Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Two

She took a deep breath before stepped over the border. A pressure filling her head causing her ears to pop.

She hated that.

Walking down the small dirt path and hoped to get through the dark woods before someone caught her. That was the last thing she needed.

The path opened up to reveal the small town. The smell of wet concrete and sweat would make anyone want to cover their nose. But she refrained; she knew she just had to deal with it.

The hot summer night made me want to go home and sleep. The full moon was growing near and Willow prayed James had given her off.

Rolling her shoulders, she stepped onto the road headed towards the bar. One that was always full of young humans, getting drunk and starting fights. It was truly a surprise it are still open.

She opened the door and froze, trying to adjust to the new smells. The smells that were made worse by the humid night, the place reeked of sweat and stale beer.

“Willow!” someone yells and pulls her into the bar by the arm, “I’m so glad you’re here,”

“Good evening Frank,” She gave the older man a smile that was pure customer service.

“Willow,” he whined, “Nancy just doesn’t know how to treat a man,” he had pulled her over to the bar were Nancy stood, bar tending.

“Be nice or I’ll have Bruce throw you out,” she joked, but Frank was far too drunk to hear the sarcasm lacing her words.

“It’s alright Frank,” Willow cut him off as he opened his mouth to retort, “I won’t let her do that,” she smirked at her friend before leaving the two of them and heading into the back to get ready.

They all knew that Frank was just a grumpy old widow that hated being at home alone since his son left the state. He just wanted someone to talk to. And Nancy was not the right person for that. She was too impatient and easily irritated for that.

Willow pulled her smock on and headed back out into the bar. She went straight to work cleaning each table off as people slowly left.

He smelled her before He saw her. She should have been more aware of her surroundings.

She should have been aware that there were two other wolves in this dank place. The odor seeping into his clothes, he knew he would have to burn them.

He watched the little she-wolf as she bounced around, cleaning up and smiling at everyone.

He had never seen anyone so annoyingly cheerful before.

Something in him tightened as she approached the other wolf. His tongue was nearly on the floor.

Her smile shook a bit as she faltered, but only a second. She had realized he was a wolf, but wasn’t going to let anyone else know.

She spoke to him for a moment before turning and walking back to the bar.

Rage could tell she was shaken. The Rogue was, like most, unkempt with a crazed look in his eyes.

Rage wanted to rip his eyes out as he watched the she-wolf move away from him. Lust filling his face as he nearly foamed at the mouth. What a pitifully male.

In the past he would have ripped the male’s eyes out and presented them to the female as an offering for the wolf’s offense.

But he held back the urge to do so. He wasn’t back in his pack. He needed to lay low. He was a lone wolf now, and some viewed that as just another word for rogue.

He watched the rogue as he followed her movements, the wolf was on the prowl and she had no idea what he was going to try. But Rage knew, he sensed it in his bones, the wolf was going to try something foul, something dirty and unclean, just like he was.

He stood as the rogue did. He didn’t know why but he was going to make sure this wolf didn’t do something unforgivable to this innocent she-wolf. She seemed so pure and untainted, so oblivious of the cruelty of the world around her.

Rage followed the rogue out of the bar and into the alley behind it. Something in the way he took post and watched the back door, made him wonder if he had been watching her for some time now.

Anger flared within him at the thought of someone stalking this she-wolf. Not just someone, this disgusting rogue, stalking this she-wolf.

He stood in a shadow as he watched the rogue lean against the wall across from the back door to the bar. He was waiting for her to come out of it.

Just like any other night, she was wiping down the bar when the others left. She was glad that everyone had left.

She paused, glancing over at the table where the other wolf had been. Her skin crawled at the thought of him.

“Hello, sweetheart how would you like to spend some time with a male of your kind?” he had asked. His breath was enough to send even the strongest human woman running for the hills.

“The human males have to get boring, not knowing what to do with a sweet she-wolf, such as yourself,”

Just remembering his words caused goose flesh to spring up along her arms and neck.

“Alright Willow, we are headed out,” Nancy called as the other girls headed for the door.

“Night,” Willow called and waved at the others before starting on the nightly cleaning.

That’s what she did. Cleaning the bar after hour, sometimes she hated, but there really weren’t many places to work this late at night. And it was only at night she could sneak away.

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