Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Thirty-four

“You’ve got to be fuxken kidding me,” Fury growled through clenched teeth. This couldn’t be happening. Hunter must have lost his mind.

“I need you to do this, I have no one else to send,” Hunter remained calm, already knowing his brother would not be happy about this, and when one of them was not happy, things tend to get messy, broken and bloody.

“Rage should be cleaning up his own mess!” he growled, leaning over the desk and into his Alpha’s face.

“And I would send him, if he wasn’t busy dealing with the problem Rogue problem,” he didn’t move as wild eyes looked down at him. Fury was no match for Hunter, but that didn’t make him any less dangerous. He did not want to fight his brother, any of his brother’s, not even Rage.

“and Wrath? This IS an Enforcer’s job, not mine,” Hunter was trying hand to keep himself in check. Reminding himself this was his brother, his blood and his beta, no matter how disrespectful he was being.

“I need Wrath in Texas,” Hunter took a deep breath as the solid glass globe paperweight smashed above his head. The pieces rained down on him, but he brushed it off. He leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Are you insane? You’re sending him to Texas!“everything was swiped off the desk in anger. Hunter closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he really wanted to hit his brother, show him he couldn’t talk to him like this. That he couldn’t just through a tantrum like a child.

“Fury, I need him there, and I need you in Virginia,”

“What the fuck is so important about me going to clean up Rage’s mess?” Fury’s voice was more of a growl as he fought a shift.

“These Mutts seem to be taking advantage of packs with weaknesses, right now, that pack is possibly the groups next move if they aren’t taken care of, we don’t want them to have anywhere to go,”

Fury looked at his brother, his body still shaking with anger but his mind saw the reasoning behind his words.

He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He still was not happy about this, but Hunter had got him on the facts.

“When do you need me to leave?” Fury finally asked, unknowingly Hunter relaxed. They both knew Fury was no longer going to do something rash, about this, that is.

“As soon as possible,” when he received a nod he continued, “I am hoping that everything is taken care of before anything happens in Texas,”

Fury lifted his lip in distaste, but he nodded in understanding.

“I will leave first thing in the morning,” Hunter nodded, picturing the paths that his brother’s would take, hoping that they would not cross paths.

He entered the sun room, smiling at the sleeping figure on the couch. Over the past few weeks, she was found here, or the library. It was rare that she spent the days in her room, only returning when the castle was quiet.

Shadow perked his head up as Fury drew closer, he watched him with yellow eyes, unwavering from the male. He didn’t like anyone but Willow, and if anyone got too close... well he had some still healing scratches as proof of the damage he would do.

The cat watched as he sat in front of Willow, ignoring the judging eyes, he leaned forward, brushing a strand of her dark hair from her face. He watched her, envying his brother. She was beautiful, her soft, pale skin, her plump pink lips that he wanted to so badly to taste.

Not for the first time, he wished that she hadn’t met Rage first, or at least fell for him. He had even hoped that it was only a crush on him because he saved her.

“Come on sweetheart, it’s time to wake up,” Fury said quietly, brushing his palm along her arm in a comforting manner.

He should have known better, he thought as her fist colidde with his nose. Blood isnantly gushing as she sat up, smashing the top of her head into his.

He groaned at the second impact. It felt like his brain rattled in his skull for a moment, a disorientation came over him before being taken over by a pounding headache.

“Oh my gods, Fury,” she gasp, opening her eyes. She reached for him, cupping his face in her hands, “I’m so sorry,” she gasped as she saw the blood gushing from his broken nose.

Her guilt hung heavy in the air as he busied himself with shifted his nose back into place and trying to stop the bleeding. He didn’t want her to know that he was cursing himself. He should have known it was coming, she reacted defensively everytime she was woken up and this was not the first time she swong at him. It was, though, the first time she had hit him. She had one hell of a right hook.

He avoided her eyes as he realized that, even after all this time they had spent together, she still didn’t feel comfortable with him, his scent, his touch. He had seen her with Rage, she had not lashed out when he touched her while she slept. She even let him guide her back to bed when she was sleep walking.

She had tore Fury’s arms up when he had tried to lead her from the library to her room. How was it so easy for him, but it seemed that Fury was trying and getting no where?

“Are you alright?” Willow asked softly, the concern in her voice tore at his heart. Now that the bleeding had stopped, he couldn’t avoid her.

He forced a smile, one he was o where near feeling.

“I’m alright, that was one hell of a hook you got there,” he forced a chuckle. All he wanted to do was shake her, ask her why she couldn’t let him in like she had Rage.

Willow didn’t laugh at the “joke” Fury tried. She was silent, watching him. He was acting weird, and she was sure it wasn’t because she had just broken his nose.

She felt guilty about it, just like she did when she fell asleep in the library a few days ago and woke up on her couch with his blood under her nails. She didn’t had the courage to ask him what happened.

“What time is it?” She asked as she noticed the sun room had grown dark. When she came in here it was actually sunny and she had wanted to read and enjoy it.

“It’s six,” she nodded, looking back at him. She often had to catch herself from zeroing in on the features he shared with Rage. It was hard for her, they had so many. It nearly hurt every time she saw Hunter, they were mirror images and she was glad she rarely saw him.

“I came to tell you that I will be leaving in the morning,” her heart dropped as she stared at the only person she liked here, the only person, besides Joy, that talked to her. Everyone else was too busy or just plain rude.

“What? Where? Why?” The questions shot from her mouth as soon as the came to mind. Part of her was panicking at the thought of being left here. First Rage left, twice and now Fury.

“I’m not sure how long, but Hunter wants me to go to your old pack and make sure everything gets situated,” she let out a soft “oh,” her eyes dropping to her lap.

Fury used his index finger to lift her chin, her doe eyes watery with unshed tears. His heart felt like it skipped a beat. She didn’t want him to go, he wanted to break out in a grin, but he stopped himself.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, It shouldn’t take long,” his face ghosted a smile as her lower lip pushed into a slight pout, and she nodded.

His eyes were on her lips, her eyes solely focused on him, his heat hammered as he thought about what he really wanted to do, what his instincts were telling him to do at that moment.

Her eyes widened as he leaned closer, frozen in place she only had a moment to gasp before his lips touched hers.

They were soft and warm, coving hers sweetly, though she could tell he wanted more.

It was only a moment before he pulled back and swiftly leaving the room. He slightly disappointed that she had stayed still, but was glad that she hadn’t pulled or pushed him away. He hoped that meant he was wrong about how she felt.

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