The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Curse of the Nightraven

Kira suspended the huntress in air for a time, groveling her victory. She became serious for a moment, killing most of the reinforcements as the rest lied critically wounded. Jake lost his left arm and both his legs, powerless to protect the others from the merciless Reaper.

Her fangs stretched to pierce her tender flesh; they stopped, drawing back as her hand moves to the sword’s hilt.

“You remind me of my original self.” She whispered, her words barely over the sound of the wind, “Someone who had hope, had yet to have their love turn to hate. One I had failed to protect.”

Kira released her grip, as the human fell in midair the sword ripped across her chest. How fortunate for her. As long as she has lived, the person she became turned out to be someone worth a damn even in this world. What a shame, a waste, those talents were spent on the wrong side, however it will not be that in the long term.

“Do you know what the Curse of the Nightraven is?” Kira walked over the body, picking up the infant beyond the reach of his incapacitated mother, “Out of all vampires, no other family valued ‘love’ more than the Nightravens...” She ensured Eona would not heal quick enough--removing the stitching limbs again, “That is the root of our despair.”

She cradled him in her arms, strange that he did not attack Kira now. Perhaps it wasn’t him after all, his mother’s instinct to protect her child--it would explain why she could not see any form of attack; wind. The immortal’s heart skipped a beat, pain in her chest and head caused her to cringe, though not in a manner that would catch the eye of those behind her.

“Nightravens will always lose what we love because of our desire for the power to protect that love.” The Reaper looked to Eona with a pained expression, “When our love becomes hate. That is the Curse of the Nightraven and the reality of this world.”

The mother had succumb to shock, powerless to stop death from taking her child. This was the beginning of the end, the first step to eradicating the Curse of the Nightraven. The queen was of no concern, she is weak, chained by an impossible fantasy and illusion of her concept of ‘reality’. There is nothing she can do to stop Kira, the way she is--this is who she is; the peak of her evolution; ironic that it is weaker than before.

Charles Darwin once said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” This world is ending and all who seek to maintain it will parish and those who refuse to see its falseness will meet the same fate. Kira holds the child between her hands, walking past the queen who only watched.

Eona reached her hand from the ground, “Kira...stop...”

Her vision shook, focusing in and out; this was not real. This was another dream, a nightmare she was trapped inside of Kira’s creation! Wake up... Kira could not be understood now, there were words, but nothing was processed into meaning. Wake up.

The Reaper kept still for a moment, the scene that was reality fading and scratching in and out. She saw Eona running, reaching her hand as she threw a dozen immortals in the air. Kira’s body turned around and saw a tall broad immortal; his mask was as a blank black, canvas with only two slits for his eyes which was to allow only his crimson to show. Looking around the broken scenes she noticed much of the fighting ceased in aw of his raw power. The woman cradling the child shut her eye easing the storm in her chest. Pain was felt in her arms and legs, but it subsided when she turned away from Eona completely.

The wind blew the snow into her face, biting the exposed skin of her eye socket to her brow. Her white hair collected the sibling chill, pilling because of her lack of movement, but by her stance her body blocked the freeze from reaching the infant. Kira looked down at the tiny life, cradling him with care; his tiny hand curled around her index finger. Her gaze softened when looking at him, melting as all the pain from missing ‘everything’ was fading.

“You will understand, Eona Nightraven: for the vampire, love always becomes hate.”

Eona screamed, the horrid sound of snapping bone and the heavy of blood like crumbling twigs, “NOOOO!”

The wind around them fell still, as Eona’s cries canceled out all other sound within the wood. The Reaper finished her task, cradling an extinguishing flame as it melted between her fingers and fell to the ground cold. Not that she felt what passed between her hands, they had long-since lost feeling. Nonetheless she remained able to hear, the sound of Eona’s sobs as she wept for the loss of her son.

The Reaper cared little for her anguish. But that anguish rapidly evolved into something else.

“One more.” The snow-haired said aloud.

An unseen force pushed her, the speed catching both off guard as the Reaper’s body blow thru a series of tinder, deep in the woods. She gripped the ground with her hand, straightening her sliding until she could slow, but she was unable as a foot came and knocked into her gut, launching her in the opposite direction. This speed was drastically different than before and certainly accelerated by the assistance of a gift. She knew this because it was the cheat she used herself.

Adjusting, Kira wrapped her hands around and tree and swung back around, driving her feet into their back, the attacker was sent back the way she came. In that time Kira took off, making way to the battlefield their forces occupied.

