.

Normally one would be killed for lying to the Goddess, however Kira has only ever known to lie and herself may not know what is ‘real’ anymore. Being lied to and manipulated one’s entire life does tend to cause such effects.

After, Kira went outside wanting to bask in the warm tropical sunset. The island they resided on was paradise--a reflection of old and new architectures molded together to create a new style and taste, one Akasha enjoyed. Hei had created this paradise for her, being with him small pieces of their forgotten history and of those that followed after the past. Among them was the burned cover of the Book of the Sun Natas once carried that detailed the forgotten history.

Akasha was not surprised at Kira’s revealing of her intention, nor that she continued to wear the mask. It was obvious that wearing the persona of the One-Eyed Reaper was necessary and whoever existed before that was least Kira saw it that way. It could be arrogance. Wanting those to know and remember who she is rather than who she was. Maybe it was fear. Wanting who she was to become a forgotten memory and to disappear from the hearts of all who knew her. These were what Akasha knew to be reasons she made, but there was the feeling that it was a mix of fear and self-gratification. In that aspect she was a selfish girl, but then again Akasha was no different because she wanted Kira all to herself.

The vampire goddess silently walked up the stairs to the roof, following the strong Sage scent with hints of Cherry Blossom. Kira was quiet when leaning against the railing, her eye fixed on the painted canvas that was the sky. Oranges and reds and yellows with tinging pinks they were all reflected as grey emotionlessness within the sky-blue eye. She wore painfully blank expression whenever she was thought to be alone and Akasha felt another pain because in certain things Kira was beyond help. She wore a brave face in public, but when they met Kira was broken inside and even now--though she lives with a purpose--she continues to collect the pieces. Many were shattered, lost and beyond repair and to make whole pieces of others were put in there place and much that was ‘Kira’ was taken over. Akasha wants to restore ‘Kira’ wants her to be herself and thus will make her wish come true--as is her purpose for living. They are the same like that, both can only find meaning by using their lives for someone else. You should never have been born.

“Shut up...” Akasha had said nothing when watching Kira grip her eye.

Kira’s hand went down to her throat and the moment she dug her nails into the inked flesh Akasha moved and pulled her hand away; placing the other on the bleeding wound. The woman expressed insult, she did not want to be touched; neither by human hands or immortal and yet Kira could not push Akasha’s hands aside. The vampire was not holding tightly, surprisingly her touch was light and tender because it had grown used to fragile-ility of the human heart. This has happened a more than once, a result of the immortal’s disgust at the past when standing in the present. That woman’s touch was still there and Kira wanted it to disappear with the rest of her ‘false world’.

‘You should stop doing this to yourself.’

A year after her revival, two years since her and Eona, almost five since Emily and the scars remain fresh. Kira does not forgive and she does not forget. Her vendetta is Akasha’s vendetta--seeing as another Pureblood of her line being born could mean their demise she was happy to oblige.

“I don’t feel pain.”

Akasha placed her head against Kira’s breast and listened for the heartbeat. A beautiful melody.

‘You’re alive aren’t you? Pain is a cost of living all of us share.’

The wound inflicted on herself healed, stitching and steaming until the flesh was flawless once again. That’s right I am alive. Kira turned her gaze back to the setting sun and returned to her original position over the rails. Akasha grabbed Kira’s hand and licked the blood stains until none remained. After she placed her own hand on the woman’s head and caressed it softly.

‘I will make your wish come true.’

“What about yours?” Kira became content when her head was being stroked, “My wish is to make yours come true, what kind of wish is that?”

‘We both have the same wish in a sense: you want the false world to disappear while I want to return the world back to its natural order--we have the same wish.’

The sun died over the horizon, allowing for the moon to breathe on the opposite side of the sky. Kira climbed on the rails and stood to touch the sky. She unbuttoned her shirt and let it glide to the ground, giving the chance for her fire to be brought to life. Black light that cast no shadow allowed her to walk on air even further from Akasha. She envied Kira for this gift, to be able to touch the sky with no chains to hold her down--ones that could be seen at least. The immortal held out her hand to Akasha who eagerly awaited the chance to sour the heavens once again. It was liberating, someone only the two of them could experience together.

They were inseparable, like best friends as close as twin siblings. Akasha lived off of Kira, but Kira lived off on nothing other than artificial tablets. The Goddess thought the reason to be because of Eona’s poisonous blood had harmed her once and it was a caution not to allow the blood already within her to do the same. The immortal pops three tablets into her mouth, an action Akasha was not agreeable with when substituting for the real thing.

Kira refused to consume ‘any’ blood, no matter if it was human, vampire, or even animal. To live is to devour, to devour is to take the life of another into one’s self, and to do such is to imprint a fragment of that life on the devourer. Kira would not have it--she could not do it anymore. It was difficult to handle the sudden change, for a body that became quiet dependent on the life of another, the starvation was utter hell. Hei and Akasha had lost sight of Kira for over a month after her thirst caused her to attack the Goddess. While Akasha had no objection to Kira consuming her blood, Kira again refused and left, returning only after overcoming the vampire’s natural instinct.

Her strength had not changed, therefore Akasha cared little that Kira no longer depended on blood, but there was worry. Had Kira been that resentful towards her own nature that she accepted a great deal of pain to override it? There are many things Akasha wondered about in Kira’s choices, but at the end of the day she understood why they were made and the reasoning behind them--she would always understand. Kira, though an immortal, continued to retain her human heart.

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