Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Fifty-one

Willow’s eyelids fluttered before she slowly opened them.

The room she was in was dark, lit only by the light from a half open door.

She tried to sit up, only to gasp as pain bloomed from her chest. She dropped back down, breathing through the pain, a pain she now noticed with each breath.

When the pain dulled to a constant cramp, she tried again. This time forcing herself to ignore the shot of pain and her breath coming fast. She felt like her chest had been ripped open...

Her eyes grew big at the thought, memories came back to her. Fury... Hunter... blood...

Her hands shot to her chesk, pain bursting at the impact. Her breathing picked up, panic coursing through her. Frantic, she looked around, taking in them empty hospital room swiftly.

Her breath caught a in her throat when she spotted the male beside her bed. He was slouched between two chairs, looking uncomfortable with his chin and laced hands resting on his chest, legs bridging the chairs.

He wasn’t close, but if he reached his hand out, he could touch her. She couldn’t see his face, even though he was facing her, he was turned from the light source.

Beeping started from somewhere, sounding faraway as her ears rang, heartbeat quickened, breathing becoming painful.

The male shot from his sleep, lunging towards her. For a moment she thought it was Rage. She saw his mouth move but didn’t hear anything. Her mind was racing, she could hear the blood pumping in her ears.

Rage, no, Hunter looked panicked. He gripped her shoulders, trying to get her to look at him but she was growing lightheaded and her lungs and chest hurt.

Her mind couldn’t focus, her body, her sense overloaded. She felt like she was going to burst.

Gripping her head, she screamed. Tears steamed down her face as she fisted her hands in her hair. Where he scream stopped, her sobs started.

She couldn’t focus, her mind unable to process everything at once.

Arms wrapped around her, pulling her against a warm chest. Her nails dug into fabric as she gripped the males arms, crying, sobbing into the dark hoodie he wore.

A growl rumbled though his chest, but she ignored it, her mind focusing on the hand rubbing her bare back.

A soft kiss was placed on the crown of her head when her body was finally calming. She took a shaky breath, face still pressed to the man’s chest.

She jerked back, eyes wide as she looked at the male. It wasn’t Hunter sitting on her bed, it was Rage.

“Hey there, little wolf, how are you feeling?” She didn’t answer, her body was turning to mush. All she could hear was his voice, all she could feel was his hand cupping her cheek.

She could feel his body tense before he growled drawing her attention. She saw his eyes flicker from somthing on the other side of the bed, back to meet hers.

“Willow, baby, the nurse wants to give you something for the pain. It might make you sleepy,” panic shot through her, she reached out and gripped his arm.

“You’re not leaving, right,” a soft smile ghosted his lips.

“No, little wolf, I will be right here when you wake up,” he leaned forward, pressing a kiss on her forehead, “now lay back, I’m not going anywhere,”

“Will you lay with me until I fall asleep?” Rage eyed the bed skeptically.

“I don’t think I’ll fit in there with you,” Willow laughed at his seriousness. Scooting over, she layed on her side and patted the bed. When he only shook his head she smirked.

“Please,” she begged, her lip lower lip puckering, “come on, you’re not as fat as you think,”

“I am not fat,” she nearly burst into a fit of laughter at his childish protest.

“Exactly, now come here,”

With a frown and whispered grumbles, he crawled onto the bed, trying not to crush her.

The sound of a door clicking open caused Rage to snap awake. Arms wrapped around Willow, he lifted his head and his eyes found Hunter entering the room. A smirk twisted his lips and Rage groaned, letting his head fall back onto the pillow.

“This is a sight I never thought I’d see,”

“What do you want?” He grumbled, pulling Willow closer.

“I wanted to ask you something.” Rage groaned again, before unlacing himself from his mate and leaning back to release the guard on the bed. He slipped off of the bed, turning back to tuck the blankets around her, making sure she was warm. He smirked when she whimpered, reaching for him in her sleep.

Placing a pillow in his spot, he watched as she moved, cuddling with it, before locking the guard back into place.

He ignored the look Hunter was giving him, as he pulled on his boots.

They walked in silence, Hunter leading the way down the stark white hallway and into a small waiting room. Hunter didn’t stop but made his way to the coffee maker placed in the corner.

“Why did you let him live?” He didn’t turn from making his coffee, his back turned to a watchful Rage.

“Truthfully, I’m not sure,” he wasn’t going to lie, “going down there, I was angry. I wanted to hurt him,” he ran his hand through his hair as he huffed out a breath. “But it just wasn’t the same,”

He moved to a couch that was situated near a few chairs. He wasn’t sure how to explain the rush, the enjoyment he got from what he did. Yet with Fury

“What do you mean?” Rage responded with a shake of the head, meeting his brother’s eyes over his paper cup.

“You trying to play shrink on me?”

“No,” Hunter crossed the room, taking a seat in one of the chairs facing his twin, “I am just wondering what changed your mind,”

Growling in annoyance, Rage stood. He wasn’t going to sit here and have his brother try to get into his head. No one wanted to be in his head, it was too dark.

“Rage, wait,” he paused at the door, not turning around.

“He is alive, isn’t that enough?”

“I just want to understand,” there was a tenderness in Hunter’s voice that made him feel pitied.

“You are never going to understand, so stop trying.”

Rage left Hunter without answers as he walked back to Willow’s room. He fought a snarl as his mind tried to bring him back, the hall flashing as the cell invaded his vision.

He could smell the musk, the mildew mixed with blood, could feel the blade in his hand and than the whip... He felt the anger in his chest for what Fury had done, the need to draw blood, to hurt him like he hurt Willow...

He shook his head hard, trying to jerk himself from his mind.

He, himself, didn’t completely understand, but he had wanted to hurt, Fury, punish him, but he hadn’t wanted to kill his brother.

He pushed the thought away, tried to focus on Willow. She was laying in the hospital bed, injured, and had done nothing to deserve it.

When she was feeling better, he was going to mark her, make her his, if she let him. Hopefully before the pups were born.

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