Dying, Red Flames [UNEDITED]

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Princess Breenelle and Prince Bishop prepare as they face trials and challenges ahead. Only when they find what they need can salvation occur, find out in Selena Collins 'Fallen Savior Series' Sequel. Princess Breenelle, Escaped and freed she travels into the sands of the past to recover for the first trial ahead. Venture deep and tread carefully in the past, for there are things looking for pure sin to feast and kill again. Only when she finds the treasure she needs will she travel back to reality. Prince Bishop is now faced with a burden-ous choice, to leave his people or to abandon all hope for his beloved in sacrifice for war. There may come the day he'll have no choice but to choose and in the end lose. Find out in Selena Collin's sequel, "Dying, Red Flames".

Fantasy / Romance
Selena Collins
Age Rating:

Dying, Red Flames

Blood to water, clash to collide

Hear their beckoning cries.

Once venture the sands before

Travel, travel upon once more.

Death and life strikes her hands

The transformation now commands.

Change, change oh sweet innocent sin.

Change, change oh prideful heroine.

Change, change or fate may seek

Seek, seek the blood they feast.

Never tire or rest, for soon they

seek upon broken flesh.

Trial after trial, she seeks in gold.

Never red, bleeding and cold.

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