Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Forty-five

Willow sat in the library, as she had the last few days.

She was avoiding everyone, trying to keep the sound of the fluttering beat from reaching anyone else’s ears.

The only one she allowed near her was Joy, not that anyone else sought her out.

She was less worried knowing that her scenes were dull, and she would probably be the last one able to hear it.

The second heartbeat from within Willow.

She had lied, telling her she was not feeling well and didn’t want to be around anyone. Gilt filled her when Joy had only smiled and nodded, stating that she understood.

The library doors flew open, startling her and causing Shadow to hiss from his seat across from her.

The gold eyes and twisted face of Rage’s brother scared her a bit. She had never seen him like this, any of them like this.

Her eyes widened, fear filling her as she watched him draw closer. The anger seemed to leak from his pores.

The Wulf stopped a few feet from her, his nostrils flaring as he looked down upon her.

The sound of grinding teeth filled the room as he eyed her, lip raised in silent snarl.

A growl rippled through him just before his hand shot out, gripping tightly to her upper arm. Roughly yanking her from her seat.

“Does he know?” The snarl shook her, fear of the pain that always came with anger like this.

“Did you tell him?” He shook her, jolting her body as if it would bring forth an answer.

“W-who? W-what?” Her fear causing her to stutter. His growl sounded more like a roar as his had constricted around her arm.

“Don’t play stupid, I can hear the child you carry, his child,” her heart sank as he spat the words like they left a bad taste in his mouth.

“So,” he narrowed his eyes, “did you tell my brother that he is going to be a father?” She could only shake her head as her throat constricted, tears stinging her eyes.

“Who knows?” She shook her head again, letting the tears stream down her face. This wasn’t the man she knew, wasn’t the sweet male that wanted to protect her from his brother.

“How is it no one knows? That is one strong heartbeat that is clearly not yours,”

“I... I have b-been avoiding everyone,” he laughed darkly.

“I guess I get the pleasure of telling the family, since my brother has f*cked up, yet again,”

“Fury, you’re hurting me,” She cried as he pulled her by the arm, nearly dragging her down the stairs when she could barely keep her footing.

He didn’t knock when he entered Hunter’s office, Willow’s eyes bugged as she was pulled into a room full of men.

“Hey there brother, I have something you might find interesting,” her heartbeat quickened as horror filled her, he was going to tell everyone.

“Fury, what are you doing?” Hunter questioned in a hard voice, he sensed something wicked in his brother. The look in his eyes was a bit crazed, dangerous.

“Telling you the exciting news,” he pulled willow forward, placing a hand on each of her shoulders as he faced her towards the Alpha.

With a nod, the room cleared, within minutes it was just the three of them.

“What are you doing with Willow?” Hunter asked, eyeing the forming bruise on her arm.

“I have brought her to you,” his lips spread into a wicked smile, his voice dropping to a whisper, “Listen brother, don’t you hear it?”

Hunter tilted his head, ear turned toward Fury, listening for whatever his brother was talking about.

The thumping, a beat that didn’t belong. His eyes widened at the hummingbird quick heartbeats.

Gold clashed as the brothers looked at each other. The knowing look passing between them caused panic to form in Willow’s own heart. She struggled in Fury’s hold, but it was useless, he was much stronger than her.

“And guess who else she hasn’t told,”

“Fury,” Hunter warned, he could tell his brother had cracked, she could see the realization in his eyes.

“How could you let him...”

“He is an adult, I cannot tell him what to do,”

“He takes her, mates with her without any claim and knocks her up to-boot,”

Hunter’s face fell as he realized what his brother was saying, what Fury thought happened.

“Willow,” He turns his eyes on the girl watching them quietly, “how far along are you?”

She gulped nervously, not wanting the brother’s attention on her, not in the middle of a fight.

“About...” she gulped again, wringing her hands as she stepped away from them, uninterested to be between them as she had been, held in place by Fury’s hands, “about eight weeks,”

“What?” The word was almost lost in the animalistic growl from Fury.

“Things were sorted while you were gone,” he eyed Willow for a second, “he has claimed her...”

“But not marked her,” it wasn’t a question.

“That was his choice, their choice, you know the significance of the necklace around her neck,”

“F*ck the necklace,” Fury’s face twisted, his hand shot out, taking ahold of the pendent, claws digging deep into the skin, and yanked it from her, the chain snapped.

Willow release a scream the moment his clawed hand had sank into her flesh. She fought through the pain as he threw the pendent across the room and seized her throat in one swift motion.

“I could mark you right now, right here, and my brother could do nothing about it,”

“Your brother right here will,” Fury turned to look at Hunter’s calm demeanor. He almost appeared cold, eyeing the clawed hand wrapped around her neck, securely holding her off the ground.

“What will you do, brother, put me down?” Fury laughed coldly.

“If I have to, but it wouldn’t be my place to punish you, it is not my mate you have hurt, not my claim you are threatening to take,”

His gripped loosened as he looked at his eldest brother, his Alpha, and it dawned on him that he really would let Rage do what he wanted with him, as would be his right. Even though he has done nothing right by Willow.

“You would hand me over to him? Your own brother? To a sadistic bastard like him?”

“He is my brother too,”

Fury’s face twisted, his hand released Willow and he lunged.

Hunter was expecting it, he sidestepped and let Fury crash into the desk, the wooden legs shook but held as he landed on it.

Fury growled, pushing himself up, looking more wolf than man as his anger overtook him, his body began to shift.

Hunter looked at her, his eyes cold, like the day she first met him. She continued to gasp for air in her sore throat, each breath felt like she was in hailing glass shards.

“Get out of here,” the order surprisingly calm despite the angry wolf glaring at him from the shifting body, “go find Fang and James,”

The wolf lunged, now fully formed and ready to fight. Willow didn’t stay to see what happened. She pushed herself from her the ground, where she had landed when Fury dropped her, and she fell to her knees, and ran for the door, flinging it open. She dashed down the hall, hoarsely calling for help.

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