Akasha made quick work of the Purebloods; Noble and below who were not killed in the conflict came under the influence of her ‘Absolute Rule’. In that aspect, her grandson had no chance to overwhelm her power over her own children. When he finally made an appearance, the fighting turned primarily into a human verse vampire stance; the original battle--humans and vampires, the few Purebloods who sided with those humans.

The king laughed at this recreation of the original battle that started this ten thousand-year war. He killed his subjects, his allies, people who thought him a friend; the moment you stand in his way you are already dead. Akasha took no chances, she withdrew Noble and below from engaging the king and set after himself. She could kill him, but not as she is...the other they wouldn’t stand a chance. He had to die now.

Akasha and he exchanged no words, only fought--there was nothing to say. Neither exchanged words, there was no point any longer, their loyalty as family; the blood that bound them was as valued as dirt now. Nothing would stop them, the other was an obstacle of a goal, a dream, of the world.

Alucard uprooted the ground beneath--Akasha jumped, flipping back three times to evade the spikes finally landing on a bolder past the broken ground’s limit. She had numerous knives within her arsenal, weapons created by Hei’s blood that do harm to any immortal as Anti-Vampire Weapons once had. Getting close enough would prove difficult, the king wielded his gift with mastery and Akasha was in no position to decrease that distance. Suddenly the earth behind her feet caved, Alucard shot up like a rocket kicking Akasha back into the original’s domain. His own shadow cast over her, the spiraling of earth coned and harder around his arm as it was thrust-ed as her face.

The Black Sun blinded, removing his arm and with the pressing of her hand against his back, finally blasting him half a mile away. He was quick. Hardening earth into durable carbon at the point of impact saved his heart from being incinerated. What an annoying ability. Kira and Akasha stood straight, one in front of the other for specific reasons.

Akasha dusted herself off with a sigh, “My grandson is quite the handful.”

There was dissatisfaction in her voice, somewhat somber with her lack of ability in ending him before Kira’s arrival. Too late.

Kira rotated her sword, loosening the stiffness in her joints. He would have no where to run this time, none whose lives he could use in place of his own. The Reaper would not hold back, when it was released, it would ‘all’ be let out and what comes next...even she did not know for certain. Akasha went to take her place beside Kira, but she had been waved to remain.

“Its about to become more problematic.” Kira said cocking her sword back, slicing air with the speed of her movement at Alucard.

Their collision threw snow up and out, freezing the time between them. Without words the knew what the other said. They separated, landed on opposing sides; running circles in chase. How can you, a failure, hope to kill me? Kira stopped, spun left and batted spikes into his direction. Alucard broke them, the dust and snow gusting up easy to hide as Kira emerged to kick his head into a wall of his own making. The only thing I failed at was being your puppet. He grabbed her leg, pulled; Kira grabbed his arm, ensuring a vital organ was not damaged when he thrusted his hand threw. Her sword again removed him from his arm and created a short time of space between them. Are you sure about that? You did everything I wanted until you bit the hand that fed you.

Kira sheathed her sword, her hands now free to bend flames more smoothly. Alucard rode a rolling ground, jumping into it and coming out fully plated in armor. The Reaper went low, spinning on her hands as the fire rotated from her feet and expanded as a ring outward. The king crossed his arms to brace the impact; Kira dove from the air bringing her hands together into a fist as her black fire followed when beating down on the king’s head. You should have known better than to corner an animal. His arms broke the concentration of fire, Kira vanished, appearing behind at a pause. The everlasting flame that remained on the outer shell was discarded, revealing the healing of damage he received from within the safety of his armor.

‘Are you done playing?’ Alucard flew back, Kira grabbed his shirt, spun them both and released him to be comforted by the earth he uses so casually.

Kira chuckled when holding her gashed side, “I was going to ask the same.”

Akasha caught up just as Kira finished cracking her knuckles, ‘Do not leave me in the dust, my people also have a right to take their revenge against him.’

Alucard found that a terrible joke. Her people? Last time he checked humans and vampires both lived on the island and only one was actually her ‘people’. Was she also not the one who fought his grandfather and mother from killing the vampires they created? Such hypocrisy. Sealed away for ten thousand years for the sake of the protection of the human race and yet she claims them to also be her people when all he has done is follow in her footsteps?

Kira went first, commenting, “I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand her.” Flames cloaked her, “You’ve never respected humans as she does.”

He was rather annoyed his grandmother’s lack of using her gift. The power to manipulate shadows--killing the original vampire would solidify his godhood; all would kneel before him. Was she under-estimating him? Stalling him? Is she unable to use her gift? If that was the case, he smiled darkly at the thought, killing her would be nothing.

