The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Love in Many Forms

In four centuries of living this was a pain worse than a thousand years of starvation. Human medications would give no relief therefore she must endure. There was a single doctor and three nurses (human and vampire) who tended to her. Alucard was there to play his role as ‘father’, but stayed in the corner of the room while the Huntress kept to Eona’s bedside when holding her hand. Her water broke four hours ago, but she has been in full labor for three. Little by little she pushed, her screaming echoed throughout the mansion and heard beyond. Hot irons burned throughout her entire body, but no worse than that same heat being thrusted into the very place her child yearned to be free from.

Sammy knew Eona had broken her hand, quite a few times, but she endured knowing her friend was in far more pain. Knowingly against the notion, but placed the laborer’s wants above her own, she held the scarlet scarf between their hands. The queen screamed louder, following the count of three to push. Almost there.

Alucard looked to his phone: Enemy forces are in route, ETA seven hours. United States officials were made aware, however to avoid casualties on the coasts they were to be allowed entrance. Everyone knew where they were heading therefore it would be easier to contain the situation in a single area rather than numerous skirmishes. The king called for his own forces to suit up, having secretly incorporated a third of his Fenrir in the main force; those specialized in offensive capabilities. Their orders were simple: Eliminate the Goddess and Reaper by any means necessary. He knew he was sending them to their death, they didn’t, but they don’t need to because he owns each of their lives and can use them as he wishes. They will make a good distraction. Alucard locked his phone and slid it back in his pocket.

Eona continued to push, she ‘wanted’ to push. Each time that action occurred the would pain cease unless she stopped.

“I see a head!” The doctor cradled the tiny head when urging the Queen to continue pushing.

One last deep breath and with all her strength pushed. Eona screamed on top of her lungs, not stopping until her child was brought into the world. The doctor caught the crying infant, placing it into a nurse’s arms as she went to the room’s side to clean.

The queen dropped back, panting excessively with her lower body having gone numb. Her head shifted left, a black suit its owner’s face blurred at a distance was seen walking closer. Eona reached her hand and felt it held, wrapped completely by the firm and gloved fingers of this person. They brought her hand closer pulling it back to the bed so Eona would not be strained. Her sky blue eyes were gentle, filled with kindness; a hand released Eona’s when brought to her head. The name could not be said aloud, she did not have the strength to allowed, but knew it in her heart. The scarlet weavings touched her hand as they hung over from the shoulders of the tailcoat.

Eona returned to the sight of her child and smiled in a state of euphoria, ‘I hold...’

The nurse bypassed Alucard, regardless that he intentionally stood in her way to receive the child first. This action internally irritated him.

The nurse handed the blanketed child to its mother, “Its a boy.” She said in soft kindness.

‘My son...’

Eona held him against her breast, looking at none, but him. His hair smelled of rain, the same as one would smell just before a heavy storm was approaching, but had not yet poured. He opened it eyes, a hazel color that was equally beautiful only to the smile he gave his mother. His little laugh made the hearts of all who possessed one flutter in the room. Sammy changed, she quickly had all people accept for herself leave--Alucard argued.

‘You have somewhere else to be.’ The huntress hissed in her native tongue, ‘We both know she’s almost here--I can feel the Goddess as well.’

That that the first time she had lied to Alucard. At least a half-lie. Sammy only wanted him away from Eona, the uncertainty of his intentions made her question his every motive and now that Adam was gone...he could not be trusted. The Pureblood King agreed nonetheless; though whether he knew Sammy’s intent or not; he was gone. With him gone the Huntress felt more at ease, but now came the hard part--keeping two separate people safe.

Eona paid not mind to anything else, she made faces, allowed the boy to wrap his tiny fingers around a single of hers. Who knew being a mother would mean this much. He was a tiny warmth, her own personal flame with the music of a beating heart. Sammy came by, accepting graciously her chance to hold him within a few inches of his mother of course.

“What’s his name?” The Huntress asked.

To her honesty Eona believed she would have a girl like her mother and her grandmother. She did not think to include any boys names aside from her father’s own name, but Eona found that maybe too painful.

“Dante.” Eona finally said, “Dante Wolfgang Nightraven.”

As if in agreement Dante laughed, reaching his hands to Sammy. Dante Wolfgang Nightraven. It was almost poetic, possessing the same name as the author of the Divine Comedy, a man who traveled into Hell and rose up thru Purgatory and entered Paradise. The Huntress also gave a smile, giving Dante back to his mother.

Sammy repeated, “Dante Wolfgang Nightraven.” She then chuckled, “Glad you didn’t ask me to name him--Diablo isn’t exactly the best name for a kid.”

Dante fell asleep on Eona’s chest and the mother was not far behind. Sammy kept watch, selective of who entered the room she did not allow any near Eona and Dante unless it was the doctor. The Demon was coming, she could feel those fingers slowly crawl up her spin, eager to wrap around her neck. Ideally Sasumyashima wanted to take the two and flee, hiding out for forever if that’s what it meant, but Eona would not hear it. Not that it mattered, they could not escape the Demon and running in fear is no way for a child to grow up. It would have to take place here, their final stand that determines the future of everything. There was no where else to run; they must fight--even Eona. She absolutely could not meet the Demon. If it was by force than so be it, but Eona must be kept away because she does not have the heart to kill that which once was kept within it, regardless that that thing no longer holds Eona in the void that was her heart. They would be the ones to kill Kira Nightraven and release Eona from that burden.

I wish you were here. Sammy has never held anything in, but how she releases her emotions are by the edge of her blade in the heat of battle. That sadness; the bitter hatred for his death; she will have her revenge. If he was here he would have said some stupid and sarcastic remark about the baby’s appearance; they would all laugh after Sammy threatened to kill him. They would all laugh...all together...Sammy bent over, allowing her bangs to drape. Silently the tears came down. Why did he have to die, after all of this he still died.

Its okay though, his death will not be in vain. They will win, they will protect everyone and in his place she will keep his promise. To think fulfilling his promise would also mean achieving her revenge.

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