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Chapter 12: Agathane awakens The Borgols

Darkness fell over the Ice Fortress. Agathane peered out of her bedchamber window at the unchanging landscape. Her face was taut with anger at the escape of the princess. Medina has failed me; not joining in the fight with her own kind. Sighing, she turned away from the window and looked about the room. Wearing heavy woolen black robes, with her hair in a long braid; she was the vision of evil that you read about in fairy tales.

Agathane felt that everyone was plotting her downfall. All believed she will fail and that was something she would not tolerate. Suddenly, she smiled; she now realized what she had to do. She walked quickly to her chamber door and exited. Turning right, she headed towards the end of the hallway. A full length mirror encased in crystal hung there and Agathane moved it aside to reveal a hidden stairwell. She descended down the long stairs until she reached an ice door that had a spell carved onto it.
Agathane raised her hands toward the door and shot her black magicks.

“Open and reveal your secrets inside, reveal onto me what you cannot hide. Let the evil contained roam free, release the Borgols onto me. Release them.” The door shattered and a metal stand holding a silver box was the only thing inside the icy room. Agathane entered and placed her hand on the silver box.

“I release you from your prison, Borgols. Be free to do my bidding.” She opened the lid and a dark cloud of smoke roared its way out. It swirled and formed into shadow men with glowing eyes. Suits of armor encased their forms; helmets donned with horns, breast plates, arm and leg shields. They stood at attention; black cloaks with red inner lining billowing out behind them. They held their massive swords downward as they awaited Agathane’s orders. She cackled in delight.

“Now they will all see who will win this war. They better prepare themselves for they are going to be in the fight for their lives.” She laughed aloud to herself as the Borgols looked at her in silence. It rang out through the entire fortress. Many within the fortress felt a shiver of warning run down their spine because of it.

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