The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Rest and Recovery for the Returned

When they emerged from the shelters there were hardly any buildings left standing. Some buildings that housed shelters were more fortunate than other in their design and remained standing even after the blast. The bomb itself did not make it to the island, but was set off just outside the shore that still resulted in massive damage. Hundreds of bodies were being dug out for days, one of the shelters had been hit directly resulting in the death of ninety-nine precent of its occupants; primarily human.

Half of the mansion collapsed, but the bunker was far enough underground that there was no risk to Akasha or Kira. Despite the sacristy of blood--the storage freezers for the island’s supply had been destroyed--the human occupants volunteered to donate for their friends and relatives. Normal food could be found here and there, but before anything else the injured needed to be treated. Aid was sent from agents across the globe, but none of it would arrive for days and even longer to avoid being captured or destroyed by the barricade set up by the Republic. This was how wars are waged--cut off the circulation to the heart.

The Goddess made a public appearance as soon as the bombing was sure to be over. Helping to free people, healing them with her blood and to handle the passed with dignity and respect. The One-Eyed Reaper was no where to be seen. Angèle, helping with temporary housing, could not find nor sense the immortal. Not that its something she should worry about, but enough of her family and friends had gone missing that the realization of her death would mean they were more likely to suffer the same fate.

Hei and the handful of guards that remained to repeal the bomb were confirmed to be KIA. No bodies, no evidence; its like he never existed. His death especially hit Akasha hard--her best friend and last family from their time. She wore a brave face, as she should as leader during this time of crisis and tragedy. They would not be defeated, not by this cowardice attack against thousands of innocent people. So much for the Geneva Conventions.

The days went on. Akasha was needed less and less, rather her children and their families had become self-sufficient and insisted the Goddess rest. They were optimistic because they were alive despite the place they lived was no more they were still here. Buildings can be rebuilt, but lives; memories shared with each other cannot. Hei’s will was felt by everyone. With the time given, Akasha would routinely return to the bunker where Kira remained. She had not woken up here and there, but not for long and not painlessly. A doctor kept watch twenty-four/seven and was given rest when the Goddess visited. There was no change. Her body had succumb to massive amounts of damage and what’s more is her own flames caused the blackened patches all around her body. This was not like before. This time...Kira was healing at the same rate as an ordinary human.

‘I can’t explain it.’ The doctor looked at the clipboard, alternating between his patience and the report, ‘Your cells are locked as any other vampire, but they aren’t regenerating at the same pace. No matter how much blood I’ve given there hasn’t been any change.’

For a vampire this was unusual physically, but even by human standards Kira’s heartbeat was highly irregular. Akasha questioned if it had something to do with her heart; being that it is an immortal’s core, could damage to that result in her inability to heal? The doctor was no expert in this, he could not use vampire or human standards because she was neither and he just didn’t know what to look for.

She did not know what to do. Having lost Hei, right now losing Kira would be too much to handle. There had to be something--think--the one-eyed held the oxygen mask against her face, unable to breathe properly as she listened to the doctor's recommendations she would not follow. Akasha held Kira’s handle gently, terrified anymore and the young woman's body would crumble thru her fingers.

The doctor returned, ‘If you don't mind my asking Miss.Kira, are you trying to heal?’ He looked at her heart rate monitor noticing he was not answered, ‘I’ve seen it many times, mentally a person gives up on living and their body reacts the same way. Their health gets worse until they finally slip away.’

The One-Eyed Reaper has accomplished more than any other person her age and likely more than people elder to her. That being said she has also suffered a devastating amount and has lived thru a dozen lifetimes of it in her young life. Losing her will to one could blame her. However, that is not her personality; she is not the type to abandon her convictions. Still...people change.

'I've been thru worse.' Kira said slowly, 'I won't be slowed down by this.'

