The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Black Abyss in White Void

Humans are terrifying creatures. They smile when they should cry, laughing when others are hurt, and become the cruelest when its for the sake of someone they love. One would think that demons are scary, but humans are far more frightening even more so than vampires.

Vampires are easy to understand, they do not change and often keep the same mindset throughout their lives--sometimes its as though when ex-humans turn not only their bodies, but their minds are also frozen. They often take for granted their frozen minds and many go throughout their lives without the ability to expand it as they would as humans.

Two very different beings and yet against the nature that created them they strive for understanding and peace. Few see the chance to push past this natural barrier and even fewer try, but those who can make it thru are the ones who lead those who cannot. It is not an easy road, nor one taken because of the uncertainty of whether or not the end can be reached--those who gave up helped build the path for those who posses the hope and will to continue forward. One after the next the predecessors fall, with their bodies the next section of the paved road is completed allow for another to continue until it is all finished--success built upon failures. This was the Nightraven Legacy one Eona continues to this day.

Her grandmother and mother were women who saw a future for humans and vampires, but only Eona sees one with them together. Thanks to their sacrifice she is here today and would honor them, by finishing the path they started.

Each were against a trial in their own time and faced it without hesitation. The Fall of the First Reign to Amelia, Alucard to Carmella, and now Kira and Akasha to Eona; history was fond of repeating itself. No more. This would be the last time, no more weeping families, no more revenge, no more pain!

Pain is what makes a person strong--they become more resilient and stronger as they suffer the true nature of this world. Over and over until the feeling of pain turns numb that person will never again know it. Numbness turns dull, eventually losing that feeling until nothing remains--that is when they know peace.

Being unable to feel is liberating, there are no limits, no chains that bind one to another. That freedom allows for people to truly understand each other, but few are able to withstand the world’s nature and break before they can be free. Nearly all have fallen on this path, but only two have reached peak. Two immortals who understand one another and could only be understood by each other; however they are on opposite ends. Thru this freedom one believes the importance of bonds, with collaboration others can be lead, not to understand the one, but to understand others. The other does not possess the same values--isolation, standing apart, alone and without bonds a person can reach the limit of their capacity; obtaining an unstoppable strength capable of changing the world.

Everything is temporary; emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Becoming attached only leads to more pain therefore, to spare those who cannot fathom such weights its better for them to remain clueless to the world’s true nature. Let their ignorance continue--to live a happy dream because in the end, whether they realize it or not they will all parish.

Adam and Jake were the only ones able to leave the safety of the numerous hideouts. Adam was crafty, knowing the underworld had its advantages and while Hei had been at the game for far longer, Adam held greater knowledge by his constant interactions. Jake...tagged along with alternative motives (likely to keep Adam from his own intentions). They roamed around black markets, cities, and towns catching sights of immortals listening to the Goddess’s broadcasts. Occasionally Kira’s image passed thru the frame, but after her threat to those with Eona she rarely made an appearance.

She was certainly hunting down anyone with leads to them, but with the tightness of information since the castle there was no chance they would be found. There were risks with the men coming into public view, he knew that, but hardly enough people knew him to recognize; nonetheless able to catch the faint trace of Eona’s lavender. The Frenchmen too was on the hunt--anyway to breech the Goddess’s defenses, to locate her island and attack them before they attack Eona. A weakness to Kira; if she was stopped, no ‘killed’ then the goddess would lose half her strength of arms and moral within her army.

Eona could believe what she wanted and if she was presented the chance (a worst-case-scenario) then Adam would not try to stop her. However he would not change his mind, not after that--Kira must die; she cannot be forgiven; she would not change. If he died in the process than so be it because he would never again allow someone precious to him to fall.

The market was not as full as it had been two years ago. Back then thousands of people flooded the Asian market bartering and trading, but today only a couple hundred dare venture out, for a fear of their family’s starvation over fear of death or worse. There were enough people to make finding a single local difficult, but a foreigner was easily spotted--even a fraction of a second was enough to capture eyes. Jake was quick to turn around, catching another glance that forced him follow the rest. Adam watched the boy tear himself from his side therefore quickly followed to ensure he did nothing stupid.

Whether or not if it was wise to follow became irrelevant to moment he stepped off because there was no stopping. A figure weaved casually thru the crowds, inconspicuous to mortals, but to an immortal who sees the hearts of others--a black headless, skeleton walked; its image became translucent and Adam was able to see the hooded person walking as if the skeleton itself was her; he grabbed Jake, halting him.


She had not noticed them yet--why? No...surely she did...luring them out in hopes of finding Eona! Jake too released that possibility and quietly began, back stepping. They would have to be quick, before he made a move--Kira turned the corner and disappeared. The men looked at each other confused as to why she had not attacked them and to their aware-ing foolishness traced her path and turned the corner shortly after her. It became obvious either they went unnoticed, or they were being ignored, but either way they had to follow and discover to what reason she was here.

