The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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March of the Empire

In solitude and silence there was peace. No sight, no sound, no hearing, touch or taste--to relive the feeling of nothingness was to be free. Free from this nightmare, this hell reincarnated into. While the time had changed and people had further awakened, it seemed how the nightmare went on did not. That was further proof of the correctness in her words and path: without her the world would not change, without her the further of the world would never come; with her there would be true peace and freedom.

Kira resigned herself to the solitude of her room as much as possible and if not there then elsewhere on the island where not even Akasha knew of. Hei on the other hand was not one to be fooled on his own land--he found Kira wherever she went, hoping to engage in conversation as they once had. He always tried and she always ignored--he gave up. Kira wanted to be left in isolation, so be it, she has had enough of others pushing their will onto her and Hei understands as much.

Alone at last the Reaper was able to confide into herself, able to confront that which exists inside of her without prying eyes.

You should have never been born.

She chuckled clenching the dirt beneath her when leaning against a tree that had grown intertwined with the side of the mountain. The sun did not break thru the dense leaves with any easiness. Their thickness caused the light to scatter into the tiny breaks between every-other-leaf occasionally a couple bounced off Kira’s skin when the trees rustled with the wind.

Gradually she grew used to their voices, the fragments of the hearts of those she slay-ed in revenge. Only these three existed at all times, likely because the others she had killed had not been allowed to maintain their individuality. All others were unimportant, just an endless amount of faces and glimpses of memories she does not care too, nor will she ever see again. Each one said they same thing--everyone did, but those three in particular were the only ones to say it outright. She wanted them to know how she defied everything they said to her, everything they used her for, all of it to be spit back in their faces. That was her revenge her them.

You should have never been born.

Her body shook in eagerness, an uncontrollable excitement, joy, for her revenge against them. They were not the only ones--more had to be added to her collection of hearts; souls, if one believed these people could have one. They all stood in front of her glaring, wishing they could end her each in their own way because she failed in their expectations. Failing to be bound by each of their wills--there is no better irony and revenge then watching someone do exactly opposite than what you want, torturing them with their physical inability to do anything. Kira knows they are mere fragments, imprints of the originals, but it was satisfying nonetheless. Sooner or later...she would ‘eat’ them.

For now this would keep her insanity because the only way to stay alive is to kill your mind. Insanity is her sanity, what she does and what she can and will do is the judged as work of a madman and thus is known to be nothing rational by those who cannot understand her. What does that make Akasha then--the same? Both were driven into this ‘madness’ because how they view the world is different than those who are ‘normal’. These people within her were no different.

You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born.

Kira heard them say it over and over, each time her sinister smile grew as did the flames around her body. She cannot wait till the number of these people grow because once they do she will eat them and reach her final evolution. Becoming the most powerful of all immortals and having no one to stand in her way, this false world will burn in the flames, but unlike she it will not reincarnate it will be reborn a new--a fresh start for all, for the Earth itself.

You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never been born. You should have never--


The noise; their voices; the ghosts themselves vanished. What remained was a tall, slender woman whose face was blurred and unseen in the spotted light. That woman came closer, her shadow blocked the light that touched Kira, protecting her from its deception. Kira recognized it to be Akasha, her presence, her beat-less heart and chill--something only this goddess could posses. She dropped down to the immortal’s side, placing her hand over Kira’s clenching, dirt-filled one, and the other on the cheek. The shaking ceased, her racing heart and the dark emotions were all lifted in waves of coolness. It was relaxing, comforting to have this feeling that she only felt after being killed. And they called her the harbinger of death.

Akasha was never one to worry, she ceased worrying the moment she was betrayed by those she loved most. Ten thousand years changed her though and she watched this woman, watched Kira--a human who knows what it means to be a vampire--grow and this made her able feel again. Akasha never believed it to be possible by anyone, especially one who had been mortal. Now thanks to Kira all of her wishes were possible.

Akasha wrapped her arms around Kira holding her tightly, else she knew if she did not Kira would drift away and again succumb to the pain of solitude. That was not what was best for her, she may believe she wants it, but her soundless cries of loneliness were never all the more louder than just now. The young woman’s body eased and her breathing was softer and released from stagger-ation. At first Kira was unresponsive, she didn’t move and had been hesitant in being hugged by anyone, even Akasha, but it was only because it was Akasha that she could let herself feel as well. Kira responded, wrapping her arms around the Goddess and resting her head on her shoulder.

‘I am grateful for you to be alive.’ Akasha smiled, stroking her head, ‘No matter which you are, this one or the other, I am grateful.'

