Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty-seven

Willow awoke to a knock on her door and an empty bed.

If she hadn’t been naked and sore she would think she had just imagined Rage. Even though his scent clung to her body, covering her bed as if he was still lying there. But it was cold, he hadn’t stayed, hadn’t been here when she awoke.

“Willow?” a voice called called, urgency lacing it as a knock came on her bedroom door this time.

She sat up with a groan, both tired and sore, she managed to find her pajamas and slipped them on before opening the door.

Fury was paseing in front of the door, both hands running through his short, curly hair. When the door open his head shot to look at her.

“Is he in there?” he asked, his brother’s scent was covering every inch of this female. His brother’s scent marking her as plain as the hickey on her neck.

When Fury had caught his scent on the stairs, he knew his brother had been here. He had expected to find his scent lingering in the suit, thinking he had come to speak with her.

He had not expected this. His brother had either made his decision or made a bad mistake.

“No,” she shook her head and he did not miss the hint of sadness in her words.

“What did he come here for?” Fury nearly snarled at the idea that his brother came just for this, came to take her and then leave.

“He said he was confused, he had been drinking...” a low growl rumbled in his chest as he clenched his fists. Willow paused with a frown, looking at the male before her, his face twisted in anger. She had no idea what would be making him angry.

“Then what happened?” he gritted out through clenched teeth. Willow eyed him, something about him right then, made her want to move away, back up into her room and slam the door shut.

“I’d rather not say,” another growl rumbled lowly within him, and he nodded, knowing what happened after that. His brother had taken her, he had taken this females purity from her body, taken what may not have been his to take.

The scent of them hung in the air of the bedroom, seemingly taunting him as his brother’s scent covered her scent completely. At that moment, Fury hated his brother, and himself for the jealousy he from his brother’s claim on her. No, it wasn’t a claim or a mark, he had not placed his mark on her neck, he had not claimed her as his mate, he had taken her with little respect.

Forcing himself to breath from his mouth, trying not to smell and calm himself down. He turned to her, his gold eyes looking into her large brown ones.

“I suggest you stay in here for the day. Shower, and I will send someone up to give you fresh bedding. If Hunter catches a whiff of Rage in the castle, he will freak out. I don’t want you getting hurt,”

Willow stayed quiet and nodded, confused with the way he was acting. She had never seen him like this, and did not understand why Rage being here was a big deal. She was an adult, and this was his home, was it not?

When Fury left, she moved into the kitchen, scooping Shadow into her arms and feeding him. She wasn’t sure what happened last night with Rage, or this morning with Fury, how was everything so confusing all of a sudden.

Rage cursed himself for being so stupid. He should not have drank, should not have went to the castle, and he most definitely should not have taken Willow to bed.

His heart had been directing his intoxicated mind and he took her virginity, for god sake. He was so stupid.

Was she expecting him to take her as his mate now? He hoped not, though he knew he would if she demanded it. Guilt was a bitch and it was eating at him like a caterpillar with a leaf, leaving tinny holes scattered about.

Part of him, somewhere in the back of his fuzzy mind, he had hoped that she would be out of his system, out of his mind, but she wasn’t, if anything her scent on his skin was driving him crazy. He couldn’t stop thinking about the little she-wolf, how she had felt, how she had tasted, how she moaned just for him.

He groaned, not for the first time this morning. He had woken as the sun was just rising, his instincts driving him to leave before anyone else knew he had been there. He had cursed himself the minute he saw her sleeping next to him, her brown hair crazy and splayed out on her pillow. Lucky for him she was covered, her bare shoulders the only thing not covered from his eyes.

He had looked at her, taken in the sight of her. He had looked at her before, but it had felt different, more... intimate. He had had the urge to kiss her then, stroke her soft skin, her hair. It took a lot for him to stop himself.

He needed a cold shower, but the closest thing he could get was a dip in the stream. He hoped that and his soap would get her scent off his skin, allow him to think clearly.

Goosebumps instantly arose on his skin as he used the cold water to wash himself. Even with the soap he didn’t feel particularly clean, but it was the best he could do.

Returning to camp he packed his things, placing everything into his duffel and throwing it over his shoulder like a satchel. He moved on to breaking the tent down and burring the small fire pit he had dug to keep warm.

By the time he was finished, it was late in the afternoon, drawing close to the time he would leave. Drawing closer to the time he would have to give his brother an answer, possibly sealing her fate.

With that thought prominent in his mind, he set off into town. He was going to pick up something to eat before meeting his cousins at the bar.

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