The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Welcome to My Funeral

The left eye, having not seen light in five years, was anything, but natural. The sclera, black as the fire it concealed further highlighted the crimson iris; its pupil was cat-like, centered in a design that bore an uncanny resemblance to the original stigma. The corruption coursed throughout her body, expanding, taking over the soft pink flesh--fire shot up and spiraled, hiding away the rest of the transformation. Kira was aware of all; both her eyes became black and red, her body the night with cracked throughout as her blood glowed on its surface and yet did not fall. Her nails became claws; the shoulder blades twisted and grew until two wings of burning flesh came forth. Sorry...Akasha... Her mind was slipping, breaking apart one piece after the next as the last fragment of the human ‘Kira’ crumbled. I lied to you, once again. Her body hunched over, unable to breath, unable gasp for air; Kira dug her claws into the ground just as the last drop left her eye.

The fire cleared, dismissed by one of the wings with a single flap. Eona stood without fear, without trembling before the awakened demon. The Reaper’s mask had been pulled down showing the the jagged edges that was her mouth. The tattoo became visible, humming a faded red less prominent than the cracks of similar color. The demon kept still, her hand twitched; finger flexed once together before slowly she watched her own palm.

Her wings propelled her forward thrusting her fist where Eona was--the queen came around kicking the demon across the ground, stopping only when she broke thru the ice in the nearby lake. A hand shot from the ice further down, dragging its claws, melting the frozen water enough to fly above the surface. The demon saw Eona, she held her hand out condensing fire into a small sphere--the sphere was thrown, pushed away it incinerated a large area on the lakeside. The demon roared, a hollowed banshee’s seemingly similar in sound, when exchanging blows with the queen. Eona’s attacks landed each time, but the charred flesh seared shut with no indicated of having been injured. The only technique that slowed the demon was the sudden combustion of sections of her body that was slower to heal.

Human, vampire, or else having their heart torn out is the undoubted solution. Getting to it on the other hand continued to prove troublesome. The demon’s attacks were not precise, not calculated, they were instinctive, animalistic and mindless. Nonetheless they were a force not to be taken lightly. One hit by one of those sphere and even Eona would be in trouble, still diverting it was fairly easy.

The demon went up, concealed in the clouds she shoot numerous spheres from many locations, but they all had a certain time gap between them--two came at once, one hidden behind the other, Eona barely protected herself from the close encounter. The demon appeared beside her holding a sphere in her palm. SHIT! The demon landed hard on the ground, killing a few soldiers with the shock wave. Dumbfounded, they reacted in attack, neither knowing if it was a friend or foe. Her senses caught their presence; she created a sphere; Eona grabbed her moving back to the area near the lake. The sphere dropped blasting a path from them to the lake. Eona was kicked off, she rolled; the demon scurried to claw--wind knocked her off the ground and into the air.

Her wings flapped, but she did not fly when Eona rammed into her gut and pushed them both beyond the clouds. The demon clawed and kicked, finally digging her nails into Eona’s back and flinging her off in another direction. A sphere began to form--the queen locked hands and canceled by pushing it out to the sides before her own invisible ones sharpened and severed the demon’s wings. It’s roar echoed in the heavens. Eona let go, spinning as she slammed her leg into the demon’s gut and sent her hurtling to earth again.

The demon hit the cliff made by numerous attacks, she bounced once before falling over the edge of the break. A branch punctured her arm on the landing, but she felt nothing when yanking it thru the wound. Eona dove down holding a sharpened tunnel of wind in her hands. The demon jumped out of the way her body sliding with the shock wave down the break; she rotated, using her claws as a break and finally swinging a wave of fire to combat the force, further flattening the bottom of the break and widening it.

She took a step after stopping and tripped to her stomach after the next. Eona slipped and fell from the debris landing on her side. The demon panted, its sound a half between gasping and a broken, organic, Darth Vader respirator. She gripped the ground, pulling herself up to no avail.

The demon growled, the words coming out of an un-moving mouth, “Just--die--already.”

