The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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First Time Mothers

All had given their blood to help curve the soon-to-be-mother’s thirst. It was difficult for her to accept it, but knowing that they wished it and offered it of their free will made it easier to swallow. She hated being babied to this extent. The only refreshing attitude was that of Sasuymashia, the Amazonian Huntress who never seemed to run out of comments or jokes to make. Until events at the castle she was always serious and on edge, seeing dangers before they even existed; however after nearly dying--‘once again’--her gloomy twenty-four/seven warrior persona lightened. Her dark satiric humor was more welcomed than the pessimistic arguments at least.

A year after events unfolded Eona gradually returned to her old self: unwavering, strong, kind-hearted, and merciless. Perhaps it was with the knowledge that Kira--though no longer beside her--was living once again pushed her back to her senses. It was surprising to many though, that she did not turn her fangs against the huntress who killed Kira in the first place. Forgiveness is a fairly new trait and one not many adapted to easily. She forgave Alucard who killed, but brought back Kira--though he would not have done so had she not become a Ghoul--and now they stand together. Sasuymashia was only distributing her sense of justice and the queen could not judge her for acting for the ‘greater good’. As Kira had once been raised into believing vampires were the superior species, Sasuymashia only knew to protect the two people’s from the Darkness.

The huntress continued to guard Eona day and night, never to allow unknowns or unfamiliar to approach less they be killed. She became less tolerable of Eona acting on her own, using force if needed--one time that was unfortunate mistake resulting in two broken ribs each by Eona and the unborn. No one would know the gender of the unborn child, but nonetheless name circulated within the hideout from traditional, to oddities. Sasuymashia took it upon herself to nickname the child, which to Eona and Alucard’s annoyance stuck: Dia--a cutoff of ‘Diablo’ that, more or less, in both her native language and Spanish translates to ‘devil’. In honor of the ‘saint-like’ monster who has every intention of killing that child; dark humor indeed.

Alucard was not around much, he was gathering troops, moving from place to place after ensuring it was secure for Eona to be moved. Jake often accompanied him, being trained at the same time to further master his elemental gift--they would need it. Hiding was not something Eona was used to because it was coward-ish, a sign of weakness, but overall she felt useless. Bearing this child was both a burden and a blessing; Kira saw it as a nuisance and a curse. Why though? Why did she wish to kill her child--does she hate them that much she would make them suffer so? Maybe she fears what this child will become, how strong it will be and how different it will be compared to her. Why not kill them when she had the chance? Did she hesitate; reconsider; try to save them from the Goddess?

Eona was likely the only one who believed in any good in Kira. Alucard saw her as an enemy; Sasuymashia thought her the same in a different manner; Jake and Elisabeth had given up on their friend, but Adam and Tris kept to themselves. The queen was alone in her pursuit, none would help her and nearly all would try to stop her. Kira was dangerous. Kira was the enemy. Kira would not show them mercy. Eona would not lose faith--no matter how much her beloved has changed, there is ‘always’ a way back; she had to believe that.

The queen smiled, choking on tears when rubbing her hand over her belly. She never thought she would be a mother, especially with her preferences--its ironic how things turn out. This child is destined to change the world, it will lead the way to a bright and peaceful future, but placing all that on one person seems unfair. Playing, laughing, crying; experiencing all life has to offer is what every child should do. It should run in the fields, not run for its life, it should be hoisted over its father’s shoulders, not carrying a fallen comrade. It should not have to live the life they have, it should be free and happy and open to what the world has to offer ‘and then’ it may choose to accept that destiny.

Eona loved her child with all her heart and wanted it to live the life they never had, but that’s what all parents want for their children. She wanted Alucard to be a proper father and Elisabeth to be a big sister for them to be a family if only for this child. All of this would only be a dream if the Goddess and Hei still lived. They would not allow them to live peacefully and as long as they lived, Kira would be trapped by them...she hoped.

