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Chapter 9: Whispers in The Between (3)

“Sister, my sister; the one through the mirrored wall. I command upon you now, take heed to my call.” Agathane sat at a vanity table as wild laughter rang out. She took a look over her shoulder, but decided to ignore it as she turned back. To her eyes, she was the epitome of beauty; no one can outshine her. She ran a hand through her silver mane, smiling with pleasure at the vision she saw in the mirror.

When she realized that she didn’t answer her call, Agathane became furious. She stood and whirled, facing the scarred ceiling-to-floor length mirror that hung on the wall in her private chamber. She slowly strolled over and placed her hands upon it.

“Sister, my sister; the one through the mirrored wall. I command upon you now, take heed to my call!!” The mirror turned black and a white mist began to rise on the inside. Agathane touched the mirror and felt that it was cool liquid; holding her breath she stepped inside. She encountered the familiar path and began walking past dark woods and foggy lakes. She reached the simple cottage and let herself inside to see Agatha sitting down on a chair.

“It took you long to respond,” she said as she slammed the door shut. “Never do that again, I call upon you for a reason. Not as a whim as you choose to do.”

“I’m sorry sister; I’ve been real tired these past few nights. I think I might be-“

“It does not matter to me. Have you taken care of that little detail?” She walked over to the fireplace to grab the small mirror that was held there. Picking it up, she raised it high to look at herself. She didn’t even notice that Agatha was talking until she heard the end.

“…….I haven’t had the chance to yet.” Agathane looked towards Agatha and a sense of doom rose in her heart.

“What did you say?” Agatha looked up and swallowed deep as she saw the glint in Agathane’s eyes.

“W-well, it seems th-that I tire easily as of late. I-I rarely go out l-like I used to, so I-I-I-“She stopped as she looked away. “I haven’t had the chance to capture them yet.”

dare you!” Agathane stormed over and grasped Agatha’s shoulders, shaking viciously. “Was it not you who said that you will take care of them like I had asked you to? You told me that you would take care of it. Why do I try to help you, when you do not help me?!” Panting, she released Agatha and walked off towards the window.

“I’m sorry, I am truly sorry sister. I just get tired; it’s hard to move around as easily as before. I truly did-“

“It does not matter, sister.” Agathane turned with a bright smile, which masked the annoyance that flashed out of her eyes. She walked over to where Agatha was sitting and kneeled next to her. “I can see how draining this must be for you. After all, you
are aging more rapidly than I, so mobility is failing faster with you. My poor sister.” She gently grasped Agatha’s face in her hands. “You will correct this matter, yes? Then I shall give onto you a very special gift.”

“What kind of gift?” Greedy eyes watched as Agathane placed a hand inside of her cloak and came out with a vial filled with pink liquid.

“This potion gifts you with the blessings of youth and beauty. It is my gift,” she held up the vial, waving it in Agatha’s face. “My gift to you, my darling sister.”

“Why have you brought me such a small dosage?” Agatha snatched the potion out of Agathane’s hands. She uncapped it and inhaled the scent of cream and sugar.

“Well sister, you have yet had a chance to please me.” Agathane released her and she stood, anger writ on her face. “I mean, you had your chance to do away with the boy and you failed. Now, you have not placed the parents where I asked you to. So….”she looked back at Agatha with a smile. “Do you think that you deserve any more than this?”

“No, I guess not. I’m sorry sister.” Tears welled and Agatha began to sob.

“No tears sister, I have faith that you will correct your mistake.” Agathane turned back and walked over to Agatha’s chair. She placed a soft hand on her shoulder. “You will correct it will you not?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Then after, I shall give you a full vial. You will then be eternally young and beautiful, like me.” Agatha looked up with hopeful eyes and wiped them.

“I will?”

“Yes, you will. Now drink, it will give you the energy to correct your mistake.” Agatha swallowed the liquid and at once, a burst of heat traveled through her entire system. She quickly stood as energy filled her on the inside.

“I’ll take care of them.” Agatha said as turned to her sister. Agathane smiled in delight, the madness shining in her eyes.

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