Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Fifty-three

“I want to see him,”

Rage frowned at the female standing before him. He could not wrap his mind around her words even after she repeated them.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” his eyebrows were nearly touching as her watched her face redden with anger. She was almost cute with her scowl and her hands on her hips.

“Well I want to talk to him,” Rage watched her, finding it cute as she glared at him with a scowl and her hands on her hips.

He couldn’t understand why she wanted to see Fury after what he did to her. He wanted her no where near his crazed brother. Her persistence only confused him more.

“Willow...” he said sternly with the softest tone he could muster.

“Rage,” He only sighed and took a step closer to her. She didn’t move as he moved closer, reaching his had to cup her cheek.

“Fury isn’t in his right mind right now, baby. I don’t know what he will do. I don’t want anything else to happen to you.”

He relaxed as her face softens, understanding filling her eyes. His eyes drifted to her collar of her shirt where the white bandage peaked out.

“Rage please, I need to know why, why he did it.”

“I know why he did it.” He grumbled. Eyes fluttered closed in defeat when she didn’t respond. He had never seen her so persistent about anything before and didn’t seem to back down.

With a sigh, he gripped her hand, lacing their fingers together and led her from her hospital room.

She had been given the okay to leave the clinic, having to return in a couple of days to have the stitches removed and occasionally from there until she was all healed.

The clinic was small, containing a dozen hospital rooms, five regular doctor office rooms, two waiting rooms, one operating room and three specialty rooms, containing verious equipment.

It didn’t take long to reach the end of a hall. They stopped and turned to the last door on the right, while another hallway intersected on the left.

Two males stood shoulder to shoulder blocking the door nearly from view. They didn’t bother looking down at her only having eyes for Rage.

He turned to her, his face hard, eyes as cold as ice. Willow hadn’t seen him look this way in months. This was the male everyone feared, not the one who kissed her sweetly and held her as of she would break.

“You will not leave my side. You will not approach the bed. AND you absolutely, under no circumstances, will not touch him.” The venomous growl sent a chill down her spine, but she managed to nod her understanding. If she didn’t have a reason to think otherwise, she would be scared of the male before her.

His grip on her hand was the only thing that kept her from being scared. The gesture reassuring that this was an act, a mask he wore for everyone else.

He gave a stiff nod to the males blocking the door and they stepped aside without words.

Willow gasped as Rage pushed the door open and she saw the state of the male inside.

He was sitting up, knees pulled to his chest as he leaned forward. His shirtless torso was wrapped in freshly soaked bandages, covering his whole back and most of his front. She noticed the bandage on his face as he turned to them his eyes widdening at Rage before frowning as they landed on Willow.

Fury was silent as they stepped into the room, Rage closing the door, never releasing her hand. His eyes were trained on her, occasionally looking at his brother.

Nervously he moved, his hands slipping under the blankets at his side trying to hide his hands. Willow didn’t miss the leather and metal cuffs that chained him to the bed.

“Why did you bring her here?” He growled at his brother, lip lifting in a wolf like manner.

“She wanted to ask you something.” She would nearly hear Rage’s teeth grinding as he spoke with his jaw clenched.

“I see you still haven’t marked her,” Rage growled in warning at his brother, he may have left him alive before but it didn’t mea he wouldn’t beat the shit out of him.

“That’s none of your business, Fury.” The brothers eyes flickered to the female as she glared at Fury. He let out a dry laugh.

“I was here after he left you. I was the one that cared for you when he was off “seeking revenge”. I was here when you were alone in a strange place, isolating yourself from everyone! I was here when he left BOTH times! I was the one there when HE TOOK YOUR INNOCENTS AND LEFT YOU, AGAIN!”

Rage’s eyes widened at the truth of Fury’s words. He had left Willow, not just twice as he had pointed out but three times and would be doing it again. He pushed the thought aside, it was different now, he was coming back.

“You were my friend, Fury, you know that. I had no idea you felt the way you did.” Willow slipped her hand from Rage’s, lacing bother hands in front of her, eyes downcast. Rage wanted to tell her not to show weakness, she had no right to feel bad about not noticing Fury’s feelings.

“You were that clueless, that oblivious even when I kissed you?” Rage froze, slowly turning his head to Fury. Kiss. The word echoed in his mind, red started to edge his vision as his his anger rose.

“No, I’m not stupid. When you kissed me I realized you had feelings for me,” Willow paused, clearing her throat, her eyes locked on Fury emotions causing her voice to shake, “But you knew how I felt, you knew ...”

“So my feelings were irrelevant.” He seethed. Rage watched Fury closely, ready for his brother to do something stupid, something that he could hit him for. He really wanted to hit him.

“No, they were misplaced.” A growl ripped through the room and Rage took a step forward, Willow now a step behind him on his right. Despite the titanium cuffs and wolf-skin leather securing Fury to the bed, he would NOT let his brother hurt her again.

Willow frowned as Fury threw his head back and laughed. It was not a warm amused laugh, but a cold and bone-chilling one that spoke volumes on his state of mind. Subconsciously her hands moved to her stomach, protectively covering it and the pups inside.

“Misplaced,” he spit the word back at her, twisting his face in hatred as a look filled his eyes. The same look he had in the library. “You chose him over me? The twisted bastard that enjoys killing and torturing? I doubt he even knows the body count he has racked up over the years.”

Willow gulped, pushing the words aside. She knew Rage’s reputation, but she also knew his heart. What he did did not bother her as long as there was a reason behind each death, as long as they deserved it.

“Is that why you did it? Why you freaked out and pulled me in the office? Why you hurt me?” her voice slowly died as she spoke, near a whisper as she asked him the final question, the one she really wanted to know.

His face fell at her words. He didn’t remember much of what happened.

It didn’t take long for understanding to dawn on her. She took a step forward, and another, now standing in front of Rage. His warm hand cupped her shoulder but she didn’t glance back as she looked at his brother. Her eyes searched his, finding no recognition, no ill feelings for her.

“You don’t remember what happened.” Her voice was a whisper. As he shook his head, she sighed.

Moving quickly she stepped away from Rage’s hand and pulled her shirt over her head. A collective gasp filled the room before Rage growled.

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