Akasha lifted her hand and pressed it against Kira’s chest.

They returned to the estate and Kira ceased her streaks of isolation. After their time in the forest, whatever the Goddess had done had affected Kira greatly (or as always she was good at lying). Her mood lightened, as more vampires pledged themselves (done by exchanging blood with Akasha) they brought their families to the island which included the children. Many were fearful of having the One-Eyed Reaper near their children--imagination became rumor and rumor spread into fanatical legend of the true nature of the Reaper. Until an individual met Kira, those legends remained.

She continued to be a mystery to all those who met her nonetheless--her dark personality was the same to all. She was straight-forward and had a twisted sense of humor, but was particularly cruel on the battlefield even to allies who refused to fight. Nonetheless she protected many and that reputation allowed for her to be accepted by the residents of the island--she didn’t care. All she was doing was appeasing Akasha’s wishes and nothing more, Kira held no interest in forming bonds, but rather like a child clung to Akasha’s side whenever possible.

Hei saw a difference in Kira, as the time she spent with the Goddess increased as did the lightness of her personality whenever the three of them were alone. It wasn’t the old Kira coming back, it did not feel that way, but like a new persona--nearly a different person. Hei began to wonder if who the Goddess brought back was the same ‘Kira’ he knew. He thought that...somehow he refused to believe that one hundred precent, there is only one ‘Kira’, but she could not have changed--not into a different person.

“We’ve reached nearly a hundred thousand vampires to your cause.” Hei was proud of this accomplishment and how much better he is in his tasks with help.

Akasha returned from Kira’s bedroom, the immortal had worn herself out when trying to find Eona and Alucard and crashed shortly after arriving. She had offered her blood to the Goddess, but it was rejected. Kira was being cared for as a child though Akasha never treated her as such, but somehow their time together was making up the childhood and motherhood neither had.

‘They are my children dear Hei, they have only realized their true family--a cause has nothing to do with it.’

She treated every person as though they were the very children she gave birth to. Every name she knew, all their histories and emotions, she was compassionate and caring to her ‘family’...Kira was the black sheep of that family. Even still she was treated special, treated the closest out of all others, more than Hei. Not that he complained, his wish was to make her happy and nothing more--simple really, but it made him happy to be considered ‘family’ as well. They ate together at the table, talking about subjects ranging from weather to holidays, but never about ‘work’. Such talk had no place at the dinner table.

‘I recall seeing you for the first time when you were lost in the forest--an ambassador from the Association found you and took you back to the town.’

Kira was scared, crying in the shadows of a tree because she had ventured out alone to try to find...Akasha ceased her sentence when seeing an odd expression on Kira’s face.

“Are you alright?” Hei nudged a distant-looking Kira until she found her senses again.

“Sorry I was just thinking about something.”

‘Whats on your mind dear?’

Kira paused before speaking, searching again in vain and knowing why she could no longer locate it.

“I don’t remember that.”

‘You were small, that’s no surprise.’ Akasha was quick to respond, continuing with another reminiscing of something from more previous years.

‘I didn’t mean to bring something like that up.’ Akasha joined Kira in the tropical breeze later that night sitting on the same ledge the young woman had.

The moon was large and vast over the horizon, it sat just as they did: half above and half freely on the other side. Its light bounced off the black waters, giving their waves depth and shape which would otherwise be unknown. Kira leaned on the Goddess’s shoulder and shut her eye.

“I’m not angry, its unnecessary--”

‘You should be, you have every right to be because I am the one who did this to you.’

Everything was much simpler with Akasha; no lies, no riddles or anything to obscure the truth. Kira felt to be the hypocrite however, no one could change that view about herself. She knew why she did it, but somehow on occasion there was remorse in that decision--she no longer knows of what once was, only who is now.

‘It was my mistake that caused this, if I had known this would happen...’

Kira scratched the back of her head, 'I don't think it was...I think the original may have..."

Wherever she was going with her sentence was lost and she dropped the topic.

Kira does not blame Akasha, it was not her fault. All loss in this world is due to a person’s lack of ability and obviously Kira lacked that it. They have both lost everything they held dear to them--betrayed by those they loved most, but neither allow for it to break them. The only ones who know this pain and have evolved into something greater because of it. Their methods however...differ: Akasha believes solitude and isolation are no longer necessary and that both are strong enough that they can afford to make bonds with others. Kira does not see it that way.

