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Chapter 17: The End?

Justin wanted to weep and rage at the thought of that wicked woman imprisoning his parents. He wanted to rip out her heart and feed from it. There were so many dark thoughts invading his mind that his eyes began to turn black with the images in his brain. Kyrie grasped his shoulders and stared at the transformation that was happening.

“He is changing.” She turned to the others that surrounded them. “We need to pull him back from the precipice he is close to diving off of.” Vissa shoved Kyrie aside and flew into Justin’s arms. She wrapped her arms tight about him and laid her forehead against his.

“Do not do this Justin. You are letting her win by changing into something that is not your nature. You do not have it in you to be wicked. Step back from this.”


Justin felt the darkness slowly encompassing all that he was. He was gladly welcoming the change at first. Then he heard a whisper of light in his mind. Where was that whisper coming from? Justin decided to ignore it as the black of his rage poured into him like crude oil. He looked around, wondering where he was. The urge to move was strong, but he hesitated. It was then that he heard a voice.

“Feel like doing some damage, boy? Feel the need to discuss some things?” A form of his father stepped out of the darkness. Eye sockets completely black, the figure slowly began to approach Justin. Shivering, Justin started to retreat and realized that he couldn’t move. What was wrong with his legs?

“Leave me alone,” he whispered at the monster impersonating his father.

“What did you say, boy?”

“Leave me alone.” The figure laughed in a deep dark voice that echoed eerily. The darkness began to rise inside of Justin and he raised his fists. As the monster stepped up close to him, Justin struck out and connected with the monster’s cheek.

“You never were good for nothing,” the figure said as he spat out blood. “Should have done you in long ago, would have saved me the trouble of raising you.”

“I said leave me alone,” Justin screamed and pummeled the figure as his rage pumped steadily throughout his system. With every blow he landed, he felt himself slipping into a deep void. Terrorized, he tried to find a way to free himself. He heard the voice again.

“Justin, please step back from this darkness,” Vissa whispered in Justin’s mind. “You need to return back to us.”

Justin stopped hitting the dark figure, turning to run from the temptation. He started to reach out to that voice, aching to escape the darkness.

“Justin, please come back to us. We need you here in order to help you rescue your parents. Step back into the light and we will face this together.”

Justin felt an alien hand gripping his soul tightly to drag him into the mire of all that was evil. He envisioned a sword in his mind and one appeared in his hand. He ran to the hand that was holding on to the essence of him and attacked it. With every blow that was struck, he felt the light enter into him more and more. With a shriek of rage that sounded like it came from two throats, the hand finally released him and disappeared.


Justin gasped and shook his head clear. Vissa looked into his green eyes and saw that the darkness had receded. She laughed weakly in relief and stepped back from Justin’s embrace.

“Are you alright?” She asked this quietly so no one else would hear. Justin looked into her blue gaze and smiled.

“Yes I am. Thank you, Vissa.” After a moment, he pulled his gaze away from hers and looked at the rest of the group. “We have to go and rescue them.”

“Yes, of course. We must rid ourselves of the two once and for all.” Kyrie gathered up weapons as she said this. The main group began to follow her lead. The elves, Harmonts, dwarves and other creatures that battled alongside them began to leave to spread the tale of the battle of Hytine and Agathane’s downfall.

“How we be travelling to the lad’s world?” Harmon grabbed his axe as well as a sword and a dagger from Agathane’s fallen army. Kyrie turned to him with a small smile.

“We will take the journey that he once took that brought him to Hytine.”

“From where did he arrive?” Nik asked as he picked up a sword, shield and throwing knives. He grabbed a dagger and handed it to Kyrie. Their eyes locked for a moment before she turned away. She walked over to where Justin was choosing between a crossbow and a mallet. Grabbing the hammer like weapon, she placed it in Justin’s hand.

“Where did you arrive from, young Justin?” she asked softly. Justin looked up into her violet gaze before turning and pointing towards the peak where Agathane once stood.

“There’s a cave beneath that peak. That’s where I came from.” They all turned and gazed at the direction Justin was pointing.

“Then that is where we must go.” Kyrie began walking in that direction. The others followed along. They walked around those who fell in battle along the way. Justin looked up at the Hyrone flowers who returned back to the plains. At once, the bodies of the fallen disappeared and Justin stood in awe of the Hyrone’s power. He remembered meeting them when he first arrived.

You are going home.

Yes I am. I shall miss this place.

