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Chapter 10: Along the Plains of Desolation

Agatha’s cottage was a one story building made of soft red brick, with black roof shingles. It made one think homey feelings, until they encountered the person inside. Agatha sat down at her dining table, finishing up the breakfast she prepared in her sunny kitchen. Her whole house seemed roomy because of the sparse antique furniture. The rooms in Agatha’s house were done in cheerful colors and the décor was inviting. After taking the last swallow of her meal, Agatha picked up the phone. Dialing, she heard the line ring before getting picked up.


“Hello Mr. Devonshire, this is Agatha calling. You know, from down the lane?”

“Yeah, what do you want?”

“I’m just so upset with myself over what happened with your son. I feel so responsible, considering he was trying to help me before we tumbled down the hill and got separated in the forest. That he went missing and hasn’t been found as of yet, it just-“

“Yeah,” Donald interrupted. “It is kind of your fault isn’t it? So why are you calling?”

“Have the police found anything yet?”

“No,” his breathing became harsh over the phone. “They haven’t found anything, but I will find where that boy is hiding. He’s making his mother fret something-”

“Listen,” she interrupted in turn as she stood, gathering up her dishes and walking to the kitchen. “I would like to invite you and your wife over for a cup of tea. Nothing soothes a soul better than a bit of Oolong in your system.”

“I don’t think I want to-“

“Is it better to sit there in the house where your memories of him are vivid?” Agatha asked this softly as she gripped the phone tight. “You two don’t plan on leaving the island, do you?”


“So I suggest that the two of you get out of that house, if only for a moment.”

“Look lady, I don’t think-“

Listen,” she cut him off, anger writ on her face. She made sure to keep her voice as pleasant as she possibly could. “The memories are plaguing you there. Why drive yourselves crazy with the thoughts and memories of your son surrounding you?” She listened as he choked back a sob, trying to hide it. She gave a small smile of satisfaction.

“I’m only trying to give you an escape,” she said softly as he cleared his throat. “A bit of time is what I’m giving, where the memories are dulled for a while.” There was silence for a few moments before Donald sighed in exasperation.

“Alright, we’ll be there.”

“Wonderful, I’ll be awaiting your arrival in thirty minutes?”

“We’ll be there in an hour.”

“Splendid, see you two in an hour.” Agatha hung up and placed the phone on the Formica counter. She grabbed her ceramic teapot and filled it with water, setting it on the cast iron stove to heat. She reached for her flowered tea set and placed it on a silver tray. Walking briskly out of the kitchen, she strode down a small hall that had framed pictures of a young Agatha. She walked past a door that was painted black. A low snarl was heard from under the door and Agatha looked in that direction.

“Now don’t you worry,” she said as she placed the settings down on a glass table in her living room. “Soon you’ll have two visitors to play with. Wouldn’t that be wonderful for you?” She laughed as she passed the black door once again, heading for the kitchen.

An hour and a half later, she heard the doorbell and she walked quickly towards it. She opened it to find the Devonshire’s. Patricia looked as though she hadn’t slept in ages; even Donald’s face showed signs of strain. Agatha schooled her features to show sympathy as glee rushed through her.

“Welcome, come on in.” She stepped to the side as they walked in.

“Thank you for inviting us,” Patricia said wearily as they walked in the direction Agatha gestured.

“Yeah thanks.” Donald looked at Agatha’s direction in challenge as he sat without being invited to. “So, does the nosy old lady want to hear all the dirt?”

“Honey”, Patricia whimpered as she slowly sank down next to him.

“Do you want to know what’s being done to find the boy, nosy lady?” he continued on as if he hadn’t heard his wife. Agatha stood in the hall for a second, and then walked over slowly before standing by the chair Mrs. Devonshire chose to sit upon.

“I am aware of the fact that you have no warmth towards me,” she said to Donald as she looked at him. “I’m also aware that you blame me for the disappearance of your child.”

“We don’t blame you-“Patricia began but Agatha raised a hand.

“It’s quite alright, I understand completely. You may as well know that I blame myself as well. Night by night I’m racked with the guilt of almost losing my balance and having your wonderful son try to rescue me from falling.” Agatha forced a sob and turned away, hearing the breathy weeping from Patricia.

“That sweet child didn’t have to lend me a hand, but you raised him right. You taught him to help out those who need help. I don’t know what I can do for you, so I’m trying to do this little thing. Please, allow me to do this small thing for you,” Agatha finished and turned back to look at them with hopeful eyes.

