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Chapter 16: Whispers in The Between (5)

“Agatha, come to the mirror.” The handheld mirror on Agatha’s dresser turned completely black before a white mist arose. Agathane’s face appeared inside of it. “Agatha, I need you now!”

She heard footsteps shuffling down the hall before Agatha appeared in the doorway. Agatha looked at Agathane in the mirror and noticed her urgency.

“Sister Agathane, what’s the matter?”

“Agatha, I am in desperate need of your assistance. Time is relatively short to explain fully. Will you help me?”

“Is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine, I just need-”

“You know if you’re in trouble sister, I will help you.”

“Yes, that is why I-”

“And if you need me for anything, all you have to do is ask.”

“That is what I am trying to do now-”

“I just want to make sure that all is fine. Is everything al-”

“Everything is fine!” Agathane glared at Agatha before closing her eyes and breathing deep. She opened them once more and looked at Agatha. Smiling, she raised a hand in supplication.

“My dear sister, I know how much you care. I know that you only wish to help me and that is why I am calling upon you now. For us to be together in Hytine, I require your help.” Agathane smiled at Agatha sweetly. Agatha was so engrossed with her words that she failed to notice the cool calculation in Agathane’s dark eyes.

“You need me to be in Hytine?” A moment of hesitation came before Agathane nodded in agreement.

“Touch the mirror sister. If you wish to join me here, you must touch the mirror.”

“Don’t you want to meet up at the cottage? I’ll walk inside the full length mirror and meet you there. Then we can-”

“We do not need to meet there for you to come here. All you need to do is touch the mirror, Agatha.”

“I just don’t understand how it’ll be that-”

“Agatha,” Agathane snapped, anger twisting her features into a grotesque form.“Do as I say and touch the mirror! This will be your final chance!”

“I will touch the mirror, sister. If that is what you want.” Agatha walked over to the dresser. After a short pause, she slowly raised her hand and touched the cool glass of the mirror with her palm. A flash of heat stung her palm and she gasped in agony. Agatha tried to remove her hand but was unable to. Agathane cackled in delight as she disappeared from the mirror. Her black powers covered Agatha’s hand and she realized that she made a grave mistake in trusting Agathane.

The black magic seeped into her skin and traveled along the veins in Agatha’s arm. She writhed in painful misery as it ran along the veins in her throat before darkening her face. It swirled in a circle around her brain before settling as a black mark on her forehead. It was a symbol of two stars, one inside of the other. Agatha felt another entity inside of her and realized it was Agathane.

“What have you done to me?” Agatha gasped as she struggled in vain to remove Agathane’s spirit from inside of her body. In robotic movements, she released the mirror and walked jerkily to the entranceway.

“Now we are finally together as you always wanted,” Agathane replied from Agatha’s lips. Agatha screamed in horror at the alien feelings of having two beings inside of one body.

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