Until you meet it once again.
Justin’s brow wrinkled as he stared at the Hyrone in confusion.

What do you mean?

You shall miss Hytine until you meet it once again. Farewell young warrior.
The echo of goodbye whispered through all the Hyrone and Justin shook his head as he continued on. They reached the cave and looked up at it. Justin began to climb and the others followed suit. They stood inside the mouth of the cave and Justin looked into the dark interior.

“Shall we go?” He made a move to walk inside the cave but Lalana placed a hand on his arm. He stopped and looked in her direction to see her sadly smiling at him.

“This is where we part ways.” A tear leaked out and slid down her cheek. Justin slowly shook his head as he gazed into her eyes.

“What do you mean? You’re coming with us.” He searched her tear-filled gaze and sadness began to envelop him. “Aren’t you?”

“Brudan and I shall remain here and wait for the others to return,” Lalana said softly. Vissa muttered something under her breath, but it was lost on Justin as he continued to stare at Lalana.

“You have to come,” he insisted. “We started on this journey to-“

You started on this journey Justin,” she interrupted him. “You walked off scared and alone, met up with amazing people and showed how unique you really are. You proved yourself time and again with the many dangers you faced. You never gave up on hope or on right. You are truly a wonderful person and I shall miss you with everything that is within me.”

“But I-“Lalana placed a finger on his lips to quiet him. She slowly lowered it and leaned in, pressing her lips against his. Their kiss was innocent and the pureness of it made it all the more sweet. Justin felt a hot wind blow through his body and wonder filled his heart. Lalana stepped back from him and looked into his eyes.

“I shall miss you, Justin Devonshire. Do not forget me.”

“I won’t.” She walked off to stand next to Brudan, who nodded in Justin’s direction. Justin returned the nod and both siblings hugged Kyrie before she began to whisper in fairine. A white orb surrounded the nine travelers and they were whisked away into the interior of the cave. Their journey was swift and they all shot out of the tunnel, landing onto the forest floor with their weapons scattered about them. Groaning, they sat up and looked around.

“Why is the air so heavy?” Lyssa asked before she let out a small shriek.

“What is the matter, Lyssa?” Lyon asked as he saw her staring at them wide eyed.

“You do not have wings. Chimon is no longer a Centaur and Rendar looks like…..” They all looked at each other and saw that Lyssa was right. Chimon was dark skinned with silver eyes and black hair; but he stood on two legs instead of four. He was wearing black pants and a silver shirt.

The fairies no longer had wings on their backs and Kyrie’s ethereal beauty was dimmed. Lyssa and Lyon didn’t have pink and green skin any longer, but their hair remained that color. The three of them wore tan slacks and shirts that matched their eyes: green for Lyssa, pink for Lyon and violet for Kyrie.

Nik’s skin lost its golden tone and he was now tanned to a warm bronze. He was decked out in blue jeans, a white shirt and a gold sweater. His golden hair was pulled back in a tail that reached his back.

Rendar’s hair was shaggy and his beard was extremely bushy. His moustache was drooping past his lips and his arms and legs were hairy. Wearing blue jeans and a red chambray shirt, he was the image of a rough woodcutter.

“We are mortals,” Rendar spat, light green eyes flashing fire. “What we are in our world is hidden amongst this one.” Kyrie closed her eyes and whispered to herself. She let out a growl of frustration as she opened her eyes.

“By the goddess, I have no magic in this world.” The word sounded and felt different than if she had said it in Hytine and all of the travelers, except Justin, felt the loss.

“There’s no such thing as magic,” Justin responded and they all looked down at him. He was wearing the same yellow t-shirt and navy shorts that he wore when he was spirited to their world. “On Earth, there’s no such thing.” He slowly stood and looked around the forest. They all gathered their weapons before looking around as well. Justin began walking and the others followed. Chimon and Rendar stumbled along the way before finally getting the hang of walking on two legs. They exited the trees and saw a dirt road that went in two directions.

“Which way shall we go?” Vissa asked as they looked both left and right. Justin pointed to the left before looking at the group.

“This is the way to Agatha’s cottage. We’ll take this road and ambush her place.” They walked along the road, heading to Agatha’s cottage. The wind was still and they couldn’t hear any insects alerting their presence. Even the birds halted their sweet songs as they travelers walked on. They finally encountered Agatha’s one story abode. Advancing slowly, they all scanned for danger. They noticed that the front door was standing ajar.

