The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Consequences of Choice

Jake had not woken for days. Shortly after arriving though he had a string of awareness, but most of it was spent screaming as staff attempted to heal his wound. It continuously healed and burned away at the same time by an internal flame ‘shard’ left by Kira. This level of gift manipulation was unheard of, clearly she has evolved on a level far surpassing Natas and control.

Elisabeth has yet to cease crying and Alucard feels powerless in easing his daughter’s pain. Sammy stood outside the medical wing window, watching futile efforts to put out the flame. After the screaming finally stopped, the shard simmered down, though still remained to prevent complete healing.

“This is all my fault.” Adam dropped his head between his arms.

What Kira said had come true, do to his weakness Adam had no ability in preventing the young man from being hurt. His pain caused pain for his lover and her father and the cycle grows until sooner of later someone will act out of hatred.

“If you start thinking that now, that doubt will eat at you for the rest of your life.” Sammy leaned behind him her her arms crossed, then moved to beside him when watching Jake.

“Trust me.”

Adam glanced at Jake again, “Wouldn’t be the first time. I spent years watching people from the shadows and never interfered and now that I do all those years of not doing anything have finally caught up to me.”

Sammy’s gaze dropped understanding his meaning. She was the same as him--both stood by for centuries as the world went on; people who needed help; who could have been saved and were not because they did nothing. That weights on her as well, but the past should not hold them back from the future and now all they can do is learn from their mistakes and move on.

“He’s alive.” She breathed when smacking the back of his head, “You both made it back alive--it could have been worse.”

Adam chuckled pathetically, “No smart ass remark on how much of a monster she is, or how stupid I was to try to fight her?”

She thought about it, however right now is not the best time--she just wants the boy to recover. Their stupidity they understand and knowing them they’ll likely try again therefore saying anything is pointless. Sammy sighs loudly then reaches her hand and pulls Adam’s head to be shoulder.

“I ran out of ideas.” They both laugh.

Sammy shortly returned to Eona after the exchange, knowing that the Queen would likely come to see Jake. Without knowing the nature of that ‘shard’ she was not willing to take chances, no matter what ‘comrade’ it was. An friend, a family, a lover one day can easily became an enemy the next. That is the nature of the world they live in now a days. Sammy was not going to make the same mistake--under-estimating that time she would be sure to destroy the body as well. Every fiber of her being, any evidence of her existence--for that child’s sake...for Eona’s sake. Sammy would ‘erase her’ for sure, no mistakes, no hesitation, nothing; no one would stop her--that would not be out of duty, or ‘fate’, but its what she ‘chooses’.

Eona had been trapped underground for weeks, without sunlight and fresh air. Sammy understood being trapped, how cold, dark and lonely it was and eventually caved into the whims Eona and her own.

“Where are we going?” Eona’s eyes had been covered, knowing she would likely peek otherwise.

Before they moved to a new hide-out Sammy made every effort to memorize the next location prior to Eona’s arrival. Secret passages, escape routes, anything and everything down to the last brick to ensure if it came to Eona would be safe. This was one of those ways, one Alucard created to confuse any with the original blueprints--currently he was unaware that Sammy also knew this way.

As they walked thru the tunnel, Eona caught the scent of trees, flowers and animals; the sound of a waterfall and the rustling of leaves in the wind. The dimness of the cave gradually lessened until she could tell they were no longer inside of it because of the surrounding light. The blind fold fell to the ground and for once Eona had to squint at day’s brilliance.

“I wanted some fresh air...” Sammy walked ahead, “If you happened to follow me that’s not my problem.” She shrugged, her back to Eona--the huntress did not want her to see the flustered redness of her face.

Eona hugged her from behind, “Thank you.”

Sammy cleared her throat when held then changed topics to their surroundings. They were in Brazil now, deep in the Rain Forests quiet close to the lands were the Amazonian Tribes once flourished--Sammy’s home. Only the huntress knew these forests, the terrain, animals, plants; home. They would not be found here--the trees play tricks, if one did not know their way everything would look the same and they would become lost. Few could see the natural paths, trails animals, created that were too subtle for normal eyes to notice.

It was not wise, but there was little to be weary of. They were safe here for the time being, so long as her intuition was wrong, but even if not they would not be safe either way--there was no need for her to be miserable all the time. They walked.