The Reaper said he did not understand his grandmother--and she does? He has lived on this earth since the beginning of human history, before human history was written! What does she, a failed science project, know? The king is the rightful heir, the most powerful Pureblood in history! His grandmother must acknowledge that much--surly their goal of a better world are not so different. She herself wanted to conquer the world, proving that vampires are the superior species and humans are meant to be ruled by them. Why is he irritated over that brat’s words?

Fire breathed in her hand, small and feeble, until inches from his body it grew far beyond her arm; another arm, skeletal clawed his chest and sent him back hesitantly to not attack. The fire lessened until it was gone, making Kira the only one to be seen. Monster... The word was unsaid, but Kira heard it by his facial expression. Why should I apologize for having been a monster, when you’re the reason why I became one? The following attack was met with the same image, seeing glimpses of those pieces of skeleton. How could it not be seen until now? What is that? Manipulation of her flame; no that could not be.

Kira’s hands were stopped by Alucard’s as they held eye contact, “You can feel it too can’t you?”

The skeleton appeared again behind her, its hand detached from Kira’s and reached at his face. Alucard used the earth to tear from his own arms and evade the reaping demon. He lost breath, now on the defense; creating hollow arms that broke easily, but provided some means of protection until his regenerated. Akasha appeared behind, knocking half his chest cavity in while Kira drove her dagger-ed hand at his heart. The figure turned to earth and crumbled, the bomb in its core now exposing.

Alucard came from his place of hiding, peering into the cloud of smoke. In one fluid motion the cloud was pushed away, the shadow cast showed a giant horned skeleton. As Akasha slowly unwrapped her head, her eyes widened at seeing what encased them in ribs. The skeleton straightened with Kira, but quickly faded before the dust could clear

‘Kira, you mustn’t--!’ Akasha went forward and grabbed the Reaper who ignored her.

Kira held her breath, gripping her arm as the heat crept out. Blood dripped from her eye, streaming from the left side of her mask changing its color as it ran down:

“You can feel it: The call of the void. How it whispers to us, how the darkness calls us home?” Kira smirked, “I feel it t0o, but I resist it, however neither of us will for much longer.”

She released her grip struggling to flex her stiffened fingers in order to regain control. Kira clenched her jacket, the sound it made no more than a whisper and to those who did it know, it could be thought to be without sound altogether. This was nothing. Creating that form was a glimpse of her ability, there was more, a nearly infinite resource, but power has a price. That is the eternal law, the universal law existing as the only absolute ‘forever’.

The Grim Reaper growled, its head turning to the left at the presence of another. Alucard saw she held no infant--useless woman. She could not protect a single child, her own child; she must have loved Kira so much she handed her son over in a desperate attempt to appease for her heart. Useless and stupid woman. The Grim Reaper burned away, exposing Akasha and Kira to the elements again. The wind was calm, no different than before she brought out the grim. Alucard and her ignored the woman, freezing time again and again with their blows. Akasha kept back, observing what that woman would do. She walked. Trotting thru the snow, one step after the next--Akasha recognized those eyes.

‘What a cruel beast you are Reaper: to think you stooped so low as to kill a mother’s child.’ Alucard gestured to the queen.

Kira laughed once, “You would know a lot about killing children wouldn’t you?” The king looked angrily at Kira’s amusement, “Not that I blame you. Even I acknowledge the logic in such a plan: to exterminate all, eliminating the chance of other rising to take revenge is a fool-proof plan. However you forgot to take outside influences into account.”

Kira coiled her fingers around his throat and corrected her slip of tongue, “The unpredictability of a half-mad hybrid immortal for example whom you stole something from.” The grim reached its claws without hesitation, “Was something you should not have created.”

Alucard cracked a half-smile, feeling the score to be truly even; if she can wear down the Reaper, taking Akasha on will be similar and if they happen to kill one another all the more better.

Jet-like wind sliced the corner of her eye, taking clippings of her hair with it. Kira took a moment to realize what occurred and touched the blood that steeped into the tips of her hair. There would not be calling off anyone, no convincing; Eona Nightraven was out for blood.

“How annoying.” Kira slipped her hands into her pocket as she stood relaxed, “I told you, you don’t interest me and I have no patience to deal with a indecisive child.”

“I’ve already made it.” Eona clenched her fists, “I'll...”

Alucard smiled.

I’ll kill you.

Kira rolled her eyes, stepped back to glance at the queen, “You make it sound as if you can.” She narrowed her gaze, “I’ve already tried.”

Eona kept her gaze, her eyes having remained crimson since she appeared before them all. Kira had seen her fists shake, the rage boiling in her body that was entertaining to be the objective of. Akasha touched Kira’s shoulder, keeping by her side as Alucard stood beside Eona’s. The four strongest beings in the world faced one another preparing to finish the war in one go with a single intention: kill.