“It be like they be inviting us inside,” Harmon whispered. Kyrie raised her arm, a silent gesture for the group to stay where they were as she slowly approached the door. Justin shook his head and began to pursue her. Kyrie frowned and turned in his direction. She pointed towards him before pointing at the group. Justin shook his head again, his face settling into stubborn lines. Kyrie rolled her eyes in exasperation before allowing Justin to trail her. The others followed along and she threw her hands up in the air.

A slight wind rustled the leaves, making them twirl and dance in the air as the group climbed the porch steps. Justin gave the open door a small shove and they all looked inside the interior.

“So where is she?” Lyon asked softly as they stood in the entranceway.

“I don’t know but wherever she is, she has my parents.” Justin brushed past the group and stepped inside. “How can we find them?”

“With the Omnicrone,” Vissa said as she held up the pulsating jewel. She turned in all directions and noticed that the jewel pulsed more rapidly when she turned towards the left. Vissa headed in that direction and they all followed. They heard heavy breathing and saw that the darkness inside Agatha’s cottage was unnatural. Vissa led them towards the kitchen and Justin saw swirling blackness formatting in a corner of the room.

“Agatha,” Justin screamed at the dark. “Come out and face me. Isn’t this what you wanted?” Hearing a painful gasp, Justin felt his hand along the wall for a light switch. Flicking it on, they saw Agatha staring wide eyed at them.

“Help me,” she whispered and dropped to her knees. She clawed at her throat and they watched silently as her face contorted. Agathane’s face appeared and she stared them down.

“You will have to destroy us to rescue your parents.” Her eyes rolled in their sockets and she hissed in a language that none of them understood.

“What did you do to her?” Justin asked and he felt an amazing stir of pity well inside of him. Agathane smiled as she stiffly rose to her feet.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“You’re trying to take over. You’re trying to take control over Agatha’s body.” Agathane bowed her back with a scream of rage and dropped to her knees again. She melted away as Agatha appeared.

“Yes she is,” Agatha whispered and she looked up at them out of tear filled eyes. “She planned this from the beginning. She never had any intentions of sharing power. I loved her with everything that was in me; but she didn’t return those feelings.”

“When did you first notice that she existed?” Kyrie asked as she crossed over to Agatha’s side.

“I’ve had dreams….all my life about….dark woods….white mist….cottage that filled me….safe haven.” The words seemed to get choked back until she forced them out of her throat. “Doesn’t want me….talking about….rather silence me….forever.” Gasping, she tried to reach for Kyrie as she fell to the ground. Her body twisted with convulsions before lying still. They all moved in closer, thinking that maybe she died. A chuckle escaped from her prone form and Agathane looked up at them.

“It makes you wonder why people have accomplices at all, does it not.” Everyone backed away as she struggled up to her feet. “She really was a simple creature after all.”

“Do you mean that Agatha’s-“Justin began before being interrupted.

“Gone,” Agathane finished for him and they looked at her. “She really could not face the truth in the scheme of things. It made her most unhappy when she was confronted with it.”

“She loved you,” Vissa said and felt pity well up at the thought of the lonely woman being used by a manipulative, heartless creature.

“Which helped me attain my goals more quickly than if her emotions were less than that. I really did appreciate the help from her.” Her eyes found a hanging mirror and she gave a ladylike snort. “Though to walk around in this hideous form, my appreciation levels just went considerably low.”

Agathane turned to them with a small smile. “Now that we have all the pleasantries out of the way,” she raised her arms toward the ceiling. Dark clouds began to form and swirl as her power pulsated around the room. Kyrie and the others from Hytine gaped in shock that she still retained her powers. She laughed at the looks on their faces. “My powers are more mighty than your own, have you not realized that by now?”

Chimon raced over to her with a sword rose; pointed towards piercing her flesh. She lowered her hands and shot her magicks at him, repelling him and sending him flying. The others went on the attack but without their powers, they couldn’t defeat her. Justin and Vissa held back as the others kept charging Agathane.

“They will not destroy her this way,” Vissa stated. “With their lack of powers, they will be defeated.”

“So what can we do?” Justin asked. “How can we defeat her if they don’t have powers?” Justin couldn’t believe this was happening. How did she keep her powers when Kyrie couldn’t? It was so unfair. Evil couldn’t be allowed to win. Vissa turned him around.

We will defeat her, once and for all.”

