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Chapter 8: Walking to the Plains of Desolation

Justin thoughts were on his parents as they flew through the Forest of Forgetfulness. Well, he was thinking about his mother anyway. Kyrie placed a protective bubble around the group so their thoughts wouldn’t leak out to the evil of the forest. They dodged pass trees and many forms of plant life that were different from what Justin saw on Earth. He was excited about the adventure that will soon begin, he really was, but thoughts of his mother kept intruding. He hoped she wasn’t too worried about him.

Justin’s thoughts were interrupted as Kyrie signaled for everyone to descend to the forest floor. Justin looked around and realized that they were at the entrance to the forest. Kyrie did it. She circled her hands widely and dispelled the protection that surrounded them.

“Sena-encarta milani-thosin gronous-returno.”
A flash of silver light erupted from the ground to cover them and they all instantly grew to human size. “We shall now head for the Plains of Desolation. It is the quickest way to get to where Kyalia is captured.”

“We shall rescue the lassie and all be right in Hytine again. Yer help is greatly appreciated, young Justin.”

“You’re welcome.” He shrugged his shoulders since he had nothing else to say. He felt eyes upon him and turned to see Lalana watching him. She blushed and turned away. They all walked out of the dark forest and into brilliant sunshine. Justin inhaled deeply; he couldn’t believe how clean the air smelled. The many jeweled tones of the flowers that swept along the floor shone magnificently. Birds trilled out their songs in harmony with the tunes of nature.

“So what help will he be to us again, Lalana?” Brudan asked and Justin turned to encounter Brudan’s frowning face.

“As I stated before brother, he will be the major impact to our victory. If we do not have faith in him, he will not have faith in himself and all will be for naught.”

“Thank you, Lalana.” Justin broke his stare with Brudan and looked in her direction. “At least someone believes I can help out.”

“I just do not see how someone as….weak….as you can be of assistance.”

“I’m weak?!” Justin squawked out as he whipped his eyes back in Brudan’s direction. “You don’t know anything about me, you….sissy!”

“Hmm,” Brudan began, looking thoughtful. “What is this “sissy” you decided to call me? Does it mean a hero?”

“I do not think that is what it means,” Kyrie stated as she looked at the glare on Justin’s face. Brudan’s thoughtful expression quickly became a glare as well as he noticed Justin’s look.

“Are you trying to say that I am weak?” Brudan growled as he slowly approached Justin. Justin’s fist clenched at his sides as Brudan strutted his way.

“If the shoe fits,” Justin replied. He wanted to beat Brudan to a pulp; the urge was strong on him. There was a long pause and everyone watched the duo.

“What does that even mean?” Brudan stressed as he turned to the others.

“I’ll tell you what it means-“Justin began with his fist raised, but was interrupted by Lalana.

“It does not matter what it is that he is trying to say, that is not important.” Brudan and Justin glared at each other before, with a deep breath, Justin turned away to face Lalana.

“Thank you, Lalana.”

“Do not thank me. Thank the fates and Orion who guides me.” She brushed past him and headed down the hill, the others following in her direction. “We must be extremely careful through the plains. Step lively so we can reach the tundra as quickly as possible.”

Kyrie smiled with pride as she and the others followed Lalana. They walked on, making stops to refuel with what they can catch and cook over an open fire. Calling for a halt, they unrolled pallets to settle down for the night and Justin made it a point to place his next to Lalana’s.

“You do not have to bunk down next to me, Justin.” She didn’t look at him as she said that.

“I want to because I’d like to talk with you.”

“Well I am trying to rest here.” Lalana threw a quick glance in his direction before rolling over to sleep. Justin watched her for a moment before turning in the other direction, sighing deep. He couldn’t understand why she was so upset with him. Was it because of the kiss on the cheek she gave to him? Thinking about it made Justin blush a little. He had to speak to her in the morning. He needed to know what it was about him that made her mad. Justin stared into the starless night before drifting off into slumber.

