Legend of the Dragon King

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Alana continued her daily trips to visit the forest's edge. Her yearning to know what lay beyond only escalated after her visit and gift from the fairy being. The days following her exciting experience left her hopeful for another meeting, however it was nearly a week before her wishing came true.

It was a normal day for the young Alana as she made her way to the Border. She had resigned herself to being content with the single rare encounter, and returned to her usual daydreaming upon her rock.

Today, however, she was met with an exciting sight. High upon the boulder was a small black object. Suddenly excited by another adventurous occurrence, Alana jumped from her horse and scrambled up the tall rock. The object was a small ornately carved box. The surface of the box was a stunning onyx inlaid with silver vines and fairies. She gently ran her fingers over the beautiful carvings before reverently lifting it.

The box was held closed by a tiny silver clasp which she carefully undid and opened the box. Inside the box lay a neatly tied roll of parchment and an incredibly detailed silver pin. It was a perfect copy of a miniature rose, no bigger than her thumb. She admired the perfection of the gift before tucking it into her sash. Then she settled down to read the letter. It read:

Dearest Friend of the Forest,

I greet you with another gift. It was been many years since one such as you has become interested in this forest. I am quite taken with your sense of adventure, and am pleased to know your company.

I hope you enjoy the few wonders of this land that I have bestowed to you. Do not fear, no ill magic has touched the presents I send. I hope to one day meet such a curious young lady.

Be Well,

A Friend from the SilverLands

Alana practically vibrated with excitement as she finished the letter. She took a calming breath before laying back on the boulder. She balanced the box on her stomach as her mind wandered. Her mind raced with questions. Who sent the letter? A friend, they said. What kind of being was it? Were they a man or woman? Why had they become interested in a girl like herself?

Alana took another steadying breath before sitting up once more. Perhaps if she wrote a reply she would receive answers to her many questions. She descended from her perch to retrieve her satchel from her horse. Once she was settled once more she opened her bag. She withdrew her small journal and her writing tools. She liked to keep such things on hand in case she came across something worth sketching. She wasn't one to boast about herself, however she was fairly skilled at drawing. Her family loved to see her sketches she brought home. Though, there were a few that she kept to herself, which included sketches of the Border and Silver Pines.

She tore a blank sheet of paper from her journal and opened her small bottle of ink. A worn wooden stylus served as her pen. She dipped her pen and began to write:


I thank you greatly for the beautiful gifts you have sent to me. I find it very exciting to have encountered a being from the Border. I have always been warned against such curiosity, but hearing the stories of your land have always given me a thrill.

I wish to know so much more, about you who call me friend, and about the land beyond the Silver Pines. Which leads me to ask, are you a spirit being yourself? Have you a name? What more can you tell me of your land? Please tell me more, I can only dream of what lay over yonder.

Be Well,

Alana Griffin

She let the int dry a moment before folding the letter and tying it with a length of twine. Her gaze wandered around her as she thought of where to keep the letter. She didn't want to leave it atop the rock as it might be blown away. Her gaze landed on the box next to her. She couldn't sneak this gift home, such an expensive looking gift would be suspicious if found.

She checked that the box was empty before slipping her own letter in and closing it tight. She then noticed a large exposed tree root that sheltered the ground beneath it. Under the root she placed the box. She was sure that the person who know her favorite place would also know that she left a letter behind.

That evening she took her time riding home. Her hand wandered often to the small lump in her dress, and a smile played upon her lips as she thought of the mysterious giver.

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