Eona could see steam coming off the blackened demon. Despite the amount of times they disrupted the cloud formations snow continued to fall. The demon did not give up its goal to stand, though Eona momentarily had. She gripped the snow-dusted ground, pulling it at failed attempts to gain a grip to push off of. The minimal amount of movement she now did allowed for snow to collect on her back. Eona noticed and took that chance.

The demon’s fire wall set off a small blast with the sudden wind, enough to push her against a nearby bolder--perfect. Using it as leverage, she crawled up and balanced on her feet. Walking to Eona, a series of broken ice at her feet halted her approach. She looked at the reflection, her eyes able to to pick out her own appearance. Blood, soot, mud, it dyed much of her hair--enough to make it appear black.

The steam hissed from the jagged cracks that was a mouth as its body struggled to move.

The demon reaches her hand, touching the place over the tattoo. The longer she stared at it the more snow covered it, returning it to its original white. The demon dug her claws into her jugular and ripped her own flesh, distorting the tattoo as she continued. Eona was still on the ground, her clothes torn and bloodied, her wounds slower to heal, but not enough to inhibit her ability to fight. The demon created a smaller sphere, but one that would do the job. The demon spun around, the sphere exploding to the left, as she and it were thrown. Her body was embraced by the cliff’s wall hugging her until she broke out and stood in the indent she had made. The lake’s water dripped over the cliff’s edge as she jumped out and stood parallel to the real Eona.

The demon and Eona moved, running at full speed. The queen sharpened the air around her hand while the demon engulfed her own in fire. This was it.

The Queen of the Damned and Slave 276. The vampire and the human. The master and the servant. The protector and the protected. The Pureblood Queen and the One-Eyed Reaper. An angel and a demon. Eona and Kira Nightraven.

They were close. Her thick blood pooled at their feet, from the wound gushing around her arm that passed thru her chest and broke out her back. She hacked, her blood pouring on the ground between them. The wind caught pieces of flesh, lifting and carrying it away bit by bit revealing patched of white and the wounds received. Her arm was gone, destroyed in the final clash in a successful snap to avoid the heart. They were close, closer than they had been in many years.

“You hesitated.” Said with a entertained smile; unlike her, she was unwavering in her path, regardless of the path others perceived her to walk.

She chuckled with amusement, “How odd...”

Her hand was pulled free, the body staggered before falling forward and being caught by the victor. Her entire body weight gave-way, held up only by the strength of the one who slay-ed her.

Kira smiled as bits of her external demon peeled away, “Even I...didn’t see that coming.”

Kira’s body gave out. Releasing her stored power was meant to momentarily increase her output a hundred times. The problem was not the power, but its container. She tried for years to expand the container, her body, but its capacity was reached long ago and went no farther. Her body was like a balloon and water her power--it expanded with each fill, carrying more and more until the weight exceeded its capacity and burst. Kira knew, Akasha knew; her body had received a small ‘hole’ the first time she released a tiny fragment...anymore and the container, her body, would finally break. The price of being half human, and half vampire. She decided; if her strength alone could not bring Alucard down then sacrificing her life in exchange for the power to do so would be just the same. Even if it meant becoming a demon. Once again Eona Nightraven made that choice impossible--ironic that it was considered a choice; they do not exist for someone like Kira.

"Not that it matters." Kira exhaled, "My heart died a long time ago."

“Monsters don’t have hearts.” Eona coldly replied, losing the strength to hold them both up and stumbled back dropping to her knees.

“That’s right...” Kira staggered back, holding the hole in her chest, “And demons don’t have souls.”

It was a not a decision made lightly...perhaps it was a choice after all: kill Eona Nightraven or fulfill the wish of a misguided-human. How hypocritical of her. That’s right she is a hypocrite--having constantly denied the existence of herself as the ‘original Kira’, for the sake of face, and yet rather than end the Nightraven line all together she followed an unknown emotion and a memory of a ‘person’ rather than the ‘past’. Its illogical. Attachments; chains to an erased past that is not hers. She is the worst of all the evil she claims to fight--liar. Maybe it was the only memory she had of the original being a completely different person.

