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| Seven | Queen, Me.

When Tyler walked out and closed the door, I broke down. Pain raked my body as I cried, but I couldn’t stop. I thought that if Tyler saw Cassie he would forget all about me, just to find out that already happened. But now I was still caught in a game. A game where I was the prize and Tyler and Cassie were playing. But something inside me realized that Tyler wasn’t trying too hard. He was just like George. He wanted to leave the decision up to me.

I sighed and pulled myself up. I cautiously stepped out of the tub and tried to steady my legs. I sighed and then reached for my towel. Tyler knew exactly which towel I used for my baths and showers. I missed him, but I still couldn’t get over the fact that Tyler and Cassie had a history together. She said that he told her the same things that he told me. But when Tyler was talking to me, I couldn’t help but know that he was telling the truth. I felt it. And I knew that he wasn’t using any compulsion. I wrapped my body in my towel and then walked to the window in the bathroom. Looking outside, I saw George running towards the Dominoes delivery man. Oh, shoot. I forgot that I should be cooking tonight. But there is no way I can. I can barely stand up.

I hobbled back to the toilet and dropped my towel, revealing my body. The bruises that Tyler had made were still on my body but were fading. I began to pull on my underwear and then my bra. Closing my eyes, images flashed picturing Tyler and me kissing each other. I wanted Tyler back, but I couldn’t help but realized that Cassie was still my best friend. She couldn’t have lied to me, could she? And Tyler didn’t know that I knew her.

I pulled on my shirt, wincing at the pain in my shoulders. I stopped and began to breathe heavily. I couldn’t believe that it was this tiring to put on clothes. Pulling on my sweats I inhaled sharply and then stood up. I limped to the bedroom where I saw a pair of socks on my bed. Tyler must have put them there. Sitting down on the bed I pulled on the socks and then froze. Someone was in the room with me, and it wasn’t Tyler. I turned around slowly and saw Cassie sitting behind me, a smile on her face.

“Hiya squirt.” She said and smiled at me. The way she smiled, it was if nothing had happened. “Nic is downstairs. He just dropped me off for a little while.” I looked back at her, disbelief on my face. When she saw my face, her smile faded.

“What?” I shook my head. “I just found out that the guy that I slept with, used to date you. I also just found out that you are a vampire, and that I didn’t know. My body is racked with pain, and my head is spinning and the only thing you can think about is having sex with Ni right now.” I shook my head again and Cassie reached out her hand and placed it over mine.

“Zoe. You can’t possibly believe all the crap that Tyler is telling you. I’m your best friend Zoe. How would you feel if you were a vampire and you couldn’t tell your best friend that because she would think that you were crazy?” She tried to put a little compulsion into her voice but I was used to that and I shook my head.

“No. you could have told me that. Tyler told me what he was and I didn’t even know him that well. He told me everything about me. You didn’t.”

I got up and began to walk to the dresser. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and almost gagged. I needed to do my hair. Cassie got up and walked next to me. She picked up the brush and began to work the bristles through my matted hair. I couldn’t see her in the mirror, all I saw was a brush floating in the air.

“Zoe. I’m sorry if that helps the situation. But Tyler is bad news. He killed a girl her name was-”

“Dana,” I said and then limped away from the dresser, making my way toward my backpack. Cassie looked at me, her mouth in a firm line.

“Yes. Dana and Dana was my sister. She was the only person that I had to look up to. It was an awkward situation when we were both called to the palace to date King Tyler. He killed her and didn’t think twice about it.”

“Because she was killing a human being. Not to eat, but because she was bored. That’s not supposed to happen.” I said and rummaged through my bag for my trigonometry homework.

“You believe him?!” She screamed and pointed to the door. I jumped and dropped my book bag on the floor. Cassie’s eyes were swirling, a mixture of light brown and black. I gasped and sat there looking back at her.

