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Chapter 15: Battle for Hytine!

The group headed out of the Forest of Forgetfulness and onto the long dirt lane that Justin travelled before. With two hundred Centauri, one hundred wolves, two hundred fairies and two hundred Chrysaurs; the group went out to meet up with the rest of their army that Justin didn’t know about.

“Who else is joining up on our side?” Justin asked curiously as he walked alongside Kyrie.

“Elves, Dwarves and Harmonts are joining us.” Kyrie looked about the grassy plains and made the decision to travel close to where the Hyrone flowers grew. She continued on walking and the others followed.

“What are Harmonts?” Justin had heard of Elves and Dwarves. Harmon was a dwarf and an elf had pointy ears on the side of its head. He had never heard of a Harmont in any fairy tale he’s ever read.

“Harmonts be giant humans that occupy this world,” Harmon answered as they continued on travelling.

“They’re giant humans? I don’t understand.”

“When a giant mates with a human, they birth a Harmont. Harmonts be bigger than ye humans but not big like giants.”

“Oh, okay. So where are we headed to?” Justin looked around for Vissa and saw that she was riding on Rendar’s back. A moment of panic seized him before he remembered that the danger was over from the wolves. They were all allies fighting under a common goal again.

“We are headed for the plains,” Kyrie answered as her eyes scouted for danger. That caught Justin’s attention and he gaped up at her.

“We’re headed for the Plains of Desolation?” He didn’t understand why they were headed for that place again.

“Nay laddie, we be headed for the plains of the Hyrone. We’ll not be searching for those plains today.” Harmon placed a comforting hand on Justin’s shoulder and it made him realize that fear must be stamped on his face. Justin smiled his thanks as he stepped away from the gesture. He turned to see Nik watching him. Nik nodded his show of approval; it had Justin’s chest swelling in pride. The group continued on when they heard a bird call.

Everyone halted, but Kyrie smiled as she responded with another bird call. Through a stand of trees emerged a male elf. With hair the color of honey and eyes the color of sapphires, he looked too ethereal to be real. His plain brown shirt, pants and shoes did not diminish his beauty. He secured his bow tightly as he crossed over to where Kyrie was standing.

“Fairy Queen, we were expecting you three days ago.”

“Forgive me, but we were delayed escaping the Forest of Forgetfulness. If it were not for Centauri leader Chimon, we would have lost our lives.”

“No forgiveness is warranted.” The elf turned and whistled at the trees. At once, four hundred elves, three hundred dwarves and two hundred Harmonts emerged from the forest that was nearby. It was a count of sixteen hundred revolutionaries that they had on their side and Justin was quite pleased. They were going to win this war. Justin felt it in his bones.

They continued onward to the plains of the Hyrone and Justin noticed that only the elves were following a regimented order of marching. As he looked about, he had a sense of the strange and the familiar. There were many creatures about and they almost looked like animals from his world. There were slight differences that he noticed outright. Justin saw rabbits, but they were the size of donkeys. They had antlers and a long coiling tails instead of bushy ones.

Justin encountered deer with three eyes and massive fur. When they passed their way, the deer like creatures snarled viciously at them. He hoped not to see another animal in this world again so he looked straight ahead as walked along with the others. Justin wondered if they all were feeling the dread of battle like he was. He looked around to spot Vissa and found Lalana instead. Murmuring to be excused, he left Kyrie’s side and approached her.

“Feeling a little nervous?” he asked softly but she continued on walking as if she hadn’t heard. “Hey.” He caught up and kept pace with her. Lalana sighed before looking at him levelly.

“What do you want?”

“I asked if you were feeling nervous. I was just curious as to whether-“

“Justin,” she sighed his name as she stopped and turned to him. “We are headed for battle, a battle that will either free Hytine or destroy it. I do not have time for small prattle about tiny little nothings.”

“Why are you acting this way towards me?” Justin felt hurt bloom into his heart as he stared at her bland expression. “You told me before that you-“

“Liked you?” she finished for him and Justin watched irritation cloud her eyes. “I also told you that I did not find it acceptable and for you to give me space. Now go back to your pretty princess and regale her with your false compliments.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t-“

“Do you forget that I can read minds?” A flash like a bolt of lightning sizzled in his brain as he remembered every thought he had about Vissa. Justin felt rage erupt in him as it replaced the hurt. How dare she do this to him?

