Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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+Bonus+ Chapter 26.5 (R-Rated)

He wasted no time when she nodded, her body already craving him.

His hand slipped into her hair, cupping the back of her head as he kissed her, the passion in that kiss took her breath away.

His free hand graced her stomach, fingers brushing downward as he moved for her waist line.

He paused for only a second, opening his eyes to find her’s closed, letting herself feel everything, he smiled into the kiss.

His had dipped into her waistband, fingers sliding down to her mound. She broke the kiss with a gasp as his finger brushed over the nub, slipping between her folds to her moist core.

She arched her back when she felt his fingers slid aound the entrance, his fingertips dipping in as if testing the waters.

When his lips met her nipple her chest rose, drawing closer as he sucks at the sensitive place. When his tongue flicked over the hard tip she gasped, small shocks flowing through her with each movement. His fingers were moving up and down her lips, teasing her.

His mouth sealed over her nipple and he slipped his finger into her, the duel sensation drawing uncontrollable moans from her.

He returned to his teasing as he moved to her other breast, flicking his tongue over the hardened spot, over and over again she was sure she would burst from that feeling alone.

Once more his lips sealed over her nipple as his finger slid down her and entered her. He rubbed her inner walls slowly. Pulling his mouth away to watch her face as he did so.

Her eyes were closed as he moved his finger in side of her, he added another and she arched her hips with a deep gasp. Continuing her moans as he continued to thrust into her with his fingers. Deeper and harder he moved them, his palm pushing against her with every in word motion.

He was hard as a rock, the feel of her, the faces she was making, he was shaking with the will of holding himself back. He couldn’t go to fast, he knew she was a virgin, if he want to fast it would hurt her.

He pressed his lips against hers once more as he moved his hand away. Her protesting whimper brought a smile to his lips and he gripped her hips.

He growled as she lifted her hips, giving him permission to pull her shorts down. And that’s just what he did.

Slowly he pulled them down, letting his knuckles skim down her hips, her thighs, her legs, until they were off. With one move he tossed them over his shoulder, his hands returning to her thighs as he leaned himself forward, pushing his hardness into her warmth.

She moaned, lifting her hips to position his covered manhood rubbing against her wet enterance.

His name passed her lips as he broke from the kiss, moving to brush kisses down her jaw, her neck, nipping slightly at the love bite he had already given her. He moved slowly downward, kissing her collarbone, between her breasts, down her stomach.

He watched her squirm at his slow path, his hot breath, soft lips and occasionally his warm tongue the only movement.

When he reached her lower stomach, he was nestled between her legs, has arms wrapped underneath her thighs, holding them spread wide.

He kissed the inside of each one, his scruff brushing the soft skin there, making her tremble.

He watched her for a moment, her eyes hooded, he wondered if this was going to be the beginning or the end for them. Would he still want her after this, or would she be purged from his system.

When her eyes met his, his thoughts dropped from his mind and he lowered his head into her heat, using his nose to part her lips and his tongue stroked her.

She wouldn’t move as his mouth touch her, it was a feeling she would never forget. She felt both clean and dirty and he stroked her, licked her.

She threw her head back, unable to do anything but feel his mouth on her. His tongue slid up her to her clit, the feeling making her jump, her hands gripping his hair as he flicked his tongue over it.

He pulled away from her for a moment and she gasped for breath, only for him to return to her enterance, nuzzling deeper as he plunged his tongue inside.

Her hips thrusted in rythim and he stroked her, she no longer had control of her body, her reactions. Her body tightening, her breath coming in gasps.

Her leg shook as her body shattered, her core pulsing around his relentless tongue. He didn’t stop until she did, her body relaxing as a wave came over her.

His mouth, nose and chin were wet with her as he smiled a smile that almost stopped her heart. Right then, he looked like an animal, a predator, she could almost image that his face was covered in blood and not her.

He moved slowly, prowling over her, his eyes locked on hers as he drew closer, up her body until they were nose to nose.

His breath smelled like her, and that turned her on even more. She liked smelling herself on his breath, knowing that he wanted her, even just this once.

His lips met hers in a possession kiss, his tongue thrusting like it had between her legs. His hands moved to grip her her thighs, pulling them up so she could wrap her legs around his waist.

He slowly rocked forward, pushing forward, letting himself in slightly, until he felt her tense from the pain. He stopped, retreating before slowly rocking himself into her again. Each time he went deeper, stretching her slowly, her slick walls helping him move smoother.

When he was deep within her, he thrusted, her moan drawing another and another. Each thrust braught a moan that encouraged another.

She felt herself tightening again, her body meeting each of his thrusts in turn, no longer feeling any pain, only the fullness that filled her, stroking her inside so deeply she wasn’t sure how it was possible.

He pulled away as he quickened his pase, causing her to need to grip onto him, holding herself close. His face buried his face him her neck.

When she shattered once more he reached his peak, his shaft tighter and he released himself into her.

She felt him pumping into her, the spray hitting her deep as he trusted one last time, as deep as he could go.

Breathing heavy they stayed where they were. He had swelled, unable to remove himself from her without harming her. It was something werewolves did when they mated, something they got from their animal genes.

When his body relaxed he pulled out with a sigh, her body shivering once from the lack of warmth inside of her.

“Rage?” She whispered, a fear inside of her that he would leave.

“Shh,” he pulled her to his chest, wrapping his arms around her tightly, securely, “sleep,”

She smiled as she fell asleep in the safety of his arms. For the first time in a very long time, she felt safe.

Rage let the exhaustion take over as he shut his eyes. He refused to let himself think about what had happened. He fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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