“Alright, we’ll stay for stupid tea,” Donald mumbled and put an awkward arm around his sobbing wife.

“I’ll go and fetch the tea.” She shuffled out of the living room for the benefit of their eyes. She reached the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of liquid sleep medicine, pouring it into the tea and stirring quickly. She grabbed the milk and the sugar and placed it all on her serving tray; heading out towards the living room again. Agatha groaned lightly as she placed the tray on the table. “Here we are some Oolong tea, some milk and some sugar.”

“Thank you.” They waited as Agatha poured the tea and added what they liked to it.

“So, what did the police have to say to you?” Agatha sat down, holding the cup to her lips. She waited as they drank some tea and looked in her direction.

“They don’t have any news as of yet. They organized a daily search of the woods to try and trace his tracks.” Donald yawned hugely before shaking his head. “They’ll let us know if they find anything.”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to be informed as well.”

“Why would you want to?” Donald asked suspiciously as Patricia yawned deep. She and her husband downed some more tea as they looked at Agatha.

“To know what is happening for that darling boy to be found. I also would like to join in on one of the search parties as well.”

“That is very kind of you.” Patricia stretched as she yawned again. She leaned against Donald’s side, listless. They both yawned once more and she wrapped her arms around him.

“Think nothing of it.” Agatha watched them with cold eyes. She saw that the medicine was taking effect. “Would you care for some more tea?”

“No thank you, I-“Donald looked at Agatha wide-eyed, seeing her satisfied smile and lifeless eyes. He shook his head but passed out along with his wife. Agatha cackled in delight as she swiftly stood and walked to the small cupboard on her mantle. She grabbed a silver canister and a rolled parchment. Opening the canister, she sprinkled the powder onto the sleeping couple until it was completely empty. She unrolled the parchment and looked at the words. Clearing her throat, she began:

The couple slowly lifted from the couch and hovered in the air. Agatha pointed out the living room. They floated in that direction and she quickly followed, reaching the black door and grabbing the handle.

“Do enjoy your visit inside my very special closet.” Laughing, she opened the door and pointed inside. The couple floated in and she slammed the door shut. “It is done.”

Justin felt a sharp pain in his chest and he doubled over. The group halted as Lalana rushed to his side.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yes,” he gasped out, and then stood in relief as the pain subsided. “I just had a small pain in my chest, I’m alright now.”

“Okay, we can continue on.” Lalana stayed by Justin as they continued on their journey. The sun was shining high in the cloudless sky. The trees were abundant with colorful edibles that Justin never saw before. Birds as big as cars flew by overhead but were ignored by the group. Justin saw many different forms of creatures out enjoying the warmth and fresh smelling air. He inhaled deeply, before coughing and gagging as a putrid smell invaded his nostrils.

“What is that?” Justin asked, immediately noticing that there were no more creatures wandering about. He looked down and saw that the crisp green grass had turned a brittle brown. The air became overcome with a thick brown fog that swirled like small cyclones. Where was the green? Where was the brightness?

This is the Plains of Desolation,” Brudan responded as they all surveyed the desolate wasteland.

“We’re here already?” Justin asked in a choked voice. “How can that be when we were just-“

“No one finds the Plains of Desolation.” Lalana reached over and pounded Justin on the back as he continued to gag on the horrible stench. “The plains find you. It can take up to a lifetime, or it can take mere minutes.” Justin recovered and stood, breathing in through his mouth as he saw waters bubble brown, releasing the stench that was turning his stomach. He took a step forward but both Lalana and Brudan gripped one of his arms.

“You must be extremely careful walking amongst the plains,” Brudan told him and Lalana nodded in agreement.

“Why?” Justin asked. Brudan continued on, but Justin was distracted, staring into Lalana’s eyes so he didn’t hear him. They sparkled so beautifully to him, even in this cesspool wasteland. He loved looking into them. He felt like her could stare at her forever. He smiled and she frowned, wondering if he was paying attention to what Brudan was saying.

“Justin, did you hear anything of what I just told you?” Brudan shook his right arm and Justin turned in his direction.

“Yeah, I heard. Shall we continue on?”

“Yes, let us go.” Kyrie walked past all of them with Lyon at her side. The rest of the group followed the path she made through the plains. She looked around, sadness enveloping her. “To think that this was once a beautiful place that all searched to find. Now, they pray and hope to Orion that they do not encounter it.”

