The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Prey to Slaughter

The first explosion caused the medical wing ceiling to collapse and half the command center to be destroyed. There was no warning, no alarm sounded for intruders, nonetheless she was here. Adam made Jake and Elisabeth his first priorities--he was closest to them, to the collapsed medical wing. Pushing debris from the entrance, Adam finally punched the last bit until there was enough room for him to squeeze past. It was already too late.

Jake was suspended in air by her grip, unconscious or dead, Adam was unsure--seeing her hand in his chest he thought the later. Lizzy was trapped under a section of ceiling, but she yelled at Adam to get Jake before her--she could free herself, but not in time to help. Jake was still alive--for now. Her dark presence sent chills up his spine; his feet felt heavier; arms were held down by chains as her words entered his ears.

“I told you: either he dies, or you lead me to the child.” Kira did not smile; she slowly withdrew her hand from Jake’s chest cradling the tiny shard.

“I am one of my word.” Kira dropped him, the shard that prevented his healing and caused pain now removed.

The shard disappeared after Adam was back-handed into another wall, the shock caused the remaining ceiling to fall on him. It would keep him at bay for the meantime--unnecessary interference was...Annoying. Standing in her way when death was certain, sacrificing themselves for a wish not of their own; giving into the whims of another...foolishness. Catherine curled her hands around Kira, telling her to indulge in the lives she took; knowledge and power; fear for those who lived to carrying on the memory of the deceased. You did it when you killed those hunters, you wanted everything they were remember? Kira walked straight ahead, paying no mind to her words when fighting humans and vampires who mean to protect the cursed child. Its you’re fault you know--if you had just been stronger, had sought you’re lost knowledge, this would have been over long ago. Catherine rubbed Kira’s tattoo, You could have saved her, but due to your lack of ability you were too weak-- Kira turned around and grabbed her by the throat, suspending her in air when speaking quick.

“To not mistake me for the other, I will not save that Pureblood.”

Catherine snickered, truly have forgotten--even about the woman who gave you her life...a suitable punishment. Her image faded away, slipping thru Kira’s fingers leaving her to thoughts and the coming soldiers. Kira flexed her fingers, closing and opening her hand a few times before dropping it to the side.

“Woman who gave me her life?” Kira echoed clenching her shaking fist.

Kira clasped her hand over her mouth as she coughed keeping the contents from passing her palm, soon removing it by rubbing on her pants.

Waking up in a hospital bed, the doctor talking--it was muffled, no words were made out clearly. It didn’t matter now, punishment or not, it was irrelevant--an erased past; it began with her and would spread to the world--no attachments. When walking toward the scent of Lavender the thought did not simply cross her mind, she could not stop thinking about it: memories of nobody. Kira believed did it not matter who she was; who she is; who she will be she is ‘nobody’. ‘Nobody’ belonged nowhere, had no affiliation, no connection to the past, present, or future--nobody simply existed for that which did not; without emotion, without ‘living’, she is the reaction to an action created with the sole purpose of erasing this false world. Marcus agreed with that very statement. Feeling guilty now are we? He stood by while Kira cut down her opponents while the rest simply ran. Killing your blood was not enough, now you hunger for more? Typical for your kind. Always the faithful hunter, so blinding by his own hatred that he sees all immortals as the one who betrayed him.

“I am not her.” Kira growled, "Do not mistaken me for Catherine, your grudge against her is your own and not to be carried over me."

The guards did not know who she spoke to because it was out of context to what they were doing and thinking. As time lengthened Kira decided against killing each individual and plowed only those in her way--if they happen to survive then it was because of connivance. Certainly not the same. Marcus huffed, You are far worse.

Eona ran. After the first explosion-- a quake from the bedroom--Sammy broke thru the door and snatched the Queen without hesitation. Sammy ran. They did not stop, not for anyone--friends, comrades, the huntress forsake them all when hurrying to the tunnel. Alucard would find them, he always does, but in the meantime the mother would only be safe with her. They felt the pressure, the dense atmosphere, that crumbled behind, quick to be on their heels until at last they escaped into the protective light. The shadows were like insects, crawling back to their master who would protect them from such brilliance.

Kira stepped out of those shadows, one foot after the next--how close she has come since rebirth. She felt no emotion to it, but why not? This is how she will end the Curse of the Nightraven, this is her reason for existence therefore why does she not feel any sense of relief? Why does her heart not flutter; she will at last be free--wait--no--there is no such thing passing as a thought. What was it then? Pushing her all this time--kill the spawn; the child--which was it? Whose child again? The one-eyed flashes faster toward the lavender scent knowing that she was succumbing to ‘doubt’. We were best friends! Kira swung behind and found no one there. You forsake your friends and family! Sierra rapidly stabbed blots of light into her arm, but Kira still did not flinch. She ran forward again, Why didn’t you come back?