Justin, come to me.

Justin scrunched up his face and shook his head in his sleep. He rolled to the other side, arm flailing out before settling next to him.

Come to me, Justin. Come to our between.

Justin dreamed he was flying high in the clouds, only with no wings on his back. He was enjoying soaring over the wonders of nature, when he began to fall. He screamed as he tried to stay in the air, but it was like a force pushing him toward the ground. He kept getting lower and lower until…..

He landed softly in a bed of flowers. Gasping, he quickly sat up to see Vissa seated upon a large stone watching him; wearing a gray dress with white trimming.

“I do apologize, but I feel that we must speak again. Has Kyrie told you the tale of Hytine?”

“Yes, she has.” Justin stood and crossed over to her. Looking into those luminous blue eyes, he felt like he couldn’t look away. “She also told me that you were locked up in a tower. Is that true?”

“Yes it is,” she said as she broke his stare to gaze off into the distance. The mountains in the distance looked blue and white. All the brilliance of the scenery had a hazy mist surrounding it all. It was as if he would walk straight into the mist, he would never return. “It is a trail to know that she is awaiting the anniversary of my birth to do away with me.” Tears welled up and spilled over, sliding down her cheeks. “I count down the days until my doom, and it kills me to know that I may perish.”

“Nothing is going to happen to you.”

“You cannot predict the future, Justin. We all may perish and Hytine will be under the tyrannical rule of evil.”

“Look,” he said and grasped her shoulders to force her to look at him. “I was brought here to rescue you, and that’s what I intend to do. You or any of us will not lose, because we have the force of good on our side.” Vissa reached up to place a hand on Justin’s cheek.

“Kind words of optimism, but until you have been trapped in a frozen wasteland like I have, they offer no comfort.” Vissa continued on but Justin’s concentration was broken by a slithering sound among the grass. The sound had chill bumps breaking out on his skin. What was it that he was hearing?

“Ssssssssss.” Justin released his grip and looked around to see if there was a snake wandering nearby. He didn’t see one and confusion clouded in his mind.

“….Justin, are you listening?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I heard-“

“You heard a Slithine! Hurry, you must awaken!” The sound of sliding across the ground grew louder and Justin’s heart began to pound in his ears. Vissa grabbed him and shook him fiercely. “You must awaken, or you will all be in danger! Awaken, Justin! Awaken!”

Justin heard a scream and thought it was Vissa, but she had vanished. At once, his body was lifted off the ground and he screamed as he began to quickly fly backwards……

Justin woke up with the scream echoing in his head and looked around to see that everyone was awake. He heard Kyrie scream, a scream that matched Lalana’s somewhere in the dark fields. He quickly got up to join the others.

“What’s going on?”

“A Slithine has captured Lalana. I must go and rescue her.” Kyrie walked a few steps, but Brudan rushed over to grip her arms.

“No elder sister, you and your immense powers are needed here to create a form of protection around the campsite. I will go and rescue our sister.”

“I do not wish to lose you as well, Brudan.”

“I shall be safe.”

“You cannot go alone.”

“He won’t be going alone.” Justin walked over to the duo as they turned to watch his approach. “I’ll go with him.” Kyrie smiled but Brudan frowned negatively.

“I do not need you to accompany-“

“But you do if you wish to go off on your own,” Kyrie interrupted as she turned and bent for her knapsack. She slipped her hand inside and produced two silver seeds. Placing one in each palm, she closed her eyes and whispered in fairine. Justin watched as the seeds glowed bright, transforming into swords. The handles were encrusted in jewels, one in emeralds and one in sapphires. The blades were razor sharp and glinted dully in the moonlight. At once, a scabbard was draped across their bodies to sheathe the swords. “You will both need one to defeat the creature that has taken Lalana.”

