The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Eona watched in horror as a lifeless Kira fell on her back, painting the snow with the thickness from her neck. The finishing blow bled for a short time, the bulk of her blood having emptied from the hole in her chest. She could have healed. She should have healed. She would not be healed, her body, as corrupted and broken as it was still showed unimaginable resistance to death. Kira could not take her own life even if she wanted, her body did not allow for it, but thanks to the queen, this cursed body was pushed passed its breaking point. However, Eona refused to take the Reaper's life, no matter what others had said, no matter what she had done, Eona would always see a chance for the original, the 'real' Kira to return.

"Kira?" Eona whispered.

Her back burned, the closer to that place she walked the hotter that spot became until she could stand it no more; pulled from the world, Eona found herself standing in front of her in some unknown place.

"Kira?” Eona asked in shock.

“My you're a noisy one.” Kira chuckled.

Eona’s hand drove thru the white-haired’s chest. Kira had not dodged, having made no attempt to do so and instead chuckled. That was fast. She showed her how to free herself in this world and did the same in the real one as well and a hand thru her chest is the thanks? A very Pureblood response. Futile actions like these were humorous, entertaining even now that she was a fly on the wall.

Kira felt she understood Emily a bit more--being dead and having nothing more than a fragment of yourself lingering to fulfill a purpose.

Why did she feel whole though? It wasn’t faint and hollow as she imagined, as she believed the ‘fragment’ of Emily to be. The doctor purposely stated this; why, to make sure Kira didn’t feel guilt? Maybe to prevent an attempt to endanger her own life at the chance of bringing her lover back? Kira thought herself foolish at not recognizing it, for someone who is said to know all she felt like an idiot. Just as Emily once did for her, Kira will walk those same unselfish footsteps even if it was for a short while.

“Feel better--?” Kira’s jaw met Eona’s fist, the hand yanked from her chest as she landed on the ground.

YOU SON OF A BITCH, HOW COULD YOU!” Eona panted at the loss of breath.

Kira spit blood and sat up, the wound in her chest and face having steamed closed. She leaned against an invisible wall, the effect being the unseen spread light from her back changing the environment to one of blue skies and the mansion upon the hill in the distance. So this is your inner world? Kira was against the Old Man, feeling the spring-air as flower petals danced across the sky.

“Hitting me won’t change anything.” Kira shrugged, “Its already done.”

Eona demanded Kira to disappear, leaving her body and her life forever. There is nothing here for her! Dante is dead, Alucard is gone; the ‘world’ she talked down on has been destroyed as she proudly states. How is she here; another plot by switching bodies? Eona shifted to a defensive position while Kira stood, to the deceased it was funny that she was considered a threat. Slipping her hands in her pockets she walked passed Eona and stopped to capture the sight.

“You’re more hot-blooded than I remember...maybe that's how you've always been though, neither one of us were keen on showing our true selves to one another." Kira exhaled a sound of defeat, "Guess you never really know someone until you fight them--" Kira laughed, "Well in your case you've tried to kill me quite a few times, but this time you'll get something out of it!" She exclaimed, "I’ll answer three questions, think of it as a reward for killing the One-Eyed Reaper.”

Eona was lost. This was a different person, no this was a different Kira she had just killed--this almost seemed like...her old self. Sarcasm was not a trait of the Reaper, but the ‘original Kira’ tended to be respectfully literal unless she was with humans. Long white hair, red eyes, yet they seemed natural and fitting of her. Its almost difficult to remember her with black hair and normal sky-blue eyes.

Eona’s reaction was not taken as the first, “How do I know you’re not lying?”

“You don’t.” Kira said flat, “But I didn't go to these lengths just to spew a fairy tale for my own amusement.”

Eona glared, continuing to stand at the ready because everything Kira says has always been a lie. There it is again, the emotion of hope. Now of all times it is here because of the face of the person this demon wears. She turned to see Kira’s back, those broad shoulders taking the weight of a world as it crumbled down around her. Her short hair made her seem older, taller even despite her body’s time having been frozen. Its hard to believe Kira was twenty-six years old. Fine. She will play the game, if it gets her out of here quicker.

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