Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Seventeen

The plan was simple, ambush after dark.

Rage was trying hard not to second guess himself as he watched the pack move about.

The Alpha only left the house once, walking to another before returning a few hours later. The tricky part was getting past the other’s who lived there too. From what he could tell there were at least six others that lived there, it mostly appeared to be the young males of the pack, ranging from around twelve years old to around twenty.

This Alpha did not deserve to be one. He was worthless, he couldn’t do the most important thing, take care of his pack. It was no wonder that people were getting away with things like what was happening to Willow.

“What?” a voice yelled, drawing his attention back to the main house, the Alpha stood in the doorway as he sneered at the woman. She jumped at his words, startled by the tone he used. The glass food dish she was holding slipped from her fingers and the contents spilled onto both of them before splattering onto the ground, the bowl braking on impacted.

“What the fu**k is wrong with you?” the Alpha growled, reaching out to grip her by the neck.

Rage had to stop himself from moving from his hiding spot, even if he wanted to stop him. He couldn’t, he needed to stay where he was until nightfall, then he would kill this sorry excuse of a male. He planned on making it slow and painful, even with the possibility of pack members coming after him for it.

Some part of him doubted it, he doubted the pack, or at least most of the pack, would really care if their Alpha was dead.

Rage had silently watched the pack all day.As the sun set, and he knew it would be soon time to take action.

It took a while for the pack to settle down for the evening, the last house light going out well after midnight. Rage didn’t mind though, he knew exactly what he was going to do.

The moon was high in the sky when he made his way out of his hiding spot, the crickets silencing their music as they sensed the beast move. The predatory air about him did that to the wildlife when they sensed him, striking fear into them, immobilizing them with fear.

Shifting smoothly, he unclasped his bag and through it into the tree behind him, with little trouble, the bag was nestled in the high branches, cradled and safe for him to retrieve later.

He stalked through the clearing, his bare feet sinking into the soft grass carpeting the meadow. His ears were trained for sound, even the smallest movement he would hear. Mother nature seemed to know this, as the wind refused to blow around him, keeping even the trees quiet for him.

He wasn’t sure what to expect as he pounced up the stair with one jump, and approached the door. This was the unknown of his plan. He knew he would be able to take now anyone that tried to stop him, he wasn’t sure what he was walking into.

With a yank of the door, the lock snapped, keeping a hold of a large chunk of the warped door. He let the door swing free behind him, no longer able to close tightly. He was greeted with the smell of stale sweat and filth, as he stepped into the inhabitant. The room before him seemed to be empty, and he made a mental note that this place was bigger than it looked.

Rage made his back to the back of the place, leaving behind the sitting room and small kitchen, to enter a hall. His nostrils flared as he sniffed through the scents, trying to find the exact one her was looking for, in the sea of new and stale ones.

He paused as s faint smell hit him, one so soft and faint he didn’t doubt that soon, it would no longer grace this place with it’s purity. Distracted, he followed the scent to a door, locked from his side, he growled at what he realized it was.

Willow’s cage. The mildew smell that leaked from under the door, made it clear that it was a basement or cellar and the mixture of blood, both belonging to her ans well as other’s, made it clear what the lower level was used for.

With a renewed blood lust, he redirected his path, moving to the end of the hall, stopping at the door that held the “dead man” in side.

Rage ran his tongue over his teeth as he smirked, pushing the door open, with one swift push. Like the front door, the lock gave way, keeping only a fraction of the door as it swung open with a snap.

The Alpha shot out of bed, hazed eyes, no doubt clouded by smell of the herb that filled the room. Just another thing that made this male unfit, no Alpha should fall victim to addiction.

“You!” the man growled as he finally recognized Rage, who had now stepped over to him, towering over his figure in the bed.

“Me,” Rage smiled, showing all of his teeth. This wasn’t a kind smile, nor was it a wicked smile, no, this was a wolf smile, a threat, a show that the wolf planed on using them on you, without mercy.

Rage watched as the Alpha’s eyes dropped to his chest, taking in his family mark, his eyes widened as he realized who Rage really was. His body began to shake with fear, the bitter smell, like vinegar, invaded the room, blending with the smoked herb.

" You are unfit to lead, Alpha,” Rage’s voice laced with hate.

“It’s you isn’t it? You’re the...” the old man whispered, fear consuming his mind, but not affecting that which was under the drug.

“I’m what?” Rage leaned down, gripping him just below his jaw, a threatening and painful gesture, that would still allow him to respond. He sneered at the male, a growl rumbling through his chest as he forced them to be nose to nose, eye to eye.

“T-the A-alpha Kil-ller,” he stuttered out, usually Rage hated when they stuttered, but the words made him grin. Years of doing exactly that, killing alphas, and someone had finally realized he wasn’t just a myth his family made up to scare alpha’s into submission.

Not that his family called him that, the packs did, a ghost story that they told their children when they put them to sleep. But he wasn’t a ghost, he was a monster, he was exactly what they called him, The Alpha Killer.

“That I am,” righting himself, he pulled the alpha out of bed, letting his legs dangle inches off of the floor.

“I am not afraid to meet the Goddess,” Rage gave him a wicked smirk that cause the old man to gulp.

“I wont be killing you, just yet, but don’t worry, you will meet the Goddess before first light,” he gripped his neck tighter to prevent any noise to be made as he took him out of his room and down the hall. He stopped at the door he had stopped at earlier, reaching with his free hand, he slid the lock and the door swung inward, reveling dirt covered steps.

Rage held the older man out as you would a dirty dipper, not wanting to have it any closer to you, but not wanting to drop it onto the floor. Carefully they descended the stairs, the alpha not struggling as if he had excepted his fate.

When Rage’s eyes saw what lay at the bottom of the stairs, his eyes darkened, the dangerous full-tooth smile back as he found exactly what he was hoping to find, a fun place to kill the Alpha.

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