“Have it your way, elder sister.” Brudan grabbed the emerald encrusted sword before looking in Justin’s direction. “I only ask that you do not get into mine.” He turned and walked off. Justin watched him for a moment before turning in Kyrie’s direction.

“Take the sword Justin. It is my gift for you.” Justin looked at the sword for a second, before grabbing it and lowering the tip to the ground. “You must strike a Slithine in the heart or the neck. Those are the only vulnerable places that they have.”

“I will rescue Lalana. We won’t come back without her.”

“I know that you will not.” She leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. “Be brave young warrior and good luck.” Justin smiled weakly before turning and heading in the direction that Brudan traveled. They both instantly vanished into the darkness. Kyrie stood there staring after them. Lyon placed a hand upon her shoulder as Harmon slowly walked over to join them.

“Do ye think they will be alright?” She stood there silently for a long moment before heaving a huge sigh.

“I do not have the powers of Lalana, so I cannot predict the future as she can.” She slowly looked into Harmon’s face, a slight smile on her lips. “However, I do get the feeling that the two of them needed this for our journey to continue on smoothly.” She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Make that, the three of them.”

The two boys ran swiftly onward, silent as they hunted down the Slithine by the tracks that were made. They made it to a clearing and saw that similar tracks were lined on the ground. Justin became irritated and he looked in Brudans’ direction.

“How are we going to track them now?”

“We will find them,” Brudan said as he lowered to the ground and placed a hand upon it. “Sena-revealo-hidonis-magicka” His hand glowed bright orange before it transferred onto the grass. It swirled there for a moment before picking one of the trails and highlighting it in the bright color. Brudan stood and Justin watched him with envy in his heart. He wished that he could do magic. “Let us go.”

“Lead the way,” Justin muttered as Brudan brushed past him to follow the trail. They continued on the orange path until they reached a woodland forest. “How big is the Forest of Forgetfulness?”

“Why would you think that this is it? Do you not have an abundance of forests in your world?” Justin flushed a little in embarrassment and Brudan smirked at him before they heard a slithering sound coming from deep inside the forest. “From now on we talk only in whispers.”

“That’s fine with me.” Justin entered into the forest and heard deep breathing. He turned to see if it was Brudan, but he shooed Justin along a pathway. “What’s making that sound?”

“The forest breeds many wicked creatures,” Brudan whispered. “In turn, those same creatures breed life into the forest.” Brudan continued on and Justin followed, but slowly. They walked through a grayish fog that snaked along the ground as they heard whispers of the insane. It had a permanent chill running along Justin’s skin to hear the feral mutterings, the maniac laughter and wild weeping. Brudan raised his left hand slightly in the air as he heard a sound travel back to him. Justin halted as Brudan turned to him and signaled him to wait. An owl like creature with four eyes and a long, curved tail hooted out a greeting from a branch next to them. Justin jumped at the sound and glared at the bird before turning his attention back to Brudan.

“I feel that my sister is near,” Brudan whispered softly. “We will attack the Slithine, but be warned: do not look into the creature’s eyes.”


“You will become frozen if you do, now let us move.” They came upon a large tree and Brudan pointed to the right, Justin followed as they circled the base, hearing muffled sobbing. Justin peeked around the tree to see Lalana huddled by another tree as she fearfully kept her eyes on the belly of creature that hovered over her.

Giant green scales ran down the length of its back all the way to the long thick tail that swished back and forth. Its legs were muscular and black, curved like the legs of a dragon but with bristly fur. Justin squinted and saw that its feet consisted of three claws. Brudan tapped Justin on the shoulder and motioned him to follow as they rushed past another tree and ducked behind a bush. It brought them closer to where Lalana was sitting and they heard the raspy breathing of the Slithine.

“Sssssoon, they will come here to resssssscue you and I will conssssssssume you all.”

“They will not come for me. The revolution is more important than one person. They will find your dark leader and destroy her.”

