Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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+Bonus+ Chapter 54.5 (R-Rated)

Willow gasped as Rage’s hands moved around her body, palms and fingers touching every inch of her.

His tongue brushed her neck down to her collarbone before pausing. His warm breath fanning the moist skin as his hands moved upward, pulling her shirt with it.

When his fingers met the bare underside of her breasts, he growled, yanking the material to reveal her chest. Focusing on the swollen peaks and tried to ignore the bandage beneath her shirt.

He dipped his head, taking one of her nipples between his lips and rolled it, eliciting a moan from her. Her fingers laced in his hair when he moved to the other one, her chest arching to meet him.

She gasped as his hand slipped into her waistband, tips of his fingers slowly making their way down her. Her hips bucked slightly when his finger met her slit.

He smirked as his finger slipped between her folds, brushing down to her core and then back up. She gasped as he found her clit, circling the nub before returning to her center and repeating the motion.

Her hips rocked against him as he slipped his finger into her, thrusting into her before returning to her clit. She was gasping, eyes closed as her focus was solely on his actions.

She whispered his name and he smiled. His finger moved quickly, back and forth against her bundle of nerves making her gasp, her body tightening as she drew closer to release.

The feeling of a finger thrusting into her pushed her over the edge. Her body shook, core pulsing around his thrusting finger as he relentlessly rubbed her. Only when her body relaxed, finally coming down from her orgasim, did he stop.

When her eyes fluttered open a smile graced her lips at the image of Rage kneeling between her legs. Such an intimate position with such a feared male.

“You ready for me, little wolf?” He asked, his voice deep, eyes dark. Before she could answer, two fingers were pushed inside of her, slowly moving, rubbing against her sensitive walls.

“I think you are,” he thrusted his fingers deeper as if to emphasize his words, “unless you want something else?”

Her head rolled side to side in an attempt at a no but her hips lifted against his hand.

“Maybe more of this?” He asked with a smirk, wiggling his fingers inside her drawing a loud moan from her. “Or maybe you’d rather my tongue?”

She reached down and cupped his face as he lowered his head closer to her center. His eyes flickered to meet hers and she shook her head.

“I want you.” He graced her with a smile as he moved up her body, kissing her hard. She pulled from the kiss with a sharp gasp as he thrusted into her, smooth and deep. He smirked as she met his eyes.

“I told you. You were ready for me.” She moaned, lifting her hips to meet his, her legs around his waist. His deep thrusts filled her but his slow pace frustrated her.

He chuckled at her pout as she looked up at him. Dipping his head he placed a kiss on her neck before slowly pulling away. A chill shook her as he pulled out of her, taking his warmth with him.

“What...?” She gasped, confused as he sat back, and rolled her over. Lifting her up her positioned her on her hands and knees. It wasn’t more than a second before she felt his chest against her back.

“I’m going to mark you, make you mine.” She gasped as he pushed into her, deeper than before.

One of his hands moved to claim her hip, helping her keep steddy with his movements. His other brushed the hair from the opposite side of her neck, baring her skin to him. His hand moved to hers, lacing his fingers with her’s as he leaned forward, pressing into her back.

“If you don’t want this, say so now, once my teeth hit your skin, you will be mine until one of us dies.” He stopped moving, speaking directly into her ear. There would be no turning back.

“I want this. I want you.” Rage growled, pulling his hips back and thrusted into her hard. Her body rocked forward at the force, his arm lacing around her waist was the only thing keeping her face out of the pillows.

Willow felt his lips against her back, her shoulder and then her neck, his tongue lathering the area as he picked up his speed against her.

She squeezed his hand as she felt her body tighten, her breath coming in gasps as she drew close.

“Come for me, baby,” He whispered in her ear, picking up his pace. He waited, his teeth long and ready to mark her, but her waited.

She exploded, her core clenching around him and he sunk his teeth into her. She let out a scream as her body spasmed, pushing her farther into her pleasure.

She felt his thrusts lessen, becoming erratic as he drew closer to his own release and she rocked against him, meeting him half way.

His teeth released her as he moaned, his body emptying into her.

They both fought for air, not moving. The trickle of blood was what pulled Willow from her haze. Slowly each drop hit the bed.

She said his name, trying to catch his attention but only received a hum.

“I’m bleeding on the bed.” It took a moment for him to process the words but instantly he was off of her, turning her around to see her neck.

He leaned, softly brushing his tongue over the marks, cleaning the blood away. When he pulled back he saw the mark, brushing his fingers over each of the six puncture marks.

“I’m sorry baby,” he whispered, pressing his lips to the mark before pressing them to her lips. “I got you with two of my incisors aswell.”

She nodded in understanding, brushing her hand over the fresh mark. A smile ghosted her face, she was now his, for the rest of their lives.

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