‘SHUT UP!’ Loudly Kira roared, her voice caring to the two she pursued--she was closer than they thought.

“Come here--!” Sammy ran under Eona, lifting her into her arms when running the branches of the canopy.

A little further, if she could make it to the city then they would be safe--she hoped. Muttering in her native tongue Sammy recited a prayer to the spirits of the forest to deliver them from the monster. In the decades she has lived its use was witnessed only once--when the vampires attacked the city and destroyed the last of her people, Sammy’s mother kept her within the grave yard and fought the disabled immortals. For years she wondered if what she had seen was true, most of her life she convinced herself that it was ‘only’ her mother who killed them. Recently Sammy questioned that belief, finding that now a-days she was willing to believe the impossible--seeing Kira come back to life started that streak.

Eona cringed. The huntress was surprised herself, Eona has never shown fear or concern when it came to Kira--removing the paint of her hand on the tree bark behind her--perhaps the reality of her terrifying nature has finally been realized. This is the closest they have been since the castle; back then words were not able to reach Kira, maybe this time...Eona clenched Sammy’s shirt. Kira...why--why are you like this...? The dense pressure was crushing her, suffocating; suddenly the pressure floated away; warmth in her belly that spread throughout her body and even to around Sammy. This warmth made the huntress faster, she felt like a feather; energized; empowered, the unborn was protecting them.

Thru the forest until the breaking of shadows, Eona and Sammy arrived at the city, but they did not slow--Kira came from the side, swiping her hand she managed to get Eona’s arm before Sammy pulled back taking part of the blow to her hip. Eona was set down--Kira dropped her hands to the ground, spun around tripping Sammy and going for the queen. The huntress drove a small dagger thru Kira’s foot, wrapped her arms from behind around the immortal’s chest and shouted:


Kira reached behind, grabbed her shoulder and pulled her over, throwing her on her back against the ground she yanked the knife and stabbed it thru both the human’s hands. She was gone by the time Sammy could take a breath, running for Eona who had made it just before the broken statue and graves. The queen moved left, turned and back handed Kira; she breached herself, slid back, but recovered enough to attacked again. She missed, crushing the ground Eona had stood on a moment before.

“I have no interest in you--only the unborn.” Kira freed her hand dusting off the rubble.

Eona kept her distance, hold her hand to her belly, she was not going to give into the whims of anyone if it came to her child’s life. Kira, noticed the caution, she did not quiet understand it--why was this woman would protect a bastard child was beyond her. She could not fathom it, but thinking further was unnecessary--doubt could not exist now. Kira heard the huntress struggle to free her hands, but it would be a few moments before she could move and more for her to react.

Eona stepped back each time Kira walked forward, drawing closer to the statue. Her movements were being analyzed, her reactions, her presence; Kira could not help, but seek to understand parental love for a bastard child.

The voices came back--Sierra and Marcus whispered in Kira’s ears; doubt. Don’t kill her. The immortal cringed--an action Eona noticed because it broke her stoic composure. Don’t kill her.

“You almost killed Jake...” Eona readied her hand incase she needed to fight--words may not work, but she was prepared to kill Kira once before...this would be different.

Kira rose a brow, “I gave the Frenchmen a choice--”

“Adam.” Eona reminded.

“Yes...Adam. He made a choice: either he save the ice-user or he lead me to you.” Kira lifted her palm fire breathed and extinguished a few times before her hand dropped back down.

“And here we are.” Eona said before Kira repeated in a flatter tone, “...Here we are.”

Kira calculated her accuracy of attack. If she concentrated enough flames to a single point--an arrow perhaps--she could kill the child and cause minimal damage to its carrier. Not that she cared if the carrier did get damaged--why was she trying to kill ‘only’ the child though? Kira stared at Eona annoyed at this unconscious effort not to harm her--a Nightraven at that. All cursed Nightravens must die. Eona could tell something had grabbed Kira’s attention, even now if she is distracted she gives the same expression: her brow cringes, eyes (in this case one) narrows and she doesn’t look at anyone directly, shifting them to the right.

“You don’t want to do this; I know you! The Kira I know always does something for the sake of someone else!”