Eona’s rage destroyed half the room she resided in. Alucard and Adam had lost their minds. They went after Kira with the full-intent of killing her AND any innocent people who just happen to get in the way. This was not what the Republic stood for, they wanted to forge diplomacy not create anarchy! Eona had been locked in her room with Sammy as guard because of her ‘importance’. Though in reality they needed her out of the way.

News broadcasts came in and out about a weapons launch against the Empire and the mass armada that was engaged in combat with the Empire’s army. Civilians reported from the ships, different countries all coming together in a fleet of over three hundred ships from over a hundred allied countries. This strike was meant to demoralize the Empire’s supporters and to take out a vast amount of their strength with one large attack. It was raining in the tropics and night when the first jets launched giving them the perfect advantage for the surprise attack.

The target was speculated to be the Vampire Goddess, but reports that the One-Eyed Reaper was also on the island made many believe her to be the target. Eona watched helplessly thousands of miles away as the fight began.

Sammy watched the TV begrudgingly, “We had no choice--”

“There is always a choice!” Eona sat down fearfully.

They saw Kira, she flew into a Destroyer and minutes later the same Destroyer was engulfed in flames. She flew up, barely able to be seen only when she was on a ship everyone watched her battle. Under her breath, each time Kira jumped to another ship, Eona would utter ‘thank god’. Sometimes its really hard to see just whose side she is on. The fight raged on, Adam and Alucard directly confronted Kira, but something changed. The Reaper had two wings for the first time, her body language shifted to one more fluid and less structured. Eona searched for a shot of her face and felt a dead sweat roll down her face.

“Oh god...” There is nothing she can do from here.

“What?!” Sammy had never seen Eona this scared before. She looked to the Queen and back to the TV repeatedly with the same question. If there is something wrong she had to say it!

“Kira’s eyes...” Tears rolled down her face, “That’s the same look she had when she became a Ghoul. They hold only destruction.”

Akasha knew it was her selfish wish, but she could not bare the thought of being left alone; to be without the person who understood her most. Maybe he was right, maybe Kira did want to die...could she bare being hated by Kira in exchange? Was that any better than her dying? Uncertainty keeps her immobile of action now--No. She is certain--Kira will not die without realizing her wish and Akasha promised to make it come true!

‘Leave us.’ Akasha stood beside Kira, knowing all she could do was sit and wait.

Of course she is alone. There is no one here anymore, they have already disappeared from this world. All that remains is this last fragment of anything ‘human’ that was sure to disappear as well. In these pitch-black waters there is nothing to catch the broken pieces of the person once known as Kira Nightraven. This is a temporary delay, a ‘re-set’ to ensure those fragments would not break completely and unleash the inferno. She was an idiot to think this could last forever, the other already came out a few times, but this time was almost fatal. Just a bit longer, her heart only needed to last long enough to kill him and then the rest would be easy.

There would be no need to release it. She could slip away silently and the rest would fall into place, at least that’s the plan--then again when have her plans actually worked without something going horribly wrong? Kira floated in the waters, seeing patches of herself missing, likely those that have already been changed. That’s alright, there was still enough left to at least ‘start’ another fight. Knowing Alucard, he was alive, but perhaps not well off like his opponent. Living to fight another day only because there were enough sacrificed to take his place at the time. Kira sighed, I'm so tired.

All these years and there is nothing to show for it--she should have known, those two were hiding from each other and the world long before any of this transpired.

Time here flowed differently than the outside world. It could not be measured therefore when her strength finally returns Kira will not know how much time has passed until she wakes. While she is here, she might as well talk to Marcus and the other young man--their constant interference has hindered her for the last time. As a self-enthusiast she kept their fragments around to satisfy her desire to torture them with their inability to do anything, despite them already being dead. Catherine was already gone, she realized ‘who’ she was dealing with and saw no value in being kept around. The other two were not convinced--no wonder the ‘Red Lady’ wanted to leave, these two are idiots. Perhaps telling them outright might change their minds and weakened their moral so Kira may eat them too.

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