“After all the crap I did for you? You mean to tell me that you are going to believe some stuck-up bratty king over me?! I don’t think so, Zoe Cartwright. I always protected you. Always took care of you. I gave you the crucifix so that you could have protection against our kind. I spent all of my years getting used to your scent so that I didn’t kill you. And this is how you repay me. that’s really cool Zoe. Really cool. But I’m not going to lose you to Tyler.”

She walked toward me and her eyes went straight black with specks of red. Her fangs came out and glistened in the light from the lamp. She stopped and then looked toward the door. The door burst open and Tyler stood there. He was wearing a black v-neck and gray slacks.

“Get away from her this very instant Cassandra.” Cassie laughed and I curled away from her.

“Are you going to stop me, Tyler? I’m turning her. So that she will then be strong enough to kill you. She hates you Tyler and she wished to kill you. This way she can.” Cassie pointed from me to Tyler, anger twisting her beautiful face into something hideous. Tyler walked into the room and slammed the door shut.

“You are going to stop telling her all these lies. You have lied to her over and over again. Did you tell her how you lied to her about Ni? Ni does not love you and he sure as hell does not want to be with you. You are so pathetic that you compelled him. You make him be your boyfriend and you drink from him. That is why every time you have a fight with him, he comes running back to you. Because you make him. He has not been at school because he had so many bruises and cuts that he could not be recognized. Did you tell her that Cassandra?”

My mouth dropped open and I stared at his face to Cassie’s. that was the reason why he wasn’t at school? I can’t believe that I had tried to help him come back to her. She told me that she didn’t know where he was.

“Is that true Cassie?” I whispered and she whipped around to look at me.

“I was not going to be the same pathetic Cassandra that cried when the king told her that she could not be his queen. Because she was not what he wanted for a queen. He couldn’t love me because I was not as someone who was compatible with him. He broke my heart. And now.” She looked back at Tyler and at the same time grabbed me roughly by my arm.

Tyler tensed and then his eyes turned black. His fangs came out and he crouched.

“Let her go Cassandra. Right now or I will end you.” He said and his arm flexed.

“Just like how you ended Dana? You killed her because you were jealous. You were jealous of our love. You killed the one sister, the only family I ever had. And I will not lose another friend to you. She is mine, Tyler. And now I will take her. Now I will break your heart.”

She looked back at me and then brought her other hand behind my neck. Jerking it up she placed her mouth to my neck and opened her mouth. I felt her fangs pierce my skin and I screamed.

“NO!!!” I heard Tyler roar and he leaped from the door at us. I felt Cassie’s fangs rip from my neck and I screamed again. I slumped over on the bed and from where I laid I saw Tyler slap Cassie. I gasped and tears began to blur my vision. I felt like my neck was on fire and that my whole body was engulfed in flames.

Cassie hissed and then she scratched Tyler across his face. He growled and I saw blood seeping through them. Tyler grabbed Cassie by her hair and then slammed it into the ground. I heard a crunching sound as he repeatedly slammed her head into the tile. I tried to push myself up enough to see more but I couldn’t. I gave up and slumped back into the pillow. At that very moment, Tyler flew across the room and slammed into the wall. The wall cracked and he slumped forward.

Right after, Cassie came running towards him and grabbed him by his hair and yanked him up. Soon she was behind him and she focused his head to look at me.

“Do you see her Tyler? Do you see your queen?” She hissed into his ear and I heard bones cracking. I realized they were the bones in his neck.

“You are going to die, with her face the last thing you will ever see. And then when you are dead, I will turn her. So that she can always remember you and the way you looked when you died.”

I looked at Tyler. He closed his eyes and I saw tears running down his face. I whispered no and called his name.

“Tyler,” I said and his eyes shot open. I felt a volt of power surge through him, and in lighting speed, he pulled out of Cassie’s grip and slammed her body into the floor.