Kira’s expression flattened again, she ceased distraction and showed annoyance of a higher level. ‘The Kira I know’; ‘The Old Kira’; ‘This isn’t like you’; everyone says the same thing. They believe they know everything about her, but they have no idea who she is. Comparing her to a person who no longer exists, she can’t stand it--they are not the same! She is the only Kira, there is no new or old, she has never been ‘Kira’ and regardless knowing or not will not change her mind!

“I have not changed--this is for someone else.” Kira chuckled when reaching her hand, “But I am not who you think I am.”

Eona breathed easier, she raised her own hand ready to meet with Kira’s, “I know its not to late, we can still go back to how things used to be!”

Kira’s hand passed, I only want the child. The fire sharpened to a point; she was close enough not to miss, to cause the least amount of harm to the carrier. Its over--Kira flew back, crashing into a pillar twenty feet away.

“So...” Kira stood up, “It reacts to malevolent intentions to itself and its carrier.”

She must be weary--being too close could spell disaster for her if the child develops further. Eona jumped back, understanding what her lover was willing to do and yet hope remained for return. The one-eyed took one step and felt her entire body pulse--voices swell her head, those outside of the fragments; images which did not match those voice; distorted--Kira broke out in sweat.

She started to laugh, gripping the patch over her left eye for the longest time.

“That child...” Kira flashed in front, clashing with an unseen force, but able to keep herself steady. “In another world...” Her sentence trailed.

Fire broke from her back, igniting to counter the force to push her backward. Eona acted in projection of her child, regardless of what it may do to Kira she used her wind and caused the fire to swell up and combust knocking both of them to the ground. The child kept Kira from landing on its mother, but could not counter her assault after she anchored herself into the ground when jumping on top. She pinned Eona’s wrists under her feet to prevent another bothersome attack and collected flames to a razor’s edge. In her hands she grasped the blade and suspended it for a moment. Don’t kill her! Don’t kill her! Don’t kill her! Don’t kill her! Her body pulsed harder--broken silent movies skipped around her mind; voices from two ‘gifts’ given long ago.

Eona saw this hesitation; heard Kira’s breath becoming heavy and staggered. Her back had been burned, despite her high regeneration level she was not able to concentrate enough. Something more was wrong with Kira--if she is convinced of something she will see to it to the end, but now she is holding back; hesitating. She wants Eona’s child dead and every time says she has no interest in her, but if that was the case wouldn’t it be easier just to kill them both? Kira was aiming, that’s why she has been meaning to get close, otherwise she would have destroyed this entire city just to eliminate her. Whatever has been distracting her this entire time has made her worry about missing--this is strange, unlike her from the beginning. Eona’s eyes widened: was Kira in control of herself?


People wrapped themselves around her, people she had never known; forgotten people who meant something to the memories of nobody. Kira thrusted; pinned to the statue the spear, it burned from the inside cooking her organs until she was able to rip it out. Sammy had missed what she meant to hit, but nonetheless successful in another way--she could not fight in this state. Eona jumped up, she tore her clothes and wrapped them around both Sammy’s hands. Despite being super human, her healing was not to par therefore she would not be able to fight one-hundred precent. Sammy tensed at the tightening, already the cloth was filled with her blood--a very tempting misfortune when being human with two injured vampires though one was more willing to die than dare the temptation.

Kira’s attention snapped when sensing the ground she was on. The flow of energy like blood in veins, forming into a very familiar pattern that was at best dangerous. Sammy smirked knowing the monster had realized what she was on: ‘Holy Ground’. Kira leaped from the ground, climbing the statue barely avoiding the red phantom chains that broke from beneath and targeted her. This avoidance was repeated, the statue to the grave stones and back again, all to avoid touching the ground. Eona watched this legend come to life and attack the person she loved and the person who wanted to kill her child. The chains passed thru the statue, catching Kira off guard, she spun in air using a single wing to carry her the remaining way. It was as though she hit a barrier, an invisible wall that stopped her in place, a jolt that made her lose bearing enough for the chains to bring her to earth. The one-eyed immortal gasped painfully, able to perch herself back onto her knees and forearms before feeling the full effect. Her neck screamed, clawing out like vines throughout her jugular, glowing hot red and scorching the between black as blackened hands reached from her shadow and moved to combat the chains.

Her scream were loud, still they were held back from as loud they could be. Kira was still able to remain conscious and sane, however her rage grew when ghosts of the dead rose up; taking hold of the chains to further tighten down--phantoms only Kira could see. An immortal dares to enter this place. Men and women from different eras; children; elderly; they all wore the same clothing and portrayed the same distasteful scent. ‘His’ disciples. She awakened Rai’s light? Understanding their words was of no issue--Akasha had taught them to her, a dead origin language as old as time itself. Its been tainted! They shouted, the horned chains broke skin, seeping their tainted blood into her.