“How could you read my mind without my permission?” he snapped as he gripped her arms. “Is this what you fairies do? Rudely invade the privacy of others?” Lalana gaped at him and hurt filled her eyes. He gave her a little shake as his blood continued to boil. “If you were really thorough, you would have seen the thoughts about you as well.”

“Release me,” she tried to say calmly, but her voice was trembling.

“We need to have a discussion about your manners.” Justin gripped her arms tighter and she cried out softly. The sound penetrated the haze in his brain and he stared at her, appalled.

“You are hurting me,” she whispered with a devastated look on her face.

“I’m sorry,” Justin muttered as he quickly released her. “You still had no right to spy on me.” With that, he stormed off to rejoin Kyrie at the lead.

Kyrie looked down at Justin as he joined her. Justin refused to look up at her and she glanced to where Lalana walked on as if wounded. Kyrie wondered what went on between the two, but she turned her focus forward once again.

The marching continued on along the long road that seemed to stretch on towards forever. The views went from lush forests and gurgling streams to vast open fields. There were rolling hills and sloping valleys, but Justin couldn’t see any wildlife roaming about as they continued on. As soon as the sun began to sink behind the clouds, they called for a halt. The group set up their pallets as a Chrysaur built up a fire.

Vissa stood a little away from everyone else as she looked up at the sky deepening to indigo. Inhaling deeply, she felt incredibly happy. She was away from the Ice Fortress. Away from the place that she has lived for the last eleven years of her life. She was away from Agathane and joy was encompassing her. A smile broke out on her face, transforming her simple prettiness into luminous beauty. I am free….free! Thinking this, she laughed out loud in delight.

“Do you think you are truly free from her?” A voice questioned and Vissa turned to find Lalana staring at her. She gave Lalana a thorough once over before smiling tentatively.

“I do know that our journey is far from over,” Vissa began. “It is just…I am so happy to no longer be imprisoned in that tower. I am here, seeing the sights, smelling the air and it is wonderful.” Vissa realized Lalana wasn’t returning her smile and hers died away. She does not like me.

“Escaping from a prison does not mean you are truly free. You could have been free while still in the fortress, yet you chose to feel entrapped.”

“Have I done something to offend you?”

“Who says I am offended?” Lalana queried.

“I get the feeling that you dislike me.”

“Whoever said I dislike you?” Lalana shot back. Vissa stared for a moment, before bursting into laughter. “What is so funny?” Suspicion in her mind, Lalana regarded Vissa with acute dislike.

“You, you are funny. For you to stand here and answer my questions with a question of your own; it is funny to me.” She slowly walked over to Lalana and stood in front of her. “I do not know why you dislike me but I know that you do. Instead of revealing the truth to me, you would rather plague me with lies. That is beneath you.”

“How dare you,” Lalana said quietly as she glared into Vissa’s eyes. “You know nothing about me.”

“No I do not,” Vissa returned just as quietly. “Nor do you know anything about me.” The silence thickened the air with power and it seemed as if the world held its breath. “May I give you one piece of advice?”

“You may.”

“Keep your distance from me.” Lalana squinted up into the starry bowl of the sky before returning her gaze back to Vissa.

“And if I do not?”

“Then I will not be responsible for the consequences, you will be.”

“Are you threatening me?” Lalana took an aggressive step forward, her face flushed with anger.

“I am not,” Vissa said mildly. “I am merely stating that I will not be responsible for what may happen, but you will be. So keep your distance.” With that parting remark, Vissa stepped around Lalana and headed back to the group. Lalana stood there with her fists clenched for a long moment before slowly relaxing them. She knew she would meet up with Vissa again…..someday.

After a meal of charred meat, bread and fresh water from a nearby stream, the band of warriors bedded down for the night. Justin lay on a pallet and looked up at the moon. The journey was soon coming to an end, he could feel it. Thoughts of the upcoming battle with the evil woman were looming in his mind. He also couldn’t believe that Agatha and Agathane were like sisters; though not by blood but evil deeds. Agatha was so old, even though the other woman had silver hair; she wasn’t as old as Agatha was.

