Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Thirty

It took six hours for them to reach the closest pack on the list, none of which were remotely close to their starting point.

Rage was glad that Allison and Ethan didn’t complain as they spent their first week climbing mountains and visiting a few, very remote, packs. They moved in a zigzag, north to south as they headed east across the U.S.

It wasn’t until they hit Texas that they caught word of a large group of Rogues making their way threw the states.

“Rumor is, that the group that has been seen are just searchers, that there are a lot of them laying low somewhere in the south, and they are looking for their own land,” the old man rambled on as Rage tuned him out.

They had been to all of the packs in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, yet this old Rogue was the first to know anything about this group that was attacking packs. Many of the larger packs they had spoken to had encountered them, but no knew anything. He had hoped to have found something more by now.

Abruptly he stood, the Rogue pausing in his gossip, Rage didn’t want to hear anymore.

He nodded to his cousins, a motion for them to continue and silently stepped out of the crowded bar.

The night was warm, making him itch to take off his jacket, but he wouldn’t, it was the only thing hidding the knives he had hulstered across his chest.

The gun on his hip was another story. The gun didn’t bother people as much as knives the length of his forearm. Human’s could not comprehend why someone would carry them around.

Humans, he shook his head as he watched a pair of drunken females try to hold each other up as they walked passed him to a truck parked in the dirt parking lot. They were just so ignorant of the darkness around them.

He leaned against the pained brick of the building, the once pale blue was chipping and sunfadded from the years of abuse it has taken.


Just the thought of the word braught his thoughts away from him, out of his control.


She was a constant distraction to his mind, drawing his thought with the simplest whisper. Everything seemed to remind him of her. His every thought, no mater what, shifted to her.

She was haunting him, even from a distance, she haunted his mind, his thoughts, his dreams...

“Who the fuxk are you?”

The questioning voice drawing him from his thoughts. Rescuing him from the ever present thoughts of the she-wolf.

Rage’s eyes landed on the man before him. Or should he say male. He was clearly a wolf, his face twisted and teeth bared.

With his leather vest and pants, clinking boots and cowboy hat, Rage didn’t doubt he would intimate any other wolf.

But Rage wasn’t just some other wolf. This male raked of anger and alcohol, and though he was trying to show his strength, Rage just watched him. Arching an eyebrow as the male stepped forward.

Rage didn’t move as more wolves flanked the male, eight in all, now standing before him. Yet Rage only continued to lean against the building, arms crossed over his chest.

“I won’t as you again, who the fuxk are you?” The deep growl rumbled though the air, but Rage only smirked, finding amusement in contradiction of his words.

“What the hell are you smiling at?” He growled, taking another step forward.

Rage eyed the group following the lead. He eyed the male again, watching the way he moved, the way he acted. Either he was a very new Alpha or he was just some strong warrior who thinks he is more then he is.

Rage was betting on the latter.

“I am here on official business and suggest you scurry along before you cause trouble for your pack,” Rage bit the words out. He had to “behave” when all he wanted to do was snap this wolf’s neck.

“What are you gunna do?” The fake whine and faux fear grated Rage’s nerves, “report me to The High Alpha? So he can send a Wulf to punish me?”

The male laughed coldly, leading the others in intended mockery.

“I do not need my brother’s permission to kill,” Rage twisted smirk complementary to his dark words as the halted the group.

“Your...” the male’s words getting caught in his throat.

“Brother,” Rage pushed himself off of the wall, slowly approaching the once proud male before him, “the High Alpha,”

“T-that would make y-you...” snarling in annoyance, he looked to the half dressed, stuttering, female in the crowd.

“A Wulf, yes,” he stopped before them and watched as realization wash over each face, his gold eyes now close enough for them to see. They were his family’s calling card, everyone knew what they meant.

The bar door slammed shut as someone stepped outside, the crowd shifted to look at the new person.

“Rage?” Ethan called out, thr group gasped as they saw him.

“There’s two of them!” One of the males yelled.

“Goddess save us,” a female cried as the group scrambled to leave, tripping and stumbling over their own feet across the lot and into the dark.

“What did you do?” Ethan chuckled as he stepped to stand shoulder to shoulder with his cousin.

“Nothing, they were just a bunch of cowards trying to be bad asses,” a growl laced his words.

“Even so, that may cause some problems with the pack,” he nodded in the direction the wolves disappointed.

“They aren’t pack,”

“What?” The men turned to look upon the elder Rogue that had also exited the bar. He stood beside Allison as she also looked at him in shock.

“They aren’t part of this pack,” his raspy voice answered, his face drawn into a frown.

“How could you be so sure?” Ethan asked, stepping forward to look at the man, watching for signs he was lying.

“I have been a Rogue a long time, the Alpha here let me stay because I didn’t cause any problems,” his eyes didn’t stray from the distance as if he was waiting for them to return.

“I kow this pack, as if I was a part of it,” finally he pulled his eyes from the darkness, shifting them to meet Rage’s gold ones, “they are not part of this pack,”

“Shit,” both males cursed looking back into the distance.

“Go,” Rage nodded to Ethan before looking at Allison, over his shoulder, “I need to have a word with this packs alpha,”

With a nod, they were gone, swiftly across the lot, tracking the group. They would find them, Rage had no doubts.

He turned to the old man, who’s eyes were wide. Fear leaked off of him as he seemed to realize he had been left alone with a Wulf, one that was able to chase off eight wolves without lifting a finger.

“Can you take me to the Alpha?”

Eyes widdened more, if that were possible, and the male nodded and turned, leading the way to the pack house.

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