“You mean the two of us, together?” Vissa nodded and Justin looked at the Omnicrone shining brightly. Realization dawned as he realized that she still had her powers as well. Hope stirred within him and he smiled in savage delight. “Yes, we will.”

Justin pulled his sword out of its sheath and turned. “Step aside, the one who’ll bring her down is me.” They all looked in his direction and Agathane laughed.

“Do you think you can defeat me? Do you really think that you, a young lad of no consequence or ability, will be able to best me?”

“I remember one of your henchmen saying something like that to me before.” Justin stood in the fighter’s stance as he looked into her mad eyes. “He’s no longer among your deserters as he tasted defeat by my hand. The time for talking is long over.” He taunted by crooking his finger at her.

With a snarl, Agathane shot her magicks in Justin’s direction. Swinging his sword in a circle, he deflected her powers and they shot back at her. She hissed in agony as her arm blackened and withered with her dark powers. He grabbed his mallet with his left hand and went on the attack. He landed a blow on her shoulder, shattering the bones entirely. Agathane felt complete shock as she jumped out of the way of another crushing blow. She shot her magicks with her uninjured right hand and he dodged it once again. The sword acted like a shield, only this time she moved in time before her magicks attacked her once again.

“How,” she gasped out as agony washed over her in waves. “How are you able to block my magicks? You do not have any ability-“

“Enough talk.” Justin dodged another shot by spinning; bringing him close to Agathane. He thrust his sword and it sank into the middle of her chest. “Vissa, do it now!”

Vissa clasped her hands together in prayer fashion. “Litonus-Orion-removo-encarta-magicka.” Agathane shrieked as the blade turned a blinding white. “Orion-litonus-evilini-spiritus-seno-encarta-eternium.” The power of Omnicrone left the blade and entered Agathane’s chest wound. Glowing brightly from within, the white magicks shot from her eyes and mouth as she screamed in horror.

“This cannot….be happening.” In a voice that resonated, Agathane’s body imploded until nothing but the black dress Agatha was wearing remained.

“Didn’t I tell her that she was going to lose?” Justin laughed softly and Vissa joined in. He turned his head and gazed into her blue eyes. “Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” She asked as she tilted her head in inquiry.

“Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for allowing me to destroy her even though she brought you much heartache.” Vissa turned and grabbed the Omnicrone jewel from his sword.

“There are no thanks required. She was an evil that had to be removed from humanity.” Kyrie walked over to the two of them and smiled.

“You two defeated her. I am truly proud of the both of you.” She turned in Justin’s direction. “You have grown strong and I await the man you will become. He will be exceptional.” Justin smiled as he blushed. Kyrie turned back to Vissa and lowered one knee to the ground. The others did the same and they bowed to Vissa.

“We welcome the true ruler of Hytine. We promise to serve under your liege and forever protect you and yours through eternity.”

“Thank you.” Vissa said graciously, “You may rise.” They all stood and she turned to Justin. “We have had a wonderful adventure.”

“Yes we did, didn’t we?” Justin scanned all their faces and smiled in remembrance of his first encounters with all of them.

Lyssa and Lyon: “What is this?” he wondered aloud.

“This is nothing but me, young man.” The young girl floated closer to him and did a small curtsy. “My name is Lyssa, and I want you to know how hon-“

“Lyssa, telling tales can get you into lots of trouble,” a second voice interrupted. Justin turned his head in the direction the voice came from and saw a pink light dash up to the two of them. Up close, he saw that it was a boy.

Harmon: “So ye be laughing at our sign, eh? Think it be a funny thing that we dwarves named a street ‘miniature’?” Justin halted his laughter and straightened. He turned in the direction the voice came from.

Standing beside the fence of one of the houses, a small muscular man with wild red hair and bright green eyes was watching Justin candidly. Wearing brown pants, a white billowy shirt and buckled black shoes, he looked like a diminutive, harmless pirate. “Nothing to say now do ye, laddie? Yer laughter has run dry now, does it?”

“I’m sorry, but I just thought it was a little funny, sir. Surely you can get the joke, why else would you put that up? Are you Harmon, sir?”

“That I am, laddie. Harmon Harbuckle be me name and woodcutting be one of me games. Pleased I am to meet you, me bucko.” Harmon bent at the waist in greeting before slowly approaching Justin. “Now that ye be here, we can go on and right what be wrong with the place.”