Justin’s young mind boggled with confusion and mild shock. He couldn’t understand why anyone would want to destroy a world that had wonderful things, like fairies, elves, magic, dwarves, unicorns and giants.
And she will destroy it.
Justin thought in dismay. She would kill all the magic and beauty of this place. It will never be the same again if she wins.

Sadness enveloped him and he sighed deeply. He heard a rustle from some nearby bushes and turned his head in that direction. He saw tiny sparks of multicolored lights between the leaves and his brow furrowed in thought. He didn’t know what they were as they danced and floated to and fro.

“They are wood sprites,” a voice said in the dark and Justin easily recognized Vissa as she moved toward him. “They are similar to fairies, except they cannot change to human size and their only magicks is to help nature grow.”

“They’re beautiful.”

“Yes, they are.” Both watched as the wood sprites flitted around moments more before heading off to their next adventure. Justin finally turned in Vissa’s direction to find her standing next to where he lay with her pallet in her hands.

“Why are you up so late?” he asked.

“I was doing some thinking….” Vissa trailed off because she didn’t know if she should reveal her thoughts.

“Yeah, I was doing the same thing,” Justin replied and he patted the ground next to him. She placed her pallet down and lay next to him.

“What were you thinking about, Justin?”

“A lot of things actually.” Justin looked up at the stars once again before continuing on. “We’re heading into battle with a woman who wants to turn this world into a darker place. We’ll be fighting with creatures that I’ve only read about in books. I must admit I’m a little afraid.”

“I am sorry that you got dragged into this,” Vissa began but Justin placed a hand on her arm and she halted.

“I’m not sorry for it, Vissa.” He sat up and looked at her. Vissa sat up as well and they stared into each other’s eyes. “I was able to see wonderful things and meet amazing people. The most important person I met…was you.”


“Yeah, I got to talk to you in a world that was just for us, I was able to rescue you from the fortress and I saw that you’re a real special person. You’re a princess for God’s sake! Well, for Orion’s sake.”

“I am not really all that special,” she whispered.

“You’re special to me.” Staring into each other’s eyes, they felt butterflies fluttering inside and both knew that a magical moment was being created. Before anything could go in any direction, they heard a loud snort followed by a thick mumble before silence fell once again. The irritating and common sounds broke their concentration of each other and they looked away, embarrassed.

“I…uh, we better get some sleep. We have a big-“

“Yeah we do,” Justin interrupted, cheeks burning a bright red. He looked back in Vissa’s direction and saw she was blushing as well.

“I will just head back to where I was sleeping.”

“Okay….okay good night, Vissa.”

“Good night, Justin.” She stood and hurried off into the dark. Justin let out a deep exhale before lying back down again. After a few minutes of thinking, he finally turned over and willed himself to sleep. He scrunched his eyes tight and imagined counting sheep. When that didn’t help, he opened his eyes with a sigh. It was going to be a long night.

They awoke before daybreak and dined on delicious red berries called quiberries. They were as sweet as strawberries but the size of grapes. They grew on blue vines from a rare Kwepo tree that actually talked. Drinking some more delicious water, they packed up their belongings before heading off. Justin noticed how close Kyrie and Nik were walking with each other and wondered. He craned his neck in search of Lyon and found him walking along with Harmon in deep conversation. He spotted Brudan and Lalana chatting with Rendar and Vissa was riding on Chimon’s back with Lyssa. All those he knew were busy doing other things so he faced forward and followed along with the rest to their destination.

They finally reached a small peak that looked out over the plains of Hyrone. Justin looked down the eight foot drop and saw the magnificent flowers swaying gently in the breeze. He turned to Kyrie who was scanning the far horizon.

“What do we do about the Hyrone?”Justin asked and Kyrie halted to glance down at him. Her face was grim but didn’t detract from her otherworldly beauty.