Kira struggled to free herself, but she could not focus; her attention was pulled in all directions by hundreds of thousands of people she had never known. How strange. Some voices quiet, She has not turned to dust. Kira roars, pulling, breaking the chains that were replaced as quickly--scrabbling to be free of suffocating bondage. Eona’s heart ached. She is not whole . She is not mortal. A half-blood? Impossible. Those three were drawn out, unable to be suppressed they made themselves known to the ancients who freed them. She is an abomination. Marcus folded his arms standing beside the third who converged with familiar faces. How cruel Marcus. Catherine kneeled at Kira, She ‘is’ our child after all. The old man huffed, That monster is never the sort, my daughter was killed the moment you became a vampire.

“Shut...up...” Kira pulled harder, causing her wounds to open and bleed again--her eye patch torn, having no use it was pulled off. The mask followed, soaked in her own blood it was difficult to breathe.

“Shut up...shut up...shut up--shut up-SHUT UP!”

Her thoughts betrayed her, unable to know whose exactly they were Kira knew if this continued she would fall into insanity again. She slaughtered Sierra’s chosen. Marcus glared at the incapacitated woman. She stands to be judged! Execute her! The ghosts closed in, the chains wrapping around her limbs and throat tighter and tighter ready to do the deed. Vision was obscured, her weakness caused her to succumb further to bondage. One came, reaching its hand to no doubt take her; they would not decided her fate! Unfortunate woman. Kira growled, ready to attack as a crazed animal at any moment. I have gazed the memories you bare young-blood. To hold the burden as you is more than any other; despite its meaning that slips your grasp you remain true to your path. His words were difficult to discern, an older pattern of speech Kira did not care to know. Fire kicked up, circling around burning away the ghosts who could not stand darker than black. The immortal roared ferociously pulled and breaking the chains that meant to pull her six feet under.

“Kira!” Eona broke from Sammy’s grip, surrounding herself in a vortex of wind to protect against the flames. She ran past the barrier, her friend’s blood soaking her clothes as she continued untouched by the Holy Ground. The black fire was a barrier itself, but nonetheless it was easier to cross than what Kira experienced.

Sammy went for the queen, but the ground retaliated, acting in protection of their descendent the barrier kept her out and the flames within. One by one the ghosts of her ancestors presented themselves to her, offering their guidance to bring an end to the Darkness. They were wrong. Sasumyashima, fourth daughter of the one-hundred and sixteenth Priest; lone survivor of the clan’s massacre; the one-hundred and seventeenth Priestess had changed. She would not listen to them, to abide by the old ways any longer when there was so much more in this world. There was another way and if she could not find it then Eona would--if the monster could be saved...that would be evidence enough.

Kira’s eye trickled a crimson trail, dropping from her shut left eye down her face and burning away before hitting the ground. She clenched her teeth hard shut, desperate not to utter a word by the agony. This was nothing, this was no worse, this she could bare--just like everything else! The moment the chains were burned away she would release her flames and able to clear this corrupted ground and locate the carrier. She cringed again--the images returned, breaking the moments of clarity to formulate a plan.

Eona’s wind kept the heat at bay and her unborn child was eager to keep itself and its mother safe. Every couple seconds she was able to see thru the flames to Kira; the crimson chains continuously broke and reattached themselves to her, but at least she had been enabled to stand. The queen did not know what would happen when she reached her, did not know if she would be attacked; if Kira would try to escape (Eona hoped she would). All that was known was that she had to help Kira, had to protect her even if they were not on the same side tomorrow--it was today and today she would not let Kira die.

At last the flames was made past, one hard push and Eona was thru only to witness Kira jump at her--the chains wrapped around her arm in time; the child pushed the threat back throwing her to the wall of the statue.

“Fuck...” Kira was forced to relax, to take a breath before her mind was twisted undone.

Eona ran over, Kira lifted her hand instinctively and blasted whatever came. The fires exploded incinerating her hand recoiling it back allowing for Eona to disperse the remaining flames. Kira saw her chance, though not her dominate hand, she sharpened her flames for point blank range and thrusted the arrow. A rod of cloned color to the chains raced grazing Eona and piercing Kira’s hand into the statue. In one motion her hand arm was grabbed, her lips were pressed against the carrier’s and a rush of cool thickness passed between them. Before Kira could breathe or spit her mouth was clamped over unable to take air until she swallowed. Compared to the pain from before Kira did not feel the remaining rods thrusted in her chest.

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