The Heart of a Lion

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Chapter 4

Vyron crept slowly through the woods, an arrow nocked in his bow, his breathing slow and steady. He opened his senses to the world around him. He knew that just a few feet to his left, Alec crept as well, surveying the dense growth around them.

It's quiet, Vyron realized suddenly. Too quiet. Something's not right. He let out a low, short whistle, a signal for Alec to come to him.

"What's wrong?" Alec asked in a low voice when he stood beside Vyron.

"It's too quiet," Vyron replied. "I think we should head back to camp. I have a weird feeling that something's about to happen."

"Alright," Alec shrugged, turning around towards the direction of our camp.

Vyron didn't know why he did it. Maybe it was the eerie prickling sensation on the back on his neck. Or maybe he could just feel it in his bones. He didn't know what it meant, but he knew he had to act on it.

"Get down!" he cried, tackling Alec to the ground just seconds before an arrow embedded itself in a tree where he had just been standing. "We've got to get back to camp to warn everyone!" Alec cried, quickly moving himself into a low crouch.

"Go, I'll cover you," Vyron replied, nocking an arrow to his bow. He stood up and shot, a slight smile twitching on his lips when he heard it hit its mark. Behind him, he could hear Alec hurrying away back towards the camp. Vyron quickly made his way backwards towards the same location, another arrow already nocked and ready.

Vyron could feel the shift in atmosphere as he stepped clear of the woods. Cautiously turning around, he became witness to the battle before him. Alec had arrived too late to warn the others, though they still seemed to be holding out okay, especially since they didn't know that it had been coming.

Looking around, Vyron could see that they were horribly outnumbered. There were only eight of them while there were almost twenty of their large, burly attackers.

Vyron spotted Alec fighting two of the burly men just a short distance away, a third one sneaking up behind him. Vyron let his arrow fly, watching as it sunk into the third man's chest right where his heart would be.

If he even has a heart, Vyron spat, pulling his sword out of its sheath and joining Alec.

Alec wasn't doing too bad holding his own against the two men, though Vyron could tell that he was starting to wear down. The endless, strong blows of the attackers' weapons were slowly ebbing Alec's strength away. Alec faltered for a second and his attackers wasted no time in exploiting this weakness. One swung high, while the other swung low. There was no way that he could block them both in time. Luckily, he didn't have to.

Vyron had now crept up behind one of the burly men and quickly put a deep slice in the back of his leg. Angered, the man roared as he turned around to face Vyron, leaving Alec with only one attacker to deal with.

Vyron could have easily just stabbed the man in the back, but that would have been unfair and dishonourable, and he would never allow himself to stoop to that level of cowardice. It was better to face your enemy straight on and risk dying, than to stab a man in the back when he was not looking. These men might be the kind to do that, but Vyron was not.

"Come on, you blubbery lardhead!" Vyron taunted. "Come and get me!" The man roared again, swinging his axe-like weapon at Vyron. Vyron just laughed as he easily stepped out of harms way.

"What, is that the best you've got?" he laughed. The man's face turned a deep shade of red and he let out a loud bellow as he charged at Vyron. Once again, Vyron stepped nimbly out of the large man's way.

That's right, he smiled to himself. Get angry.

One of the first things that he was taught as a Knight was to keep his temper. If you were to lose your temper during a battle, you were basically done for. You needed to keep a cool, collected head when fighting, using strategy and technique rather strength and brutality. And this was Vyron's strategy.

"Over here, you overgrown ape!" Vyron called from behind his opponent. The man spun around, anger and rage seething in his face as he glared at Vyron. A small, almost unnoticeable smirk crept onto the man's face, only for a second, and once again he raised his weapon-wielding arm and charged. Vyron stood firmly planted as he watched the man getting closer and closer. The man started to swinging his weapon and Vyron heard someone scream his name. In one swift movement, he threw himself to the side, rolling for a second before leaping back up to his feet. He turned just in time to watch the man that had been sneaking up on him and his original opponent collide, each of their weapons impaling themselves in their comarade. They stood motionless for a second before both collapsed to the ground, dead.

That'll teach you to lose your anger, he thought with a smug smirk.

But he did not have time to think upon the foolishness of his attackers, because his attention was quickly turned back on the fight still commencing behind him. Their attackers' numbers had dwindled down to fourteen, which was still almost two times their number. Luckily, none of their men had fallen.

Vyron quickly rejoined the fighting, running to aid Titan against his opponents.

"You take left, I'll take right," he yelled over the loud noises of weapons clashing. Vyron nodded, turning his attention on the man in front of him. He was tall and bulky, muscles rippling over his overly huge arms. His long hair was a dark shade of brown and was horribly unkept. He wore bearskin clothes which, with his thick, bushy beard, made him look like an animal himself.

"Whatcha got, bear fuzz?" he challenged, readying himself for the fight. The overgrown beast smiled a wickedly horrid smile as he pulled out his huge, stone hammer, its size being as big as Vyron's head. Vyron felt the blood drain from his face as he looked at the horrible weapon before him.

"Wanna switch?" he called over to Titan, dodging the now swinging hammer.

"A little busy right now!" he hollered back, blocking his opponent's sword. Vyron sighed, turning his attention back on his opponent, just barely able to duck out of the way in time of his still swinging mallet.

"Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta-" Vyron was cut off as he ducked under another swing.

"That all ya got?" he taunted, readying himself for the next swing. But the next swing never came. A stunned look crossed his face and he began to sway before suddenly toppling to the ground. Vyron looked up and saw Titan pulled a bloodied sword out of the man's back.

"That's bad sportsmanship," Vyron remarked with a frown.

"Look around, Lion," Titan exclaimed. "They've got us outnumbered! That's bad sportsmanship!"

"It's still not right to stab someone in the back," Vyron argued. "That's cowardly."

"I'd rather be a coward than be dead!" Titan huffed, turning away from Vyron and going back to join the battle. Vyron sighed as he watched Titan bludgeon another man from behind. He was worried about him.

"What kind of Knight would rather stab a man in the back than fight him honourably face-to-face?" Vyron shook his head. "Definitely not an honourable one. I will have to speak with Sir Harold about this."

Turning his attention back on the battle, Vyron scoured the field looking for someone who needed help. They were almost down to an equal number on each side, though some Knights were still stuck fighting two men at once. One of those Knights was Alec. Vyron quickly hurried towards his friend, ready to bring him aid.

Looking back on this moment, Vyron would later wish that he had somehow been quicker, that he had gotten their sooner. For as he was running, Vyron watched with helpless horror as one of Alec's attackers thrust his sword into Alec's chest, the long blade going right through his body and coming out the other side. Alec's own sword dropped to the ground as his attacker brutally pulled his weapon from Alec's body and watched as Alec slumped to the ground.

Anger flared through Vyron's eyes and sudden strength filled him as he charged towards the man, letting out a viciously loud roar that his comrades later told him sounded just like a Lion.

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