‘The hairs rising on the back of your neck--that is called fear.’ Akasha outed Alucard, ‘Strange is it not? To face something beyond yourself; unknown to you?’

Fear? Alucard became startled by the shaking of his body. He was afraid? Of a human--that monster? He cannot be afraid of something he created! Alucard however created the monster, but that demon was on another level. Yes--this man was afraid. He denied it, having never faced a power greater than his own, he believed there was nothing that could be greater. The fear of the unknown is strongest when you gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes back at you. Those eyes were jewels from the pits of hell.

Alucard glanced at Eona then spoke, as the earth bent to his will, ‘We shall avenge the death of our son.’

The remaining Fenrir kept themselves among the soldiers, hiding from the king’s sight. The Reaper’s membership as one of them was made clear and for the first time they felt hope at freeing themselves with their own power.

Eona and Kira were the first to move, but it was not Eona that Kira aimed at. As they locked hands, the Reaper thru the queen to the side, swinging her flames at Alucard who was held fast by Akasha. The queen did not take to being cast aside and rammed her body into the Reaper, throwing her into the ground with a thunderous boom. Kira rolled over, avoiding a sharpened wind from the queen who aimed with the full intent on killing. That was a pleasant change, however inconvenient at the moment. Rather than waste time engaging and incapacitating the queen, Kira defend from the attacks and pursued the king.

Akasha was kicked away, but Kira came up behind, swiping her blade across the king’s hardened chest causing sparks as metal met carbon. Kira aimed lower, cutting at his feet, but having her sword kicked from her grasp. Akasha came behind, grabbing the sword mid-air as Kira flew back and used the crossing of the younger’s arms as a means to push off toward the Pureblood. Eona’s wind caught her mid-attack and push her away.

‘Kira stop!’ Aksaha yelled too late.

The Reaper drew everyone’s attention, as she crouch on the ground, her flame blanketing her body. Alucard’s left side was crushed, the bones in his body snapping under the force that cast him thru a series of trees. In his place the animal-istic Reaper growled, losing for a moment her sense of self as her instinct took over. There was one thing that instinct told her to do and that was kill. Kill anything, everything until nothing remained--the true essence of the vampire nature: consume.

‘Relax.’ Kira sighed with struggled breath, ‘I'm half-dead, not half-mad.’

“I'll make you go the rest of the way soon.” Eona fronted her, the two exchanging blows as the forms the same Commander taught them canceled each other out. However Kira possessed far greater skill in combat than the queen and used that to her advantage.

Kira twisted her sword to the broadside, catching Eona’s fist from behind. The Reaper looked out to the two fighting elders, the annoyance she expressed seen thru her mask. Ideally she would have rather killed Alucard first, then deal with this troublesome woman, however things do not go to plan. Eona pressed harder against the sword, her strength beginning to push Kira off balance.

“Hey.” Kira said with an idea, “Shall we speed this up? Why don't you help me kill Alucard?”

She pushed Eona off, turning with her sword rested at her side.

“You're insane.” Eona spat, rotating the wind around her body.

“From your point of view perhaps, but truth is often a matter of opinion” Kira shrugged, “What you view as truth and reality is nothing more than a lie and illusion to me: you say I am evil, that I am a monster and demon, but from where I stand I am nothing more than the product of this twisted world--the only one who is capable of doing what is necessary.”

Eona punched, her fists throwing wind at Kira who blocks with a wall of flame, “Then your death is necessary sacrifice.”

Kira frowned her brow, exhaling with dissatisfaction, “What do you know about sacrifice?”

Kira fronted the queen, grabbing her arms she pushed her onto the ground and stabbed her hands with her sword all the way thru to the hilt. Eona shouted in pain, but she had no right to, that pain was nothing compared to what the Reaper had gone thru. If the queen had felt the pain the younger immortal did, she would no doubt have died long ago. That was a difference between them, the Reaper has felt greater pain than any that walked the earth.

Unable to stand, Eona struggled to free herself, but the Reaper stood on the hilt, further preventing it from being movable.

“Stay down.” The Reaper growled, placing her hand on Eona’s back she burned her intention there, “You will only get in the way.”

Kira vanished.