Eona did not know where she was being led, but the further from the cave they went, the more light shun thru the trees. There was a break at last--Sammy stepped into it first, a barrier between that of shadows in the trees and light to the clearing before ruins. The vampire stopped just before the break. Sammy noticed the pause and turned to see the cause.

“Scared of the light all of a sudden?” Sammy chuckled when folding her arms, “You better not become a hermit like Alucard.”

Eona remained motionless, staring at Sammy who stood in a ray of light and giving off her own radiance. There was no way to compare them--she tried to connect them, to see the similarities; her loneliness unfairly did this. It was impossible. They were two different people, two auras, one was light the other was used to be. Eona continued to follow, feeling guilt once again at pushing her loneliness onto Sammy; pregnancy moods swings.

The ruins were not as overgrown as to be expected, though the buildings were ancient, greenery was young, crawling only halfway up the walls because until a time ago they were often trimmed. It was a magnificent city, hidden from aerial view, but on ground level anyone could see it was once a large and lively place.

In front was an area where stones spaced, evenly circled around a large, crumbling statue; the head had crumbled long ago by the effects of time. Sammy neither stopped nor looked at the statue, only glancing at the stones because Eona’s pace had slowed. She was quick to go to the queen’s side, warning that if the vampire did not stay close, the spirits of Amazonia would rise up and come for her. It was a very real legend Sammy did not care to see again--vampires cannot come to this holy land without a guide else they be killed.

After twenty minutes of walking they arrived at the bottom of a mild-sized temple that rose higher than other buildings only because it was built on the highest ridge. This was on purpose, an offering to the God of the Sun, for he who enlightened the Amazonian Tribe would forever live on in that brilliance. In its prime it was glorious, beautiful craftsmanship and care; to the decay of time it has nonetheless done well to stand against it--unlike the Tribe. The huntress continued to believe this was their destiny, the plan written out by the God for them and that their decline meant the fulfillment of their duty--the Amazonians would end with Sammy.

Eona never knew fatigue. In four centuries she had never been worn, not in battle, politics, sleep--bearing a child was another matter. Sammy helped the mother up the second half of the stairs until they reached the top and were able to rest. As time allowed Eona opened a concealed box of tablets and began nibbling on the first--they were tastier than they used to be.

“You know Alucard hates it when you eat those.” She drank water, refreshing, clean; from their own springs nearby--home.

“What is he going to do--lock me in my room?” The second tablet was nibbled at, “Besides I don’t have a particular craving--”

Her wrist was seized; pushed against the wall there was a flash of silver followed by a sweet scent that traveled down the blade and her palm. Eona’s eyes turned on their own, matching the color they showed the strong craving of two heartbeats. Surprised was the close; shock was near, but there was no sure way to describe the sudden confusion Eona felt at Sammy shedding her own blood.

The huntress’s eyes were steady, she did not flinch at the pain because she had been trained to endure.

Her words were bold, “I cannot be turned.” Clenching her palm to allow the blood to pool this was another way she could help them both.

“You cannot keep holding off your hunger for everyone else’s sake--we each have a role to play and right now you and your child are likely our last hope.”

Eona swallowed, feeling the urge to dive into the thickness. It was cool and refreshing, but the craving for it--it would not be satisfied and she knew that--it was just as bad as her desire for Kira’s blood. Sammy

pushed her hand closer, her strength overwhelming the weakened Pureblood.

“If you don’t keep up your strength...” Sammy squeezed harder, “You won’t be able to save Kira.”

She hit the ground at the city’s edge numerous times, falling over and getting up each time and moving further from the center of her handy work. It won’t heal! Her wounds electrocuted and burned, unable to heal because the bullets were embedded in her belly. The pain would make any other faint, but she had dealt with this before--courtesy of Catherine--it was near to the same therefore she did not feel as much. Dam-nit.

Kira rolled onto her back, twisting left to right when holding her gut. Her tablets were in the shredded coat--she was close to attacking nearby humans. She clamped her fangs hard into her hand, hoping that pain would make her forget the other. Right now there was no way for her to concentrate enough to melt the bullets, even then whatever they were coated in would spread throughout her system and cause more damage. Bastard--! She cringed still retaining emotional composure, They’re coated with that vile woman’s blood.

