Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty-four

Willow was sitting in a plush leather armchair with a book, the kitten curled up in her lap, when someone entered the deserted library.

“Well hello,” the woman greeted as she caught sight of Willow. The woman’s blonde hair swong about her waist as she came to a stop. She was beautiful, her tall, lean frame would make any female jealous.

It was her eyes that spoke of who she was, the sharp yellow clearly marking her as a Wulf.

Willow frowned at her, confused. She didn’t realize there was a sister, but she didn’t look much like the brothers.

“I’m Allison Woods, part of the Beta family,” her smile was bright and warm bringing a smile from Willow aswell.

“I’m Willow...” she trailed off, realizing she didn’t have a last name, she didn’t even know who her father was and she barely knew her mother.

“Oh yes, my cousin informed us about you and your... situation,” the way she said it made Willow uncomfortable. She did not like the idea of everyone knowing about the “situation” that she wished people would just ignore, let her start over.

“I see,” her voice was dull, no longer feeling the warmth of Allison’s presences, no longer wanting to finish her book.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she nearly yelled as Willow moved to stand, the black kitten hopping off her lap in anticipation, “I didn’t mean to upset you. Hunter only told us because the high ranks are informed when of the background of the new pack members that come,”

Willow eyed the blonde, trying to figure out if she was being honest. If she was the Alpha’s cousin, it would make her part of the high ranking of the pack.

“No one outside of the family knows about your past, well no one outside the castle,” Allison stopped as her words reached her own ears, “except for Rage of course, but you already knew that,”

Her rambling and awkward smile put Willow at ease once more. She was no longer questioning her words, she seemed to be being genuinely honest.

“I’m just here for a book, no need to leave, I won’t be long,” Allison continued, holding her hands up to stop Willow’s departure.

“It’s alright, I think it’s nearly dinner time,” Allison nodded, swiftly moving to a shelf near the back and emerging with a book so big she could barely carry it.

“Are you alright?” Willow asked, watching her carry the book like it was a box, and she nooded.

As she passed, she glanced at the leather bound cover, it had a buckle latch on the front and a darkly stained title, deeply carved into the leather.

“Packs of America,” Willow read, looking at Allison with a quirked brow. She shrugged and nodded at the door with her head.

“Just brushing up on my history,” she said, waiting patiently for Willow to pull the door open for her, “I’m going on a trip and want to make sure I remember the customs of each pack,”

“I imagine it will be very informative, it looks very old,” Willow responded, eyeing the book once more as the two women walked down the hall.

“It is, though it’s a bitch to read,” she laughed dryly, “everything is written by hand by past Alphas, and not all of them have legible handwriting,” they both laughed.

“You should name him shadow,” Allison chimed as they reached her suit door, the black kitten trailing behind like a lost puppy.

“That’s a perfect name,” Willow excitedly scooped the little fluff ball up, into her arms, kissing the top of his head, “Shadow,” her voice was a low whisper as she spoke to the cat.

Allison watched the sweet exchange wondering where her cousin had found this sweet girl. She seemed so innocent, her heart untainted by the life she lived through. She was like a ray of light in the mist of darkness, aka her family.

The girl cuddling with the kitten that resembled Rage’s wolf brought a smile to Allison’s face. And she was oblivious to how she affected those around her.

Rage sat before his firepit, watching the flames flicker, his mind in a fog of a million thoughts, and none at all.

He was going to be his brother’s lacky, after he swore he never would be. He was going to do this and he was done, he swore to himself, but deep down, somewhere where his wolf lay dormant when in human form, he knew he was lying to himself.

He tried to push that small part farther down, knowing that if he let it rise too far within him, he wouldn’t be leave. He would camp out outside the boarder if he let his stuborn ass do it, and he really didn’t want to live in a tent, in the wild, like some rogue.

Deeper down still that part still spoke, letting him know that he would, for her, and dispite all efforts, he knew it was true.

He hopped this trip distracted him, got her off his mind, so that when he was done, he could leave and live his life like a nomad.

When the sun began to lighten the sky once more, bathing it it beautiful some like colors, he knew his mind had kept him up.

Tomorrow at five pm he would leave, he would need to have an answer, he would make a decision that would change Willow’s life forever.

He did not like the feeling. He would rather fight a hundred Turned than to choose something so impacting to someone else’s life.

He tried to remind himself that the decision would affect his life too. Did he want her or not? That was ultimately the question here, and he had no idea of his answer.

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