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Three Questions

The first question Eona kept behind Kira, but looked to a place that seems real, “How are you here, wherever here is?”

Kira explains, “Here, as Lizzy explains, is your inner world--the deepest part of your conscious where you dream, only now you’re awake. As for how I am in your world...” She points to her own neck, “The scarf; it was soaked in my blood. A precaution, a fail-safe, to ensure my will was safeguarded.”

Kira had honestly given into insanity. It was much easier not to think, not to feel, not to know rather than this reverse nightmare she woke up to. Rage is powerful, raw, and blinding. Its fury unleashed to its absolute limit without any sense of control is a force that will only destroy. She wants the truth: Kira was destroyed after Eona betrayed her as she had; she hated Alucard for using the Association, and the world itself. They wanted a monster and they got one yet it still wanted to take more from her. Revenge. A single word no more perfect to summarize her motivation in the Association’s annihilation. She would have her vengeance against the world that made her this way, that caused her suffering by rejecting it completely. That is the explanation Eona would believe at least.

"Your will?" Eona spat rudely.

Steps had to be taken of course, before walking this unchanging path. Gathering Adam, Triss, and Hei to collect information on the world’s two factions. Watching, planning, predicting, but of course one factor was unpredictable: the purpose of Eona’s taking. Alucard confirmed her long-standing suspicions of another party, something the King had waited millennia for. The idea of something he feared fascinated her, but she lost interest in it and set out to destroy the first faction.

Creating a fragment was a last-ditch effort when seeing the end of the line. Despite Akasha’s assurance of her resurrection Kira was suspicious of the woman and created a fail-safe to ensure nothing would endanger Eona even if it was Kira herself. The last bit of her humanity went into this thought, the memory of keeping her promise to Wolfgang: she will never betray Eona--even if means ending her own life.

That last bit was her up until that point however. Any memories or knowledge of what occurred outside this inner world she was not aware of. Until her other half came too close to killing Eona, the fail-safe was ineffective to a point--trapping Eona in a dream until the other finished proved obnoxiously difficult. So the powerless human was forced to reach out and momentarily reconnect with the voided vampire in an attempt to become whole in the original body. During their fight it seems the vampire discovered the fragment’s presence and used Catherine’s ‘lock and key’ Stigma to seal a portion of her flames containing all other missing memories. The result is ‘Kira’ as she would have been had she been resurrected as her whole and sane self.

“I will admit..." Kira glanced back, "Not everything had gone as I had intended--.”

Eona growled, “Murdering children?”

Kira's gaze, though sky in color, burned in Eona's chest. She began walking, then motioned Eona to follow.

The phantom had to keep herself from laughing too hard at Eona's statement, “Come now, humans screw like rabbits, my actions barely caused a dent.”

“That’s not the point-!” Kira cut the queen off, “I'm a demon Eona, not a sadistic animal--I don't kill children."

Eona's temper flared, but Kira countered her next statement before the queen could respond, "Second question.”

Eona grabbed Kira’s collar jerking her back and into the air.

“You fail to realize just how ugly humans are.” Kira stated, "We are weak, frail beings who fear the dark and huddle together to keep ourselves safe and then gang up against those even weaker than us in an attempt to create the illusion of power and safety."

Eona cringed gripping harder until her hands shook. Kira sighed again, commenting if hitting her would satisfy her anger for a few minutes then she was welcome to it. She was released, back onto her feet Kira continued their walk.

Eona followed, “We are selfish, greedy, and destructive, that much of me has always remained: my selfish desires were what allowed me to retain myself even in the most deprived of states, but we humans, unlike vampires, create bonds and feel much deeper.”

For a time Kira stood and stared at Eona, raising a brow at the misinformed statement the Pureblood had made:

"Anger? Revenge? Pick whatever desire you want to justify your actions none of them will work." Eona's statement had been made sarcastically, "Killing and murdering are two different concepts."

Kira shrugged, "In a sense I suppose, the reason may differ, but the result does not--someone always dies. Anger is a temporary emotion, it fades because it is healed by others.” Kira corrected the queen's definition of 'reason' without emotion, “What I felt was hatred, that is something carved into the soul. Vampires may feel harder, but humans feel deeper--needless to say betrayal is one most painfully carved." The phantom mumbled, "You fail to realize the motivation of my actions as always...or simply ignore them, you are quite infamous for that as well.”

Kira cuts herself off remembering something important, though its relevance to their conversation was abstract. Emily was the one who came up with the technique, to create fragments. She created it for humans, as a means to preserve ourselves against being completely eaten by the vampire.

Emily was a genius. Though her methods are otherwise desirable as are Kira’s, the fields of science and medicine she pioneered were revolutionary. The Albert Einstein of human/vampire medicine, if she was still alive she would have discovered some way to save Kira’s body from breaking down. I would have never gone that far to need it though.

Kira silently laughed at herself when repeating, “Second question.”

“Grandmother said you came to save me." Hearing herself say this put a knot in her throat, "Was that because of what you did to my father or...”

