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Chapter 2: Whispers in The Between

The darkness of the void, the between, whispered with restlessness. All nightmares, bad ideas and thoughts of the insane travelled and got trapped in this between. This between that was shared with two co-conspirators. Many people have a between that links them with another, but most never pick up on it and it becomes lost in the worlds the living.

“The boy, it’s the boy. The boy has finally arrived,” the first voice whispered out of that darkness.

“It does not matter, because he does not know anything,” a second voice answered the first.

“But the prophecy, with the boy’s arrival, the prophecy has a chance of becoming.”

“It does not matter, because he does not know anything.”

“The boy needs to be taken care of, or they’ll sense his presence and come after him. When they do, hope will arise once again and they’ll-“

“It does not matter,” the second voice interrupted the first. “Because he does not know anything.”

“It doesn’t matter
what he doesn’t know,” the first voice snapped out angrily with an underline of fear. “With him being here, the prophecy can come true! Do you want to take a chance of all our plans being ruined? The boy must be killed so the prophecy can be destroyed once and for all!”

“And can you do this thing?” The second voice whispered slyly. “Can you take the life of a young boy? Can you look that child in the eye, face his innocence and extinguish it?
Can you?”

“I can do
anything to protect our goals,” the first voice firmly stated after a moment of hesitation. “I will do anything to ensure our survival.”

“Then do so,” the second voice hissed triumphantly; masking the madness hidden underneath. “Kill the boy for our future! You must kill the boy so the prophecy will not be fulfilled! To make sure our goals our successful, you must….kill….that….boy! Kill the boy….kill the boy…”.The second voice faded off in the darkness, whispering that last command.

“I will,” the first voice stated after a long moment. “I will kill the boy.”

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