The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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I Reject You

The Dream was overtaken by darkness as the light, the inhabits’ smiling faces, and the scene all mended into this singularity. That world disappeared, overtaken by Eona’s own where the two of them alone resided in for the meantime. The queen was without words, a sign Kira thought entertaining because of the depth of the meaning of the Dream though its doubtful she would have any true understanding of it; of her. That was the world she would fade into, her salvation and her eternal hell--death was her liberation and her eternal punishment. Somehow, as if natural, Kira found herself explaining:

“In death...I will be in a world where Emily never died and the One-Eyed Reaper was never born.” She said softly, “The world I wished for, but would never had--my salvation and my punishment.”

It was her reality, the one she would accept because the one she existed in for all these years was nothing more than an illusion. Yes, a world where death is the only means of peace is a lie.

Kira incorrectly took Eona’s silence as submission to her reality and concluded the end. She has answered, generously, her three questions however wasted the last one was; Alucard has ceased to exist; this false world has fallen. What she sought to accomplish in this meek reality is complete and all that remains is ‘her’: the beginning and the end of Kira Nightraven.

Kira looked at the silent Eona, finding herself reaching for the woman she yearned to be with and yet never would, “This was the only fulfill my wish in this world.”

The cause of loss in this world is due to a lack of ability. Emily and Kira were simply too weak to do anything and lost all that they held dear--its simply the law of nature, regardless if you are part of that nature or not. That Dream is her only chance now, the life she should have had and the punishment of living in it and knowing that it too is not real.

“This was my destiny: to destroy. A fate I could not fight against--”

“You’re not her.” Eona interrupted.

Hm? Kira rose her brow, having lost the little ‘good’ mood she had. What does she mean ‘you’re not her’? What is she blabbering on about now? It doesn’t matter Kira knew, but her annoyance at such a baseless statement only irritated her.

Kira spoke with an unfiltered aggressive smile, “Excuse me?”

Eona looked up to her, the desperation, the foolish ‘hope’ that was rooted within her eyes no longer visible. Kira could not tell anymore if it was there, but this was a different expression altogether and it was one she had never seen before. Eona had never made such a face before, not even when she was fighting to kill the one who killed both her father and son. In all of their years together, just as Kira had thought she had seen every side of Eona, the queen of lies continues to surprise her--ironic from coming from the god of deceit. The white-haired woman demanded again an explanation, her anger now frequent within her tone.

You are not real.

Kira was dumbfounded. How can she not be real? She is the incarnation of the darkness of this world, the evil it is capable of--she is this world’s reality itself!

“So that’s the decision that you’ve made?” Kira collected herself, “Your ‘reality’ is...?”

Eona tilted her head slightly with that same expression, “You are not the real Kira.”

That’s right, this woman in front of her is the One-Eyed-Reaper. The great evil of the world, a murderer; lier; betrayer--Kira was not this kind of person. Kira never believed in destiny or fate, that another controlled her life. The Reaper thinks herself a God (of Death) while the human never believed in Gods. Kira loved her family and friends above all else and would have sacrificed her all to protect them, but she never lost her way and would not have resorted to killing so many to achieve that end. She thought herself below vampires because they saved her and wanted to remain in a simple life because that was what made her happy. This woman kills indiscriminately, has no regard for others and walks this world alone in solitude. Above all Kira doesn’t give up, she always faced everything head on--this woman...already has.

“Hypocrite.” The Reaper laughed, “I never changed. I am the same as I have always been, no matter how you look at it.”

As a child she gave herself to Eona, knowing the pain the queen suppressed over her desire for her. The older teen then did all to protect her Lady Eona even at the cost of her own, servant, life in the face of the Pureblood King. As she grew she continued to fight for Eona, killing fellow immortals who threatened the queen’s safety. As an adult she killed her own brother and the Association President who sought to kill Eona and then destroyed their entire organization who would have seen her head on a spike. Threatened an Ancestor to ensure her safety; allied with the original vampire and was brought back from death. Even without being a whole person, she never once held a will to kill Eona, only the child that would doom its mother to death by its father had Kira not intervened. All she has ever done was fight those who would seek to harm Eona, her queen, her master, her mistress, and her love. The only thing that changed was the fact she ceased hiding behind her mask.

That queen is a hypocrite, justifying herself as the true justice of the world when she would cast aside any who she did not see as what was hers! That is another falseness of that world, a reason Kira did not see it as real! She has destroyed it now, laid bare the corruption of eons of struggle and now giving that new world a chance! What Eona is saying-!

“You mean to reject me?” Kira asked curiously, having long lost the need to conceal her true nature anymore: selfish and unwavering, “Everything that I am--the me that stands in front of you now; you understand that I have not changed, my feelings are no different than that night?”