“Do you think ssssssso?” The Slithine cackled and hissed at Lalana, making her cringe. “We shall ssssssssse, will we not?” Lalana defiantly kept her head upright, keeping her eyes on the Slithine’s stomach. Brudan looked over towards Justin, waving two fingers to get his attention.

“Remember: do not look into the creature’s eyes,” Brudan stated in a whisper.

“I remember, but-“

“But what?”


“What is your question?” Brudan hissed as Justin stood wide eyed with his mouth agape. Fear filled his entire being and flashed out of his eyes as he pointed.

“What….” Justin couldn’t form a complete sentence. His mind was frozen with terror so the words he wanted to say stayed trapped between his lips. He had never been more scared in his life. Even the Darkar and his encounter with that creature paled in comparison. He took another look at the Slithine before turning back to Brudan. Impatience shimmering around him, Brudan looked at the slack expression on Justin’s face.

“We…we have….we have…what…”

“What, what is your question?” Brudan snapped in a furious whisper but Justin continued to mumble incoherent words. Sighing with impatience, Brudan placed a hand on Justin’s forehead to read his thoughts.

“We have to fight that creature?”

“Yes, in order to rescue my sister.”

“I don’t think I can do this.”

“This is no time for simpering fools, Justin. If you are any kind of man, you will join me in this fight!”
Rage exploded in Justin, but was quickly doused by the immense fear. Heexhaled deeply and stared at Brudan through glistening eyes.

“I just don’t think I can,” he whispered and Brudan frowned at him.

“You have no choice. You asked to come with me to rescue Lalana, so do so,” Brudan hissed.

“But I-“ Justin’s words died away as Brudan escaped the cover of the bushes and ran straight for the creature. Justin lost his hidden position and it forced him to charge after Brudan, gathering his courage as well. He gripped his sword and fear tight as Brudan rammed the Slithine through with his sword. The Slithine shrieked and whirled around, but Brudan ducked his head, pulling his sword free. Justin saw through squinted eyes that the creature’s belly was covered in the same black fur as its legs. It had the face of a snake, but horns stuck out the sides of its head. Justin watched as the Slithine hissed and swung out with a swipe of its muscular arm. Justin saw that the arms were human like in appearance and bile rose to his throat before he swallowed it back down.

“Do not stand there, attack now,” Brudan yelled as he blocked a blow by the creature’s tail. He spun in fast circles, slicing his sword down the Slithine’s arm as he zoomed past. It shrieked its displeasure as Justin ran at it from behind. Justin pulled his arm back before swinging with all his might. He struck the creature and created a gaping wound along its back. Howling in fury, the creature turned with a glint in its yellow eyes.

“Watch out,” Lalana screamed. Justin got knocked to the side by Brudan and he tumbled to the ground. Justin heard Lalana scream again and he rolled onto his back. Brudan, eyes wide with helplessness, began to turn into stone. It started from his feet, encasing him in concrete as it traveled up his body until he was entirely covered. He became a statue of himself.

Justin stood on wobbly legs as the Slithine cackled in delight. It turned to face him, but Justin turned his head away as he charged. He got knocked down by the creature’s tail and raised the sword as the tail swung up and tried to land upon his body. He rolled right, and then left as blow after blow rained down, failed attempts from the Slithine.

Justin quickly rolled to his feet and charged again, head lowered to avoid the creature’s eyes. He kept on the attack, but each strike was blocked by the Slithine’s lightning fast tail. It laughed at him and hissed.

“Do you think you have any hope in bessssssssting me? You are jusssssssssst a young lad, with no sssssssssssssword training. You will losssssssssssse.” Anger burst forth and Justin screamed in fury as he raised his sword in a high arc. He struck downward and sliced the creature’s tail in half. It screamed in agony and Kyrie’s words floated in Justin’s mind.

“You must strike a Slithine in the heart or the neck; those are the only vulnerable places that they have.”
Justin took his chance with the creature’s distraction and raised his sword shoulder length. He threw it with all his might and a whine whistled out as it flew through the air. It pierced the Slithine’s heart and it shrieked in disbelief.