Attacking Alucard with hast she felt the fire burn within her body, a beast crawling from her back wrapping its arms around her chest. Kira embraced these feelings, any feeling that would allow her the chance to feel ‘life’ just a bit more. Whatever emotion it was would be welcomed, but in her life, the Reaper had become accustomed to that emotion being pain and suffering. This must end quickly else that bothersome queen may be free again. She ran, low, swooping her leg, the king jumped, but a hand grabbed his ankle, skeletal in nature its grip hardened until the bones broke. Alucard yelped, unused to this sudden pain he pulled free and jumped back in haste.

Eona caught him as he skipped across the ground, fronting him until he healed.

His aura darkened, ‘You have a undesirable habit of getting in my way.’

Kira laughed, back-handing Eona away, ‘I’ll do more than that.’

The spikes were cut to pebbles, swept away to opposite sides of the Reaper and Akasha. Four immortals stood as the aggressors, combining their powers to overwhelm the attack against the One-Eyed Reaper. Each of them were Fenrir, not forsaking, but wagering what they treasure, held by Alucard, for what was right. The Reaper betrayed the king, a Fenrir, had the courage to stand against his tyranny--it was their turn. They would not cower before a tyrant any longer, now with a beacon of hope they may yet regain their honor.

It was Alucard’s intent, by not allowing Fenrirs to have knowledge of one another it avoided any uprising or revolts. No longer. The Reaper destroyed that secrecy, by revealing herself to be one of them without meaning she created a bond between them. Every single person held only fear of loss in their hearts, that fear Alucard used to control nearly all his ‘allies’. Nonetheless fear is a tool, one used by the strong and the weak; control and ‘awareness’. That strong emotion leads to many paths, maybe one the Reaper walked long ago. Fear of change. Fear of loss; regret; failure; the most powerful and terrifying is fear of the unknown--the king has felt it and his appearance as perfection in immortality is gone. He is no god, he is as any other; Death looks upon all equally.

‘You think you can defy me?’ Alucard laughed, 'I have lived for over ten thousand years and you believe children may have victory against me?’

Laughing started around him. Chilling not by its sound, but that all those from the Empire, thought the statement to be humorous. Unlike Alucard, they know their Reaper, they know who she is, and what she was capable of. Regardless of her attitude, her nature, her intentions, thru the Goddess they were bonded to the Reaper and as warriors could hear her ‘heart’.

‘The next generation will eventually surpass the previous one.’ Akasha admitted, looking to the Reaper, ‘That is the undeniable law of the world.’

‘Not in my world, you are trespassers upon it!’

Alucard threw up walls to block, but Kira surfed the surface following as she dragged her fingers into them. She took a handful of rock and set it flying ablaze at him. Alucard tripped, his face plowing the ground; he was lifted up and spun onto his side, her foot pressed on his shoulder blade and her hand holding his wrist. Her fingers dug into his flesh, flames swarmed into the veins, boiling his blood.

“I told you before, I will destroy this world.” Kira was kicked by Eona, though the kick was braced, but a hesitation was long enough for Alucard to spin around and command the earth to form a spike thru Kira’s gut and send her flying, landing on her back and left un-moving.

Alucard went to finish her off, but the Fenrir stood in his path, attacking with all their might, but Alucard’s ‘Absolute Rule’ had them attack another or begin to claim their own lives. Akasha countered this, rendering them all unconscious, having enough time for Kira to stand again.

‘Are you alright?’ Akasha stepped back until she was beside the Reaper who held her hand over her mouth to stifle the sound.

‘That woman is getting on my last nerve.’ Kira growled, her flames growing into wings on her back.

She moved, colliding with Alucard and Eona, she spun, kicking Eona away Kira made for the king who fired stone and knocked her back. Eona returned, kicking and punching with Alucard, though neither were in sync, their attacks allowed for many openings and chances for evasion. They may have created a child together, but neither were on the same page with anything else.

Alucard saw an opportunity; he was thrown on the ground and lost a limb, with the Reaper in the same line of fire; he broke open the ground and send a rolling mound at remarkable speed towards them. The other forces, friend and foe alike were either swept away or had evaded in time, but casualties piled on both sides. Eona watched the mound come towards her and tried to flee, but her healing was not yet complete to successfully control her gift:

Kira moved in front of her, No.

Fire gathered in her palms as she curled her arms inward, she threw them forward unleashing the built-up furry towards the mound. The collision of the two had the attacks continuously be pushed outward, demolishing everything between the two forces. Alucard was more experienced in his gift, the control he possessed in ten thousand years of training and practice were rivaled by none. Kira began to slid back. She twisted her foot to anchor, but even that could not stop the oncoming mound for long--Kira released her flames and moved back.

Grabbing the queen, Kira wrapped herself around the smaller woman and manipulated her flames to form a sphere around them both. Rammed by the mound, Kira's control dropped as the two hit the ground and flew back, skipped for several dozen yards before the two were cast apart, one released earlier so that only the second would take the next blow.