“We must protect them.” With that, she turned back to the peak and looked down at the Hyrone flowers. “Hyrone, I ask that you remove yourselves from here, so as to not be struck down by our enemies. I ask that we use your field for our battle as well.”

You wish to strike out at us?

“I do not. I wish that you stay hidden until our war is over. I ask this so that you may persevere and remain as majestic as you are now. I have no wish to lose you.”

For those words of kindness Fairy Queen, we shall remove ourselves temporarily.
Their group looked down and saw the Hyrone began to disappear from the field. With the flowers gone, it was just a flat grassy plain. Justin turned back in Kyrie’s direction.

“What do we do now?” He asked softly and Kyrie looked at him once again.

“Now, we wait.”

“What are we waiting for? Are we-“

“Silence, she approaches.” Kyrie pointed straight ahead and Justin turned and saw another peak on the other side of the plains. He looked down and saw the cave which he exited from at the beginning of this journey. It felt like a lifetime ago when he made the decision to climb down and head off to the unknown.

Justin looked inside himself and knew that he didn’t regret the decision. He was happy to have visited this strange, magical world of wonders. This world where the sky was brilliantly blue, the air was fresh and clean; where the animals were strange and magic hovered like a thin layer of air that can be breathed in and used.

Agathane approached the other peak wearing a slim black gown and a matching cloak that billowed outward behind her in the wind. Justin saw a downward slope like a slide reach the plains of the Hyrone. He looked around and noticed a similar downward slope on their side. He faced forward again.

“I will ask you this only once.” Agathane’s voice carried over to them easily, the breeze helping it along. “End this revolution and go back from whence you came. You will not be able to defeat me. Therefore I grant you this small mercy on my behalf.” Her eyes sought out Vissa, darkening with anger when she found her. “The only one who shall remain with me will be the princess. You have been a very naughty little girl.”

“I will never join up with you!” Vissa screamed as her face became red with fury. “You are nothing but a treacherous snake and you murdered my parents! We will not end this revolution; it will be the end for you!”

“Is this the final answer for you all?” Agathane’s eyes spied Chimon and she glared at him. “Even you, neutral one?”

“You destroyed a Centauri village. A village of my brethren so I say there is no neutral any longer.”

“I destroyed nothing,” she hissed as wrath covered her face. “You destroyed by refusing to join up with me. Their deaths are laid at your door.”

“Spoken by the false tongue of selfishness and wickedness; I choose not to listen.”

“Very well, let us begin.” Agathane raised her staff high into the air and the diamond glowed black. They heard the pounding of feet that made the ground shake and saw her army join her on the peak. Justin looked on in amazement at the Cyclopes and Minotaurs. He couldn’t believe his eyes and longed for a camera. Agathane pointed her staff in their direction and a yell erupted from her army as they headed toward the slope.

Chimon blew his horn and their army roared as they raced toward their slope. Justin ran with the others and saw the Gorgons fly off the peak to head their way. Fairies flew off the edge to meet the Gorgons and they sky rang out with their fierce battle. Blood splattered onto the emerald grass like ruby red paint as wounds from both Gorgons and fairies gaped open on limbs.

“Protect the princess!” Kyrie flew off the peak and pulled her daggers free as she sliced off a Gorgon’s head and watched it fall. She was immediately seized by three more and a whispered incantation had them exploding with a brilliant flash of golden light. Justin pulled his sword free and swung at a charging Minotaur. It veered to the left and looked at Justin as it faced him. The savageness of the Minotaur’s green eyes had a lick of fear racing through Justin. He stood in the fighter’s stance as the Minotaur lowered its dark head and charged again. Justin raised his sword shoulder length and struck the Minotaur’s shoulder. It lowed in agony as Justin pulled his sword free to stab it in the stomach. Blood gushed out as the Minotaur dropped to his knees, gripping its stomach to try and staunch the flow. Justin pulled his sword free once again to thrust it in the Minotaur’s heart and it fell over dead.

A wild feeling overcame Justin that was equal parts of terror and elation. He pulled his sword free and ran at a Slithine. He swung and sliced off its head as he ran at another Minotaur. The clashing sounds of metal meeting and scraping roared in Justin’s ears as he battled the blue furred creature. It finally ended when, with a strong thrust, he plunged the blade into the Minotaur’s neck, killing it instantly.

