Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty-six

The way Rage said her name made her whole body sway. Her grip on the door the only thing keeping her up right as she looked at the man before her. Was she dreaming?

“I have come to see you,” he whispered eyes skimming over her body, leaving a burning trail in their wake.

“At this time of night?” her heart was racing as she met his eyes, they were glossed over and dark, a look she had seen many times before in those of her old pack. His face wasn’t twisted in anger, though, he looked sad.

“May I come in?” He leaned closer, she doubted he realized it with the way he had began to sway on his feel. The smell of alcohol pungent on his breath.

She stared at him, taking in his appearance. His pants clung to his thighs, showing off his toned legs, at the same time they sagged at his hips from the weight of the water soaked into them. He was barefoot, his shoes and socks clutched in one hand. His t-shirt clung to his abs as the bottom half was damp from whatever he had swam through. She was

She nodded, stepping aside to allow him into the suit. His movements were slow, but steady, if you weren’t close to him, you wouldn’t even realize he had been drinking.

She closed the door as he moved to take a seat at the wooden table. Her eyes drawn to Shadow as he jumped onto the table and headbutted his hand. Shadow didn’t like anyone but her close to him, let alone touch him, not even Fury.

“You need to get out of those wet clothes,” he nodded, the smirk on his face should have been a warning as he gripped the back of his shirt and pulled it over his head and off.

Willow tried got to stare at the bare chested man in front of her, the scars littering his body shinned white on the tanned canvas.

The sound of the wet jeans hitting the floor was what jolted her from her thoughts. He was now standing in front of her in nothing but a tight pair of boxers.

She cleared her throat, diverting her eyes from the almost naked man in her kitchen.

“Let me get you a towel,” she tried not to run for the bathroom, trying to reach it before he took off the last piece of clothing he had. The one covering his manhood from her virgin eyes.

When she returned she was relieved to find him the same as she left him and not naked. He was seated on the chair, Shadow perched on his knee as he scratched behind his ear.

“He likes you,” Rage was silent as he pet the furball on his lap, front paws placed on his stomach, purring away.

“I did find him in the woods,” she had known he gave Fury the kitten, but she didn’t realize that Rage had saved the kitten.

“Well,” she moved to set the towel on the table next to him, smiling at the scene before her. The big bad male, with the tinny kitten on his lap, “he won’t let anyone near him,”

“What did you name him?” He asked, his gold eyes glossed but curious.

“Shadow,” Rage nodded, watching as he turned to me at the sound of his name, jumping onto the table and then onto my shoulder, “Allison suggested it because he doesn’t leave my side,”

“It suits him,” as he stood, Willow had to take a step back, his body so close to hers they were nearly touching.

He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist, leaving his boxers on underneath.

She moved farther into the suit, distancing herself from him. Trying to calm herself.

“Why are you here?” The question was quite as she watched the male before her, she had forgotten how large he was. He was definitely bigger than any of his brothers.

“I have been thinking,” His eyes peirce though her as he took a step forward. His face deathly serious.

“About...?” she forced herself to ask, her nerves speeding her heart up.

“You,” he took another step, and another, until he was standing close enough to touch her.

She hadn’t realized she was retreating until she hit the couch. Her lower body pressed against it as he looked down at her.

“My family wants me to choose,”

“Ch-choose what?” She stammered out, her hormones taking over, scenting the air around them with her want.

She wanted him to kiss her, wanted to touch him. She gripped the fabric of the couch tightly. She knew it wasn’t a good idea. He had told her that himself.

“If I want you or not?” Her eyes widdened at his statement, did he mean...?

“Want me?” The question was breathless as her breathing had picked up.

“As mine,” the words vibrates through his cest in a growl, causing her legs to shake. She wasn’t sure how much she could take of this.

“Yours?” She gasped as he head dipped down, his nose brushing along her jaw, pausing at her ear.

“Mine,” she reached out and gripped his shoulders, the growl nearly causing her legs to give out.

“D-do you?” The world stopped as his lips met her neck. If he had answered her question she wouldn’t have heard him.

The world seemed to narrow onto the single movement of his lips, his hands as the gripped her hips, pulling them closer to him, and the rise and fall of her chest as the fabric of her night shirt the only barrier between her breasts and his hard chest.

His name a plea on his lips as he slid his hands to grip her ass, pulling her up, closer to him. She instinctually wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles. They both groaned as she brushed against his bulge.

The fabric of the bed brushed her back as he layed her down onto it. He lifted his head from her neck and glanced at her.

“You don’t sleep in here,” he stated, realizing that the bed was still made, untouched and clean.

“I feel more comfortable on the couch,” she wasn’t sure why they were having this conversation, but she saw the understanding in his eyes.

“I will make you feel comfortable, make you want to sleep in this bed ever night,” his lips crashed down on hers, stopping anything she was going to say, not that she was going to say anything.

She gasped and he took advantage, sweeping his tongue in to her mouth to dance with hers. She was lost in though as they kissed.

His hands began to roam her body, lifting her shirt to caress her skin. She let him, his warm hand cupped her breast, drawing a moan from her which he swallowed greedily.

They were both breathing heavily when he broke the kiss. His pupils nearly engulfed the gold as he looked down at her.

“Will you let me?” She knew what he was asking, what he wanted and she nodded knowing that she would never regret it, ever.

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