That time on the water’s surface, caught between life and death. A dream, an illusion, call it was you will, but to the Reaper that was the only thing ‘real’ about her and the very thing she sought to return to for five years. How ironic that she should return to the dream in such a way. The original stood in front of her, smiling happily, honestly, as she placed her hand on her vampire-side’s shoulder.

Something returned with her that day--as Kira lay dying on the Senate floor; deep in Kira’s mind as she demanded the power to protect the ones she loves, it was not only the Ghoul, not only the shadow who responded, but the light that slept for generations. That is how this flame came into her possession; not by bloodlines, not by the stigma, her vampire self acted only as the means to harness that power; the light of the God of the Sun existed within every person, but very few had the capability to ignite it. The will and desire to protect those a person loves--this surpasses anything mortal or immortal and had awoken the fire Rai left for those who could wield it.

The dream, the wish--to erase this false world and to disappear along with it into the ‘dream’ (death)...The human apologized to the vampire who would return to that nightmare. She had always relied on the power of her vampire, the side of her she saw as both an individual and another part of her--even everything she wanted to be. Confident, straightforward and strong, able to stand the burden of everyone’s hatred while her human counterpart could only withstand and share the pain and suffering on behalf of others.

The human had died though, cursed by breaking of her mind and body. She broke apart, having saved enough of herself to leave only a single fragment, not that she believed it would make a difference. The vampire was struck by grief--she would be alone, her immortal soul allowing her to return to the other side without the human. You must hate me--I’ve forced a burden I could not bare onto you. The human slipped her hands into her pocket and dropped her head shamefully, The part of me I had always thought of as weak and sad--turns out to be the one thing that gave me the courage to act on my own feelings. Tears dropped to the waters below. How sad is that? Kira would never admit this, never tell because if she did then everything she has done would be the actions of a hypocritical, narcissistic coward.

Humans are weak and fragile beings aren’t we? The human smiled hollow-fully.

All was done not for the sake of this world, the vampire within her had lost care for long ago, but for the fact when she was human she did care. She didn’t remember that, but she ‘felt’ it to be true. Yes, humans are. The vampire said to her human self. But it is thanks to that weakness, humans are able to connect with others more deeply than we vampires. The immortal pressed her forehead against her mortal self’s, I maybe your darkness, the Kira that rejects this world, that hates more deeply than any other, but above all else I will always fight to protect what is precious to you. What that human cared about was the world someone else cherished more than she, despite having lost the value of her own life.

Eona held her side, allowing the hand that took the Reaper’s right lung to drip her blood into the snow. She could not move, her legs were pinned to the ground as they lost all strength to hold her up.

Kira gargled, the blood filling her lungs, “I despise you...more than you can possibly imagine--” The hole in her lung put a restriction on her diction, “However...even 'I' never hated you.”

“Liar.” Eona would never accept the answer the Reaper came to as the truth about this world.

I’m the liar? Don’t play the fool, Pureblood: you would know all about that my fellow traitor.” The Reaper’s eyes looked to the snowy sky, “Even now, as you fight against a monster, a white-haired demon, you stayed your hand at finishing me.”

The hand that held the hole in her chest dropped, she reached down and grasped a shard of a glassed rock, broken by their attacks,

"Now its over, your part in this tale is over."

Eona saw this action and tried to move, but was without the strength. The Reaper gripped the stone firmly, walking towards the queen; halting in front of her with the dull, light-less shard and her eyes posed to the crimson of the queen’s.

“You know what the original’s last words were to me?” Kira asked breathlessly, "After makes me think it would have been better if I had never been born."

The queen glared, her angry eyes showing the rage she felt and yet despite that Kira saw there was not a hint of hatred. How strange it was to her, after all her attempts, all her planning this woman continued to be unpredictable and unable to follow in the path set before her.

The Reaper sighed, “No matter how hard I tried; in the end you still could not do it, no matter how much any of us tried you would not turn against me. Is your love for her so strong that even the death of your father and son could not sway you?"

Eona averted her gaze rebelliously.

"I admire you possess the will to live I never had."

Eona looked to her foe...just at the blood splattered her face from the One-Eyed Reaper slitting her own throat.

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