“No Cassandra.” He said and grabbed her neck. “I am going to kill you and then I will burn your body. And you are going to die with this. I am going to marry Zoe. Not you. I am going to kiss Zoe every night, not you. I am going to make her feel loved and make love to her. Not you. I will have a child with Zoe. Not you.” Cassie growled and I cringed as it resounded into my ears.

She clawed the air and pointed at me.

“I hope he kills you. I was to be his queen. Not you and you will never ever be the queen I could be. Your weak and you’re puny.” Her voice stopped as Tyler cracked her neck. Then he ripped it off of her body completely and I saw It fly over my head.

Tyler dropped her body to the ground and then he looked at me. I was still convulsing from the venom spreading through my body. He ran over to me and grabbed me by his arms.

“Zoe. Oh, No. Zoe.” He tilted my head and then sunk his teeth into me. I felt the fire start to cool from my toes upward. I realized that Tyler was sucking the venom into him. I heard a scream and then fainted.

| Tyler Lemmings |

I held Zoe into my arms and finished draining Cassandra’s venom from her veins. I felt the venom sting my tongue and I laid Zoe back down on the bed. I walked to the sink and spit the venom out. It bubbled as it slid down the slippery surface and into the drain. I rinsed my mouth out and then went back to the bedroom where Zoe was.

I sighed. Zoe has been unconscious twice in one day and I had to be the one to save her. She groaned and then opened her eyes. I stood over here and looked at her.

“Hi.” She croaked.

“Hi,” I said and sat down next to her. She smiled next to me and smiled back. I brushed her hair away from her face and then kissed her on her forehead. She smiled again and then opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. I tilted her head to where Cassandra’s and my fangs had penetrated. It was healing fast, thanks to my venom in my saliva.

“Tyler.” She said and I looked at her to her face.

“Yes, my sweet?” I asked and looked into her eyes. She shifted and then averted her eyes away from mine.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve trusted our bond. I just couldn’t believe that my best friend would hurt me like that.”

" It is alright Zoe. I am here for you. And I accept your apology.” I smiled at her and she smiled back. “How are you feeling?” I asked and brushed the hair away from her neck as I examined the bruise again.

“Bruised. I feel like I’ve been dragged through a marsh, fire, and quicksand all at the same time. I can’t believe this all happened to me in one day.”

I laughed and stroked her face. She is so beautiful.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked and began to blush.

“Because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. and I love you so much. So so so much.” I said and kissed her on her forehead. We pressed our foreheads together and she smiled.

“Aww Tyler.” She said and then she kissed me. I felt joy flow through each of us and I know she felt my love flow to her. She smiled and I held her in my arms. We stayed silent for a while and I heard George watching the Raider’s game downstairs. Zoe rubbed my hand and then sighed.

I looked at the table where her trigonometry homework lay.

“Would you like me to do that for you?” I asked and pointed to the homework. She moved and then sat up. Picking up the homework, she flipped through it.

“No. but I do want that tea now. I need to calm my nerves. And by the way, thank you for taking the venom out of me. I felt like I was on fire with that thing.”

She smiled and I smiled back at her.

“Well,” I said and got up to go and get her tea. “I am happy that I was able to help. You seemed to be in so much pain. I hated to see you in that state. I think you should stay in tomorrow. Do not go to school. You need to rest and I will take care of everything.”

Her eyes widened and I raised an eyebrow. “But I have Chemistry tomorrow! I’m on the honor roll! I have to make sure that every piece of work is done.” I smiled and placed a finger on her lips. She quieted immediately.

“It is best for you, my sweet. I need you to be on your best.” She looked into my eyes and then nodded.

“Now stay put. I will go and get your tea.” I turned on my heels and walked down the stairs. George was sitting on the couch. Leaning toward the television.

“George if you lean in anymore, you will fall in,” I said as I grabbed a teacup for the tea. George stopped and then turned to look at me, a smile on his face.

“Yeah. You’re probably right.” He laughed and then he got up. He stretched and walked over to me.

“How is she?” He asked and got himself a slice of pizza.