Kira’s power was being suppressed, this too was apparent by the fact none were drowning in fear and despair. She had that effect on people. Between buildings, to the furthest reaches of the outskirt market walking for quiet a bit of time until the she was within the heart of the Beijing. The immortals halted. Adam and Jake watched carefully from the side of the street, Kira was in the center of a large intersection, noticed by mortal police who approached the hooded figure with caution. But it was not the mortal that Kira had come for, but the Fenrir behind him.

They asked politely--though keep caution at the oddness of a woman wearing a mask--and when there was no response they progressively became more assertive holding their hands to their holsters in anticipation. Civilians gradually noticed, slowing their usual commute and some outright stopping. Adam and Jake saw these people and each thought what Kira’s purpose is.

“Its crowded...” Jake looked at the mortals and where they were at...hundreds of thousands of people all gathered in one location--Jesus!

‘跑!’ Adam screamed repeatedly to run in the native tongue, moving past the police and having his blade sheer thru the cloak as its occupant escapes imminently beside him. Their eyes met.

“Too late.” Her fingers snap, incinerating the figure behind the police within fifty feet by black flame.

Adam threw the cloak at her, swung his blade and missed again. Despite her speed the frenchmen’s attacks were made possible by following the movements of the headless skeleton. It was a ruse, a false hope that he could stand a chance--both vanished and it was only known that she was behind when ice shattered and the wave knocked Adam across the ground. Jake stood between them, his arms exposed, but soon ice grew back to replace the broken shield.

“Hm.” Kira rose her brow, her hand steaming by the clash, “I was wondering who was following me: the ice-user and the seer from before--Adam and Jake if I recall?.”

The mortals were screaming, running for their lives when realizing who that woman was. She hardly changed since they last saw her--her hair was still snow white, her eyes unwavering and steady. Not that many would find being near her ideal, but to Jake it was a sign.

Spikes broke between, Kira jumped back, but touching the ground was a trap--her feet were caught in ice. The ice crawled up her legs, meaning to contain her--ridiculous. This man thinks he can hold her, how naive, but many are therefore it is something to be expected. He will learn, they all will, not to underestimate her power and the lengths she will go. The ice melted, Kira walked freely back-handing Jake into a building wondering why this boy was with the seer. Perhaps they were friends, comrades maybe; either way it mattered little he was a minor obstacle--now people were running in swarms, much easier targets.

“You have nothing to fear of me harming on the other hand are another matter.” Kira tucked her hair behind her ear turning to where she had last seen Adam.

A fist lands its mark on her face, but she is not shaken. Kira grabs his arm and breaks it--pulls and with a flick of her hand Adam’s arm is severed; the rest is blasted into the ground paralyzing him for a time until he heals. Kira would have finished the french spy off, but Jake was relentless in preventing her from killing him or civilians.

Kira was holding back, she could have easily killed them earlier, but she did not for a reason! Surely...surely there was something of the old Kira still in her heart! Jake’s collar was seized, held up off the ground he could not break free when pinned against a wall. This was his chance to talk sense back into her!

“Eona...” Kira rose a brow at the name, “She still loves you! Everyday she hopes for your safety; for your forgiveness and your own sins to be forgiven!”

Kira held her left hand out to her side, flexing it as though taking hold of an invisible object. Her flames breathed around her hand, progressively they grew from her palm and became the size of a softball.

“I do not need or want forgiveness." Kira huffed, "Not from that woman, not from humans or immortals, especially not from some stranger--”

Jake snapped, “We were friends! You and I have known each other since we were kids! You met and worked with Adam when you were with Syndicate and after your brother died--!”

Jake saw Kira’s fierce expression did not change, but rather her natural aura was becoming less and less suppressed allowing for mortals to feel the same darkness immortals sensed.

“You were left with Emily Addy, our school’s nurse, and after she...” Jake looked at the single eye and saw no flicker of recognition, “Are you...really Kira?”

Kira nodded, "What remains of her."

The hand drove thru his right lung and out his back spewing boiling blood and fire, destroying the very wall Jake was pinned against and the building it was attached to. He hacked blood once, then ceased moving all together--Kira pulled her hand from his body and cast him aside, now noticing the knife embedded in her arm that partly caused her to miss.

The knife emitted small sparks, but it only tickled. Effortlessly she pulled it from her arm and felt the familiar power that was Sierra, though her mind was gone, the Pureblood’s weak power remained in the few weapons salvaged by Adam without Alucard’s knowledge.

The ice-user was alive, indeed, but without care he would not last much longer. Kira turned off her awareness of him and focused on Adam in addition to hearing the rumbling of incoming Chinese Artillery. Not that mortal weapons could do her harm, but that hope and foolishness would be entertaining to crush immensely. The knife was crushed, broken into pieces and melted to ash before reaching the ground. The power to erase creation itself certainly is befitting a person of the same malevolence.