It was hard for her at times too: watching Kira kill people, hearing what she said without remorse, and her actions that contradicted everything she was before the Mansion. At times Eona knew the same doubt, Kira is not a blank canvas and is not easily dyed a single color. She choose to side with the Goddess and now seeks to kill them all and that alone is almost enough to break her--Kira said that the reason was the Nightraven Curse, but Eona did not understand what that meant. Alucard gave no answer, Elisabeth never heard of it, Wolfgang mentioned it only once, many years ago and no one else lived within her family. Why did she not understand? Her and Kira were close once--what changed?

It was starting to scare her. A fear of the unknown, of no longer knowing Kira. Eona does not see fragments of the old Kira, those never existed and she knew that, but what she wanted to do was change the current one. Speaking to her again, seeing her, then if her lover was to be understood maybe Eona’s own love could reach her closed heart. It had to otherwise...otherwise Kira would be killed again--everyone would ‘try’ to kill her and they would be killed in the process.

Sasuymashia’s knock startled the depth of thought and brought Eona back.

“Don’t go wondering off to dreamland again--she’d probably try to kill you there too.”

Eona gave up scolding ‘Sammy’--a nickname seeing as her actual name was annoying to say.

“You do realize you’re the only one I allow to call me that?” The huntress huffed in embarrassment, “Only because if I try to make you stop calling me that, Little Diablo might actually kill me next time!”

That was not her reason, but it was enough to maintain her warrior’s pride in front of Eona. It made her happy because in her decades of living no one had ever given her a nickname before. Ironic almost, Eona’s names have often had a profound effect on people, but in a way its also a bond. A connection from her to another, however to one it was nothing more than a chain meant to be broken.

Sammy pitied Eona in a sense, she does not agree with the woman’s choices nor can she fathom why those choices were made--a lack of understanding because such had never been experienced--but nonetheless...she felt sorry for her. By trying to maintain a broken bond she has endured the weight of her choices and the weight of another’s though she has no reason to. Seeking to bear the burden of another’s sins, especially the incarnation of sin itself is more than any could ask.

“My child would be the least of your problems.”

Sammy chuckled, Eona’s hormones certainly had her singing a different tune--it was entertaining. Having a baby around was certainly a risk, Sammy recalls stories from her grandmother and mother of Eona’s birth and how much commotion there was in the underworld because of it. Her birth and escape of Alucard, with the loss of Lady Camilla, was a large blow to Syndicate and stirred up tensions within the Amazonian Tribe as to their next course of action. That tension enflamed by an outside source, now thought to have been ‘Hei’, led to the Tribe’s demise. With the coming birth of the next Nightraven...the world now hung in the balance--petty fights over control, over resources no longer mattered and it was a war of worlds. This war would decide their future, their fate and each destiny soon to unravel--set in place by the God of Sun long before any of them were alive.

For a moment Sammy’s attention was to the object that lies in her possession. Truly she was resentful in keeping it, in returning it, but not to do so meant appeasing the will of that woman. Eona watched as Sammy pushed her coat passed her hip and reached with the free hand. Her eyes widened, shock and then apprehensive in taking that which she thought she would never see again...of even if she wanted to.

It retained the state it was left in: dirtied, torn and bloodied. She lost sight of it during that fight and assumed that its loss was permanent, likely for the best with Kira being alive. Now having it in front of her she had no idea what to do.

Sammy knew why there was hesitation, but that was not know Eona was--she was the only one who had hope for the hopeless and they would need that idiotic ideology in the times ahead. The huntress took the queen’s shaking hand and held the scarf between their palms. She could not lose her smile, her hope, having choices the path she walks she cannot turn her back on it. Sammy knew their paths though tangent where different, but that did not mean she could not reach across to Eona and give her the push to her back to keep her steady.

“You know when she comes for you and for your child ‘I will’ kill her again. That is what I have decided.” The scarf was left with Eona, Sammy walks towards the door exclaiming lazily, “But if you happen to somehow change her mind, then there would be no reason for me to fight her anymore.”

The door shut behind leaving Eona with the continued hope that things would change. It was all possible because of this child. Fondly the expecting mother touches her belly, feeling the warmth of life hum from it. Surly it will change the world, it will lead it to a bright future where there will be no losers anymore. If it can bring together two factions with ideologies of different spectrums then it could so the same for others. I love you.

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