Eona shook her head, “No, my Kira died the moment she decided killing was the only way.”

Kira's body lost all tension and relaxed having lost any and all will to retain her presence. That was it? The pivoting moment Eona’s love of Kira died...was by an action of survival and protection? How unfair, Kira did not mean to kill Ian she would never have if he hadn’t--the fallen immortal stopped. Eona could understand what happened between her father and Kira, she only reacted to defend herself, but she made a choice, to give into her thirst and take a life into herself to save herself. If she had been the real Kira she would have done everything to save her brother, even if it meant going to the very humans who meant to harm her. Kira would have defended him no matter what became of her and saved him rather than take the easy way and take his life to ensure her own survival.

Wait...that isn't what she means.

This world changed Kira’s appearance, a black mass broke from her chest, a living rubber that stretched and consumed the beast in human form. Kira did not struggle against it and allowed herself to be changed into the figure Eona saw her as--a charcoal-ed fleshed, and crimson-eyed demon. This form would be the last thing of the One-Eyed-Reaper Eona would ever see and soon she would fade into oblivion and be forgotten.

The mass took her body and crept up her neck and around her head. Kira...smiled.

She now understood Eona’s reality of her: anything other than a human Kira, a little girl who fought for everyone; frightened of her own feelings, of the thunder and lighting in the sky was not the real Kira.

“At last you understand." Kira sighed loudly, "I was honestly worried you wouldn't in the end.” Kira’s voice was that of the demon now and now it would no longer be a degraded copy of the dead human, “Now that you do understand, that you understand my reason I can be a bit at ease...”

Kira walked to Eona, reached to touch the queen’s face, “But it does not change anything...still it makes me feel much better.” The smile on her face was unnatural, "With no attachment to the One-Eyed Reaper...than I can do with without much resistance." Her fingers snapped around Eona’s neck and pushed her to the ground.

Her jagged teeth, stretching up towards her ears driven hard and deep into Eona’s throat. The queen pulled and struggled with all her might, freeing a hand and bashing the demon’s skull with every ounce of strength. She managed to lift up, but was pushed back and held as the demon anchored her claws into the ground and pin the queen’s wrists to the ground.

“Let me--!” Eona shouted when realizing what the Reaper was doing. They faded fast, being taken in by the black void, Eona's strength also followed, unable to fight against the power the Reaper possessed.

“What...” Eona begged, her ability to resist now gone.

Her scent, her voice, her touch, her face, everything that she was or ever would be was being taken away. Stripping the queen of the knowledge of the existence of such a person.

The queen was helpless as she pleaded, "Don't...Don't take her from me...!"

Kira eased her fangs, sitting up enough for the queen to hear, but no to see her painful expression, "I'll take away all the pain I caused you as a will be as if I was never born."

The Reaper’s grip only grew and was set in stone until Eona fell quiet and un-moving. The demon eased her hold and sat up enough to get a full view of the queen’s face. Kira reached her hand and carefully brushed the side on Eona’s cheek so not to harm with her claws. The demon then lifted Eona, resting the queen on her chest, her mental imagine faded from Kira’s arms, leaving one alone in this place.

Its better to live in ignorance then to know everything that would silently kill you.

This was not how things were to end, but Kira has long accepted her fate to suffer more than any other, but always for the sake of others. Hearing Eona’s decision...Kira could not, would not, leave her like that. No matter what either said, what either believed there will always exist that doubt of one’s own truth and that is what had killed Kira, but it would not Eona. This was how things were to end, this is how she was going to end. Even Kira felt disappointment at not being allowed to pass into the Dream, however who was she to complain. The God of Death was not someone to simply die, it would be quiet the embarrassment if she could be beaten so easily with something like death.

Kira thought about the memories she now held within her palm. They took the form of a scarlet scarf, a symbol Kira found both nostalgic and distasteful. These things are reflecting the impact of memories in one’s mind and based on the size of this one...For a vampire, the presence of a human is a short flicker in their immortal lives. Humans come and go, just as she thought back then that thought came back after all these years: the human Kira is, but a small flicker in Eona’s immortal life. Regardless if this had been done or not Kira would have been forgotten sooner or later, but it is a lot less painful if it is sooner. The sooner the better--for both of them.

The Reaper stood in front of the Old Man, she traced her fingers across the carved heart with their initials:

"If only--all you had to do was trust me...if you had done that..." Kira shook her head, "It doesn't matter anymore I guess."

She dragged her claws into the bark. In the distance the thunder and lightning flashed, but Kira did not react to it, rather she turned to observe its beauty and found it carried with it an army of people all tasked to bring the death of this invader of the mind.

