Warrior Princess On A Train

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Join Morgan and G as they set out in search of a mysterious city to find the Great King of the Train.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Morgan: AHH!!! My head! What's wrong with my head?!?
G: You gonna be alright?
Morgan: Who the heck are you?
G: My name is G.
Morgan: *gets up* What kind of a name is G? *looks around* Wait, where am I?!?
G: Calm down. We're on the train heading to the east. It won't be long now.
Morgan: What are you talking about?!? Wait a minute... *looks closer at G* I think I know you. Your that really famous war...
G: *covers Morgan's mouth* Shh. I don't want anyone finding out who I am. If they find out it'll cause a big ruckus. So keep quiet. Got that?
Morgan: Yeah I got it.

G and Morgan walk the train together. It doesn't look like any ordinary train it's a lot bigger.

Morgan: What kind of a train is this anyways?
G: It's a city train. One big train that can hold a whole city at once. It was built so those who want to travel and see the world can do so without leaving their homes behind.
Morgan: Wow. That's awesome.
G: Yeah. *smiles*
Morgan: So um... are you traveling?
G: *laughs* You could say so.
Morgan: Sweet. Maybe I'll travel with you.
G: Huh?
Morgan: Your first person I met on here. Maybe if I travel with you I can get some answers on how I got here.
G: *smiles* Welcome aboard. *laughs*

To be continued

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