The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Pieces Falling Into Place

Any rational person would flee from danger, they would avoid it at all costs ensuring a return to safety in numbers. Sammy was sure they were beyond rational, she was sure she was an idiot--especially abiding by Eona’s whims constantly. Her own emotions were overturning her better judgment and instinct as a huntress of Amazonia. One hundred and eight years of training, of surviving just to be overturned in a few short years and even moments. What would her clansmen say to her? A disgrace? A weak link? A failure? How disappointed would her father be, the last true Priest and Clan Head?

The greatest threat known to this world would be six feet under if she had just left her, if she had taken Eona by force. It would be of no consequence if she let the monster die, Eona would hate her, but that was once less catastrophe they would need to stop. What was Sammy doing? They did not return to the hide out, despite the monster being alone; no contact to Alucard or anyone else had been made; they were carrying her along as a prisoner nonetheless! Just one strike, that’s all she needed; this could be over, then why had she not gestured her hand for such? Is this desperation for an answer that she had not chosen wrong that she would risk Eona, the child, and the world’s safety? Sammy set the limp body against the cave wall and ignited the fire as Eona used leaves to cover the cave’s entrance.

The monster had the luxury of falling asleep shortly after the remaining rods restrained her and they began walking. Sammy was suspicious of her actions; this monster could have killed them--as easily as she had blasted them away at Castle Dracula--it was observed how ‘calculated’ her attacks were. There must be a plan, she waiting until they are asleep, until they let their guard on; she wants Eona’s child and nothing else. She would not have gone thru the trouble of ‘only’ wounding Sammy if there was no some kind of hidden agenda. The monster said she wanted to destroy the Curse of the Nightraven and constantly referred to the child as ‘his spawn’ so it has everything to do with Alucard. What was this uneasiness the huntress felt toward the Pureblood King?

There has yet been a reason not to trust him and to all of a sudden face a woman who seeks his death...‘to erase this false world’. That could not be all--for a woman who knows everything she would likely obscure the truth with lies. This monster worked with the King, learned from him regardless of him being the reason her birth mother turned; why would he betray her by ‘kidnaping’ Eona? She must have known Eona went willingly therefore wouldn’t Eona have also ‘betrayed’ her? If this was revenge why not set out to kill both of them or all Purebloods? When she is faced with the monster outside of combat it feels like another world--able to see all aspects like a fly on the wall.

Eona felt dizzy, she had used far too much energy and had been slightly burned resulting in a need for blood. She possessed enough tablets to last her another day, but a choice was imperative as to what their next move would be. Quietly Eona obeyed the condition to sit to Sammy’s left while Kira sat across the huntress on the other side of the cave. Confident her rods would keep Kira restrained, she expelled too much as well becoming fatigued and light-headed. None of them were in any condition to fight, but this was a better choice for Eona rather than risk Alucard killing Kira on sight. They could have hidden Kira, but trapping her like an animal and dragging her around as a prisoner was far to cruel and the exact representation the Reaper spoke of against the ‘false world’. When she woke next they would talk, for the first time in three years they would have a forward and honest conversation.

“Alucard is probably looking for us.” Sammy lifted the fish from the fire.

Eona sighed tiredly, “I know.”

They did not bother to wonder what he would do whenever they crossed paths again--preferably they would rather travel with a psychotic murderer than have house arrest with a manipulative control freak. Eona nibbled, alternating between the tablets and the fish her sudden words broke the silence startling Sammy enough to choke on her food.

“Want some?” Sammy looked to Eona then to the shadow across from her.

Kira’s single eye was open, but her expression was a hateful annoyance at her situation and the audacity to be offered food. Humiliating. She adjusted herself, leaning in as comfortable position as she can get with her hands bound behind her back and six rods stabbed thru her chest. What foolish women--they should have killed her when they had the chance. She would not give them...Kira’s mind swelled again. Rather than argue as to why she is still alive she adjusted focus on regaining control of her thoughts.

“If you think you can use your gift, you’re mistaken--my rods ensure that.” Sammy gave a smile of satisfaction, having one small victory was gratifying for now.

