Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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+Bonus+ Chapter 37.5 (R-Rated)

Carefully laying her on the bed. He was going to show her exactly what being his meant.

He leaned over her, pushing her farther into the soft mattress. His body hovering over her, supported by his arms that caged her in place.

She let out a small moan, causing him to smile. She was drawn into the heat that was spreading across her body.

He broke the kiss to pull his shirt over his head and then their his lips were back on hers. Her hands were like magnets, drawn to his bare skin as they moved to his chest, sliding downward to feel his abs and then upward once more to his shoulders. Her fingers tugging at the hair at the nap of his neck. He moaned as she tugged on his hair.

His hand slid up her side, drawing with it the fabric of her shirt. The sensation was almost ticklish as his warm callused hands brushed along her soft skin.

He pulled away to look down at her, his golden eyes dark with lust. She had only dreamed that he would ever look at her like this. She never thought he would.

He sat back on his hunches, a smirk took over his face as he looked down at her. The look sending a chill through Willow. Dispite the looks he was giving her, his stare was making her feel awkward.

She sat up, in an attempt to kiss him again. Trying to distract him from staring and herself from think about his eyes being on her.

His smirk grew as he tugged at the hem of her shirt, already pushed up to her chest, there really wasn’t anywhere else for it to go but off. She raised her arms, allowing him to pull her shirt over her head. Her bra unclasped and thrown somewhere behind him.

His lips met hers again. His warm hand sliding around, her newly exposed skin, curesding her stomach, her chest, cupping and massaging her breasts, trying to feel every inch. Her soft moans encouraging him farther.

She gasped as his fingers traced the waist band of her jeans, both hands meeting, taking hold of the button clasping them around her hips.

She gasped again as he unclasped them, looking down at her as he slipped them down her legs, her panties going with them.

He knelt over her, looking down at her naked body, making her tremble. His face was shadowed, unreadable as his eyes graced her bare skin.

He placed his hands on the inside of her thighs, pushing them apart as he bent forward, laying flat on his stomach.

She froze at the hot look his eyes shot her before his lips brushed against her. His tongue slid the length of her, caressing the sensitive skin between her folds.

She gasped as his tongue met the spot at the top, her back arching in anticipation. The tip of his tongue flicked over it, back and forth, drawing gasps and moans as she withered under his touch.

When her breath was uneven, coming in gasps, he slipped two fingers into her enterance, curving them upward as he thrusted them against her upper wall.

Pleasure busted through her body and she shattered at the sensation. His fingers and tongue relentless as he continued through her orgasim.

Before she had a chance to catch her breath, her body tenced and shaking harder as pleasure burst again as her body clenched around his fingers.

The third time had her lightheaded, gasping for air as she reached her hand down, trying to push him away, unable to catch her breath.

“Rage... I... I can’t... breath,” she gasped. Her eyes closed as her head spun.

“Liked that, did you?” He asked, his voice deeper as he moved away from her.

Her eyes opened to him swiping the back of his hand over his wet, smirking face. The only response she could give him was a gasp of his name as her tired lungs tried to slow.

Their eyes stayed locked together as he moved off the bed. His smirk widening as he reached for his waist band. Her eyes drown to the action, watching him unbutton and unzipping them before he dropped them to the floor.

His member was awake and stood horizontal as it was released from its cloth prison.

Slowly he slid back into the bed, pulling her against his side. Her body, her breasts flush against him as he kissed her deeply.

She moaned, her tired body slick with sweat. Moaning again when his hand slid along her leg, pulling it accross his waist. His hand tracing up her leg, from knee to hip to grip her round ass.

Shocked, she pulled away from the kiss as he shifted her body from next to him to on top of him. His smirk in place as his hands take hold of her hips.

He lifted her off of him, raising on her knees and then set her back onto him. She moaned as his shaft slid along her wet folds. His hands guiding her movements as he moved his hips against her.

In a swift move, he lifted her again, this time when she came down, he filled her. Sitting flush against him her body took him in as deep.

He raised her hips, guiding her up and down, her body stroking his, eliciting moans from both.

His hips raised to meet her downward thrusts as his hands moved to cup her breasts, squeezing and kneading.

She leaned back as he quickened his thrusts, silently urging her to meet him each time.

When her body tenced, it was hard for her to keep in sync. She leaned forward onto her hands, her body tightening and shaking.

He pulled her to him, hugging her to his chest as her quicken his movements, pounding into her.

Her body burst as he moved, she pushed her face into his neck. Holding on tight, trying to ground herself as pleasure rocked through her.

When she felt him swell, his warm seed filling her core, she smiled softly. Her body spent, she let her body take her into the warm arms of sleep.

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