Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Forty-six

As Willow rushed into the room, all eyes fell on her.

Blood dripped from the deep gashes on her chest, her eyes wide with fear, face red from rushing.

She didn’t noticed who stood as she fell, gasping for air, last time she ran that fast... Rage...

“Willow,” someone called, sounding like a whisper against the pounding blood in her ears. Some one was rushing across the room to kneel next to her.

“Hunter-Fury...,” she gasped as she tried to catch her breath, she needed to tell someone, get help for Hunter, even though he could handle himself in a fight with Fury, she was sure of that. Multiple curses cast into the room followed by rushed footsteps.

“She needs to see the doctor,” someone said as arms wrapped around her, lifting her into warm arms. The movement made the world tilt, twirling like the teacup ride at a fair. The movement made her squeeze her eyes shut, black dots danced in the darkness that still seamed to tilt and whirl.

Hunter looked at the snarling male on the ground before him. His brother didn’t scare him, the sight made him sad. He may not understand, but he felt for his brother, for the loss of his... crush? He wasn’t really sure how to think of Fury’s feelings for Willow.

It was clear to everyone that she did not return those feelings, though somehow he must have fallen. He must have care for the female more than they realized. The female that’s heart belonged to their brother.

Hunter wanted to kick himself for not seeing it, not realizing his brother was breaking, that his Beta was loosing control.

Fury growled as he tired to push himself up from the pile of ruined furniture. The impact of his body on the chairs, no doubt hurt, the wood collapsed instantly.

His arms shook, but he managed to raise to his feet.

“Damnit Fury, you need to stop this,

Hunter was still in human form when Fang and Jamie rushed into the office. Fury was now on the floor, lying in the ruins of the coffee-table that sat before the fireplace. His human skin was blotched with red, purple and blood-oozing cuts. None of which bothered him.

“What the Fu*k?” one of the cursed from the open doorway, taking in the destroyed office.

Hunter ignored the other males, not removing his eyes from his brother, but avoiding making on contact. The last thing he wanted was to agitate his beast side.

“I understand...”

“You understand nothing!” spit sprayed as the words came on a snarl. His body was human, but his eyes, his his mind held nothing but wolf.

“You need to calm down,” Hunter tried again, “Do you realized that you hurt Willow?” Fury’s eyes cleared for a moment before clouding over with rage.

“She should have been mine,” he growled, his body starting to shake.

“No Fury, she was always his,” Fury growled from deep within his chest, shaking the room around them and then he lunged. Anticipating the move, he grabbed his shoulders, shoving him away before their bodies collided.

Fury landed right where Hunter had wanted: the floor in front of the door. Fang and Jamie grabbed him before he had a chance to get up. He was hauled off the floor, each arm restrained as he struggled, snarling and growling at his Alpha.

“Take him downstairs,” Hunter instructed, eyeing his brother, “put him in one of the west cells,” the males nodded dragging a reluctant Fury between them. One they were out of sight, Hunter took in the office, the only piece of furniture still intact was his father’s desks. It almost seemed indestructible.

With a sigh, he ran a hand threw his curls and down his face. He hadn’t even been Alpha a year and too much has happened, to his family, to the werewolf community.

Deciding that the mess could wait, Hunter headed for the clinic. He needed to check on Willow... and the pup. He cursed at the thought. He had to call his brother, dreading what would come of it.

Hunter watched Willow. She was in a drug induced sleep, having woken up while she was being stitched up. The doctor said she would scar, the scratches were down to the bone. In her condition, they would heal slower than normal, but she and the baby would be fine.

“Have you called him?” Hunter turned his head, still leaning on the door frame of the hospital room.

“No,” he shook his head, looking back at the sleeping female.

“He needs to be informed,” the older man said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I know, Uncle, but what am I supposed to say? Hey, Rage, you need to come home, Fury attacked Willow, of and by the way, she is pregnant?“Daryl chuckled as he shook his head.

“I wouldn’t say it exactly like that, but yes,” he clasped his nephew on the shoulder, glancing past him at the female. “He needs to know what happened,” He stopped Hunter as he opened his mouth to retort, “And it has to come from you, His Alpha, His Twin.”

Daryl watched as Hunter left, grumbling to himself until he was out of sight. His eyes shifted to Willow. No one spoke of what her life was like before she arrived here, only that she was abused. He felt bad that she was brought here to be safe and here she was, in the hospital, attacked by someone that was supposed to protect her.

He wondered what happened. Why Fury snapped and hurt the female he claimed to want as his mate? Why he would choose to cross Rage, of all of his brothers? Why he practically signed his death certificate with his actions?

Daryl wondered if he would be loosing a nephew so soon after he lost his brother, his Alpha. He hoped that Rage would show Fury mercy, but in his gut he doubted he would. Daryl may have been the one to train him in torture, but Rage was on a whole different level. He prayed that Rage would be swift and not torture his own brother.

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