Kira gave a small entertained smile of her own, “If you think that will stop me, you have fatality misjudged me.”

“Will you two knock it off!” Eona huffed louder, she sat up and moved towards Kira holding her stick with an untouched fish on it.

The queen giggled apologetically, “Don’t tell me you don’t like fish anymore.”

Kira glanced at Eona then to Sammy and finally shut her eye.

“You’re annoying.” Deeply she breathed in and out, focusing on one memory and voice at a time.

“What happened to your eye?” Silence. “What have you been doing?” Ignored.

Eona growled, she did not like being ignored, but this was a relief in a way like how they were back then. Her mood darkened...things won’t go back to how they were. Eona held her hand back, she wanted to touch Kira, to envelop herself in her lover’s arms once again, feeling that warmth as bright as the sun. Sammy spoke that it was no use trying to talk to her, she had no sense of rational thought anyway and as long as she stayed put she would also stay alive. Regardless of what Eona may say: touch her and she’d kill her again.

The mother rested her head on Sammy’s lap falling fast asleep next to the fire. The huntress knew no rest, she fixed her eyes on the monster whom had not moved for quiet a time. Her muscles were flexed, body erect; she was awake, but not ‘here’--meditation. For what? What has she to meditate; her fire could not be produced; there were no escape. Sammy whispered to Eona, but was not met with response. Assured that she was in deep sleep she proceeded to have the private conversation she sought.

“You should have stayed dead.”

Kira cracked a smile.

“All I ever heard about was the great Kira Nightraven--a selfless hero who sought a way for humans and vampires to coexist.” Sammy laughed, “What a disappointment, then again I suppose no one is born evil they are simply choose that ‘path’.”

The voices had quiet enough for her Kira to listen to the huntress; not that she cared to respond, nonetheless she would hear what she had to say. At this point the images were sorted, but not put in their correct places, a few voices were matched, but the amount of information and people was far more than she could handle currently. The woman who knew everything hm?

“Choice?” The word was laughed.

Kira opened her eye and relaxed her position, watching the rods and how they rooted out to further restrain. If she was not careful in removing them those roots could break and that tainted blood enter her veins. Conversing with the woman who killed her would be an interesting entertainment for the meantime.

Kira’s gaze shifted to the coals of the dwindling fire, “Do you truly believe that none are destined for evil--created circumstances by events spiraling out of their control long before they even existed?”

Sammy would agree, had she never met Eona. Having seen the cruelty of im and mortal she had judged that many are destined and fated to succumb to darkness and there is nothing in this world that could change it. Such was the ideology of Amazonia, taking into account their own destinies given by the Sun God before recorded time. Sammy no longer sees the world in black and white--choice exists, it is a blessing and a curse, but one that can overturn something even carved in stone. Stone can break.

“Are you so sure a fate without choice exists?” Sammy asked.

Kira smiled half-heartily, feeling her pulsing mind come again to block thought. Who could blame her? Pain is all she knew, all that existed in this hellish nightmare.

“Depends on who you speak of.” She answered plainly, “There are those who cannot see another ‘path’ because of the circumstances of their birth and upraising.” Her tone lowered.

“Then they are blind and ignorant--we always have a choice.”

Says the woman who once obediently followed the path laid before her by her predecessors for over a hundred years. To suddenly chance directions, to step off a paved road that you were raised and born to walk...that takes true courage. Presented with such an opportunity, Sammy walked a different path, one she choose, she saw as correct and true to her ‘way’. Kira chuckled, shutting her eye again and speaking once more before her mind twisted again.

“Having a choice...thats sounds like a pleasant dream...”

Kira’s sentence trailed off. The one-eyed immortal saw snow fall before her as she sat on her knees, a ferret nuzzled in her chest, there was emptiness in her chest. Keep walking; do not stop. Every drop of snow was felt, each flake detailed and distinguished by their unique design--a flash of lightning broke the image and forced her to see reality once again.