“She is alright. She is a little sore from everything, but she will be back to normal tomorrow. I have advised her not to go to school tomorrow.” I poured the hot water over the peppermint tea bag and then placed it on to the counter.

“What about Cassandra? What are you going to do with her body? It needs to go.”

“Yes,” I said, not surprised at all that George knew about the fight upstairs. “I will take it back into the woods and burn it. Maybe tonight when Zoe is asleep. But I do need to remove it from her bedroom.”

George nodded and then took a bite out of the slice. At that same moment, Margret’s car pulled into the driveway. I looked at George who looked around the living room and kitchen. He saw a crumpled napkin on the ground and he reached down quickly and picked it up. I chuckled and looked toward the door.

Margret opened the door and stepped in. She placed her umbrella into the stand and closed the door.

“Hi, Guys.” She smiled at us and then walked over to George.

“Hi, Honey. How was work?” he gave her a kiss on her lips as I sweetened the tea.

“It was good.” She said and kissed him back. I turned around, carrying the tea in my hand.

“Hello, Tyler.” She said and smiled at me. She walked over and gave me a side hug. I smiled back and returned the hug.

“Hello, Margret. How are you?” I said leaned on the countertop.

“I’m good. Where’s Zoe? I thought she would have cooked.” She said and then hung her coat and her purse.

“She is upstairs doing Trigonometry. She was tired when she came home today so we just ordered pizza. She has not eaten yet. You know how she is.” I flashed a smile and she smiled back.

“Yeah, I do. Maybe I should go up and say hi.” She began to walk down the stairs and I remembered that Cassandra’s body was laying there in her room.

“No,” I said, and Margret looked at me. “She is really busy and hates to be disturbed. I think you should wait till you will be going to bed.” I added compulsion to my voice.

Margret stared at me and then nodded. She stepped back down and walked over to the dining table.

“Ok. Your right.” She said as she sat down and took a slice of pizza. “Tell her that I’ve left two slices for her.” She said and then bit into it. She looked back at George who was glued to the television set. She chuckled and I laughed.

“I will Margret.” I smiled at her and then walked up the stairs into Zoe’s room. She was on the bed, bent over her math homework. I looked at the foot of her bed where Cassandra’s body lay. Her head was by Zoe’s closet, on the opposite side of the room.

I walked over to the head and picked it up. Looking at Cassandra’s head, I realized that this woman was her best friend. Not only her best friend, but she was also the woman who Zoe trusted her life with. And she wanted to kill her.

Zoe up from her homework at me. She cringed when she saw Cassandra’s head in my hand.

“What are you going to do with that thing?” she asked and saw then looked at the tea that was on the night table. She took a drink and then looked back at me.

“Well,” I said and walked over to Cassandra’s body.

I looked down at it and flask backs of the fight came into my eyes views. “I am going to burn it. I have to go to the woods, later on, tonight. When I am sure that no one will be awake to see me.” I looked back at her and she looked down.

“Oh.” She said. I walked over to her and threw the head by the body. I sat down on the bed but didn’t touch her.

“What is it, Zoe? Tell me.” I coaxed.

“Well.” She said and then looked at me. she smiled. “I wanted you to spend the night with me. I don’t want to spend the night alone.”

I smiled and tilted my head. “But no one will harm you,” I said. She nodded.

“I know. But I just want you here with me. Do you really have to go to school tomorrow?” She asked, a bit whiny.

“Yes, Zoe. I must get your school work and take care of the soccer business.” I said and she smiled.


I kissed her on her forehead and then got up. I walked over to the door and opened it. Then I dashed over to the body. Throwing Cassandra over my shoulder, I also grabbed the head in one hand and walked toward the door.

“I will be right back,” I said and then went to my bedroom. Opening the door. I dropped Cassandra’s body on the floor and went to the jewelry box. Taking a key out I went to my closet, opened the door and stepped toward a hidden door in the closet.

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