Eona opened her hazed eyes, the sounds of battle exchanged with ringing and the sound of people's voices calling a single, indistinguishable word. She sat up, looking around, trying to piece together what could only be a trick of the mind--her hearing return:


The queen heard the name, but finding the one who possessed it was difficult. Behind her, at the edge of the clearing a shadow leaned against the white and else-painted bark. It was difficult to see in the night, but as a vampire, beasts of the night, such a thing was not an issue. However, the scent of blood, mixed with sage and cherry blossom was thick and heavy. Eona's vision cleared, the first of her returned sight was the trail of blood that followed from her, towards that shadow...Kira was propped against the tree, her body impaled by five spikes. She did not move.

'KIRA!' Akasha shouted again from across the field, 'WAKE UP!'

Eona crawled towards the shadow, finding that she was barely breathing and yet the little she did was staggered and winded. Closer and closer until the Reaper was within arm's reach Eona stopped, her leg healed enough to sit properly and hold up her hand to grasp a blade of wind; she held her blade still. Kira's left bicep was punctured thru, her right collar bone, her liver and finally the left of her small intestine.

"Why..." Eona's hand shook, "Why did you save me!"

Kira opened her eye gradually, regaining the will to grasp her own consciousness; her head lifted and rested upon the bark with a sigh, "You're...loud..."

She lifted her arm slowly, gripping the spike that protruded from her bicep, "I told stay out of the way..." The spike cracked.

"I don't understand you!" Eona cried out, dropping her hand to the ground, "Everything you've done--I can't tell what you're thinking!"

Kira paused the breaking of the spike and looked upon the weeping queen with a pity and sadness she had not felt since before bring brought back to this nightmare of a world. She released the spike and reached further, pulling at those 'things' those emotions still embedded thru her soul. The Reaper stopped herself from going further and pulled back, breaking the spike and freeing her bicep. She leaned forward, the spikes slipping thru her body with more ease than the first time. There was no pain, she could not feel pain, but her body could not keep up with the detachment of her mind for much longer.

"Haven't you been paying attention?" Kira said standing, the pool of blood being not as deep or thick as one would think. In fact, despite appearances, the Reaper bled very little, "Everything I've done...why I've done it hasn't changed." She moved forward.

Kira came from over the mound, spinning inward as fire followed her foot and roared forward, breaking between the two Purebloods separating them.


Alucard flipped back, the flames from the Reaper’s attack having taken hold of a limb, she tore off his arm, but after a quick kick his other was seized as he was pinned against a wall of his own making. A hand broke thru his chest, existing his back forcing him to choke on his blood. Alucard’s eyes locked with it, the demon he came to fear, the personification of his death. He yelled, refusing to accept his defeat, that another was stronger than him. All these years for this? No! This was not his destiny, this could not be his fate! The world was meant to be his, as is the right of God! Those eyes, he loathes them! Looking down on him, judging him as inadequate and incapable of anything of importance. The figure before him phased, its appearance as the horned demonic reaper coming to take his soul. Alucard froze, unable to concentrate his gift, the sweat dripping from his forehead and his knees shaking at the sinister void exhibited by it. The demon bared its teeth and traced its claws on his cheek.

The King of Lies screamed red, ‘KIRA--!’

Alucard and the surrounding area were rendered ash, the aftermath being glassed closer to the edge of the fifty-foot crater. At its center stood the figure of Eona, un-moving, untouched by anything she broke the silence with her voice.

“You're loud.” She sighed, brushing her fingers thru her hair, pushing it from her face as the skeleton roared and vanished.

Akasha was the first to appear, taking a place just outside the glassed crater. Her eyes carefully scanned the area, he really had been obliterated. No evidence of him was in sight, not a scent or drop of blood, even on the hand that tore out his heart.

The two forces circled the crater, drawn by the sight and curiosity of events. The woman looked around, seeing the faces of weary soldiers, warriors fighting for reasons of their or others’. They were together now, the fighting having ceased in awe of the speckle of her power. Akasha moved within, her feet crushing the glass where she stepped. No vampire was capable of this.

Eona stood behind them, ready to finish the fight. Akasha took a step, but the Reaper's hand steadied for her to remain.

“Its fine.” The Reaper said, folding her hands in her pocket, “This one is personal.”

There was a wide open space a few miles passed the mansion. Up a hill, the Reaper past a single lone wood and after another tree-line made it to the opening. There was a small lake not far from this place, but it was frozen over and would likely be dragged into this short-lived scraping. Night had come over the land. It did not matter, night was as clear as day to the immortalized, to those of crimson eyes trapped in the endless journey. Kira stopped, her feet set in snow to her ankle as Eona entered and stopped a healthy distance away.

