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Chapter 5: Whispers in The Between (2)

“Sister, I’ve failed. I didn’t kill the boy. The mission is incomplete.” A haunting echo rang out as Agatha waited for a response. “Sister, please respond to me. I’ve failed to kill the boy.”

“What?” Her sister hissed as the darkness filled with wild shrieks and mad laughter at her arrival. “You did not kill the lad?”

“I’m sorry sister, an opportunity presented itself but I missed the chance to get rid of him.”

“You inane simpleton, how can you let this happen? All the talk you gave to meabout being able to destroy him was for naught? You
lied to me!”

“I didn’t lie to you!” Agatha wept harsh, ugly sobs that repeated loudly in the dark. “It was a mistake and I-“

“Pathetic, you are simply pathetic! Tell me, where is the boy now?”

“They came for him. They came and took him over to your world.” In the silence that followed, the rage swelled so thickly it had an odor of its own.

“You stupid fool! What good are you to me now that he is in my world?! I should cast you into the deep pits of purgatory, so that you will-“

“Please forgive me,” Agatha interrupted the tirade. “I didn’t mean to-“

“Does it even matter
now what you meant?! No, what you are is nothing! You are not fit to exist!” After a few deep breaths, silence ensued once again. Nothing could be heard in the deep darkness of their between.

“What should I do now, sister?” Agatha asked timidly, not wanting to incur her wrath once more.

“Where are the parents?” She asked after a moment, disgust of Agatha’s failure evident in her voice.

“They’re at their cottage.”

“Seize them.”

“You want me to-“

“Capture them and imprison them in the closet.”

“You mean-“

“Yes,” she interrupted Agatha a second time. “Trap them into
that closet and wait for further instructions.”

“Thank you for your faith in me, sister.”

“Just do as you are told and make no mistakes.” Abruptly, she left the between and Agatha felt her absence keenly.

“No more mistakes,” she whispered to the void.

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