Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Twelve

Willow shot up, fully alert as she looked around the room.

“Holy sh!t, you scared the crap out of me,” the man said as he jumped up from the foot of the other bed.

His black hair and gold eyes resembled Rage’s, yet he looked so different.

“Sorry,” she mumbled at the man, she had to think for a moment what his name was, anger? No, Fury. His name was Fury. Part of her wondered if all of the brothers were named like that.

“It’s fine, you just...” he trailed off, running his hand through his hair, “do you always wake up like that?”

His eyes were cast down as she bit her lip in thought. She wasn’t sure she wanted to answer the question. She did always wake up like that, never knowing what to expect.

“Where is Rage?” She asked softly as she realized he wasn’t in the room with them. Her eyes flickered to the open bathroom door but the light was off leaving the room dark.

Fury looked away from her big doe eyes. They were so innocent as she watched him, waiting for an answer.

“He isn’t here,” he mumbled, clearing his throat nervously.

“We’re did he go?” She pushed, her brows pulled sown into a frown.

He turned away with a sigh, dragging his hand down his face. He did not want to be the one to tell her this. Should not have been left to handle his brothers baggage.

“He left...” Fury trailed off. Part of him felt that more should be said, yet he didn’t know what else he should say.

Willow’s heart dropped at his words. Rage had left her. He had brought her to his brother and left, with no intention of coming with.

She stayed silent as she stood. There really wasn’t anything to say, he had told her he wasn’t coming, but her chest still hurt. He really didn’t want her, he was just being nice.

“Are we going to your pack?” she finally asked, nervously pulling on the edge of the over size t-shift she wore.

“Yes, when ever you are ready,” he smiled sadly. He seemed kind, much more so than Rage, and she knew she would be safe with him, but truly, all she wanted was Rage.

“Will we be shifting?” at her question he quirked an eyebrow causing her to nervously look away.

“No, I have my car,” she nodded, glad that she wouldn’t be running anywhere else. She was exhausted and sore. Without a word she followed him out of the room. The smell of blood and death was pungent on the air, blood stained the lot in large brown stains. Yet there was no signs of the bodies, no signs of the cause of the stains.

He lead her to a small sized SUV that was the color of gannet. It had a slight sparkle to it as the raising sun hit it.

Willow stayed silent as Fury drove, the forest flashing past them in a swipe of green, like paint on a canvas. She watched out the window as the time ticked by, the sun slowly moving across the sky.

She watched their surroundings as she fraught with herself. She wanted to go to this pack, but not without Rage. She wanted to be safe, but was scared of the Wulf brothers. Though Rage’s brother seemed nice, all of them were well known for their tempers. She knew that without Rage, she wouldn’t feel safe, she feared that it was going to be just like her old pack, maybe even worse.

She held back the tears that stung her eyes, she wouldn’t cry in front of this man, the man she didn’t know. She couldn’t show weakness to him, or anyone. She needed to be strong. She was going to a new pack, a dangerous pack, and tried to remind herself that showing weakness would only make them hurt her more.

The sun was low in the sky when they finally came to a small, well warn, dirt path, just large enough for a vehicle to pass safely through the trees.

She watched with interest as the trees slowly moved past, almost making it feel as if they were closing in on them. She could have reached out and touched on if she had wanted, all she would have to do is roll down the window, but she refrained. Telling herself she couldn’t act like a child, sticking her hands out of a moving vehicle.

When the trees finally broke off to reveal a small village. Though to Willow, it was twice the size of the one she grew up in.

Each house was made of thick wood, the outside walls making it appear as if the builders had make the outside of the homes of full, rounded, tree trunks. They were beautiful, each one unique, each seemed to speak of the hard work of each builder, as if a bit of their soul went into the house itself.

A few people glanced at the truck as they drove passed, more nodding to Fury, who nodded in return. It wasn’t long before they reached the center of the town, driving though what looked like a small market. The place was bustling with people.

Willow grew nervous as attention was drawn to her. The people in the market seemed a bit more curious of her than the ones they had just passed.

Fury didn’t seem to notice her shift in mood as he nodded here and there, continuing on his way through the town.

She sighed with relief as Fury finally parked the truck next to a bunch of other, varying vehicles, only to look around in confusion as she noticed the only thing before them was the flat face of a mountain.

“Don’t let it fool ya, there is a complete castle inside of that small mountain,”

“Really?” she asked, once more taking in the site before her.

Now that she really looked at it, she could see the deep set windows, that at first looked like regular grooves in the cliff. There was a single flat stone slab that stretched out along the middle third of the mountain face.

She jumped as a set of stone double doors opened just above the stone slab. Two men stepped out, backs straight, heads raised, hands behind their backs. They turned and faced the each other, each with their back against a door. The two men stood there, not really looking at anything, as they waited.

“Come on,” Fury said with a kind smile and s childish glint in his eyes, “lets go meet my family,”

Willow’s stomach dropped at his words. Meet his family?

Every rumor she had ever heard about them came to mind. They were said to be cold hearted, uncaring, unfeeling, vicious and dangerous.

She looked at Fury. He seemed nice, but she wondered if it was just for her, because Rage had told him to be nice. She had seen the hard side of Rage, and though Fury didn’t show it, she knew she had to be weary of him and all of his family. No doubt that at least one, if not all of them, were exactly what she had heard.

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