Kira scuffed, mumbling at Akasha's violation to admit that fact, “For the record--" Kira growled at the accusation, "He attacked me first, we had the same intention, but two different ways to go about it. Wolfgang was fulfilling his role to safeguard you from Alucard while I planned on using him.”

Kira glared, "If you had only trusted me, if you had kept you promise to me you would have known and understood that--you didn't and here we are." She softened, "Regardless, even if you had not betrayed me, I still would have allowed Alucard to keep you because I knew if we were together, you would have talked me out of my decision."

She turned to Eona, holding her hand as flames of their original color breathed in her palm, "I stand by what I said before: my flames were not originally brought out of hatred, they were born out of love."

When she was a girl Kira idolized Eona. She was her world, her everything and her wish back then was nothing more than to stand behind her as her servant. That was Kira’s happiness and her joy because it was a life fulfilled. The maids were her friends and mothers helping her with school, work at home, understanding a world she had seen from the shadows.

The soldiers of Nightcore taught her to protect herself, then to fight for others. Even Wolfgang had taught her a thing or two. It was not passionate or eventful, but it was a life she enjoyed with good times and bad, friends and a family. Kira often wonders when it was she lost sight of those feelings.

Her relationship with Eona changed, no, it became more open and frequent. Kira was made aware, from a short time after being bitten, of Eona’s feelings. Whether it was right or not no longer mattered, but Kira made a choice to ignore and bury them for her own selfish reasons. She was afraid her paradise would be destroyed--she was right to fear because in the end it was destroyed.

Emily was an escape from the crumbling paradise, a bridge to one very similar to the previous, but did not have Eona in it. The new paradise, escape as it was, turned out better than she thought. A new path opened, different, it frightened Kira, strange--the passion, new feelings she had never felt with her family, with anyone before. Love.

“I'm certain, at one point I really did love you.” Kira admitted aloud, “But I can no longer recall a time I did.”

She paused another moment, debating to answer it with the whole truth, “To answer your question: originally I wanted to save you, to protect you, of my own volition, and those flames were the response to my feelings toward you. However...after a time I suppose you and I walked paths that were not together, nonetheless I would keep my promise to your father.”

A twist in Eona’s stomach and she silently agreed. No matter how much she claimed to once love Kira, it was a perverted longing for affection. She did not try to get to know Kira, but rather wanted to possess her; a relationship between them--having started as master and servant, its doom was inevitable from the start.

Kira’s hair floated in the wind, she pushed it from her face when picking up where she left off, “Back then and now we were in two separate worlds.”

“I raised you in this house! We are apart of the same ‘world’!” Eona found herself using Kira’s own terms in reference.

“Were we?” Kira turned halfway back, “Tell me were you ever human? Do you know what it is like to have been betrayed by your own kin; your family; even those who loved you most?"

She continued after Eona's attempt to answer, "Did you kill your mother? Your Father, or brother?”

Her gaze was malevolent, disgusted at Eona who thought for a moment she could understand how Kira feels.

Well?” Kira’s shout made Eona jump.


Kira’s aura made the air heavy and thick, “Do not presume to understand me, to know how I feel. There is not a single person in this world, not even Akasha who has done as I have, who will feel the same as I had the moment I took those lives.”

Eona spoke up, "And what did you feel?"

Kira's gaze remained unchanged, but she struggled to admit the shame of herself, "Enough to make me prefer not feeling at all."

The Reaper gloated at exposing her regurgitated bullshit lines used in movies. She opened the door, held it for Eona to pass thru. However...she could not help, but reflect herself on how cruel of her it was to know no feeling in the death of her family. Catherine and Jensin were little to her, regardless of blood, but to devoid herself of all feeling the moment her bother's life left his body...Kira knew that was the moment her humanity died.

“What you see as reality and the truth can easily be an illusion and false to another. Its all about point of view. The world you live in, to you it is the real world, but to me...” She paused, “A world where death is the only way to peace is a lie.”

At one point Kira may have loved her in the purest form and that love was what started her on the path to creating a place where Eona would not have to fight anymore. However, the method to achieve that goal was out of revenge and her desire to leave this false world and have a happy dream.

"That is something none of you could understand." Kira clenched her hands, "You sought peace thru diplomacy, whereas Alucard ruled with fear and death; two concepts that can never work together. The ignorance of that truth resulted in my choice: I would destroy this twisted system so a new order could be born. In order to fulfill my wish, this destruction was necessary."

“So...” The demon began, “Last question.”

Kira leaned on the rails of the stairs leading down the entrance hall. It was quiet, empty aside from them, but the mansion in this ‘inner world’ looked well cared for. Eona kept her eyes to the ground, searching her mind’s library, formulating her opinion toward Kira’s. She doesn’t understand this woman, but in a twisted way she understands the ‘why’ of those actions and choices. Kira rubbed her neck, feeling less solid and stable with each passing minute.

Eona finally looked up, firmly asking the last question, “ the ‘dream’?”

Kira rose a brow, remarkably caught off guard at the question. She dropped her head between her arms shaking at the nature of the question. If Eona wants to waste her question on something irrelevant as that then so be it.

“The dream...” Kira straightened and snapped her fingers, “Is my salvation.”

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