“All will be put to right again, your majesty.” Justin watched as Lyon placed a hand on Kyrie’s shoulder. Looking at the blush that darkened Lyon’s already pink cheeks when Kyrie thanked him with a smile, it made Justin wonder what Lyon’s feelings were. His thoughts were so centered on it he didn’t realize whispering sounds began to penetrate his mind. He looked around, but the creature that he thought was near wasn’t. The rest of the group was talking, but Justin couldn’t get that whispering out of his head.

“Justin, are you alright?” Lalana asked him in a low voice as she touched his hand. Justin stared down at her hand before looking into her eyes.

“There’s a whispering sound in my head. I don’t understand why.” Justin looked around once again and saw dark holes and caves covering the plains along with the fetid waters. He realized that the whispering was coming from them. He was about to turn and tell this to Lalana when his foot slipped. Justin tried to keep his balance, but he dropped into a deep, dark hole.

Justin heard Lalana scream his name as he fell into the blackness. The whispering grew louder and his vision became blurry as he plunged down the hole. Down and down he went until he reached the bottom, landing on his back. Looking up, he saw how deep the hole really was.

“Can anyone hear me? I’m stuck. Use your magic to get me out!” There was no reply and the whispering grew even louder. He tried to sit up but his back pained him, so he laid his head back down with a sigh. A flash crossed his eyes, so he closed them and immediately a vision came to him……

Patricia was standing in an open meadow, colorful wildflowers circling about. Justin slowly stood and ran over to her, happy to see his mother after all he’s been through. Patricia’s back was to him as she watched the sun slowly sink over the far horizon.

“Mother,” he shouted, but she didn’t turn around so he stepped up close to her. He flung his arms around her still form and inhaled her warmth. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

“Why would you wish to see me?” she asked softly without turning to face him. “Am I not the woman that you loathe?”

“No,” Justin replied and felt hurt when she removed his arms from around her. “You’re my mother, why would I loathe you?”

“Do not play games with me,” Patricia sighed, stepping to the left to avoid his grasp. “We do not have the happiest of marriages, but you have never referred to me as your mother.”

“What are you talking about?” Justin shouted as fear threatened to choke him. “I’m your son, I’m Justin. Don’t you know me?”

“Please, stop this,” she whispered sadly. “You already know I have lost the child and you blame me for it. Stop this cruel charade, you have already done enough.”

“What are you
talking about?” Justin asked again as he grabbed her arm to gain her attention. She turned to him with a small smile, her eyes holding a flat shine. He realized those two body parts were the only recognizable features. Her face was puffy and covered with bruises. There were purplish markings on her neck, both of her arms hung limply at her sides as if they were broken. Justin stared hard at her and realized that they were broken, bent at odd angles.

“Donald, I do not understand what game you are trying to play. Please, refrain from this farce.”

“I don’t get what’s going on,” Justin mumbled as confusion continued to press down on him. He began taking small shuffles backwards as he tried to turn away from her deformed face. He then saw a small, shallow pool and gazed into it with horror. His father’s face stared back at him and when he lifted a hand to his cheek, the vision in the water mirrored his movement. “There’s something wrong. There’s something wrong here.”

Lalana turned to Brudan, who was standing over the pit that Justin fell into.

“Why is this taking so long? He should have been lifted out of there by now.” Brudan opened his eyes and turned his head in her direction.

“I do not know why it is taking so long, but your badgering is not helping things.”

“I am not badgering you, I am just-“Kyrie placed a hand on Lalana’s shoulder and she looked up.

“We are all worried about Justin, Lalana. Believe me, we all are. You may stop now, Brudan.” Brudan turned in Kyrie’s direction.

“You want me to stop, elder sister?”

“Yes, your magicks cannot help him now.” Lyon stood close to Kyrie as Harmon walked up. Lalana moved away from Kyrie’s touch and looked into her eyes.

“What do you mean, Kyrie?”

“What yer sister means is that the haunting invaded his mind now. Yer magicks will not release him. The lad needs aid, but ye lot will not be what he needs.” Lalana looked from Harmon back to Kyrie who nodded her head in agreement.

“Can you reach him with your mind, my queen?” Lyon asked and Kyrie looked in his direction.

“No, the hold is too strong on him for me to touch his mind.”

“Then what are we to do?” Lalana whispered, her eyes filling.

“I will rescue the lad,” a deep male voice responded. A golden form rushed past all of them and dove into the pit.

