Lone Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 1)

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Chapter Seven

A knock on the door jolted Rage from sleep, pulling a low growl from him as he stood, his tense muscles protesting.

“What?” he asked as he pulled the door open to reveal three men. One was older and graying. The air about him screamed Alpha.

“You have something that is mine,” the man said through gritted teeth. He moved to push the door open, but Alpha or not, he was no match in strength for Rage.

Stepping forward, Rage forced the men to step back.

“She does not belong to you,” the deadly tone in his voice caused the men to flinch.

“She is a member of my pack!” the Alpha growled, bearing his teeth. A smirk spread over Rage’s face as he looked at the man.

“She no longer wishes to be part of your pack,” the blonde man behind him scoffed.

“That is not her choice,” those words caused his blood to warm, causing him to tighten his fists.

“It is only her choice,” he took a step towards the men, eyes on the man who spoke, “pack members are not possessions,” he growled as he reached for the boy. The Alpha stepped in front of Rage, drawing his attention.

“You are uncivilized, Alpha,” he snarled, bearing his teeth at the Alpha, eyes blazing gold.

“I never laid a hand on that girl, Rogue,” turning swiftly Rage gripped the Alpha’s neck, his claws drawing blood where they pierced the skin.

“Yet you allowed someone to,” nearly nose to nose he stared into the mans eyes. The Alpha’s jaw tightened and nostrils flared.

“Danny said he claimed to be one of the Wulf’s,” one of the men whispered, causing Rage to smile.

“Not claimed,” his eyes slid to to young man, his dark hair making his skin look paler then it already was, “I am,” the look of fear in the Alpha’s eyes brought a wicked pleasure to Rage as he looked down at him.

“Your nothing but a Rogue,” the blonde growled, lunging from the left. Claws dug into flesh as the boy gripped onto Rage’s arm, pulling in an attempt to remove his arm from his Alpha.

Reaching with his other arm Rage growled, ripping the boy’s arms from his. Warm blood dripped from the marks, bringing with it a sting that Rage barely felt. Red edged his vision as he looked glared at the boy. His grip tightening on the Alpha as he snarled, like the beast he was.

Blood gushed from the spots his claws dug into the neck, the blood coating skin, and sliced deep as the Alpha pulled himself from his slick grasp.

This was it, Rage had had enough of these backwoods wolves. With a snarl so feral it sent the third man to his knees, he let the beast take over, the beast he always knew he was, beneath his skin.

Rage lunged at the younger man, slashing his dark claws, shedding both skin and fabric alike. The boy fell back, landing ungracefully onto the ground. The smell of blood and fear brought nothing but pleasure to him. This was who he was, a beast, a killing machine, worse then a wild wolf, he found pleasure in it.

He stalked the boy as he scurried across the dirty cement, like a cat with a mouse, and just like every predator and it’s prey, both Rage and the boy knew the outcome.

Rage’s ears rang with anger as he reached for the boy, he was nothing more then a backwoods wolf with no clue how civilized wolves acted. It didn’t matter though, he had crossed paths with a Wulf, the most deadly of the brothers, and he wouldn’t live to be anything more then he already was.

Rage’s claws dug into the boy’s scalp as he hauled him to his feet by his hair, the sound of coughing could be heard behind him as the alpha attempted to protest, but Rage couldn’t hear him, not with the single thought in his dark, clouded, mind. Kill.

Holding the young man by his hair, he tilted his head back so that he could look him in the eye, baring his neck to him. Rage snarled and ignored the whine that came from the boy, it only brought a smile to his face, showing his fang, looking much more like a wolf’s then a human’s.

The boy didn’t say a word as he looked at Rage, only closed his eyes as he realized what was going to happen.

In one smooth move, Rage’s leaned down and sunk his teeth into the front of the boy’s throat. The bitter taste that flooded his mouth was nothing new to him. Without hesitation he pulled back, taking with him the front of his prey’s throat.

Rage turned his head to the side and spit the mouthful of flesh on to the ground before releasing the boy’s hair and letting his body crumple at his feet.

“William!” a rasped voice cried from behind them as the alpha struggled in the other man’s arms. The dark haired boy’s eyes were on Rage as he turned, to look at them, his eyes widened at the sight of the man before them. Blood dripped down his chin from his mouth that was partially open, covering his chest and speckling his face and arms.

Rage’s eyes shifted from the crying alpha to the boy, he nodded, and the boy let go of his alpha. The older man lunged to the body and Rage watched as he took the boy into his arms sobbing.

“My son, my son,” he repeated as he began to rock on his knees.

“Take your alpha home,” Rage said to the boy and he nodded in return, starting to move for the grieving father.

“I will kill you, Wulf,” the alpha vowed over his son’s body, “I will kill you,” Rage looked down at the man and chuckled.

“You can try,” swiping the back of his hand over his still damp chin he smiled, “you wouldn’t be the first,”

Rage turned and nodded to the man standing behind his alpha, before turning on his heels and moving back into the room, he was done with this.

He yawned as he stepped into the room and headed for the bathroom, sparing a quick glance at the sleeping she-wolf. She didn’t seem to have stirred during the ruckus outside. Good, because she needed her rest for when they left tomorrow.

Stepping under the warm spray of the water, he watched as the blood pooled and swirled at his feet. He felt sated, as if he had fulfilled a craving. Maybe that’s exactly what it was, his soul craved blood, death and he had just fed it.

Deep down he knew he should feel something for the boy he killed, but he didn’t, to him he killed and there was no remorse. He was numb, had lost that capacity along time ago. The only thing he felt was pity for the alpha, to show so much weakness for the loss of a life. Everyone dies, he had killed enough people to know that.

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