The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Return to a New Life

The United Nations was located in an untouched portion of New York City, having resumed their meetings shortly after the area was deemed safe and the One-Eyed Reaper’s death was made known. It was a short-lived relief that turned sour when the General Assembly found themselves acknowledging representatives from the Republic and visitors from the Empire within the vampire world.

Kira and Akasha attended this meeting while Hei tended to underground work in other corners of the globe. Politics were annoying to the younger immortal, she held no interest in petty words because they will not change anything. Her impatience was however controlled, Akasha wished to integrate herself into the workings of a world far different than when she last walked it. She could easily use force, along with Kira they would take this world and crush all who opposed them. Perhaps cutting down her own people for the past ten thousand years had made her softer toward them, but that kindness would not be mistaken for weakness.

Kira held no such softness. She would kill without hesitation; men, women; anyone who got in her way would be cut down. An enemy’s life was insignificant to her now, its a flicker of light that would consume another innocent if left alone--she would not make that mistake again. Allowing Alucard to escape and Eona to bear that cursed child was a mistake she would correct. When it would be corrected however, was in debate given what state she would be in at that time.

Vampire infants are very protective, if they are gifted, especially Pureblooded they can protect their mothers from harm and cause serious damage. Their powers are raw and undeveloped and very unstable, therefore the slightest misstep could mean one’s permeant demise. Even Akasha could sustain serious damage if the unborn child is strong enough and thus Kira, who originally cared little for the infant’s ‘power’, took a vast interest in its immediate death. This was also why Eona and Alucard had made themselves hidden, with no outside help or knowledge in fear of Kira and Akasha’s retaliation against that help--it was to protect them as well.

As Akasha spoke to the human nations, many were fearful and a few were shaking so violently Kira could hear it above all their heartbeats. Kira’s attention was much to the representatives of the Republic who were Nobles that she had seen in some far off time. She didn’t care to remember their names, but they were adamant about urging against Akasha’s absolute rule which normally would render them dead within the minute. She left them be, silently laughing at the pitiful attempts to unite humans and immortals against a ‘tyrant’.

Humans and vampires would never know peace this way. Their only mean of salvation, their only chance of coexistence was to allow the falseness they allow to continue to be destroyed. Start again. A new world order where no one will have to feel pain of suffering of such violent loss; succumbing to hatred and revenge to know the isolation of being without anyone to understand them. This was the only way...the right way. Kira would show them that way, the true way to salvation.

Once Akasha was finished she welcomed the opposition that was expected, however not when the attention turned to Kira who had yet to utter a word. War crimes; butcher; death penalty; against their conventions they ‘could not surrender’ for the nations they represent. They would not submit to a dictator, a terrorist who kills anyone who gets in her way. Kira listened to the arguments, to the slander to her name and actions and the threats she made towards anyone in defense of the founders of the Republic. They would not understand--how infuriating. Those who do not understand would condemn her way of life when they have never known the life she has lived.

Kira stood against the wall behind Akasha, the cameras aimed at her as she was motionless on the screen. Do they expect an answer? A reason for the genocide against the Hunter’s Association? Why is any population killed off--its the natural order of history and life, nothing lasts forever and its seen throughout all time that the old is ended by the new. The old ways of the Association had ceased its usefulness and lost its purpose and Kira, who shall lead the future, simply was that effect to their cause.

“I guess if you ask ‘why’...its because they lost sight of their true mission and thus ceased to be a necessary existence.”

Everyday was a struggle just to breathe and her mind kept twisting undone. No matter what happened, or whose won there was no end to the nightmare. People kept fighting, they kept dying and if it continues at the finish there will be no one left to protect: the world must change. They can no longer be divided by race, religion or nation, by gender or species--thus giving them a common enemy was meant for them to finally surpass those barriers.

That’s what the One-Eyed Reaper was, she was meant to be the common enemy of everyone, to be the sole purpose of fighting that would unite all those to end this evil that threatened everything. They did not unite, they did not work to surpass their instincts or their nature and choose to remain divided. They caused their own demise, but of course will place blame on anything else aside from themselves. If anything the Reaper was to be their angel and they killed their angel, allowing for the demon to take her place.