“What was that?” Brudan asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“I think that I know,” Kyrie replied, sighing deep.

Justin’s “mother” slowly began to walk towards him as her skin began to peel away from her face. The sky above turned black as thick thunderclouds rolled in. The bright, green meadow became barren and filled with decaying flowers that sent off a pungent scent.

“There is nothing wrong here,” she replied in a thick voice. “Do you not know me, my husband?”

not your husband,” Justin denied and heard his father’s voice coming out of his throat. “I’m your son.”

“I do not have a son, cease your nonsense.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, woman.” With growing horror, Justin felt the urge to strike his mother’s face. His big fists clenched at his sides and he took a shuddering breath.

“Do you want to hit me?” she asked softly as she brushed up against his body, causing him to stumble back. “I give you leave to hit me. You are my husband after all.”

“I am not your
husband.” Sweat popped out on his forehead as the urge became a craving. He was craving to do damage to her body. “Please, please understand that I’m your son. I’m Justin.”

“I have no son.” Her cheeks hollowed out as she gave him another smile out of a rotted mouth. Her frame became skeletal and her eyes turned red with ferocity.

“Why is this happening?” Justin turned and began to run down a small hill, dodging stunted trees that seemed bent on capturing him.

“You should have never come here. You do not belong,” “Patricia” screamed at him as he continued running. Justin realized that he was back to his true form and
not the form of his father. He heard footfalls behind him, so he ran faster to escape.

“Return to where you belong.” Her voice was guttural and deep, the fine hairs on Justin’s neck stood up as a fog rose from the ground.

“I belonged to you, you were my mother.” A sob escaped as he tripped and slid down a small incline. He got real close to a lake that was filled with bloated, rotting fish but he grabbed at a weed before he fell in. Justin righted himself before taking off again. “I don’t know where I belong anymore.”

“You belong in the ground, little boy.” Agatha’s voice came from all around and Justin gasped in shock and terror. “You belong in the ground, which is where I was trying to place you before you escaped!”

“What did you do to my mother? Where is my father?”

“They both belong to me now!” Agatha cackled and Justin heard insane laughter following along with Agatha’s voice. At that moment, he knew that Agatha had his parents somewhere in his world. He didn’t know what to do or how to save them when he was stuck here.

“Rescue the princess and you will be able to return to your world,” a voice spoke from within the darkness and Justin looked around, trying to see who it was.

“Help me! Please,
help me!” A vine from the ground grabbed his ankle and he fell down hard. He cried out as his back pain returned.

“Why should I help you when you cannot help yourself?” Justin saw a flash of gold near some rotted trees. He strained his eyes and saw a golden man standing there.

“Who are you?” he asked and the man emerged from the trees, standing there watching as Justin’s “mother” finally caught up to him. She bent low to capture him and he kicked her in the stomach, causing her to fall to the side with a muffled oath. “I need your help!”

“The only person who can help you is yourself. Now free yourself from this!” Golden eyes glowed as they watched Justin slam “Patricia’s” face into the ground, hard enough to shatter her cheekbone. Justin scrambled to his feet and landed a kick to his “mother’s” stomach once again. He wondered why this stranger wasn’t giving him any help as he stomped on “Patricia’s” grasping hand and shattered it. She screeched in agony, taking a swipe at Justin with her other arm, but he dodged it. He then charged her with a head but to her side, knocking both of them to the ground.

“This isn’t real,” he whispered as he watched his “mother” slowly scramble to her feet, breath coming in short gasps. The rotten odor from her breath could be seen like a brown fog. “You’re not my mother.”

“Of course I am not your mother,” his “mother” snapped as she bent at the waist, skin hanging off of her skeletal frame like clothing. Her glowing red eyes watched him hungrily and she straightened, opening her arms wide. “Come; give your wife a hug. I love you.”

“I’m not your husband either,” Justin yelled and “Patricia” paused in indecision. She then smiled slowly and started walking towards him.

“No, I am your mother. That is right, Justin. You are mine. Come to me.”

“You’re not my mother!” Justin shouted and her body bowed back as if struck by an invisible blow. “You’re not my mother!”

“Do not do this son. I want you to be with me forever.” Chills racked Justin’s body at the sound of that horrible voice pleading out to him.

“You are
not my mother!!” With a shriek, she erupted into flames and Justin heard two screams of anger as an invisible force knocked into him, hurling him backwards. He soared in the air and was caught in the golden stranger’s arms.