The Reaper smiled. How Ironic. Kira had hated fighting all her life, but now as her existence has become surrounded by it, it feels more comfortable, nearly homely. Despite her madness at its endlessness, the battlefield became a home; she understood Wolfgang now the reason for his actions back then. For a guardian the moment the battle ends is the moment they do and it is better to parish in the heat of combat than to lose one's purpose.

"We are both a monument to the other's sins."

The first rain of the eternity hit her face as the thunderclouds rolled in. The lightning that flashed made her jump.

Eona opened her eyes to Jake’s back. Slender as he is, her own figure made her line up evenly with his own.

“” She breathed weakly

“You’re awake!” The Noble said in relief.

Akasha heard the conversation and quickly came over to speak with the only personality present. Eona had been quiet, coming back to reality after a blackout and she tried to grasp how being there. Set down to stand with as help, her first question she thought was the most obvious.

“Where’s Alucard?” She asked having a headache.

Jake’s eyes dropped; Akasha kept quiet; no immortal answered.

“Kira killed him.” Answered Sammy, with surprising familiarity, while she held her crisp chest.

“Sammy!” Eona wanted to run, but would have met the ground had she not been held by Jake.

The Huntress could not explain it herself. The Reaper had held her close after refusing to bite, which was not the surprising part, but rather when she spoke that only they two would hear: You’re Pregnant. Whether she was to believe it to be true or not was not the issue, but rather this demon had made a point to say it and deliberately miss anything vital as she sliced open the epidermis of Sammy’s chest, high above the abdomen. She was incapacitated after that, unable to move by the Reaper’s influence.

The queen looked around, “Kira?”

It was not an accident, careful and calculated every move the Reaper made was planned out. Regardless of the failure of one she always had a back-up and the determination to see it thru till the end. Everything was planned. Sammy watched Eona’s reaction, something else was amiss.

Sammy turned her attention to Akasha, as always suspicious of her. Its impossible not to know because she could not have made it more obvious and its just as likely that she also intended for that. Its not surprising Eona and the others had not noticed, they are not tuned to the Darkness as she was born with. Why she kept one there would very quickly be known by her and everyone else.

“Get it out.” The Huntress pointed down to Eona’s shadow, “Now.”

All turned their gazes to the Goddess who knew what she was being referred to for. First and foremost there would be an explanation:

No one knew if the ‘Curse of the Nightraven’ could be broken. No one knew how it could be broken--to lose what they love, that is their curse. ‘She’ found the way, the method.

From Eona’s shadow emerged a blob of darkness. The darkness took shape, that known scent of Cherry Blossom followed--the Queen’s body tensed, she reacted first, charging at the feminine figure. In its forming arms revealed a crimson scarf stained in liquid blossom wrapped around the sleeping infant. Eona barely stopped herself in time, the real Akasha had to grab her hand to stop its approach.

Hatred is the very thing that drives revenge. It empowers a person, gives them meaning and purpose in a life that had reached an end. The path of revenge is the epilogue of that end and all those who walk it have accepted the contract: what lies after revenge is the void. Nothing will undo the past, will return what was lost, but the conscious system of justice is that if one suffers so shall another. The deeper the hatred the faster it consumes the soul, its engraved scars growing until the origin of revenge is all, but forgotten. Without hatred revenge cannot be accomplished. It gives focus, seeing the world as others cannot and knowing it, understanding it, in a new and different way.

Love is the very joy that promotes bonds. It empowers a person, giving them meaning to life, a satisfaction regardless of how short that life may be. Knowing love means the willfulness to protect the bonds formed by it and the openness to accept and acknowledge the reality and worlds of others and truly connect to them. There is no path; little care of the destination, but the journey; those who one has met, connected to, and experienced is what fulfills one’s life.

There are few who desire revenge and hold onto love. Either because it is too painful, or easier to let go than face the very idea of allowing an Injustice to fall upon them and nothing is done. To seek revenge and to bare the burden of love is to open oneself to doubt in their way of life and the knowledge of the consequence of their path. It is then they realize the gravity and hardship of ‘choice’. The further they walk this path the more they see as a fly on the wall, able to understand both sides of the world and the fight turned within.

An avenger with hope. Fear creeps, wrapping his hand around the body slowly working to cover the eyes from the reality unfolding in front. They fear losing their bonds, fear forgetting their reason, fear forsaking all that was sacrificed on their journey to a future. The choice remains: give up revenge and live with the void with those who love them or walk the path and end it alone and fulfilled. Choosing one loses the other, refusing to choice forsakes both; it enough to drive anyone to mad.

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