“But its equally your faults.”

After the meeting Akasha departed for her paradise, awaiting the response of the United Nations, but above all to see what immortals would side with her. They would be wise to make their choice soon, else it be too late for anything to be done. Many watched the Vampire Goddess disappear into her black sphere leaving Kira alone in the courtyard. A few people approached, those of normally hostile nations who were more willing to ‘discuss agreements’ than those other proud democracies. They likely believed if they were the first to submit, then they would receive favorable resources and a place among the Goddess’s circle. Annoying. Selfish. Arrogant. All that was spoken was the truth: surrender to the Goddess and you will live. No one was better than the other, there was no special treatment; they would be grateful to be alive and nothing more.

Kira walked to the prohibited section of New York City--the portion where a building once stood, now nothing, but dust and rubble and broken memory. Over two years later and they are still working to rebuild this area, or determining what they should it could build. A monument...a new building...a place where death smiled upon many in a single day. She cleared the fence with ease, landing on the opposite side and recalling the broken memories of that night. This is where she died. Stabbed in the chest by the huntress’s dangerous spear her life cut at last.

There was no pain, no suffering, Kira recalls in a moment of clarity of standing on an ocean’s surface. The moon was red, shinning its light and being reflected the same by the water. Her sanity had returned then, as her attachments to that life were severed, her pain and ache had ceased. It was a happy dream.

She was alone, but below in the water’s surface played the record of the life lost. Was this purgatory? Seeing her life flash before her eyes, able to know all like a wallflower. This was how it ends. She could not accomplish her final goal, but at least there was a chance with the Association gone. A chance. How pitiful that in this place there was no one here to guide her--none to call friend or ally that had gone before her. Kira slowly and silently began slipping thru the waters, sinking deeper and deeper into the endless void. This was it. There was a rush of warmth as hands from the black reached out and gently wrapped themselves around Kira, pulling her closer into eternal embrace. Peaceful nothingness.

Nothing mattered anymore. Everyone that woman loved or cared about dies. That is the cost of being a Nightraven, that itself is a curse. People she would not recall, but their presence was known in her soul that they had suffered the same, they all suffered by being loved and cared for--Kira clenched her teeth; it was all her fault. If she had realized it sooner...if she had detached herself from this world sooner she would have realized before they were past the point of no return.

Further and further gradually taste, sound, touch, hearing were felt less and less until there was beautiful nothingness. No hatred, no pain, no anger--she was free. A happy dream where all hardships were rendered nonexistent--death had become her salvation. A small smile curled. No more burdens, no more suffering, no more life; how so much more beautiful death is than life--life is unsightly and hard.

Kira did not know how far the shadows had pulled her into its open arms until her senses were awaken again by the touch of a hand to her chest. The touch was warm, that warmth remained in one place--her heart--and was burning a lifeless flame. What a pleasant dream, to be held by this darkness at the end of her road was comforting somehow despite accepting the nothingness that they held the same comfort. She didn’t know what she wanted more, to disappear into the void or to feel one more time before slipping away to whatever lies next.

So this is how you want it to end?

Why did she ask that? It was absolutly over! No more fighting, no more struggling to one more breath--she was beaten, broken, dead! Her twisted mind had finally come undone and she had lost no matter how’d she won!

There is no shame in giving up you know, you’ve already done enough.

The these hands comforting her, welcoming her to their embrace, were not solely meant to take. They were simply guides, to whichever road she chooses: now choose. There was more to do, she could not be selfish now, when so close to accomplishing her goal. That person was her path, the one that would raise her from the false light of this world and envelope it in beautiful darkness.

The shadows faded away, leaving Kira to choose--a tiny lifeless flame sat in her heart. There was reason, but it was not founded on her ideology; if it could even be called hers. Regardless if she wasn’t wanted that ‘idea’ planted inside was enough, even if she was to be tossed aside in the end because that is the purpose she was giving and its better than none at all.