“Well done lad, well done. Now rest easy, I will release you from all this.” The man smiled down into Justin’s tired face and watched as Justin closed his eyes and slept deep……

The man rose out of the pit, carrying Justin in his arms. They all watched as he floated out and landed onto the ground. Lalana rushed over as the man knelt on the floor. After a few whispered words, she instantly produced a pallet and he laid Justin’s tired form upon it.

“You rescued him, thank you.” Lalana looked into the man’s golden eyes and noticed how he was dressed. Brown pantaloons decorated with feathers, a tight black vest and black slippers. His long golden hair was pulled back into a tail as he confidently let Lalana look her fill. He smiled at her, dimples winking out.

“Did I pass?” he asked. Lalana blushed and stood up.

“I am sorry, thank you like I stated before, for rescuing him.”

“He saved himself from his peril. I was just there to witness his skills.” The man got to his feet and looked down at Justin. “He needs to be strong to face what he has to face soon, what you all will be facing.”

“Who are you exactly?” Brudan inquired, walking next to Lalana to place an arm around her, glaring at the newcomer all the while.

“This is Nik, he is the Chrysaurs’ leader,” Kyrie spoke for him and Nik glanced in her direction.

“You still remember my name? All is not lost after all.” He smiled at Kyrie, but she looked away as Lyon frowned at them both. Nik took in the group surrounding him and sighed. “I will take you to my fortress, you will be safe there. We have much to discuss.”

“Who will carry-“Lalana began but Nik interrupted her.

“I will carry our young warrior, until he awakens to gain his own footing.” Nik stooped and pulled Justin into his arms. He righted himself and headed off, the others following him slowly.

They arrived at Nik’s fortress, which was made entirely of black onyx and they saw golden people moving about the turrets as they approached it. Nik made a hooting call and a few of the soldiers looked down. After a moment, the gate was raised and they entered inside of it to see a village where everyone was gold. They were made up of the substance that was valued on many planets.

“What be a place such as this?” Harmon asked with wide eyes as he stared at everything.

“This is my domain, the place where we are able to live in harmony,” Nik said as he carried Justin along the walkway. “Many have hunted and pursued our kind to sell us off for the value of our skin.” They passed many people who greeted Nik warmly but watched them with a wary eye. Many houses and shops lined along the road and Kyrie’s group saw many Chrysaurs opening and closing their shutters.

“Forgive them. They do not meet many strangers. They are just curious and watchful to what you might do. Come, my home is this way.” Nik led them to a three story abode that was painted as golden as he was. The group noticed his house was the only one that was gold. The others were as black as the fortress that surrounded them. He opened the door with his shoulder, entering into a great room with two grand fireplaces, many different chairs and sofas to lounge upon; as well as thousands of paintings.

The furnishings were all made of gold, including the floors, walls and ceiling. Nik laid Justin down on one of those chairs. “Come inside all of you, we have much to discuss.”

“Yer got anything to fill me belly? I be a hungry dwarf in need of nourishment.” Harmon’s stomach rumbled as he finished his statement.

“Yes, follow me into the kitchen and we will all have something to eat.” They all exited the room and walked down a hall, leaving Justin by himself.

After a while, Justin opened his eyes and viewed his surroundings. Spying golden furniture, golden eyes flashed in his mind and he gasped. Memories of the nightmare that he suffered through filled his mind and he sobbed to himself. He hoped his parents were doing okay, but thinking about what Agatha said to him, had fear skittering around in his heart. He wanted to go home so bad, but he didn’t know how to get there except for one way: rescuing Vissa from her imprisonment. He slowly began to sit up, but the ache in his lower back had him flopping onto it again.

He took shallow breaths as he rolled onto his stomach and slid off the chair. He righted himself, but kept his form hunched over to numb the pain that was throbbing inside him. Slowly, he shuffled out of the great room and down the hall where he heard voices. Sweat pouring off his pain racked body, he grunted and gasped his way towards the kitchen to find the golden man standing in the entranceway. He looked at Justin with a smile of pride, arms crossed over his chest.

“So you are finally awake, and you have managed to make it this far with no help.” He gave Justin a thorough once over. “You will do, come inside where everyone is enjoying a meal.”

“Thanks,” Justin managed to croak out before gasping in pain as he walked over to the dining table where everyone was watching him. Lalana quickly stood but Nik shook his head at her and she sat back down again. Justin took a seat next to Kyrie and she gently placed a hand on his back.