Pain makes a person stronger, it pushes them to their absolute limit and maxes out their power to heights unobtainable to others. That pain is what drives her now in spit of losing it--either way to fulfill her goal she had to start with herself and just as she promised Wolfgang and in a cosmic justice it was done.

“There is nothing you could have done...all we can do now is fulfill the wish.”

Akasha frowned, ‘Do you believe that part of you was only a weakness?’

“I am ‘only’ the person who stands before you.” Kira snapped unconsciously, quickly covering her mouth at the sound of words not meaning to be hers.

Akasha became quiet. There was no use in trying to persuade Kira, she knew that from the start, but she had to, she wanted to try. Hope? Is that the word mortals use? When all else fails and you still have the will and belief to accomplish something despite it being a lie? What is Kira believing in now--her power? What does she want to happen ‘after’ her wish comes true? Akasha wanted to know these things, wanted to know what ‘all’ Kira’s wishes are.

The immortal exhaled frustrated over nothing. Thinking about it too much was annoying, it would divert her from the path she walks and there was no time for that. With all eternity to live she finds that she is running out of time now. Four years and that child would be born, she had four years to find and kill it before the curse continues. Akasha knew what words to speak and it was only these that could be spoken to Kira and reach her. Nonetheless it was a question that may have no answer.

‘Are you happy?’ It was simple, yet complicated when asking Kira.

“Whether I’m happy or not doesn’t matter.”

They walked thru the house and out to a patio where another throne was placed to see all of the residents and yet was hardly used. Akasha went first, the curtains opened by Kira who continued with the answer her Goddess did not wish for. The crowds were loud, gathering in the plaza below and awaiting the address from their mother and for the declaration of war. The United Nations did not yield to the Goddess’s terms--she did not expect them to; however they at least got a choice in how they die.

‘It does matter, just as its important to make your wish come true, I want you to be happy.’ Kira gave no expression and held the curtain long enough to have Akasha believe she will not get a proper answer and dropped the conversation.

‘My children.’ The citizens of this empire have each given their blood to the Goddess and seeing as her blood already flows in their veins this makes an inseparable connection from parent to child that ensures none betray or lie.

This was to be their time, when immortals take up the mantle of responsibly and save this world from the corruption of mortals. Akasha would be the one to lead them, once more balancing the world...after Kira destroys the false one of course. The Goddess knows once things kick up they will only continue to accelerate until countering is nothing more than a fantasy.

Kira will push for it, unable to stop until everything is consumed and the curse is eradicated. She knows no limit and will slaughter all who tried to place them on her--carnage. That was the Kira now, the reincarnated and immortalized woman who lost her humanity the moment she died. The vampire remains, set on destroying everything that caused the falseness she witnessed--Akasha noticed that the ‘revenge’ that was present in her ‘human’ half was not present in her vampire self. Are they two different people? They are both ‘real’ and two sides of a single coin, but which one was Kira’s ‘true’ self and which was a persona?

‘We shall rise up, my children of the night, and once again rule this world creating an ever-lasting peace only we can achieve!’

The crowd cheered, chanting the name of their goddess, but the goddess’ attention was to the shadow behind her. Kira did not hear them. She shut out the annoying sounds and unnecessary talk meant to further strengthen the bond between parent and child--she was no child; no one’s child. Maternal bonds meant nothing and held no meaning to her because she had no family--she was alone. The vampire erased those attachments and those bonds of blood before they became a nuisance and managed to cut off Akasha’s to her daughter as well.

Kira herself did not understand the bond of family; paternal love never existed between her twisted birth parents therefore when she killed them nothing was felt. ‘She’ did not understand not fathom it, however logically she knew Akasha felt that emotion therefore Kira took the task of ending Sierra to spare the Goddess that emotion. Personally who killed the ‘heart’ did not matter so long as it was ended, but its beyond Kira’s comprehension why she did it herself in Akasha’s place. The Goddess knew why.

Kira is not a hollow shell. She feels, she lives, how she views the world is simply different. Both wonder about the one, but only Akasha thinks deeper about it--they are both ‘real’ and on occasion they share similar emotions though normally characterized by one and not the other. This is what made discerning who was the true one difficult--Akasha wants to believe they are the same person, but the difference between them is too great to think otherwise at this point.

The crowds dispersed, freeing the Goddess from her throne. She walked towards the entrance, the vail held up by Kira, and walked thru continuing inside without stopping to restart their previous conversation.

“I'm not like her...” Kira muttered, "I there is only one path I may follow."

Akasha spun around surprised at the whisper, but Kira was already gone.

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