Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty-one

Fury sighed as he stepped into the castle, he really wished his brother would get his shit together and just come home.

He entered the dinning room, finding Willow and his family eating lunch. His aunts drilling Willow while everyone let them.

He slipped the red pouch into his pocket and moved to the open seat next to her.

“You alright?” He whispered into her ear. The smile she gave him caught his breath. His brother was lucky and he was too stupid to realize.

“Yeah, just wish I had more answers for them,” he smiled sweetly, placing his hand over hers on the table. At the low whispers, he pulled away sharply. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his aunts begin to whisper to each other. His eyes moved to his mother who was giving him a look from the other side of Willow and Hunter shot him a warning look from the end of the table.

He glanced over at the rest of his family, his father’s brother was sitting next to Fang, his mate on his other side. His aunt sat next to her sister in-law with her mate on the other side. His cousins sat across from them, all four of them mate-less, chatting among themselves, in their own little world.

“I have something for you when you are done eating,” her doe eyes grew wide at his quiet words.

“Really?” Her face seemed to glow as she got excited making him smile. He nodded before turning and dishing himself a plate of pasta salad.

“Ready?” Fury asked when he noticed Willow seated quietly, with her hands in her lap. She nodded excitedly and he set his fork down, “well then, let’s go,” he stood from his chair with a smile, holding his hand out to her.

All eyes were on them as she placed her hand in his and he lead her out of the room, away from the judgmental eyes of his family.

He lead her though the hall and into the barely used sunroom, as they got a lot of clowdy days in Oregon.

She stopped as she looked at the semi-clouded sky. She seemed almost entranced at the glass ceiling that showed the full truth of the outside.

“You like it?” She nodded, her mouth slightly opened as she lowered her head. Her bright, brown eyes moved to him before taking in the rest of the room.

“This is beautiful, I would love to watch the rain I’m here, the way it would fall onto the ceiling...” she trailed off in wonder as her eyes shifted back to the roof.

“Well no one comes here because they don’t like the rain,” he couldn’t help but smile again at her bewildered look.

“Well I love the rain, I love watching it, it’s calming and relaxing to me,”

“Well, I’m glad I braught you here then,” she pulled her attention from the room around her and to the male before her. The soft smile on his face made her want to give him a hug.

“Is this want you wanted to show me?” She asked, she would have been happy if that was the case.

“No, I was given something to give to you,” his face fell as he motioned for her to take a seat on the fluffy couch near the back wall.

Gladly she took a seat, trying to focus on him and not the beautiful wilderness outside.

He sat down next to her, pulling a small, red, draw-string pouch from his pocket. He held it out to her, nested comfortably in the center of his palm.

She curiously reached out and picked it up by one string. When she drew it near her eyes widdened at the scent that clung to it.

“Rage?” His name ghosted her lips in a question as she stared at the bag. She had no idea what it could contain and the identity of the gifter made her a bit nervous.

“Yes, he asked me to give it to you,” her eyes shot to his, a million questions running through her mind, but only one rang loud enough for her to voice.

“He’s here?” Her heart raced at the idea. He came for her, he wanted to keep her.

“No, not here, but close, off of the territory,” as her face fell a knot formed in Fury’s gut. He felt guilty for his brother’s actions.

After a few minutes of silence, Willow opened the bag she had been staring at, part of her wishing it would contain Rage himself, but that was not physically possible.

Pulling the mouth of the bag open, she peaked into the dark bag, the rusty smell of blood caused her to freeze, the scent of the wolf that accompanied it sent a chill down her spine.

Holding one palm up flat, she gulped, she needed to see the contents, the items she suspected was in the darkness of the bag.

Like dice, two large fangs tumbled into her had. The red crusted, yellow teeth conformed her suspicions.

“He killed him,” she gasped, pulling her eyes to meet Fury’s, deeply wishing the yellow eyes belonged to another.

“He did,” her breath hitched at his nod.

“For me?” The question was soft, as if she only ment it as a thought. Her fingers curled tightly over the fangs, she pulled them to her chest as it tightened with emotions.

“For you,” at his acknowledgement, her stinging eyes gave way to a flow of tears not able to hold her feeling in any longer.

“Which mark are you going to have her take?” Hunter gave his mother a look, she knew that was exactly why he asked her here.

“That is the question, isn’t it?” He watched her soft brown eyes shift to the edge of the desk, to the marks he knew were there, the ones still stained by his brother’s blood.

“He should be the one to make that choice, not us,” he laughed coldly at her words.

“He wouldn’t, he would claim up and down he doesn’t want her, he probably will until he marks her,” Joy only nodded, all of her boys were stubborn, the biggest one sitting right in front of her. She looked at the son before her, his dark hair and gold eyes, so much like his father’s, like all of her boys, but he had her sharp nose and the soft dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose and top of his cheeks, were all her.

She had hoped that her twenty-eight year old son would settle down first, that he had more time before taking over as High Alpha, but fate had other plans.

“What do you think, uncle?” He asked, turning to the others in the room. Marcus only shrugged as his gold eyes met his Alpha’s.

“You’re mother is right, the only one that can make that decision is Rage,”

Abruptly the office door opened and in walked the missing member.

“Nice of you to join us,” Wrath sneered. A few of the family frowned at him.

“I had something to take care of,”

“Yeah, Willow,” Fang joked, wiggling his eyebrows at Fury.

“Shut up, Fury,” said the brother though clenched teeth.

“We all se the way you look at her and the way she looks at you,”

“She doesn’t want me,” he shot, before realizing what he had said, “she wants Rage, and I would not take what was his... even if he doesn’t want it,” he trailed off, mumbling the last part to himself.

“What was that?” Hunter asked, catching his words.

“He doesn’t want her.. ” he sighed out defeatedly, unable to lie to his Alpha.

“And how exactly would you know that?” Anger was rising inside Hunter as he waited for his brother to tell him the secret he was trying to keep from him.

“Because I spoke to him,” all eyes in the room grew big in shock at his confession.

“When?” Hunter growled, he was not liking the direction of this conversation was going.

“And few hours ago,” Hunter stood, anger burning hot within him, he slammed his hands onto his desk.

“Why? What reason would you have spoken to our cowardly brother?” He snarled, the room completely silent as they waited for Hunter to pounce on his brother.

“Because he is my brother and I care about him,” at Fury’s words, Hunter’s vision tunneled with red and he let out a animalistic snarl.

“Answer the damn question,” her slurred through thick fangs. Fury sighed before answering, knowing full well what his eldest brothers reaction was going to be,”

“He wanted me to give something to Willow,”

“He’s here?” Everyone said in unison, breaking their vows of silence.

“In a sence,” at his words, Hunter turned to the men in the room.

“Find him,” Wrath stood at the command, followed by three others.

“Hunter, don’t do this, it will only cause more problems,”

“If he is on pack land, he needs to be here, not hidding,” she growled out, still fighting back the shift his anger was forcing.

“He isn’t on pack land,” The eldest closed his eyes, taking calming breaths.

“But he is close enough for you to speak with before lunch,” his voice now calm but still stern.

“Leave him be, you will only cause more problems,” their mother piped in causing Hunter’s eyes to snap open and meet hers. After a moment of thinking it over he looked at Fury.

“I want to talk to him,”

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