She touched the handle of her sword rubbing the tough leather with her thumb and pointer fingers. There was no texture, the loss of feeling in both her hands had determined the length of the corruption. So this is how its going to be. A smile curled under her mask; an empty humored laugh echoed as she held her gut.

“Here we stand, Eona Nightraven, atop of the mound of the thousands we have led to death to accomplish our own ends.” Kira looked to the forest.

The Reaper could see Eona’s breath, “I never sacrificed anyone.” The wind around Eona changed as she repeated her resolve, “But I order for this war to end: you must die.”

Kira’s eye widened as an ear-to-ear smile could be seen thru the mask. Wind blew from behind Kira, no, it was being sucked into the center of the vortex created all around them. She ‘is’ different. The world she sees is no longer an illusion of her own making or even one either versions tried to make. This woman has finally woken from the dream. I already did.

The wind picked up.

Kira kept silent as she removed her coat, her white button-up torn and stained with her and the enemy’s blood. That too was taken off leaving a white sleeveless spandex shirt. Now the corruption could be seen; most of her left arm was now a charcoal-ed black. This same corruption, no longer hidden, spread from the tattoo, across her neck and down her chest to where it could not be observed. It took over the tattoo and unless one had been aware of its existence its faint outline would not be noticed.

Kira felt the suffocation ease, the amount of layers that weight her down now gone to allow free movement. She weaved her fingers thru her hair pushing it back and removing the trapped snow within its strains. As her hand left her hair, she again spoke.

“Then...” Kira stood just passed Eona, disrupting the air flow, “Make it a reality.”

Each step forward in unison, twisting around to make their mark on the other. Eona’s hand sparked across the half-shethed blade as Kira’s free hand grabbed the queen’s; pulled her forward, knocked head and finally kicking her across the field. The winds followed Eona, slowing her distance until she was at a momentary stop before colliding with Kira again. Again. The ground trembled under their blows, neither using their gifts against the other because there was the silent prayer to end this without causing significant change to maps.

Purebloods have practiced with suppressing the full-usage of their gifts against adversaries of lesser rank. Even against those equal, an unspoken agreement kept throughout the ages not to unleash their full capacity. The true power of a Pureblood, is to glimpse the power of a god. Ten thousand years of fighting and that truce is dangling by a thread at the hands of Death and a God.

“We are so very much alike.” Kira said when protecting herself with her sword, fully drawing it and heating it just before its melting point.

Eona replied with distaste for the incorrect comparison.

“How can you say you’re nothing like me, when i’m the spitting image of you?” Kira asked.

Eona swung her fist, missing, “We are not the same, what you are is something I can never love.”

The Reaper shrugged, “I became what was necessary, the result of the necessity to survive this false world. As I said before: love always becomes hate and without hate, I cannot be killed.” A wound opened in Kira’s shoulder, but no mind was paid to it, “I thought you would have understood that that when I killed your son.”

Eona rapidly cooled the blade and under her weight shattered it.

“You’re wrong.” She glared her eyes burning crimson to light the night,“Everything you’ve done; what you think about the people; what you say this world is. I won’t kill you because I hate you, i’ll kill you because its the right thing to do.”

The shards fell, but with the immortal’s speed they appeared to be floating, allowing for the chance for Kira to grab a shard and stab Eona in the eye. The half-vampire was breathing heavily though she managed to laugh. Was this to make ‘her’ pay? Is that even possible? All the One-Eyed Reaper is is what the world wanted her to be! The world pushes us around without mercy and when someone pushes back, the world points and cries ‘evil’! Hypocritical narcissists! Why care what the world thinks? Kira no longer does, what anyone thinks; Akasha; Hei; nothing matters.

In this world the original was forced to live in...the things reflected in her eyes had no meaning and the things that could not be reflected in her eyes did not exist. That is why the Reaper must destroy the world that had caused the original this suffering. Lies told her that dreams can come true, without telling her that nightmares were dreams as well. If anyone is to pay it should be Eona! She sent the original on that path, her disillusions forced upon the original, the very ones she decided to dedicate her life to until she was cast aside! To live without meaning is to be without life! But who is the Reaper to judge? She is no different, using this life for the sake of one who no longer exists. Looking in the mirror she knew she was the very nightmare the original tried to run from and cage, but it doesn’t matter after all nightmares are just simply mere illusions as well and those too are woken from.