Her own blood spat into her mask with a cough; breath shortened, turning to short-gasps as she tries to fight off the urge to attack. Humans ran over, seeing the blood; an injured person--a victim of an attack they themselves were about to become. A young man, no older than his early twenties, came over and tried to see the wounds--Kira swung her arm out to be free of him, at least she thought she did. Instead she jumped on top of him and pinned his arms with one hand, her fangs extended to their full-reach to tear into the man’s throat. The young man struggled, shouted for help and many came, despite the fear to themselves, they ran and grabbed Kira pulling her with all their might.

The immortal’s mind snapped back, she felt the pain, but it numbed overtime. The humans could not get the vampire to budged, but she nonetheless ceased her attack of the young man. Kira stood up, throwing them from her. All others froze in place, some noticing the odd hair, others recognizing the eye-patch and the face that came with it--the One-Eyed Reaper. The immortal removed herself from the young man, “Get out.”

After a moment he ran and did not turn back, leaving Kira to hold her gut and continue forward--stumbling under her own feet until falling to the ground again.

“Lady Akasha was right to send me.” Hei knelt down and hoisted Kira into his arms--she groaned now feeling all of her strength vanish with the assist of another.


Hei shook his head grumbling under his breath, “That’s stubbornness hasn’t changed.”

Her eyelids were heavy, it was difficult to keep them up and to stay conscious--she could no longer. By the time they opened again more time had passed than she realized. She was in her room, safe, but not alone because to her left were the three fragments once again coming to whisper back in her ear. They opened their mouths to speak--suddenly Kira was grabbed, to her right was Akasha; quickly Kira looked back, but the three were no longer present.

‘Bad dream?’ She heard Kira’s heart jolt for a moment, but it settled down just as quickly.

She said nothing, only sat up and inspected the bloodied bandages that were useless now that her wounds had healed. A faint sweetness was in the meat of her cheek, Kira reached and touched it to find her fingers painted red. Of course Akasha gave her blood--she would not have hesitated, even against Kira’s will in order to preserve her friend’s life.

Akasha expected Kira to speak against that action, but was not surprised when she did not. It was to preserve her life after all and Kira knows how important her wish is to Akasha. The Goddess helped unwrap the bandages, discarding them in the fireplace and further assisted in Kira to stand.

“Please don’t do that ever again.” Kira exhaled deeply, still fatigued from her injuries...she noticed that the nightmares had not come in her sleep.

Akasha’s blood was power in its purest form. A single drop would bring any human from the brink of death; vampires would know unlimited strength--imagine what a person chosen by her could do with more. Her blood held power in the physical and mental world and in turn Kira’s nightmares were suppressed and erased. Such relief was in her eyes; color returned to her face and Kira, despite her wounds, was far more energetic than before. If these were the effects then Kira’s rejection of it can be explained by a willingness to suffer. Akasha understood the reason, even if her friend did not--Kira feels she deserves to suffer. She may not know why, or understand those feelings; she would not remember, but its been carved into her soul and a soul does not forget.

‘You were on the verge of death there was no other opinion.’

“There is always another opinion for you.” Akasha felt Kira’s aura tense and she retaliated instantly knowing what she thinks to be an opinion.

‘Death is not an alternative; I will not accept it if life is within my reach.’

Kira’s eyes narrowed, “Then bring me back again, you did it at your leisure already once before.”

‘That was different and we do not know what would happen if we did it again--acceleration has already done enough damage; no this is the last I will hear of this!’ Akasha ensured her will was enforced, for the first time since their meeting she would ensure Kira would obey this.

Death is not an option, that is not her wish--Kira does not realize; Akasha bit her tongue. She has already failed Kira once and will make up for that mistake, but she needs more time--Figuring out how to solve what happened...that takes precedence even over Kira’s wish. All because she does not realize--Akasha wants her to be sure of everything, to have the full picture ‘and then’ make the final wish. Until then she will be protected and Hei has been kind enough to shadow her wherever she goes--he is a good man.

“You needn’t concern yourself with my ‘life’--you have already given enough for my sake. I cannot repay such a debt.” Kira’s eye stared at her hollow and empty; without fulfillment, without compassion or joy.

“Besides...” She breathed with an equally meaningless smile, “I am not the one who you wanted to bring back.”

Kira was gone before Akasha could respond--away on the other side of the island ready to take off towards her objective. She noticed it from the beginning--comparing the current her to another who does not exist; under the assumption that they could bring back ‘their Kira’. The one-eyed stared at her hands: I exist only for her sake.

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