Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty-three

Rage sat at the table near the window, his body faced the door, back to the wall. He had no idea what Hunter was going to do. They never really got along and he knew how dark his brother could be, well from what Rage had experienced anyway. He and Hunter never really dealt with each other. They were twins, yes, but they were not close, not at all.

He sensed his brother before he saw him. He always wondered if that was that bond that they had. People said that twins had a bond, but to him, Hunter was just another one of his brothers, and one he didn’t particularly like.

He watched at Hunter entered the bar, Fury and Wrath on his flanks. When the door close behind them, three sets of gold eyes turned to the only occupant of the place, him.

With one nod, Wrath broke from the group heading for the unmanned bar. Hunter’s eyes never left Rage and he began to approach him, Fury hot on his heels.

“Rage,” He greeted coldly with a nod as he stopped a the table, looking down on his seated form.

“Hunter,” Rage greeted, biting back the dark tone he wanted to loose, “Fury,” he greeted his other brother, “You didn’t tell me you were the beta now,” Rage tried to hind the smirk as his implication angered Hunter.

“Haven’t very well had a chance to, it’s not like we see talk often,” Rage only shrugged, he was secretly happy for Fury, he deserved to be Beta, the position was perfect for him. Yet mostly, he didn’t care about the pack, about who was doing what. He had left that life behind and tried not to look back.

“There are a few things I would like to speak with you about, brother,” Hunter finally said, getting to the point of being in a closed bar at noon. Hunter never was one for chit chat and Rage was glad.

He took the chair across from him, and as if on cue, which it may have very well been, Wrath arrived at the table with four beers. He placed an open beer in front of Hunter and Fury, who had taken the seat across from the window. Wrath set an unopened bottle in front of Rage, surprising him. Retrieving him a drink was not just a curious thing but showed a sign of welcome, and giving it to him unopened was to show that nothing was done to it.

Rage looked at his quiet brother and nodded, thanking him for the respectful gesture. He popped the drink open, taking a long gulp before setting his eyes back on Hunter. He seemed agitated and uncomfortable.

“What is it that you wanted to speak to me about?” a spark flared in his eyes as he fought the disrespectful comment. Taking a few deep breaths, he calmed enough to speak.

“I would like you to come back to the pack,” Rage choked in shock, never expecting those words to come from his brother″s mouth. Hunter only paused to a moment, waiting for Rage’s coughing to calm before continuing, “we are having issues with both Rogues and Turned, we need the pack strong,”

Rage looked between his three brother’s, trying to determine if this was really the plan. None of them showed any reaction to the statement, making him wonder if his brother was being genuine.

“And if I deny you’re request?” he took another swig of his beer, watching closely at the frown that appeared on Hunter’s face.

“Why would you?” Wrath pipped in, his angry tone shocking him. He eyed his younger brother, wondering when he became so cold. Not that he was ever a happy-go-lucky person but he sure never had the tone he had just used, the one that bled of warning.

“Because I left of my choice, for my own reasons,” he tried to keep his tone calm, the anger seeped from his brother in waves of dark scent.

“Bullshit! You left because you didn’t get what you wanted!” he growled, the glass shattering in his had caused blood to ooze from his sliced palm. The pain didn’t seemed to phase him as he glared at Rage, his teeth bared with the snarl that was growing deep in his chest.

“Wrath!” Hunter said sternly, pulling his attention from one brother to another, “if you can not control yourself, go home,” Wrath glared at Hunter, his nostrals flaring in anger as he silently challanged his brother. With a snarl he pulled himself away and stomped for the door, letting it slam behind him.

“He hasn’t been the same since you left,” Fury murmured as they watched their brother storm through town, growling at anyone who dared to get close to him. Rage stayed silent until Wrath was no longer in sight. His brother had changed, and he wondered if he would have still been like this if he had stayed.

Rage froze as his eyes landed on a figure arriving from the direction Wrath had gone. Her dark hair shinned in the sun as she smiled at the woman walking next to her. His breath caught as he watched Willow and his mother walk into town, Fang a few feet behind them.

“Did you...?” he trailed off as his brothers shook their heads. They had not planned for her to be in town when he was.

“She is probably just getting some things for the cat,” Fury stated, drawing confusion from both men.

“You gave it to her?” Rage asked in shock, moving his eyes back to the small she-wolf. Her graceful moves almost hypnotizing as she walked, laughing at something Fang had said behind them. She looked happy, relaxed.

“What is this about a cat?” Hunter chimed in, confused. Fury only shook his head and watched Rage watch Willow. The look in his eyes made Fury wonder what he would do if he allowed himself to be with her.

“Rage, we need you to come home,” Fury finally said, trying to draw the attention from Willow. When Rage looked back to them, he let out a long sigh and shook his head.

“I can’t, I will help you from outside of the pack, but I can’t come back,”

“Don’t be so stuborn...” Fury’s words were cut off but a swift nod and agreement from Hunter.

“Alright, we will take what we can get for now,” both Fury and Rage looked at him with curiosity, surprised that he didn’t push or just get angry, “I need you to do some reconnaissance, travel to some packs around the US and see if they are having trouble as well. Maybe someone will have an idea of where these wolves are coming from,”

When Rage nodded in agreement Hunter gulped the last of his beer and set his eyes on his twin.

“I will send Ethan and James to accompany you,” He went to stand but Rage’s”no” stopped him.

“I want Allison, James is too untrained for something like this,” Hunter stayed silent, thinking over the request for a moment.

“Even though she is not a ranked warrior?” James was stronger and though he was young and inexperienced, he was one of their best.

“I trained her, I know what she is capable of,” Hunter nodded in agreement, Fury snorted at the comment.

“You trained all of them,” Rage chucked lowly at the truth of his brother’s words. He did indeed do the training for the pack while he was there, he refused to take the commander position though, liking being an enforcer.

“Very well,” Hunter said pushing himself up and rising to his full height, “I will have Ethan and Allison meet you here at five p.m. two days from now,” With the finality of his words, he strode from the bar, taking nearly the same path as Wrath.

Rage looked at Fury, raising an eyebrow at the fact that he was still seated when his Alpha had left.

“Willow will be taking the pack mark in a few days,” He watched Rage’s reaction, and though it was subtle, he saw the twitch in his right eye, “With you being the one to send her here, you know it is your choice if she takes the pack mark or the family one,” he watched as Rage frowned, knowing that her taking the family mark would claim her as his “to be mate”.

“I know you feel something for her, Rage,” Rage only opened and closed his mouth, at a loss of words. What could he say to his brother when deep down her knew it was true.

“Just think about it,” Fury stood, getting ready to leave, “we do need an answer before you leave,”

Without another word, Rage was left in the empty bar, his brother’s each giving him something to think about.

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