Kira held her side, feeling the heat seep into her fingers. Eona attacked from behind; Kira’s wings flared up, but something happened, an explosion knocked Kira back. She recovered, pushed into the air and rose into the cloud with Eona in chase. Like a jet the queen rammed into the Reaper, knocking the wind from her lungs and pushing them above the storm. Kira forced them apart, simultaneously encasing herself in the grim’s body before attacking first. Eona acted no different, with the wind as her ally she made it known her own mastery of it--two hands locked with the grim’s. The horned skeleton’s hands exploded on contact, pushing the Grim Reaper back. Kira clapped her hands together, the grim now bore a cloak, further adding to its defenses.

The grim held her hand out, fire swelled into a ball; forged into a sword, she grabbed it with both hands swinging at the phantom. The air they breathed set blaze, burning the sky and all its occupants. Eona was untouched, flying in the inferno she and Kira parried many times. Kira grabbed the phantom’s neck and brought its head where Eona commanded closer. The grim’s left side of its face exploded, taking half of the Reaper’s with it. Her head knocked back, Eona escaped the loosened grip and switched their positions. The hands dug into the rips, prying them open for a third to reach in and grab its core. Kira’s head came forward with the grim’s cracking both forms enough to have a forced release. Wings broke from their backs defending against and initiating attacks.

Kira ripped her claws across Eona back, slamming her hand into it and shoving her across the inferno, “I killed your father, your friends, your lover, and your only son.”

The Reaper pulled her close, whispering into her ear, “How can you say your heart is without hatred of me?”

A switch flipped, the Reaper’s hands were locked as unseen forces whoosh past her ear. Kira screamed as the sudden combustion scorched her back and left her falling.

Eona shouted, “If you want to die so bad, why can’t you just go slit your own throat and roll over in a ditch somewhere?”

The grim formed its ribs, cushioning the heart’s impact--it caused a large crater. It was a struggle to stand, to collect the energy to maintain the grim’s half-formed body and the one of flesh and blood. Fighting Alucard exhausted past its expectancy, nonetheless combating Eona after taking care of her child had not been planned. Kira lied on her back, breathing the frosty air as she watched the clouds separate with the queen’s descent. Fight me. Kira rolled to her stomach, slowly rising, careful not to be quick and become dizzy. Eona passed thru the exposed grim, stabbing Kira’s defensed arm and pinning it into the ground. Hate me. Fire shot from her enter body, catching Eona blaze, but not eternally as she cast her corrupted flesh aside.

“I cannot die yet, my death must have meaning and for her sake I have survived this long.” Kira gripped her arm, “Its ironic though, the original wanted to live and was killed, I **** to die and yet here I stand.”

The grim grew to its complete form--suddenly lessening back to a phasing outline. Blood dripped from Kira’s arm, from the wound trickling into cracked crevices in the corruption and to the tips of her fingers. The Reaper stumbled clenching her chest as the same crimson spat from her mouth. Kill me. Eona and Kira destroyed the ground beneath their feet, laying waste to the solid earth by breaking it in half.

Eona snapped her words with a vengeful venom to them, “You should have never been born.”

Yes. Kira smiled. Those are the eyes she desires. Ones who have known loss; have suffered; have had their love turn to hate. Kira can see them, the furry to kill the source of that hatred, the cause of that pain. It should be easy now--Kira Nightraven has been erased from her heart. Love does not exist; the illusions of eternity, destroyed by the painful reality. This world, created by these illusions is false, is painful and must end. The ones who stand in the way of that end are the ones who halt peace.

The grim no longer exercised its purpose. The creation of it meant the loss of valued energy, but no more. Kira dismissed the outline--shooting her arm down at an angle--calming the destruction. She continued to evade Eona’s attacks, relaxing her body and slowing her breath.

Kira grabbed Eona’s wrist and held it where it had missed, just passed her temple. The woman snapped Eona’s wrist releasing and allowing her the chance to evade whatever unseen feeling had alarmed her instincts. The atmosphere around her had suddenly become dense, foul in nature, pulsing from the source of all evil. This outcome was unavoidable, there was simply too much ‘loss’ to stay alive. Sometimes the only way to stay alive is to kill your mind. A mind cannot be brought back to life, but the mind in its entirety may not have been killed. What you are left with is a half-dead, hollow shell, of what had originally been a whole person. The same thing that killed the first half of the mind...what’s to stop it from doing it once more? This is the cost of obtaining the power to protect what you love--you forget what you love and why you did in the first place.

“There’s something we can agree on.” Kira’s left eye bled, opening to full awaken the true nature of the One-Eyed Reaper, “But its already too late.”

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