Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty-two

It was dark, the air chilled through the jacket Rage wore. The fire he had before him warmed his front but left his back to the chilled breeze of the mountains.

He frowned as there was a small rustle from his left. His eyes cut through the dark like nothing, yet he didn’t see anything. He shrugged it off, thinking that it was probably a spooked rabbit or some other creature.

The choking hiss made him jump.

He glanced back towards the noise, still finding nothing, though he was sure something was there, in the bushes.

He stood, stepping cautiously towards the shadowed bushes. When he heard the noise once more, he shoved his hand into the bush. The swift move not giving the creature time to escape.

His fingers gripped soft fur as he took hold of the small animal, pulling it from the shelter of the greenery.

The yellow eyes he met were small and wide as the puff of fur wiggled in his grasp, letting out the choking hiss again. He chuckled at the kitten, the little thing barely old enough to be out on its own. He was a brave little thing for sure.

“Where is your mother, little kitten?” he asked softly as he pulled the dark kitten to his chest. It stopped struggling as he was engulfed in warmth. Letting out a mew and a stuttered purr as he crawled his way into Rage’s jacket.

He let the kitten curl up in his jacket, making himself at home nestled in the crook of his neck, covered all but his head peaked out his collar. He shrugged slightly at his unexpected buddy. He wondered if the small thing could even eat solid food yet, he was so small.

It wasn’t long after he returned to his spot by the fire that he heard the approach of something bigger, something on two legs. His nostrils flared as he waited, ready for the unexpected guest.

When the familiar scent hit his nose he relaxed once more.

“What are you doing here?” he asked Fury. It was late in the evening, too late for wondering wolves outside their territory.

“I have been sent to bring you to the castle,” Fury stated as he stepped out of the shadows and into the flickering light of the fire.

“You told Hunter I was here?” Rage was filled with hurt from his brother’s betrayal, the sweet smell made Fury feel even more guilty.

“I can not lie to my Alpha when he asks,” Rage only rolled his eyes at his answer. Truth or not, he was pissed.

“I will not go to the castle,” they would have to carry him if he was going to set foot in that place again.

“Hunter wants to speak with you,” Fury said, trying to reason with his brother, Hunter was an ass, they all knew that, but he only wanted to speak with him.

“Then he can meet with me in town at noon, at Pop’s,” Rage would not meet him at the castle and he knew that his brother would not meet him off pack land.

“I will let him know,” Fury nodded, eyeing his brother, wondering if he was going to do something stupid. He would be there and Wrath as well, to keep the peace, but two hot headed, powerful males in the same place, who did not like each other, was a bad idea.

Fury turned away, ready to return home and get some sleep and prepare himself for tomorrow, both mentally and physically.

“Wait,” Rage called and when Fury turned he found his brother pulling something out of his jacket. He frowned as he held the fluffy object out for him to take, “take it with you,” Fury raised an eyebrow, staring at the struggling kitten that Rage held by the scruff of its neck.

“Did you just pull a kitten out of you ass?” Rage looked at him like he was crazy.

“My jacket,”

“And why did you have a kitten in your jacket?” there was a hit of laughter in his voice as he looked between the mewing kitten and the hulk of a man before him.

“You ask that like I walk around with cats in my pockets like some shitty human magician or something,” Rage growled with annoyance, thrusting the fluffy thing into his brothers arms, “He was wondering around in the bushes, making a lot of noise, I have no idea where he came from or what to do with him,”

Fury looked down at the black fluff ball in his arms. The thing was struggling to get away, crying out and wiggling around.

“What do you want me to do with him?” gold met gold as he looked back at his brother who shrugged.

“I don’t care, give him to one of the kids or something,” an idea came to mind and Fury smiled, he knew exactly what to do with this little guy.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he turned on his heels and headed back to the castle.

The kitten was asleep when he entered the dark parlor. Most everyone was asleep, as he quietly made his way to the second floor, knocking on the door he found with ease.

He was a bit surprised when the door opened and Willow broke into a smile.

“You’re up late,” she giggled at his statement.

“And you’re visiting pretty late,” her smile was blinding as she stepped aside, allow him to enter.

“I have been given something that I have no idea what to do with,” he stepped passed her, into the small suit.

“And what might that be?” her curiosity peaked as she watched him enter. When he turned to face her he was looking at something in his arms. Looking closely she noticed he was holding a small black kitten camouflaged in his arms.

Slowly she approached his, eyes glued to the sleeping fur ball. Her fingertips brushed along its head before she even realized what she was doing. She allowed herself to stroke the soft fur. She had never pet a cat before, only seen them, never able to get close enough for one to let her touch it.

“You brought me a kitten?” her brown eyes curious as she looked up at him, he had been silent, watching her pet the sleeping cat in his arms.

“Well someone gave it to me, and I thought you might like him,” his lip quirked as her smile widened, her eyes glowing as bright as the sun with her happiness. She reached for the cat with both hands, slipping them under his armpits and picking him up like a baby.

Fury froze the moment her eyes grew wide. She had pulled the kitten to her, hugging it’s furry body close and buried her face in its softness. He knew the moment he smelt it, the scent of his brother.

Her shocked eyes filled with pain as she looked between him and the kitten. The sweet scent of sadness filled the room and Fury second guessed giving her the kitten. He had not thought about his brother, didn’t think of her reaction of smelling Rage’s scent on the kitten, he had only thought of the happiness the small fluff ball would give her.

Fury swallowed hard, waiting for her to say something, do something other then stare at the black kitten in her arms.

“You don’t have to take him, I can find...”

“No,” she cut him off with her sharp answer, “I’ll keep him,” her eyes rose to meet his, the unshed tears glossing over them brought another wave of bitter guilt to run through him, “Thank you, Fury,” she said softly, forcing a smile. He wanted to ask if she was sure, if she was okay, but he didn’t. He was cowardly as he stood in front of this emotional female, unsure of what to do.

“You’re welcome,” he managed to force out followed bu a mumbled, “goodnight,” before leaving the room quickly, unable to stay there any longer.

The first tear fell as soon as the door closed. Willow’s eyes looking at the sweet little kitten in her arms, the kitten that came from Rage. She wondered if Fury was lying when he said it was his idea to give the kitten to her or did Rage send him to give it to her?

Part of her wished it was the latter, but somehow she knew better. Maybe it was his words, his sworn words that he would not come home. Yet hope still rang through her, she still hoped he would come for her, that he would reciprocate the feelings she had.

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