Kyrie: “Yes, you are fine. You are safe, for now.” Hearing that voice that was in his head earlier, Justin rolled onto his back and sat up. He looked at Harmon, who was now kneeling on one knee and bowing deeply. Justin turned in the direction the voice came from and couldn’t believe his eyes.

He saw a beautiful woman with porcelain skin, golden shimmering hair that fell to her waist and violet eyes. She was dressed in a sparkling silver gown that swept along the forest floor. Completely enchanted, Justin gaped at her in shock and spied the clear, luminous wings that moved to and fro on her back.

“I am Kyrie, Queen of the Fairies.” She grabbed folds of her gown with her graceful hands and curtsied deep. “Welcome to Hytine.”

Nik: “Rescue the princess and you will be able to return to your world,” a voice spoke from within the darkness and Justin looked around, trying to see who it was.

“Help me! Please,
help me!” A vine from the ground grabbed his ankle and he fell down hard. He cried out as his back pain returned.

“Why should I help you when you cannot help yourself?” Justin saw a flash of gold near some rotted trees. He strained his eyes and saw a golden man standing there.

“Who are you?” he asked and the man emerged from the trees, standing there watching as Justin’s “mother” finally caught up to him. She bent low to capture him and he kicked her in the stomach, causing her to fall to the side with a muffled oath. “I need your help!”

“The only person who can help you is yourself. Now free yourself from this!” Golden eyes glowed as they watched Justin slam “Patricia’s” face into the ground, hard enough to shatter her cheekbone.

Rendar: “It is possible for one with such power as hers.” A rough voice growled and they turned to look behind them. A giant wolf with black fur and a white underbelly crouched in the snow, light green eyes looking at them. Justin felt fear bloom inside of him as he noticed how big the wolf was, it was the size of a horse.

“Who is this?”

“This is Rendar, King of the wolves.

Chimon: Justin slowly opened his eyes and saw four spindly legs in front of him. He tilted his head and noticed the wolf that almost attacked them was lying on its side. Justin breathed a small sigh of relief that the terror had passed. Justin looked up at the legs and body of a horse but had the head, arms and torso of a man. Justin had heard about Centaurs before but never encountered one, until now. The Centaur had silver fur on its body, a mane of black hair and light silvery eyes. The eyes regarded Justin steadily as he leaned down to gather the two of them up. He deposited them onto his back and looked at them.

“You two had best hold on tight. This is going to get bumpy.”

Vissa: “Hello, Justin,” a voice said behind him and he turned to find a beautiful young girl with rich brown hair and soft blue eyes watching him steadily. Garbed in a soft blue woolen dress to match her eyes, she was a vision sitting on the grass beside a large tree. She smiled sweetly at him as he stood and crossed over to her.

“How do you know my name? Where are we?”

“This is our between, the one that we both share.”

“This is our between, what is that supposed mean?”

The memories filled him with warmth and happiness. He looked back to Vissa once again. “I shall treasure every moment of meeting you all. It was an eye opening experience.”

“We are glad to have met you as well, young Justin.” Nik grasped one of Justin’s shoulders and smiled down at him. “You are going to be a fine warrior one day.”

“We have no warriors here, but thank you.” Vissa held a hand up for silence as she stepped closer to Justin.

“The time for us to leave has arrived.” She smiled into his eyes as he frowned. “I…I would like it if you returned to Hytine with us.” Justin stood speechless for a moment as he gazed at her. Return to Hytine to live there forever? He felt a twisting combination of joy and sadness. Thinking of his mother, sadness quickly encompassed the joy.

“I would love to; truly I would.” Justin looked at them all through eyes filled with tears. “I must stay. My mother would never understand and I can’t be apart from her. Besides, there’s something that I need to do.” He walked to Vissa and grabbed her in a fierce embrace. “This is where I belong.”

“There is nothing I can say to persuade you?”

“No, there isn’t. I’m sorry.” Vissa slowly returned the embrace.

“No need for apologies. We shall not have that between us. I shall miss you, so much.” She leaned back in his embrace and he saw tears sliding down her cheeks. He didn’t notice that his tears have already fallen. Before Justin could open his mouth to respond, Vissa leaned in and captured his lips with her own.

The world shimmered around them. The serene forest of their between kept trying to come into existence from the real world in which they stood. Justin could hear birds trilling out a beautiful song as they shared this experience of wonder. His heart filled to bursting and his head was light. A warm wind blew in from the open door and swirled around the two of them. The fresh scents of fallen leaves and rain invaded their senses. It was as if worlds upon worlds cheered for them and approved.