“You are in pain.” Concern brimming in her eyes, she rubbed in small circles as she whispered in fairine. Justin’s back pain disappeared immediately and he was able to sit up straight.

“Thank you, Kyrie. I’m feeling better now.” Kyrie smiled at him as she removed her hand and Justin saw the table had dishes filled with many different meats, as well as bread and cheese. Lalana placed a cup in front of him and poured a golden colored liquid inside of it. Justin smiled his thanks and she blushed as she sat back down again. He grabbed at various dishes of meat, bread and cheese, gobbling it all down his empty stomach. He drank of the golden liquid and tasted the sweetness of peaches. He ate until his belly was full, letting out a small belch when he was done.

Nik let them all eat their fill and when the dishes were cleared away he cleared his throat with equal measure. Everyone looked over in his direction as he stood to face them all.

“The journey that you have chosen is going to be a hard one for all of you. From the reports that I have gotten, things are going to get worse. Agathane has learned of the boy’s existence in our world.”

“How can that be possible? We kept the mission of spiriting the lad a secret, so how did she find out?” Harmon asked and Nik looked in Kyrie’s direction for a moment before looking at them all.

“It’s because of Agatha,” Justin answered and they turned in his direction. Kyrie nodded her agreement.

“Yes, Agathane’s “tweener” has been in constant contact with her and informed Agathane when Justin entered into this world. We knew it was bound to happen, and it confirms how long they have been conspiring against us.” Nik allowed Kyrie to finish before he raised a hand.

“She has been secretly assembling an army to battle us in this revolution. She has won over the loyalty of the Gorgons and Slithines. We do not know what she promises them, but it must be seats of power to the leader of both factions in this new Hytine she is trying to create.” Nik was about to continue on, but a shout of warning rang through the entire fortress. Nik stood upright and closed his eyes. Justin watched Kyrie stare intensely at Nik as they waited. Nik opened his eyes, golden orbs grave.

“It appears that your friends have arrived, Kyrie. I told one of my soldiers to escort them here.”

“That is fine.” They heard the door open and shut as footsteps approached them. A Chrysaur entered with Lyssa and the other fairies. He bowed and headed out while Lyssa flew towards Kyrie, settling on her shoulder. “What has happened, Lyssa?”

“Agathane,” she whispered in response as the other fairies settled upon the table. Lyssa reached behind her and produced a skin of water, drinking deep. She looked at Kyrie, green eyes tired. “She was in the Forest of Forgetfulness. She recruited the Cyclopes and Minotaurs to join up with her army. We evacuated Nabo’lan because I feared she might have advanced upon us if we stayed.”

“You did the right thing, thank you for taking care of my people. Now I must go.” Everyone looked at Kyrie after she made this decision. She stood, brushing Lyssa off of her shoulder. Brudan stared at her, incredulous.

“What do you mean, elder sister?”

“I must go and protect Nabo’lan from the powers that she leeches off of others.”

“You cannot go,” Lalana stated as she stood and crossed over to Kyrie. “You will not be able to fend her off by yourself.”

“I must.” Kyrie lightly shoved Lalana away. “Nabo’lan is my home-“

“It is our home,” Lalana interrupted. “Yours and Brudans’ and mine; we can always rebuild another Nabo’lan. What we cannot rebuild is another sister. You cannot go and win, Kyrie. It is best that you stay.”

“It is true, my queen,” Lyssa agreed and Kyrie turned in her direction. “With the army she is creating, you yourself will not be able to handle her. We must continue on with the journey, all of us.” Kyrie looked at all of them before releasing a huge sigh.

“Fine, we shall continue on our journey.”

“I will be going with you.” Kyrie and the others looked in Nik’s direction at this statement. “I am joining your revolution.”

“Why?” Kyrie asked as she searched his face. Justin saw that Lyon was glaring at Nik and wondered once again. “Why do you want to join our fight?”

“I fight for Hytine, and for the chance to rid it of the evil that has spread. I also fight for what once was and hope that it will be again.” Nik smiled and Kyrie blushed before turning away.

“So be it,” she said briskly and walked back to her chair, standing behind it. “We need to house everyone in their proper places and bunk here for tonight. Tomorrow we will continue on with our journey.”

“Yes let us all retire for the night. We have a big day ahead of us on the morn.” Everyone rose from the table and headed out. Thoughts of the upcoming battles they will soon face were in the forefront of their minds.

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