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Chapter 13: Whispers in The Between (4)

Agatha, come to your sister now.” Agatha tossed and turned in her bed; unknowingly protesting the demand. She turned onto her stomach and snored lightly.

“Wake up Agatha!” On Agatha’s dresser, the handheld mirror became dark. A white mist formed inside of it before Agathane’s face appeared. She raised a hand in Agatha’s direction.

“Awaken now!” A bolt of black lightning shot from the mirror and struck Agatha. She screamed awake and sat up. Groaning, she rubbed the charred flesh on her arm from the attack. “Come over here simpleton!”

Agatha slid out of bed and walked to her dresser. She picked up the handheld mirror and looked into Agathane’s annoyed eyes.

“Hello sister. Why aren’t we going to the cottage?”

“Have you taken care of that little matter?” Agathane frowned at Agatha as she yawned and stretched. “I hope this important detail is not interfering with your beauty rest. Not that you will
ever need it. Now answer the question!”

“Yes sister, they are in the closet as you commanded.”

“Good.” Agathane laughed; all was going according to her will. “Now everything is in place.”

“What about the boy?”

“The boy will be taken care of here. When the revolution is over and I am standing victorious, all will be in my grasp.”

“You mean
our grasp.” Agathane looked at Agatha; her eyes dead and lifeless as a doll’s. She then smiled sweetly in Agatha’s direction.

“Of course, forgive me sister. I meant that from the beginning. After all, it was you who helped me get this far.”

“I will be in Hytine with you right?”

“Of course you will. Together, we shall rule over Hytine and no one will stand in our way.” Tears welled up in Agatha’s eyes as she looked at Agathane’s profile.

“I love you so much, sister.”

“I know that you do. Just make sure that they do not escape from the closet. Can you do that, my dear sister?”

“Yes. They won’t escape from there unless I set them free.” Agatha gasped as she saw the dark clouds forming on Agathane’s face. “Which I won’t, I assure you.” The clouds broke away and Agathane smiled again.

“That is very good sister. Until we meet again.” The white mist covered the entire mirror before disappearing. Agatha looked into her own reflection before setting the mirror down. Sighing deep, she returned to her bed and tried to go back to sleep.

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