“No! Thissssssssss cannot be!” Smoke billowed out from the Slithine’s wound and green liquid erupted, spraying Justin in its juices. It fell backwards onto the ground, spasms twitching its body until it was completely still.

“Oh, but it is-ssssss the end for you.” Justin laughed out loud in relief, spitting onto the dirt and wiping his face of the green slime. “Do you get it? How I hissed the word “is” because of how it-“Justin turned and saw Lalana rush over to her brother’s side.

“This cannot be. This cannot be happening.” Lalana caressed her hands over Brudan’s stone face. Closing her eyes tight, she whispered in fairine and her hands glowed golden. The glow surrounded the entire stone before disappearing.

“No, no it has to work,” she cried. “It must work. Release my brother unto me.” She tried again and again with the same results. Sobbing, she slid down to the ground by her brother’s feet. Justin walked over and sat down next to her.

“Is there something that we can do?”

“My magicks is unable to return him to how he was,” she sniffled. “I cannot help my beloved brother.” Justin sighed and tentatively placed a hand on Lalana’s shoulder. When she didn’t move or knock it aside, he patted softly.

“What can I do to help?” He asked softly.

“Why would you want to?” She sniffled again as she looked in Justin’s direction before looking down to the ground. “There is no tie to us for you to want to give aid. You do not know either of us, so why offer to help?”

“There is a tie, Lalana.” She lifted her head to stare into Justin’s eyes. “There is the tie of friendship. So what can I do to help?”

The word whispered through the forest and slipped into Justin’s mind. “Believe in her, believe in the magick. Believe.”

“I do not know what you can do,” Lalana stressed. “I do not know what I can do.”

“I do.” Justin stood and bent down to help Lalana to her feet. “Believe in yourself. Don’t just think you can bring him back, know that you can.”

“I have tried my magicks and it has not-“

“You must believe in yourself, because I believe in you.” Lalana gaped before closing her mouth as she looked up at Justin.

“You do?”

“I do,” Justin said firmly, leaning over to kiss Lalana softly on the cheek. “Try it once again.”

“Alright, I shall try.” She took a bracing breath before turning to Brudan once more. She lifted her hands to his stone face and bent her head. Whispering in fairine, she rubbed up and down. Her hands glowed once more before covering the entire stone in a golden glow. It shone brightly and Justin lifted a hand to block his eyes against the glare. The light disappeared, revealing Brudan still frozen in stone. Lalana screamed in frustration and despair.

“You’ll just have to try-“Justin began but Lalana interrupted him.

“I know this, I need quiet!” She took a step back and raised her right hand towards the sky. “Orion, hear the plea of your beloved daughter! Lend me your magicks and aid me in the return of one whom I love with all that is inside of me!” Dark clouds gathered, a white orb appeared and shot down its light, covering Lalana’s entire body through her upraised arm. She lifted her other arm and the white light shout out to hit the stone. The light glowed over Brudan and Justin heard the sound of stone cracking and breaking.
The brilliant light disappeared over both siblings and Brudan gasped in air. Lalana screamed in joy and ran over to his side, embracing him.

“I thought that I would never see you again,” she whispered as Brudan breathed in deep before returned her embrace.

“I am glad that you believed in yourself enough,” Brudan replied. “I have missed your face so.”

“It is because of Orion’s help that I was able to-“

“Lalana,” he sighed, releasing her to cup her face in his hands. “You just needed the inner strength to believe that you can do anything. Orion may have aided you, but you were strong enough to call on Orion for aid.”

“I still know that it is-“

“If you do not believe,” he interrupted her. “You should check your soothsayer’s mark.” Brudan stepped back from her grasp and lifted his hands shoulder high. “Revealo.” A silver shimmery liquid formed between his two hands, creating a mirror like substance. Justin watched as Lalana stepped up close, gasping in shock. He walked over to where the two siblings were standing and saw that the eye on Lalana’s forehead was now bright red.