Justin saw the Harmonts exchanging brutal blows with the Cyclopes. The giants both looked powerful, fierce and destructive as one Harmont lifted a massive boulder and chucked it at a charging Cyclops. The boulder struck the Cyclops in the head, caving it in and killing him. The same Harmont gripped another Cyclops in a crushing embrace and attempted to squeeze the life out of him. Justin saw that other Cyclopes and Harmonts were trying to do the same thing.

The elves cocked their bows upward and shot their arrows to rain on the battle. The arrows made direct target hits on many Minotaurs and Slithines. Sweat poured as freely as blood, the sun blazed high in the bright blue sky. No birdsongs were heard, only sounds of fierce fighting, wails of terror and anguished last breaths.

Creatures from both sides were falling fast and the thunderous sounds of sword combat filled the air, drowning out the shouts of command and cries of agony. Rivers of blood fell fast and flowed freely along the ground, getting soaked up by the ground instantly.

Justin saw the Darkar run past him with a small creature hanging onto its back. He immediately followed, attacking more of Agathane’s minions left and right as he charged past them. Justin didn’t take the time to see if they were mortally wounded or not, he had to follow the beast that brought abject terror to him the last time he saw it. He saw that the Darkar was stalking Brudan as he fiercely fought off two Slithines.

Terror of their past encounter tried to overcome him, but Justin overcame it as he raised his sword arm high. In a vicious arc he sliced downward, lodging his sword into the Darkar’s shoulder. It howled in pain and fury as it swung towards Justin, freeing the sword from its shoulder.

The little creature on the Darkar’s back tilted his head inquisitively as he stared at Justin. Justin gripped his sword in his hands as he stared back at the creature. He looked a little bit like a dwarf to Justin, but with leathery skin and big floppy ears. His orb blue eyes regarded Justin curiously.

“Now why do that for? Darkar do not do harm for you.”

“This creature has known me before. It tried to steal my soul from me, so it is extremely harmful.”

“Well then, Nihmy take care of you first.” With that, Nihmy leapt off the Darkar and launched himself at Justin. Justin twisted his body to the right, dodging the straight attack. He cried out as Nihmy’s sharp nails sliced his shoulder. The little feral creature cackled in delight as he dodged a swing from Justin’s sword.

Justin sensed danger approaching from behind and swung around in time to ward off an attack from the Darkar. He plunged his sword into the beast’s chest and it whimpered as its three eyes went wide with shock. He heard Nihmy screech in rage and pulled the sword free, bracing himself for the attack that awaited him. Nihmy raced towards him in blind fury and Justin turned sideways, kicking Nihmy in the face.
He quickly turned all the way around and sliced his sword downward. Nihmy was rendered speechless and blood dripped from his mouth as his body tore in two and hit the ground with a thud.

Sweat pouring off his body, Justin turned in time to see a Slithine sliding quickly towards him, hissing in fury. He threw his sword and it struck the Slithine between the eyes. Justin walked over, pulled his sword free and bared his teeth in ferocity. Stripped down to the primitive, he roared as he charged into the fray once again.

Vissa watched the battle being waged and felt completely helpless as the wolves took turns guarding her. She saw Rendar leap in the air at a Gorgon and rip its throat out before landing back on the ground. Immediately three other wolves leapt in the air, dragging a few Gorgon’s down with them and savagely ripped them apart. She gripped the Omnicrone tightly in one hand as she noticed everyone was fighting, but her. Even that purple eyed girl who didn’t seem to like her was fighting. She didn’t know what she could do to help them all….except pray.

“Medina, it is time for you to join your fellow Gorgons and destroy them all.” Agathane looked behind her as a Gorgon flew past her shoulder and straight up into the air. Everyone shielded their eyes from the sun as the Gorgon spread its wings and dove back to the ground. The Gorgon was wearing a long red cape which parted to reveal a female snake creature with glinting yellow eyes and coal black hair. She had the form of a woman but for her green scaly skin, tail and wings. She looked up at Kyrie still floating in the air and smiled, revealing sharp pointy teeth.