Kira opened her eyes and breathed life into the tiny vacant flame--her life. Fire danced off her skin, burning away the lies of this void and engulfing all light into a darker than black abyss. Now she floated alone in the waters, comforted by the darkness that was hers alone. Kira’s hand was grabbed and she was pulled upward, breaking the surface; climbing from the water, then finally crouching as though standing on solid earth. She was alone, but the one in front was not. Kira stood slowly, taking in the sight of the crimson moon and the one who pulled her from darkness. They too stood, exchanging their final words to themselves as their company faded until they too began to crumble.

“I promise, for you I will...” The Reaper growled clenching her fist and feeling her power be reborn--she would be reincarnated.

Kira continue alone once again choosing to relive the nightmare rather than stay and live the happy dream.

The sound of a car horn called her back to the world she had been reincarnated into. It was hard to believe a year had gone by when in that dream it felt like a few minutes. How bazaar.

Her lung seized for a moment, as a heavy fluid collected and demanded to be released in the form of a cough--Kira stared at the paint in her hand and removed it with the nearby collapsed rubble.

What she had been brought back to however was the same nightmare she had left, only now it had evolved into a living hell. Kira sat on the broken steel beam, seeing the fight before her eyes between her and the huntress. She continued to think deeply, glad that now she could do such and that her mind had come back from all of it.

Come back...just how did she come back? Kira kept thinking that she was resurrected, but being that would mean that she would have to be the same as to prior to her death. Reincarnated seemed more appropriate, but that also means that they are the same soul, however a different person after death; is she ‘Kira’? Reincarnated into this life, could she still say that she was ‘Kira Nightraven’? Kira was a human who became a half human, half vampire, but this current woman was brought to life that way therefore she didn’t ‘change’. Am I really her? Kira clenched her shirt between her fingers. She once said if she was reborn she would want to be a vampire, but that would mean she would not possess any memories from her previous life and therefore lose the experience and emotions that made ‘Kira’. What is she now? Who is she now? Who is ‘Kira’ and is she the same as the One-Eyed Reaper?

Jumping down and walking again, each step was a retrace of where she had been when bringing this building down. Suddenly her feet stopped--surrounded. There were fifteen, nineteen...twenty-three vampires who came to view after realizing their attempts to hide were wasted. None of them emitted a killing intent which was a relief because they were possibly those who have come to their senses. Most of them were former Syndicate, given they wore masks just as she, while others were wonderers who lived normal lives. Nonetheless they all came with common ground--they believed in their Goddess’s words and power.

They came closer, stopping on flat ground while one among them continued until meeting Kira. He was a slender, tall man, wearing jeans and a collared shirt his bleach blonde hair and British accent gave an idea of his background.

“We have discussed it, some of us have lived a few decades, others a couple centuries, however each of us have accepted that time goes on and those who do not change with it are left behind.”

One by one they lower to their knees, bowing their heads and offering themselves in service and loyalty to the Goddess of Vampires. They would follow Kira as well, as the left hand of their mother--chosen despite being human and vampire she was divine.

‘To bring about the dawn of a new age.’

‘This world is consumed by corruption.’

“This is my justice.”

Kira listened to their reasoning, knowing that each was prepared to die for this cause, if only to survive and see the fruits of their endless lives. She did not speak, only silently peered her eye to look into the souls of each vampire here today. So this is what it meant to be apart of a cause greater than a single person. It was strange to have others sharing the same goal, to have help and to work together--Kira hated it. They would all become attached to each other, to the cause and to Akasha and it was known all-to-well those attachments would lead to suffering.

Kira did not agree to have people join them, but her objection was overturned by Akasha’s will. She believed in collaboration, uniting for this goal means dissolving titles, barriers and all that divided people. The Goddess could believe what she wanted, Kira wasn’t interested. Solitude was what achieved strength, having no attachments, no chains to bring a person down--that is how any of the three gained their power, but now two wish to undo all of that. Kira laughed to herself, Do what you will.

“Are you satisfied?” Kira spoke and in response Akasha withdrew herself from the immortal’s shadow.

‘Of course.’ She stepped in front of Kira with open arms, ‘Come my children, we shall remind your brothers and sisters who their real family is.’

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