“How did that happen?” Justin asked as he stared at it in wonder.

“It is because her powers have grown. She has taken the next step to becoming a true soothsayer. I extend my congratulations to you, my sister.” They both smiled at each other before Lalana turned to Justin, hugging him tight.

“Thank you,” she whispered as Brudan clapped his hands, creating silver sparks that floated towards the sky. “If not for your belief in me, I do not think this would have been possible.”

“You’re truly welcome. I’m glad it turned out alright in the end.” Justin broke away from her and walked over to Brudan. He extended his hand towards him. “Glad to have you back.”

“Good to be back,” Brudan responded, grasping Justin’s hand and shaking it. They both smiled in understanding before releasing their grips. “Let us return to our elder sister and then we can continue on with our journey.” They all linked hands, with Lalana in the middle, and walked through the dark forest, taking the path that Brudan and Justin traveled.

The trio left the dense forest to find Kyrie, Lyon and Harmon standing there awaiting them. Lalana and Kyrie both gave a shout of joy as they ran toward each other, embracing warmly.

“I am so glad that you were not harmed,” Kyrie whispered before raining kisses over Lalana’s face, then releasing her. Lalana tried to explain what happened inside the forest, but Kyrie shushed her. “What went on between the three of you stays between you the three of you. However, I will like to extend my blessings on your rise in power. I am so proud of you.”

Kyrie grasped Lalana’s shoulders and kissed both cheeks. “Blessed be, little sister. Blessed be.” Lalana smiled as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Thank you, elder sister. I hope that I will be as gracious and as powerful as you are one day.”

“You will, my beloved sister, you will.” Kyrie stood upright and turned to embrace both Brudan and Justin. “I knew the two of you would return her to us, thank you.” She released them and stepped back. “Let us continue on our journey.” The group of six gathered their belongings and headed west to reach the Tundra of Terror.

Silver hair flowing down her back like a waterfall, black dress clinging to her slim frame, Agathane entered into the Forest of Forgetfulness and surveyed the area with her dark eyes. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the darkness of the forest, making her appear eerily ghost like. She walked on, her goblin Nihmy trailing along behind, holding her staff.

“Where do we goes, mistress?” Blue orb like eyes darted to and fro as the diminutive creature with the leathery skin struggled to hold the staff upright. Dressed in a long brown shirt, brown shoes and a brown hat, Nihmy looked warm and approachable. His sharp teeth and long sharp nails made those who came upon his path know how vicious he could be.

I am going to speak with a few Minotaur’s and Cyclopes, you are here to accompany me by holding and protecting my staff.”

“We be recruiting those kinds of people, mistress? Do us really need-“

“Quiet,” she hissed as she heard a low growl to her left. Agathane clapped her hands once, stretching one out as the Darkar burst forth out of the bushes and greeted her. “There is my beloved one. I see that they have put cruel marks upon my babe.” She lightly caressed the scars that the Darkar carried and it whined in remembered pain. She snarled once in annoyance before turning to head deeper into the forest.

Walking along the forest floor, sinister creatures sensed the approach of possible food as Agathane and her company passed. Through the twisted trees a beast with glowing red eyes watched their trek and followed. Agathane sensed the creature waiting to attack her group and she turned her head slowly in its direction.

“What be happening, missus?” Nihmy asked a little fearfully as he heard a low snarl, followed by a howl. He shivered once as the eyes appeared through the trees.

“I am just wondering what that low creature is planning on doing.” Eyes darkening with her growing power, she turned to fully face the beast watching them. “If you plan on attacking, do so now.” After a moment, the beast sunk back into the inky black, disappearing from her line of vision. Agathane waited a few moments more before continuing on to her destination.