Adam charged, kicking Kira back; she retaliated catching her footing and swinging a wave of flame to level the building behind. The force stopped her sliding, however she was unable to move completely in time to avoid the gunshots to her. Crossing her arms the bullets embedded in them; once a magazine is emptied Kira relaxes examining the swish cheese of her arms. She licks the blood and curls a bone-chilling smile.

“I haven’t had a good fight for quite some time, but one of you certainly know where that unborn spawn is!”

The bullets popped from her arm one by one, the wounds healing with their exit until only source-less trails of blood remain. Finally someone who can entertain her, who can make this dull trip worth something--she may not kill the large amount of humans Akasha asked, but obliterating the city in a spur of drunken glee is a reasonable trade! Once she beat him half to death then she would imprison him, torturing him if necessary until the location of Alucard and his spawn is given.

Adam would not allow it--no member of the Nightraven family will know loss again at the hands of this monster! If he had to sacrifice himself so be it; if half this city had to fall then let it! Kira’s hellfire would not spread, it would not consume this world as it had consumed her!

“Once...” Adam drew a Desert Eagle from his holster, “I watched a foolish human stand between the Pureblood King and the Queen of the Damned.”

He knew a human could not stand against a vampire and he was right. She refused to flee, to save her own life; disobeyed her master and died.

“Yes, she was foolish.” Kira cracked a grin when seeing another AVW.

“I thought so to and after four hundred years of living I thought I had seen everything--until I saw that human willing turn into a Ghoul to protect the woman she loved.”

The weapon was oddly familiar, not because it possessed the same power as Sierra, but it had a scent to it not carried by the seer or that woman. In Kira’s mind she saw fragments of the man of unknown name, someone she frequented years ago who she killed. Not that she cared for his importance, or anything to do with an erased past.

The Reaper clenched her fists, “A human like that...won't survive long in this world.”

Kira chuckled humorously. Flames flickered off her body growing larger and larger until very inch of her was encased.

“The concept of love in this world is a lie--built upon the ideology that it can endure, it is the greatest falseness this hell has to offer!”

The root of suffering is attachment and the great secret that this world conceals is that no matter what, a person will always end up alone. Loneliness is the greatest strength, the absolute truth because being alone makes one aware that they cannot count on anyone! Their strength will never be borrowed, it will never be halved--everything they use and develop is theirs alone and will not falter by the weakness of another. If that person too should fall then they have no one to blame, but themselves.

Kira spoke, “A person’s weakness is their lack of ability.”

Adam fired at the stationary target; the only time she moved was to protect her chest.

“You’re wrong! People became stronger because they know they can count others and if they have something they want to protect then they become as strong as they can be.” The clicking of the hammer in his pistol ceased and the slid locked back, signaling an empty magazine.

“I suppose in an ideal situation that is possible.” Kira rose, shrugging off the bullet wounds, "But it will never be enough."

Her response surprised him, but what part did she agree with? What could she possibly agree with considering all that she is is a representation of the latter?

The hellish flames continued to bounce of her body, seemingly appearing as though her own flesh had turned black.

“If someone has something they want to protect then they do become strong...however...the moment they lose it, the pain they feel multiplies by realizing after everything they still failed.”

The two immortals clashed, Kira’s burning blade created sparks when caught by the trigger guard of the Dessert Eagle. Adam kicked Kira; she blocked the blow to her head with her forearm, grabbed his leg--Adam spun around and freed himself at the cost of a mangled leg. It healed quickly.

“Allow me to offer you a choice: the ice-user is on the verge of death. I can end him at any moment and you could escape ‘or’ you can sacrifice yourself to save him, but at the same time it would mean me finding Alucard’s spawn.”

Logically for the greater good Adam would be wise to run, to save the many over the few. Because he is bound to Jake, to protect a comrade, he would try to save him ‘and’ escape even though it is an impossible action. They should be grateful--unlike her, they have a choice, unlike her they are able to make that choice for themselves. Kira can be merciful.

Adam shook his head, “What a distasteful line of a villain.” He disappeared to behind Kira and allowed himself to be cut when clicking the hammer with a new magazine and sending bullets thru the immortal’s gut.

Without hesitation he moved to Jake, threw him over his shoulders and ran. Kira hit the ground after they were gone and remained still. Moving was too much of a bother now. She did what she came to do and more, true only a couple dozen humans died, but the overall message was clear. Nonetheless she was annoyed by those two--Adam of course she knew, but the ice-user was a bit ‘too’ familiar with her. Kira had not paid much attention to it for a while because there was no need to dwell on it, but now there was curiosity and that curiosity is dangerous. It threatens her goal--she cannot be attached to an erased past, not if she is to fulfill her goal. Its impossible to choose both...

He missed his chance, but his own foolishness is already his undoing--Kira lost this battle, but not the war. Everything continues to go as plan. Her thoughts wondered once again to the human often heard about that was lovers with Eona Nightraven--A human who was willing to become a Ghoul to protect the one she loved... Kira smiled a little, That sounds just like her.

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