Sammy was surprised herself, she witnessed a different side of this monster; pained; tired; weak. This was a side Eona had known for years...when they were together the huntress felt the two of them were truly happy. Despite being a human servant and a Pureblood Queen they did not change. A monster is not always so, once she was human, innocent, filled with light--it could be said this world is what made her this way. She shook her head--no. This monster made her choice; the human that Eona once loved...the woman who willingly became a Ghoul to save longer existed.

“If only you didn’t exist...” Sammy clenched her fist, “She wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.”

Lightning flashes again, but Kira was unphased; her breathing intensified unable to take hold of composure. Just a bit longer--all she had to do was kill the child just feet from her and escape. Could she do it in this state? These rods stopped her flow of flame, but she was immortal--her strength and skill alone would be enough to snap that human in two. Kill the human; kill the child--Why don’t you just kill them all?Catherine touched the rods, running her fingers along the one closest to her daughter’s heart. I’ll help you...just say the word and I will give you my power. Kira gasps, once again chained to the chair of her torture.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?” Kira manages to inhale enough to laugh, “You? Help me? Ridiculous!”

In this white void Catherine stands, holding her hand as an offering--the chains were gone and Kira now stood recollecting the place she was in.

“You tried to kill us, or had that slipped your mind?”

Catherine giggled, shrugging her arms expressing her unawareness of whatever Kira was talking about. Her daughter rolled her eyes, now paying attention to the space they resided within.

“Where are we anyway?”

“As empty as it is...probably your head.” Catherine giggled.

Kira crossed her arms, “Were you always this sarcastic when you were alive?”

It was strangely comforting, spending time together with ghosts of the dead that was never achieved in life. Catherine remained a heartless bitch, manipulative as Alucard, but far more cruel and willing to sacrifice. That will not change. Kira slid her hands in her pocket looking around, expecting something, someone, but who? They were the only ones here--the scene sketched by, breaking into another plain a place with little more color than the previous. It was colder, once again they returned to the snow; why this broken scene in particular kept returning was out of her knowledge.

She walked. Unable to stop, unable to look back; all there was was to continue forward not to cease otherwise...the emptiness continued, the lack of a will to live. Why could she not stop then--no--this was a different emotion; one difficult to describe with words, but based on what Akasha had described it would be summed up to one word--despair. A car raced past her, screeching to a halt in front of her, cutting off her path forward. Don’t stop her. Don’t make her feel again, its too much; it hurts; a sharp pain in her chest. Whoever came out of the car could not be clarified. They were too blurred, their voice was muffled, Kira did not know this person, whoever they were they must had not been important.

“Who is this?”

Catherine continued to smile, though is was lighter, unmotivated by the ambitions of her previous life. Now that she was dead and existing only as a fragment there was no longer any use in interfering with this world. No matter what she does to Kira here it will not change her and now it has become quite boring.

“Erase me.” Catherine stated boldly, “I’ve grown tired of watching something I have no interest in.” Continuing with a sigh, 'Its not like you and I have any quarrel--ironically enough you may even say I gave birth to you as well..'

She repeated ‘Erase me’ again explaining that whatever strength she had left would do nothing for Kira--she was well beyond her, that much had long since been proven.

Kira raised her hand, “When you and I could have used your gift to save yourself--why didn’t you?”

Catherine had a great pause before slowly she shrugged, “Who knows.”

Kira blasted her flames toward the ghost of the dead mother. Paternal love was never given to her first daughter from her. That was no mistake, everything her bastard child succumb to was justified for being a weak human. Having said that, having given birth to a being such as the Reaper; surpassing her creator, her predecessor, perhaps even Alucard, Catherine cannot help, but feel some pride in having a part in this new story. Creating the ultimate immortal--nothing could have been better than this.

“That woman...”

Catherine did not know why she said it, what had possessed her to pass these last words. She held no sympathy for Kira, she never thought of ‘her’ as a daughter, but always as a mistake that caused her demise. Perhaps it was pity for this woman who carries on ‘her’ wish with no hesitation or interest in her own existence. Its reason eluded her, but it ceases to make a difference any longer--whatever she does from now on is not of her concern.

“She was Emily Addy, the one who gave her life to save yours.”

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