Agathane stood in front of a large dark cave with the Darkar and Nihmy at her side. She held out her right hand and Nihmy handed her the staff. Long, thin wooden sticks entwined together, it held a giant triangular diamond on its end. Agathane gripped it with both hands as she pointed it towards the darkness.

“Light,” she said and the diamond glowed, brightening up the cavern. A roar of anger sounded out from inside the cave. Huge creatures came storming out, giant sized men with one eye, long bushy beards and small ears. They stood close to nine feet and above, towering over Agathane easily. They were accompanied by creatures that had the head and body of a bull but the legs of men. These bull-like creatures stood close to seven feet, which made them shorter than the Cyclopes that they’ve chosen to live with. They all looked around to see who the intruder was and Agathane tapped her staff onto the ground to gain their attention.

“I do apologize for interrupting you, but I need to speak with the leader of both your factions.” They all looked down at her. One blue furred Minotaur with muddy brown eyes left the group and walked over to speak with her.

“Why do you wish to speak with us?”

“Greetings, I am-“

“We know who you are. At one time you were the advisor to the royal family. Now you are ruling Hytine. Why do you wish to speak with us?”

“I would like to recruit you into joining my army. I cannot truly rule Hytine for a couple of weeks more. There are those who wish to stop me from coming into what is due to me. I need an army to defeat the one they are trying to create.” The Minotaur’s and Cyclopes muttered to each other before one Cyclops with a bushy red beard and large blue eye stepped up.

“Why care? We always in dark and no one care. What we get in help to you?”

“Is this something that any of you enjoy?” She asked as she glared at them, the power boiling to the surface in her dark, fathomless eyes. “Do you enjoy hiding in the shadows, in fear of being hunted down by those who fear you? They fear you so they made the choice to destroy you. It is because you are powerful! They knew that if you wizened up enough to stand against them, you would win! It is because you are strong, and the weak always hate the strong!” The tips of her hair began to stand on end as the power radiating from her crackled loudly in the silence.

“Under my rule, all those who were subjugated and forced to hide away from the weak will be free. All of those will roam free in the sunlight! Free to do as they wish, but you must join up with me this instant! When we take down all those who wish to rise up against me, against us, the future will become something that we can mold; together! Hytine shall be for us!”

“For us! For us! For us! For us!” The cheers rang up towards the black sky and Agathane smiled in triumph.

“Who wants to join my army, in the battle for Hytine?” They cheered their agreement and Agathane raised her staff high as the diamond turned black.

Lyssa looked upon this scene with trepidation. She moved quickly, flying from leaf to leaf so she wouldn’t be spotted as she made her way back to Nabo’lan. She heard the whispers of the forest trying to slow her down. Branches that were immovable on her journey here now began to grasp at her clothing to try and capture her. Fighting it off, she finally reached the fairy kingdom. One of the guards guarding the palace saw her and quickly opened the gates.

“Is everything okay, milady?” The guard asked as Lyssa flew straight on through, yelling for them to lock the gates behind her.

“We must gather everyone and evacuate Nabo’lan.”

“What do you mean?”

“Agathane has just recruited the Cyclopes and Minotaur’s to join her army. We must reach Kyrie so I can let her know what I witnessed.” She walked swiftly down the corridor and entered into the Great Hall, the guards trailing after her. “I do not want any fairy left here, so we must all travel together and follow after Queen Kyrie.”


“I was placed as acting Head Advisor for the royal family,” she interrupted as she turned to the protesting guard. “To govern those within these walls while they were away. This is not a request, this is an order. We evacuate Nabo’lan by nightfall.”

“As you wish, milady.” The guards bent to one knee and placed an arm at their foreheads.

“Ring the Bells of Warning, officer.” One of the guards stood and walked out of the hall and up one of Nabo’lan’s tower stairs. He grabbed the rope that hung there and began pulling on it. The bells started ringing inside of the castle and all the fairies stopped what they were doing. Everyone began to enter into their rooms and pack their belongings as the bells rang out along the corridors.

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