“It is time for you to die, fairy queen.”

“Whenever my demise may be,” Kyrie said as she rose up her daggers and watched as Medina did the same. “It will not be by your hands.”

“We shall see.” With that, Medina flew directly at Kyrie with her daggers pointed forward to pierce her heart. Kyrie flew to the left and turned about in time to clash her daggers against the Gorgon’s in a sneak attack that she dodged. Quick as lightning, she struck Medina across the cheek and she shrieked and moved back a ways to avoid another blow as green blood dribbled from her wound. Kyrie went on the offense, forcing Medina to dodge blow after blow.

Justin watched the two women in fierce combat. The speed in which they moved made it hard to see who was landing blows and who wasn’t. The only sounds that were heard were metal striking against metal and harsh breathing. Everyone halted their own small battles to watch the two women fight to the death. The sun shining on the blades caused quick flashes of blinding light. It made the Gorgons shriek in agony as some incinerated under the glare. Justin didn’t want Kyrie to die, but knew it was a possibility. The thought filled him with sadness.

Kyrie tilted her head to the side and heard the blade whiz by her ear as she struck out with her foot, connecting with Medina’s throat. Wheezing, Medina grabbed her neck to force in air and Kyrie flew at Medina. She threw one dagger in flight and it lodged into Medina’s shoulder. As Medina tried to remove it, Kyrie caught up with her and stuck her other blade deep in Medina’s heart. The women stared each other in the eyes.

“I hope Orion grants you passage into the next life.” Kyrie’s dagger slashed downwards and Medina’s heart plopped out of her chest. It fell to the ground and shriveled into a black lump of coal. Kyrie ripped each dagger out of Medina’s body as she screeched in horror at being beaten. A bright light emerged from her chest and out flew a winged white horse. A man too beautiful to look at climbed out as well and jumped onto the horse’s back.

“Be seeing you,” the man said in a dark voice that echoed. He and the horse flew off and Medina’s body disintegrated. In the silence that followed, Kyrie used the opportunity and hurled one of her daggers at an unsuspecting Slithine. It landed in the creature’s chest and it toppled over.

“Attack now,” Kyrie yelled and at once the war waged on. Vissa watched Justin scream in fury as he swung his sword in all directions, striking at many of the enemy. Justin her savior, Justin her protector, Justin her…..friend; he was everything. Dreaming of him these many years has created a bond so strong it could withstand time itself. Her heart filled to overflowing, tears of some indefinable emotion slid down her cheeks.

Agathane watched as many of her men of arms fell and she felt the small taste of bitterness fill her mouth. They think they have beaten me back, but they are wrong. She turned her back on the scene before her and pulled out a silver box from inside her cloak. She opened the lid and looked at the black ash inside.

“I release you from your prison, Borgols. Be free to do my bidding once more.” The Borgols shimmered out of the box to stand in front of Agathane. With an army of twenty, she knew they would prevail where the rest of her army has failed her.

“Let my mind be your eyes and strike out at all those who chose to rise up against me.” They vanished into a thick cloud of black smoke that descended to the valley below the peak where Agathane stood. At once, they transformed back into warriors and went on a quick attack. Immediately, Justin and Vissa’s army began to fall under the might of the shadow warriors. They tried to pierce the Borgols, but they were untouchable. Any weapon that came close to their forms passed through them like smoke. They then solidified once more to go back on the attack. With their massive swords, they were able to strike down three or four warriors with one swing.

“What are they?” Justin wanted to know as he witnessed the utter failure of a Chrysaur who attempted to attack one of the Borgols. The shadow warrior quickly vanished into black smoke and reformed behind the golden warrior; cleaving him in two with its sword.

“Borgols,” Kyrie replied as she took down two Gorgons and a Slithine. “Shadow warriors that was imprisoned because they were unstoppable. She has made the wrong move this time.”

“What do you mean?” Justin saw Nik rush over to help another Chrysaur as he battled a Borgol.

“They do not recognize friend from foe. Their unquenchable thirst for blood will have all falling beneath their swords. She thinks that her power will control them, but she is wrong.” More and more of their army was being eliminated and Kyrie felt a wave of frustration wash over her.