“Know that I will always be with you.”
Vissa’s voice whispered in his mind and Justin’s brow wrinkled in thought. The wind kicked up its power fiercely and Vissa was ripped from his embrace. He reached out a hand to recapture her, but was unable to as he was swept away. He tried calling out to her and the others but the wind slapped the words back down his throat.

“Know that I will always be with you, my Justin.”
The wind transformed into a cyclone that carried Justin high into the sky. He wanted to scream in terror but was unable to do so as he tumbled about in the eye of the wind storm. The wind howled in his ears, close to shrieking as it sent him along his way and he landed………

Justin shook his head clear as he gazed about him on the grassy hillside. The sun was shining high in the sky and the scent of violets filled his nostrils.

“Justin, are you alright dear?” Patricia asked softly and he turned in her direction. She sat on the picnic blanket next to his father and smiled a little uncertainly. “Is anything wrong?”

Justin shook his head in the negative as he turned his head to see his father regarding him intensely. He didn’t understand why he felt such immense relief in seeing them. A thought tried to process itself but was swept away. Justin shrugged as he crawled to where his mother was sitting and enveloped her in a hug.

“Why Justin, whatever is the matter?” Justin just shook his head again and tightened his embrace.

“Nothing,” he whispered into his mother’s neck and inhaled her scent. After a moment, he leaned back and cleared his throat. “I just need to speak to Father for a moment, if you don’t mind.”

“Well,” Patricia stalled as fear and uncertainty passed over her face. Donald waved her away and she
quickly stood, walking off to the edge of the cliff to give them privacy.

“There something you want to say to me, boy?” Donald looked at his son, watching as he stood up.

“I’m tired of the punches,” Justin began, belly quivering with nerves. “You…you treat us, the ones who love you, like punching bags. We do nothing to deserve that treatment.”

“Now you listen here-“

“No Father,” Justin interrupted in a shaky voice. His whole body started to tremble at the repercussions of his words. “You need to listen; you need to understand that I’m not going to take it anymore. I won’t let you hurt me or Mother ever again.”

You won’t let me?” Donald asked softly, but he looked confused as he watched his son. The soft tone had Justin hunching up his shoulders, but after a deep swallow, he straightened them.

“Yes, I won’t let you hurt us again. If you do, I’ll call the police on you. I swear it.” Justin sank to his knees to look his father in the face. “All we ever did was love you and you took out your anger over your job on us. We didn’t deserve that from you. What kind of father are you to me?”

“Justin,” Donald gasped as shock covered his face. After a moment, shame began to replace the shock and he looked away.

“I remember when I used to be happy to be around you. Now, I pray for the day that I can get away from you.” Donald quickly looked at his son again as hurt bloomed inside of him. He realized he needed to hear this.

“I-I never knew you felt that way,” he mumbled as Justin continued to stare at him.

“If I had told you how much I loathed you, I would have gotten a beating. Wouldn’t I have?”

“Justin, you can’t loathe me, I’m your father.”

“You weren’t much of one when you started losing hours. You changed and turned on us.”

“I’m…so sorry,” Donald whispered as he hung his head. “I didn’t know what else to do and I-“

“You could have looked for another job,” Justin fired back as the courage of Hytine gathered inside of him. No matter what, this conversation needed to be spoken. “You could have talked to your boss about getting more hours. Instead, you chose the coward’s way and attacked those who loved you.”

Donald flinched from the disgust in Justin’s eyes. He couldn’t believe how far gone his relationship with his son was.

“You’re right,” he sighed, raking a hand through his shaggy mane. Tears leaked out of his eyes and he looked at Justin squarely. “Words can’t express how sorry I am. I know it won’t make up for all that I’ve done to you and your mother. But, I’m asking for a second chance. Please Justin, give your old man another chance to do things right. I’d be lost without you and Patricia.”

Justin stared at his father’s bent head, hearing the harsh weeping. He wanted to turn away from him, a part of him desperately wanted to turn his back. The constant love though, that made him place a hesitant hand on his father’s shoulder. It made him accept the hug that he was quickly enveloped in. It made him sob openly as he clung to his father, both of them rocking in the open air. Justin knew it was a start, it was a fresh start for the three of them and everything was going to be fine.

Yes, everything will be perfectly fine, for the moment.
The thought popped out of nowhere, so Justin chose to dismiss it as a pink orb and green orb flew pass them and headed into the forest.

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