“By the gods, why is she not doing anything?” The speed at which their army was depleting had Kyrie flying high into the sky. “We have to have a talk.” With that, she raced off and Justin stared after her blankly before defending himself from a Slithine attack.

Vissa saw that the tide was turning in Agathane’s favor. Fear filled her at the thought of returning to her icy imprisonment. It was something she could not bear. Resolution began to replace the fear. She knew that if they lost this war, she will not live to see another sunrise. A fierce wind kicked up from above and she looked up to see Kyrie descending towards her.

“Grab my hand, highness.” Kyrie reached out a hand and Vissa grasped onto it. They immediately soared above the plains and hovered to look down below. “These are your people; they are fighting for freedom, yes. They are also fighting for you.”

“Do you think that I do not know that? There is nothing I can do to help.”

“Yes there is. You must destroy the Borgols.” Vissa gaped at Kyrie when she made this statement.

“How can I defeat the warriors of shadow? I am just one person.”

“Yes and there was just one person who was connected to you from the beginning. This one person has chosen to stand by your side and place his faith in you. One person can move mountains, forge an empire, defeat an army.” They both looked down at Justin who was fighting fiercely with the others.

“He has come from a world we do not share.” Kyrie turned Vissa to face her. “He left those who he loves most behind and came to rescue you. He did this because he believed in justice; he believed in goodness, he believed….”

“He believed in me,” Vissa finished softly as tears stung her eyes. By everything that’s sacred, she hated crying.

“Only you can turn the tide of this war, highness. The choice is yours.” Kyrie lowered them both to the ground, nodded in Vissa’s direction and rushed back into battle. Vissa bit her lower lip in indecision as she watched how magnificently Justin was fighting. A sharp pain pierced her heart and she realized how much she liked him. She did not want to let him down in any way. Vissa gripped the Omnicrone jewel in her hand as tears trekked down her cheeks.

“Help me, father,” she whispered and the jewel began to glow. “Help me to help him, for I like him so much.” She ripped the chain from around her neck and raised the jewel high in the air. “Litonus-Orion-removo-encarta-magicka.” The words fell off her lips as if they were waiting for her to say them. “Orion-litonus-evilini-spiritus-seno-encarta-eternium.” A beam of white light shot from the jewel and pierced a cloud in the air. The cloud swelled with the purity of the light from the Omnicrone jewel and it shot blasts upon the Borgols.

Shrieks of agony came from the Borgols as the light was dissipating their forms to nothingness. Agathane’s eyes flared in shock as she witnessed their final downfall. She negatively shook her head as anger erupted throughout her being. Kyrie clasped her hands together in the air and a blue orb surrounded her hands. She split them apart and the orb shot out like bullets at the remainder of Agathane’s army.
They started to fall under the light of Omnicrone and Kyrie’s power. Some escaped and fled with their lives and Kyrie looked around for Agathane.

Agathane rose from the peak and flew high above them in the air. A black light formed around her in a circular motion. Kyrie shot her magicks but was unable to pierce the dark light’s armor. With her hands glowing golden, Kyrie fired shot after shot at Agathane but it was repelled. Vissa used the light of the Omnicrone and it pierced through her orb to strike a fatal wound near Agathane’s heart. She gave a shriek of pain as blood gushed out. Agathane covered it with her hand to staunch the flow.

“You think you have triumphed over me?” She spat the question as she watched the heroes try to reach her. Her eyes alighted upon Justin and she smiled through the pain. “Defeating me was only one obstacle. I will destroy what you love most in the other line.” With that, the orb began to shrink until she disappeared.

Cheers rang out from everyone as they realized they’ve won the war. Justin stood shell shocked as the truth of Agathane’s words finally hit him. He screamed aloud in fear and all became quiet. Kyrie, Vissa and Lalana rushed to his side.

“What is the matter, Justin?” Vissa asked as she reached him. Justin started to collapse but Harmon grasped him in his arms. Justin looked at them all, wide eyed.

“She has my parents,” he whispered as fear moved over his face. “Agathane has my parents.”

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